Lunchtime Treats

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“Are you due back at the office?” he asked quietly.

“Eventually they will notice I am gone. I’d give it about three or four days.” She stated simply eyeing him without an expression on her usually very expressive face.

“Did you lock the door?” he asked as he put away the phone that he’d been talking on since she got to this office about ten minutes ago.

“No, it’s your office, why would I lock the door?” she said testily.

He cast her a look and strode to his door. Locking it quietly, he walked towards her and pulled her onto her feet. He wasn’t very gentle about it either.

“I want to screw.” He said without preamble and immediately put his hand into her skirt.

She was as usual, without knickers. He drew in a breath. The erotica she’d been reading between work had got her wet. He didn’t know that. He didn’t need to, not just yet anyway.

“You’re wet.” He stated unnecessarily.

She groaned as he flicked her clit a couple of times. Moving her skirt to her waist, it bunched up and accorded him an unhindered view of her pussy. She was now wet enough some of it was seeping through the lips. It seemed to please him. He pushed her back until she felt the edge of his desk on her naked butt. Lifting her, he placed her at the edge and parted her legs with both hands. His intent gaze would have made her shifty but the idea of him fucking her in his office at ten in the morning was a panty soaker.

“Open your legs for me…..” he asked in her ear.

It was actually more of a demand. She did as asked; after all, she hadn’t come to discuss world economy. The outer muscles canlı bahis of her thighs ached because of the width he wanted. It was wide alright. Squirming on the table, she moved her hips up towards him, demanding more.

He took record time to undo the zipper of his pants and pull his hard cock out of his briefs. His cock had never failed to arouse her. There are many types of cocks. However, there are fewer cocks that are good looking. He had a good looking cock and it helped that it was thick. Not huge like in porn but ecstatically thick with a round knob of a head that did the yummiest things to her cunt.

He slowly thrust in. Once, twice and thrice. The fourth time he angled a little and went in up to the hilt. It felt so good she moaned out loud. Putting his hand over her mouth, he punished her for the noise by thrusting so hard and deep it just about hurt. She gritted her teeth and braced herself on the table.

He grinned in typical male vanity and brought her legs over his shoulders. It meant he had to bend slightly to get the thrust right. It also meant he had a lot more leg power and he used it to the full. She instinctively gripped him with her cunt muscles and he groaned out loud. She opened her eyes and smirked at him. He smiled at the quiet dig.

Leaning down to nip her nipple through her light top, he released her legs and let them slide down his shirt clad arms. Pulling out, he muttered incoherently. She was disappointed; she hadn’t thought it would be over this soon. Even for a quickie this was a bit much. Also she hadn’t felt him cum.

He’d played this teasing game with bahis siteleri her before. Thrust inside her a couple of times before leaving her unfinished to go for a meeting. It made her livid. But she knew that he knew she liked the anticipation. It was one of the reasons she was still sleeping with him three years down the road. Married or not.

He helped her off his desk and pushed her onto her knees. She came into direct contact with his hard cock. Visual and physical contact. He looked down at her; she looked up past the handsome cock and at him. He twitched and she felt herself respond to that.

“Taste me. Please.” The please was an afterthought. It was more of a demand. She toyed with the idea of refusing just to check is reaction. Nah, it wasn’t worth the effort. She had other opportunities to be wilful.

She gave in with a groan. Tasting and smelling herself on him, she licked her juices off him. Turning the taste in her mouth, she gave another groan and let her tongue lick the knob twitching before her. He took her head in his hands and pushed her mouth further onto his cock. He wasn’t interested in pleasantries today.

She licked, sucked and played with his balls. All the while, her hands were playing with his shaft. Putting him back in her mouth, she went as deep as she could possibly go in this position. It was gagging but it felt good. And he smelt so good. It was an arousing scent, making her feel the need to make him cum all over her.

However, he pulled away before she could achieve that. Closing his eyes on a shudder, he turned her and pushed her forward. This meant that he bahis şirketleri had another unhindered view of her pussy, only this time from the back. Sucking his dick had made her impossibly wet.

She felt, rather than heard him kneel behind her and slip his cock deep inside her. She bit back a long moan and instead tried to grab the soft carpeting beneath them. Not entirely a useful attempt as her hands slid off. He reached for her and backed her up into him.

It was incredibly erotic feeling him fuck her hard on the floor of his office. Neither of them was fully undressed and he hadn’t bothered with protection either. She felt her orgasm approach and taking one hand off the carpet, she reached for her clit. She was feeling greedy. She wanted both the clitoral and vaginal orgasm.

He slapped her hand away.

“You know I hate it when someone else makes you cum, even if it is yourself. That’s my job.” He groaned out and replaced her hand with his. She didn’t have time to react to that comment because she came. Closing her eyes, she held the soundtrack in and let him feel her spasm around his cock. Sighing deeply as her world calmed down, she heard him chuckle.

“Good girl.” He said before thrusting into her hard. Grabbing her ass, he pounded into her a couple of times before shuddering his cum into her now soaping pussy. He was remarkably talented when it came to quiet sex.

Pulling out of her after a few breath-restoring moments, he slapped her butt possessively and stood up. Helping her up, he kissed her quick and short before shooing her into the private bathroom in his office.

“I have a meeting in ten. Hurry up. And there’s something for you there as well. You’ll love it.” He said whispering.

Her sigh was content, smug and very accomplished as she opened the wrapped gift. It was gorgeous.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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