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This story is fiction. I would imagine that most people who post on write about topics that interest them and I am no different. I mostly write about mature natural women. I have had some pretty nasty emails and comments by mostly “anonymous” people who object to a natural woman who has real vices and failings. I am always amazed at people who describe my love of natural woman as a “fetish” and those who prefer women devoid of hair and with huge fake breasts as “normal”. If you are offended by mature natural women who are sensual and warm, please read no further.


Maggie was fifty-five years old today and she was alone and depressed. Yesterday her divorce had become final and she was now free. Maggie had put up with her rude and wandering husband for 25 years “for the kids sake” and now he had left her for another woman.

When Maggie woke up and remembered it was her birthday, she decided to get up early and do something that would take her mind off of her problems. Her kids would expect her to sit at home all day waiting for their phone calls and she decided that is exactly what she would not do.

Maggie packed her fanny pack with some cheese and hard salami, a knife, her camera and after a brief hesitation a pack of cigarettes and lighter and hung two water bottles from the belt. Taking her digital camera she went out to her car and drove to a nature preserve that was not far from her home.

She had found that walking the back trails in the deeper woods was her most relaxing and enjoyable times. Occasionally she would come across wild turkeys or deer and the 28-300 mm lens on her camera had given her many great pictures. Today she chose one of the longer and more remote trails and by the end of the day she knew she would have to cover over 10 miles to circle back to her car.

As she walked today she thought about her 55 years on this earth. She had not married until she was 29 years old and had two spoiled but lovable kids to show for her marriage. When her husband left her the year before she found that he had often been unfaithful and most of her friends had known it but had not told her thinking it was a kindness.

Yesterday when she signed the final papers she had felt free for the first time in over 20 years but now today, alone on her birthday, she felt empty and lost. She wondered if all she had to look forward to was getting old alone. She certainly didn’t feel old and in the mirror this morning she saw brown hair with blond highlights, courtesy of her beautician and a face that looked younger than her years.

Maggie was ten pounds heavier than the 125 she had been on her wedding day. Her B cup breasts which her husband had often wished were larger were proving that smaller stays firmer over the passage of time. She had a bit of a sag, but knew that if she dared she could still go without her bra as she did in her 20’s.

That morning as she stared into her mirror evaluating her 55 year old body, she looked with appreciation at her thick and plentiful pubic hair. For most of their marriage her husband had insisted that she have no hair below her neck. Since it was the only way he would go down on her, she had kept shaved even though she hated the shaving she loved oral sex and it was an equitable trade. Her husbands mouth had always given her much more pleasure than his cock.

A couple of days after he left her telling her he had found “more woman than you will ever be” she had started to shave while taking her shower. Realizing she didn’t need to, she had thrown the razor in the trash can and had not bothered to remove her body hair for the past year.

As a young woman in the 60’s she had been a bit of a rebel and hippy and had never shaved until she dated a man who complained about her body hair. When she had met her husband years before she had been only a light smoker but her husband had complained until she quit. She smoked very little now, but had bought a pack of cigarettes the week after he had left and felt further free now to do as she pleased and when she pleased.

She walked quickly along the path as the sounds of the highway and civilization faded behind her. After twenty minutes she paused at the top of a low rise to sip some water and look around. It was a beautiful early morning and dew glistened on the leaves and grass. She stopped to take several pictures and then spying a dew soaked spider web she left the path to lay down in the damp leaves to take some close-ups of it. The black and yellow spider seemed large against the web and droplets of dew.

As she got up to continue her hike she realized that she had gotten dirt on her white blouse and the front was brown stained. Even though she was alone in the woods this irritated her because she was very fastidious about her appearance. As she walked along the damp dirt dried but would not brush off. She felt silly being so upset about a little dirt with no one around to see it but she could not help it and walked a little faster.

Maggie walked for over three hours, alternating between a brisk walk escort istanbul and a slow stroll when she found wildlife or a nice view. She realized as she topped a hill by a small creek that she had reached the halfway point. Maggie left the path and climbed to a flat rock that overlooked the trail. She had found the view there to be beautiful and usually ate her lunch there.

She took off her fanny pack and after drinking some water she decided to wash her blouse in a small stream that ran beside the rock before she ate. The water was clear and cold and she knew her blouse would dry quickly. After scrubbing it she sat on the rock in her shorts and bra and enjoyed the sun on her skin as she ate slices of cheese and sausage.

After eating her brief meal she drank more water and lay back to rest before starting the last half of her hike. The sun felt so good and knowing she was probably the only person for miles she unhooked her bra and laid it aside and lay back on the rock to sun herself.

As she lay there she felt sleepy and began to doze in the warm sun. She didn’t hear the man as he approached from the dark woods above and behind her.

Robert was a retired college professor. His wife had passed away five years previously and his children were grown and far away. He had just retired the previous semester and had felt very alone and useless until he began hiking in the woods. He had been born to parents who had not completed high school and his early years had been devoid of the things money can buy but rich in life’s experiences.

He had spent his youth wandering the deep woods and had always felt most comfortable there. He never followed the trails and often camped out in the lonely deep woods of the Missouri Ozarks. Today he had awakened missing his kids and grand-kids and had decided to take a long hike in the woods and then start preparing for a long drive to visit them.

When he came down the ridge he had been walking he saw an amazing sight on the next ridge below him. On the big rock where he like to rest and eat his lunch he saw a half naked woman stretched out. Her hair was spread around her head like a fan and at first he thought she was injured or perhaps even dead.

With the natural caution of someone who had grown up in the woods he scanned the area around her looking for other people or someone who could have attacked her. He saw her stir and with relief realized that she was just asleep on the rock. He could see her blouse and bra laying to the side and saw that the rock was darker around her white blouse with moisture.

He decided she had gotten wet somehow and was drying her clothing. He also saw the fanny pack and water bottles and her plastic bags of leftover food. Robert’s first impulse was to slip away and leave her undisturbed. But he looked at her again and this time with no concerns for her welfare he really looked at her.

Her breasts were small and well formed and sagged only a little to the sides. He saw that her areolas were brown and fairly large. Her nipples were soft but inviting and as his eyes scanned her body he saw long dark hair under her outstretched arm. He thought she was a beautiful vision and she reminded him of his wife before the cancer had wasted her.

As Robert watched she reached out to her fanny pack and took cigarettes and a lighter. As he watched her light the cigarette and exhale a long stream of white smoke into the still air he knew she was just a hiker as he was and was resting. Robert started again to bypass the stream but his water bottle was empty and he had planned to use his small bio-filter to refill it at the spring that fed the stream.

Besides his need for water, Robert was fascinated by the beauty below him. With the skill and habit of a woodsman he walked in a circle down his ridge and began to work his way to the spring. As he approached from below her he intentionally rattled some brush so that she could hear him coming.

Maggie was startled by the sound of Robert coming through the brush. She sat up and grabbed her wet blouse and slipped it on. She stuffed her bra into her fanny pack with no time to put it on. When Robert came into sight she was sitting there calmly smoking her cigarette with her wet blouse buttoned crooked and trying to look calm. She had slipped the knife from her pack and had it hidden by her leg.

“Hi, I’m sorry if I startled you, ” Robert said, “I didn’t think anyone would be here and I needed water. I will fill my bottle and not disturb you.”

“Hello, that’s OK, I was just resting and eating lunch and should be getting on too. ” she said as she saw him staring at her. Looking down to follow his eyes she saw her miss-buttoned blouse and saw that not only was her wet blouse nearly see through but it’s cool dampness had caused her brown nipples to harden and darken.

“Oh my, ” she said as she crossed her arms over her chest.

“I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to stare, that is so rude of me but I never expected to see someone out here and to find a beautiful lady…………sorry, escort bayan istanbul I will fill my bottle and leave.” Robert stopped stammering and turned his back to put the filter funnel into his bottle and began to fill it.

Maggie nervously took a deep drag on her cigarette and then put it out as she looked at him for the first time. She saw a man around her own age with snow white hair and mustache. His face was ruggedly handsome and was brown from being outside a great deal. She exhaled the smoke from her lungs and suddenly felt badly that he was so uncomfortable.

“I am sorry, please take your time. I know we didn’t expect to find other people out here today and I guess we startled each other. I surely didn’t expect to run into someone today who would refer to me as ‘beautiful’. She watched as the water slowly filtered through his funnel and filter into the bottle. “It is a really beautiful day isn’t it, ” she asked as she tried to break the uncomfortable silence.

“Yes it is”, he said looking at her and beginning to lose his red face. He stared at her for a minute making her uncomfortable again and then said, “Margarette????”

Maggie was shocked. She had not been called that in many years. “Yes, that is my name, how do you know me?”

“My sister Beth and you were friends in high school, best friends as I recall.” he said with a grin.

“My god, are you Bobby? ” she said in shock as she remembered Beth’s younger brother. He had been two years younger than his sister and had mercilessly teased the two girls any time they had spent time at their house. She also remembered that they had teased him even more.

“I have not been called Bobby in over thirty years, but yes, that’s me.” he said laughing.

With his water bottle filled he sat down and they began to talk. She and Beth had traded visits several times a year and she knew that Robert had been a teacher and that his wife had passed away. She mentioned it and told him how sorry she was. As they talked she began to tell him about her divorce and they both agreed it was miserable to have their children living out of state and far away.

Suddenly he glanced down at his watch and looked startled. “We have been talking for over two hours and if you are going to get back to your car before dark we need to get moving right now.”

“What about you, are you not worried about being in the woods after dark? she asked as she strapped on her fanny pack and without thinking, took his hand as he helped her down from the rock.

“No, ” he said, “My dad once told me that nothing is the woods is any scarier than I am and I actually like being out here at night. If you don’t mind, I will walk back with you though because I am really enjoying talking to you. This is the first time I have talked like this in years.”

When they got back on the trail he didn’t release her hand and she didn’t mind one bit as they began a brisk walk. They continued to talk about common friends and experiences and she found herself walking closer to him and feeling more comfortable with Robert than she had with her husband in years.

“We aren’t going to make it, ” he said, “we can’t get back before dark.”

“Is that a problem? ” she asked.

“Not for me, ” he said, ” and not for you either if you trust me.”

“I trust you Bobby. ” she said with a smile.

They walked on a little slower and then he led her off the path and up a hill. “The top of this hill is a great place to watch the sunset, ” he explained, “and if we are patient our eyes will get used to the dark and when the moon rises in a couple of hours we can see to walk pretty well. Still trust me??

“Absolutely!” she said and meant it. At the top of the hill they sat and he finally let go of her hand. They both drank from their water bottles and he leaned in close to her she wanted to kiss him.

“I know we have not seen each other in over thirty years, but did you know that I used to have a massive crush on you? I think it is back. Is that crazy?” he asked.

“Not crazy at all, I think I have it too.” she said leaning in even closer.

Robert had always hated being around smokers. In fact, as a young man it was the only thing he had found distasteful about Maggie and his sister. Maggie had been the object of his masturbatory fantasies and he had often spied on the two girls as they sunbathed behind their country home. Maggie had not smoked since he had found her on the rock but he knew her breath would be “smokers breath”. In spite of it, he leaned in to gently brush his lips against hers. She pressed in and they shared a soft deep kiss and soon their tongues were dancing gently together.

He found that smell of her breath and the taste in her mouth exciting and not at all offensive. His cock began to rise, tenting out his jeans more than it had in years. Maggie felt his warm tongue and as she gently sucked it she felt her nipples harden and felt a tingle and warmth between her legs. The kiss deepened and they sank back on bayan escort istanbul the mossy ground in each others arms.

They continued to kiss for nearly a half hour until finally they broke apart and sat up staring at each other in amazement. Robert stood and from his backpack took a light blanket that he carried because he often spent a night in the woods on these hikes. He spread it on the ground and pulling Maggie to her feet he kissed her again.

“I know this doesn’t make sense, we have not seen each other in years and we don’t really know each other but right now I want to make love to you more than I can tell you.” Robert looked into her eyes expecting rejection or caution. Instead she smiled.

“Please, make love to me Robert. I want this very much too. ” Maggie stepped back and unbuttoned her blouse and let it slide from her shoulders to the ground. Robert pulled his Henley shirt off over his head and dropped it. As they removed the rest of their clothing they stood two feet apart and stared at each other.

Maggie saw his cock hard and standing up from his body in lust for her. It was probably a little over six inches long but looked thick and inviting to her. Robert could see her bushy pubic hair and saw that it was wet and shiny around her slit. The long kissing session had excited both of them greatly.

They sank to their knees facing each other and leaned in until their lips were touching again. Finally their hands came to explore each others bodies. Robert cupped her breasts and felt the hardness of her nipples. Maggie moaned as he took her nipples between thumb and forefingers and rolled them gently.

Maggie slid her hands down to take Robert’s cock in both hands. She gently massaged it and heard his groan of pleasure. “I am afraid you have me so excited that I won’t last long, ” he said.

“Are you in a hurry? ” she teased, “I want you to cum hard and quick for me and then I will get you hard again and we can take our time.”

As she lay back, she felt Robert take one of her nipples into his mouth. Her breasts were smaller than his wife’s had been, but her nipples and areolas were much larger and very aroused and hard. He tongued her nipples gently until she urged him to suck harder. She felt him slip down from her breast kissing and licking her stomach until he found the fine light hair below her navel.

Robert ran his tongue down the line of fine hair until the thicker hair covering her pussy met his tongue. She expected him to pull back and wished now she had kept it shaved because she wanted to feel his mouth so much.

Robert didn’t pause long. He savored the musky smell coming from her wet pussy and burrowed his nose into the thick sweet smelling hair. As his tongue found her slit he used his fingers to open it and ran his tongue down and then back up the length of her lips tasting her sweet juices. At the top of his stroke his tongue found her clit protruding from its sheath and he stopped to flick it with the tip of his tongue gently.

Maggie arched her back in pleasure and as she did Robert slipped two fingers inside her steaming pussy. With his mouth over her clit he began to flick it back and forth as he slid his fingers deeply inside her and then out again. He curved them to find the spot deep inside and under her clit that some women find so much pleasure from having stroked. He was rewarded with a loud groan and then hard thrusting into his face as her cries were loud and she orgasmed deeply.

Robert sucked her clit and lashed it with his tongue causing her to thrust harder into his mouth as his fingers fucked her deeply. He was sure every animal in a mile radius had been frightened by her cries of passion. When she finally relaxed and lay back panting her felt her hands push his head back from her pussy and he understood that she was too sensitive for contact for a while.

Robert slid up to take her in his arms and was surprised as she hungrily kissed him and tasted her own juices from his wet mouth. They kiss and danced with their tongues for several minutes and finally parted, both out of breath. They lay there panting in each others arms with Roberts hard cock nestled in Maggie’s thick pubic hair.

Maggie felt his hard drooling cock and slipped her hand down to grasp it. She loved the way it felt, like silk over steel and then slid her hand through her own juices and used the slickness to stroke him. “I won’t last long if you keep that up.” he said.

“Just long enough to cum in my mouth I hope. ” she said as she slipped down to take the head of his cock into her mouth as she stroked his hard shaft with both hands. Maggie loved the feel of his cock and the slightly salty taste in her mouth. She moved to a better position and they wound up laying facing each other reversed side by side. Robert found her pussy inches from his face and as she felt him pressing his face to her wet fur again she raised her leg to give him access.

As she sucked the head of his cock and stroked his shaft Robert leaned in to lick the length of her pussy gathering a tasty tongue full of her juices. He felt her shudder and moan around his cock and on his next lick he inserted his tongue deeply into her pussy. She shuddered and he felt her hands move away from his cock as she took most of its length into her mouth and he felt the head drive into her throat.

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