Lust in La Jolla Ch. 10

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Chapter 10. Double Dicking

In the shower with Beth, Jake began to wonder what would happen now – how could he act friendly and casual with what had just happened? It was too strange! What if … stop!Don’t go there. Just breathe … He closed his eyes and began to breathe slowly and deeply, letting his mind clear.

After a bit, Beth noticed him and worriedly asked, “Hey, are you OK?”

He opened his eyes and smiled at her, “Yeah … I’m fine now. Just a little relaxation trick. I … umm … just got a little … I dunno, overwhelmed. And worried, I guess. Are you OK?”

Beth just looked at him for a while, then shook her head slightly, “To tell you the truth, I don’t know. I mean, physically, I’m fine. Hell – better than fine, I’m still all tingly. I mean, that was, like, … unreal. It’s just that it feels so weird now, to face the others.” She turned and looked at them in the pool. “I mean, I’ve known them, like, forever, and done all kinds of stuff, but this … well, I guess they saw … more of me than ever before. I hope they …I guess I’m worried, too, huh?”

“I’m sure it will be fine. We were all caught up… and well, it was all good, don’t you think?”

“I hope you’re right about that, Jake. It sure felt good at the time!” she grinned, then looked uncertainly around her. “Come on, I think I need another drink before Nicky’s friends show up.”

Everyone gathered again at the bar, sipping margaritas. The girls had towels wrapped around them after coming out of the pool, more out of sudden modesty than due to being wet or cold. As Beth and Jake walked up, Nicky and Rick went inside, to wait for the new arrivals. Becca talked urgently to Amber, Maria, and Kari, begging them to keep her sex with Jake an absolute secret, because her football-player boyfriend could be violently jealous. They all assured her that they would, of course, not say a word, and Kari told her that she would talk to Jake, although she was sure there was no need.

As soon as Beth came up with Jake, Becca pulled her aside too, “Please pleeeease, don’t say anything about me and Jake to anyone. If Rod finds out … God, I know he’ll go insane. I’m really afraid he’ll hurt me … or Jake!”

“Hey, don’t worry, I’ll never say a word. Remember that asshole Neal that I dated for a while? He was like that too. I had to threaten him with a restraining order, for chrissakes,” Beth replied. After a moment, she went on, “Ummm …Becca … I gotta ask you, was it, y’know, amazing for you too?”

The worried look left Becca’s face, to be replaced by a big grin, “Fuckin’ A, it was absolutely incredible! Serious goddam fireworks, let me tell you!”

“Yeah, me too. I mean, I’ve never felt like that before!” Beth enthused, “But, Jeezus he was big. I think I’m gonna be sore for a week.”

“Yeah, but it was definitely worth it!” answered Becca. They both looked at one another, and then broke out in giggles, propelled by relief that at least the two of them were on the same page even if they still worried about the others. Amongst all the girls, the friendship between Beth and Becca had always been the coolest – they simply did not hang out together unless others were with them. The great irony was this: both of them were strongly attracted to the other, but were afraid to admit, both to themselves and to each other, let alone to the group. Casual same-sex sexual play had happened to varying extents to each of the girls in the group, both within and outside the group but no where else was there such a potent attraction. Hence they each kept their distance and came to believe that the other’s coldness signaled a lack of affection. In their mutual and very public experiences with Jake, however, the two now shared a bond, a closeness, that the others did not. The wall was coming down.

Nicky and Rick reappeared with Ginger, her boyfriend Josh, and his friend Mike in tow. Jake’s thoughts drifted to what might have been – what a shame Ginger came with these guys … she could have joined in. Curly reddish-blonde hair cascaded around her pale, lightly freckled face with striking blue eyes, and she wore a tank top and tight shorts that revealed a lush body. Come on, wake up and get a grip, Jake! The world is not my oyster. After introductions all around, Nicky asked Kari to adjust the music to a mellower mix, sensing the mood had shifted. Kari explained to Jake what Nicky wanted, and together they went to his mp3 player to select the mix.

“Ummm, how are you doing … with all that happened?” Kari asked.

“Well, OK I guess, although it does feel really awkward now, y’know, to just be hanging out with them. I just don’t know what to say.”

“Yeah, completely different feeling now, although almost everyone seems to be coping OK.”

Jake raised his eyebrows, “Almost everyone?”

“It’s Maria. I mean, she’s not saying anything, but I can tell she’s really upset. Well, hurt might be a better description.”

“I Akbatı escort don’t understand … what happened?”

“Boy, you are a bit slow sometimes. It isn’t what happened, it’s what didn’t happen. You and her didn’t happen. And well, you and Becca and Maddy and Beth did happen, right in front of her. And then there was you and me last night, too.”

“Damn!” Jake muttered, “It’s not like I picked them over her …”

“Yeah, well, maybe she knows that in her head, but her feelings are another story. She’s really … what’s the word … ummm, smitten by you. But I’ve got an idea. After we go back out, I’m going to talk to her, but you need to be there too. I’ll ask her if she can help you tomorrow, you know, run errands and stuff, since I have to work. It’ll be great if you can let her know that you’d like to spend the time with just her. Hmmm, I guess I assuming a lot here – I mean, I don’t want you to do this if you aren’t attracted to her.”

“Well, there’s no problem with that – she’s really cute and sexy, and … I dunno, I feel like her and me have already kinda agreed to … hook up, if that’s the right term.”

Kari smiled, “Yeah, that’s the exactly right term. OK, then we have our plan.”

When they returned, Rick had started grilling burgers and hot dogs, and the rest were engaged in quiet conversations. Except for Maria, who sat off by herself, sipping her margarita and looking like she was about to cry. They walked up and Kari sat next to her, but Maria said nothing, just looked down at her drink.

“Hey kid,” Kari started, “What’re you up to tomorrow?”

“I dunno … nothing, really.” Maria sounded despondent.

“Well, can I ask you a favor? I’ve got to work from 10 to 7, and Jake’s needs to do stuff to, like, get set up. Would you be willing to, y’know, drive him around and help him find the places?”

Maria looked up then in surprise, first at Kari, then at Jake.

Jake added, “It wouldn’t have to be just business. I mean, we could … do some fun stuff too. Just the two of us. I’d really like that.” He gave her one of his “PS 10” smiles, and her own face lit up in response.

“Uhhh … sure, anything … anytime,” she said breathlessly, before adding “I mean, I’d love to … help, with whatever you need.”

“Great. How about you come over just before I go to work, say at 9:30? Mom’s still away, y’know, and Jim will be back at work tomorrow.” Kari intentionally added the last bit to let the anticipation build in Maria’s mind about what might happen when she left the two of them alone in her house. Kari stayed with Maria to chat a bit more, while Jake excused himself to use the bathroom.

After the intensity of the first half of the party, the second half was, of course, low-key in comparison. The grilled burgers were wonderful and he also enjoyed getting reacquainted with chips and guacamole. During and after the meal, he sat with Amber, who, despite her reputation as the “easy lay” in the group, turned out to be a sharp conversationalist and especially knowledgeable about music.

After a while, Amber paused and looked around, “Well Jake, I’m thinking that the rest can face you again – maybe. Shall we try to mingle?”

“Uhhh … I don’t understand – I mean, did I do, uh, was I wrong to, you know, earlier, to …umm …”

Amber chuckled, “You’re so adorable! No, no – you didn’t do anything wrong. Far from it. What I meant was, I think I was the only one, besides Kari and maybe Nicky, who … well, could pull their thoughts together enough to talk to you comfortably for any length of time. I think you just completely blew their minds, you see. What I am trying to say is that … umm … well, this is the first time Becca and Beth and Maddy ever lost such complete control of their desires, and they’re just coming back to earth about now. And as for Maria, well, I don’t think she’s coming back till she gets her time with you. I’m really very impressed that you can, well, not be completely freaked out by the wild session you had with them. Maybe it’s easier for you because you don’t know us all – you see, what just happened has certainly changed the whole … ummm … like the identity of the group, you know, the way everyone in this tight group of friends thinks about us.”

“But you … well, it doesn’t seem to have affected you very much.”

Amber gave him a rueful smile, “Yeah, not in the same way, I guess. I have a couple of advantages, however. You see, I’m the one in the group who, well, has a long history of losing control. I mean, you probably figured out from Maddy’s …uh … little jabs during your trial that I have a reputation as the …well, to be blunt, slut of the group, and to be honest, I did earn it when I was younger. I mean, I still love sex and have a lot of it,” she smiled sweetly at Jake, “but I’ve learned to channel my … ummm … needs and still be able to keep my head straight. Even Aksaray escort bayan so, you would be a real challenge, if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve got my period right now … well, see, I’m just not horny this time of the month.”

“Oh” was all Jake could say in response.

“But don’t think I’m going to let you get away Scot-free,” she laughed, “I mean, I definitely want a rain check for another day, let’s say …,” she paused as she calculated, “this Thursday or Friday – after all, you never did my sunscreen, did you? Assuming, of course, that you want to give me a try. Do you?” Her intense green eyes stared intensely into his.

“Well, jeez, yeah, of course. I mean, it’s not just that you’re incredibly sexy, I also really feel comfortable, you know, talking to you.”

“Good answer!” she replied with a grin. “But I just wonder … was Becca also a good conversationalist? I didn’t see you two talk much!”

Jake blushed a little, “Ummm … well, I … we really didn’t have a chance to … “

Amber laughed, “I’m sorry, I was just teasing you. Hell, if Becca had been dancing with me that way, I would’ve had to fuck her too. Christ, she was hot!” She paused, then continued, “You probably don’t remember, but I helped you two get … started. Someone had to do it, before one of you actually ignited!”

“Oh, man. Was everyone, like, watching us? I just can’t believe this …”

“Of course everyone was watching! It was probably … no, definitely … the hottest scene any of us have ever watched. I mean, I’m not into voyeurism or anything, and, like I said, I’m not horny now, but I got really turned on watching you with Becca, and then … omigod … with Beth and Maddy.”

Jake was speechless, unable to think of anything at all to say to that. After a long pause, Amber took his hand and stood up, “Come on. Let’s go see how the others are doing.”

The others were in two main groups. In the first group gathered by the bar, Nicky and Rick were talking to their friends Ginger and Josh, and Kari was joining in to some extent. Maria stood near Kari but said very little, unable to stop thinking about being alone with Jake tomorrow and steadily getting more inebriated as she anxiously downed margarita after margarita.

The other group consisted of Becca, Beth, and Maddy, sitting around one of the patio tables, slowly nursing their own margaritas. Mike had joined them about 15 minutes before, and was beginning to wonder what was going on. He thought of himself as pretty smooth with the ladies, but try as he might, he just couldn’t get a conversation going – all three girls seemed pleasant enough but totally distracted, frequently glancing over at Jake and Amber. All three noticed with a start when Amber and Jake got up hand in hand and began to walk towards their table, and then, strangely it seemed to Mike, all three looked down at their drinks. Fuck this! I give up. Mike thought to himself, and quickly excused himself, returning to the other group.

Jake slowed and resisted Amber’s pull as soon as he saw the girls’ reaction to his approach. A little frustrated, Amber turned to him, ready to urge him to stop being such a coward. Then she saw the worried look of genuine concern in Jake’s eyes, and changed her mind, “Hey – why don’t you go for a little swim, the water’s very nice. I’ll get these three straightened out, and then you can join us.”

Jake looked relieved, “Yeah … that’s sounds really great.”

As Jake dove in and began a fast stroke down the pool, Amber sat in the chair vacated by Mike and mulled over how to start. Start with their fears, she decided.

“You know, I bet each of you is worried about what the others are going to think about you now, after what happened earlier.” All three looked up at her, a little shocked at how Amber could so boldly bring the subject up. “Am I right?” They all nodded. “Yeah, I thought so. So here is the real deal here – you’re probably right that everyone is thinking about you, but I’m absolutely positive that it isn’t the negative things you are worried about!”

Amber let that sink in, waiting for a response before she would continue. After a short pause, Maddy spoke up, “OK, that’s a nice thing to say, but how do you know?”

“Good question. First, I know what I am thinking – and it is that this could be a breakthrough for our group. Maybe it will lead to more wonderful sexual adventures, maybe not, but either way, it is all good. But you’re a nympho, you all say, of course that’s what you think. But because I’m the nympho in the group, I know all about how the rest of you think about … umm … my exploits. You see, even though you guys often tease me about it when you’re together in a group, it’s different when it’s just me and one of you: sometimes it has only been a little comment in private, but what it comes down to is that everyone one of you has wished that you could be as … Escort Ankara uninhibited as I am, if only there weren’t the consequences on your reputation.”

She paused to let that sink in before continuing, “Now, I’m not saying that your standards would be the same as mine – I readily admit that my choices in the past were iffy. But that’s not the issue here – clearly Jake meets any possible standard that could exist, right?” The others nodded. “So, what I’m telling you is that no one in our group will judge you badly because you went for it with Jake, because they don’t judge me badly for poorer choices that I have made. I mean, could I really stay friends with all of you if you didn’t accept me? If you can accept accept me, then everyone will definitely accept you! I mean, it really isn’t even in question – all of us were completely into the scene earlier. Maybe you don’t know what was going on with the others, so let me tell you. First, take Maria. All she wants is for Jake to do her too. She’s a little messed up now, more than a little envious, but it’s not that she is judging you, it’s that she wanted to be in your shoes, so to speak. She’ll be fine as soon as she gets laid by Jake.”

“And then there’s Kari. Sweet cousin Kari … who was all alone with Jake last night and this morning. Do you really believe that she doesn’t realize that she’s a step-cousin, and not really related at all? I think she’s just covering up. Did you happen to notice that she’s walking just a little funny? It looks to me like she’s a bit sore from too much hard fucking, God knows I know how that feels and looks!”

The other three looked at Amber in disbelief. Amber shook her head a little, “OK, I might be all wrong, but my instinct tells me otherwise. In any event, her hand was inside her suit when Beth and Maddy were at it, so at the very least, she was enjoying the show too.”

She was tempted to tell them that she knew Kari was a voyeur, that she had noticed Kari peeping while she had sex with her pick-ups several times over the years. She decided, however, that was a little secret to keep, not least because it was always a huge turn-on for Amber when Kari was watching from her hiding place.

“Then there’s Nicky. And Rick, of course. You might think they were embarrassed and offended, right?”

Becca, who knew Nicky best of all, now shook her head, “Nah – they were going at it behind the bar. I’m mean, they weren’t out in the middle of everyone, but Rick was putting it to Nicky from behind pretty good there at the end. Don’t you remember, Nicky pointed out that she and Rick had to “clean up” too?”

Like Amber, she decided to keep her own little secret, that Nicky had recently shared her favorite fantasy with Becca – having a threesome with two men, and that Rick was willing if the right man came along. Becca had a strong suspicion that Nicky had been fantasizing about fucking both Rick and Jake while watching Beth ride Jake.

For the first time, Beth spoke up, “Holy shit, it’s … it’s like Maddy said, y’know, like we’re going to be Jake’s harem. Omigod, can you believe it!? That’s so hot!”

“That’s exactly right!” Amber exclaimed with a huge grin, “But you can also turn it around, and say that Jake is going to be our collective “boy toy”! Remember how willing he was to do anything we desire? I mean, it’s not that he’s a submissive slave or anything, but I don’t believe that he will be trying to boss us around either. He’ll cooperate with wherever we want to go with this, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, he’s like a puppy dog,” Maddy chimed in, “a really adorable puppy dog.”

“Right!” snorted Becca, “except he’s hung like a fuckin’ horse!”

All of them were quiet for a moment, as they thought about Jake’s equipment, and more than a few nipples hardened and pussies moistened with the memory.

Amber finally broke the silence, “OK, are we all on board with this?”

The other three nodded, but Becca added, “Yeah, but how do we do this?”

Amber was quick to answer, “First of all, we need to have some common understanding, like an agreement over where the boundaries are. And then we need to set up some situations with Jake and the rest of us, whoever is in on this besides us four. I think we could talk to Nicky and Kari today, but we shouldn’t talk to Maria until Jake does her too. But it’ll have to wait, ’cause I see that Jake wants to come out of the pool now. He’s done like, what, 50 laps. I hope you three can be comfortable with him again, he was feeling confused about what to do.”

Jake had been resting by the side of the pool, and was glad when Amber motioned him to come over. He pulled another chair up to the table, and sat down between Amber and Maddy. Sitting across from him, Becca unabashedly stared at the rivulets of water slowly trickling down his chiseled chest, the flame of desire for that beautiful hard body once again rising low in her belly.

Amused by Becca’s lust-filled stare, Maddy decided she should just clear the air, “So, Jake … I think I’m speaking for all three of us when I apologize for … umm … well, avoiding you the last hour or so. Amber talked us through it, though, and, well, we’ve come to a new understanding – I hope you’ll forgive us.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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