Maid of Honor S01 E03

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Maid of Honor Season 1, Episode 3

Hannah’s Audition

NARRATOR: Hannah and Aimee finished filling up the application. Few days later Hannah received a call from one of the agents of Femme Fatale.

(phone rings)

HANNAH: Hello! Who is this?

AGENT: Hello! Good Day! Is Hannah around?

HANNAH: This is her speaking.

AGENT: Hello Hannah, I am an agent from Femme Fatale. I am here to inform you that Femme Fatale is interested to meet you. I would like to extend an invitation, on behalf of Femme Fatale, to participate in our upcoming audition for new wrestlers.

HANNAH: Really? That’s great news! When and what time this audition will take place?

AGENT: It will be on Friday around two in the afternoon. Look for the audition hall inside the Femme Fatale coliseum. You should find it easily; girls will be lining up there.

HANNAH: Awesome! I’ll be there!

AGENT: I just have to remind you a few things before going to this audition. You must bring your birth certificate, clothes like workout clothes such as track pants, shorts, tank tops. Don’t forget to bring bra and panties, you will show the wrestling skills you have to our selected judges. Then finally, you should ready yourself, you never know what will happen in the audition.

HANNAH: Ok sounds good!

AGENT: All right, we will see you then (end of phone conversation)

(Aimee coming home from work)

HANNAH: Hey Aimee, guess what? Femme Fatale selected me for an audition on Friday!

AIMEE: Holy shit that’s great news Hannah! I am excited for you, so do we have to bring anything? I will come with you!

HANNAH: I have to bring my birth certificate, some clothes. They need me to bring bra and panties as well and they told me to get ready, because in Femme Fatale anything can happen.

AIMEE: That sounds interesting Hannah! I suggest you must prepare yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally for this audition. I wonder how the audition will look like.

HANNAH: I am guessing we will find out on Friday.

NARRATOR: Hannah prepares herself for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Then Friday finally came along, it is audition day for Hannah!

(Arrived at the Femme Fatale Coliseum)

HANNAH: Geez. This is place is huge for a development center Aimee!

AIMEE: I agree Hannah this place is big!

GREETER: Welcome to Femme Fatale! Are you here for audition?

HANNAH: Yes I’m here for the audition!

GREETER: All right, just keep going straight and you will see a lineup to your right

AIMEE: Thank you sir!

NARRATOR: Aimee and Hannah entered the audition room. The place was huge, it looks like a gym, but the feel of the place was just perfect for the audition. Applicants will show their physical capabilities by performing several physical tests that will be conducted by the staff of Femme Fatale.

(Inside the Audition Room)

BILL: Good afternoon! Ladies my name is Bill Doerksen! I am your head instructor for this audition and possibly for your entire career if you can make it. Let me tell you about myself. I’ve been in this business for almost 20 years, I participated in wrestling matches. I started as a male competitor in the Hunks of Honor. Hunks of Honor is the male version of Maid of Honor, if you are wondering right now, yes we do sexual things there as well with other men nonetheless. Losing is really hard and tough in this industry, I lost many times and got fucked many times by other men. I was successful in this industry and became Hunks of Honor World champion 5 times. After that, I switched to the Mixed Wrestling League, found myself a woman partner and became my wife. Together we won matches, fucked losing couples, but in this industry you can get avoid getting laid down by your opponents as well and become their sex slaves. You can face these consequences once you make it to this business of lesbian wrestling. To start off this audition, I want all of you poker oyna to run 10 laps. Let’s go!

NARRATOR: Bill asked all 30 girls to run 10 laps around the gym. As laps, pass by, girls starting to fall because of fatigue and starts getting tired. Bill automatically eliminates them from the audition as they fail to pass the first task. Hannah, however, seemed to look good while running. Another notable girl in this audition is Erin, a blonde, fairly big-breasted girl with big thighs. She does not seem bothered with the first task. After the first task, 12 girls were eliminated from the audition and Bill congratulated the remaining 18.

BILL: All right girls, congratulations for passing the first task. I know 10 laps sound easy, but in a room like this, it’s not easy. Before we move on to our next task. I want you to know a little about yourselves.

NARRATOR: Bill roll calls every applicant and asked them for their name, age, and interest. We will highlight Hannah and Erin’s introduction to Bill.

ERIN: My name is Erin! I am 20 years old. I have been athletic in my entire life. I played hockey, basketball, volleyball, and badminton competitively. I want to be in this industry to add wrestling in my arsenal. I know this is not only wrestling and I am ready to face whatever comes to me. Even it means if I have to get fucked, I am ready and sexually active.

HANNAH: My name is Hannah! I am 21 years old. I have an experience with wrestling for a long time and that has been my interest my entire life. I am also a fan of sex and domination. Putting these elements together, brings a perfect combination for me to be part of this great industry. I know losing is costly in this industry, but I am mentally ready for everything that will come to me.

BILL: All right, that ends the introduction. It’s now time for our second task, that is to run all the way through four corners. Each corner you girls will stop and perform 150 push-ups. Once finished, get back in front of me. Girls who cannot take this task anymore will be automatically eliminated from this audition. Begin now!

NARRATOR: Hannah and Erin look to be two of the best in this audition as they ease their way through the second task. Girls gave up during the task, but not Hannah and Erin. After a few minutes, the task was done; Hannah and Erin were both done at the same time.

ERIN: You are no slouch Hannah; I am starting to wonder how you wrestle.

HANNAH: I am looking forward to know you more, Erin

BILL: Our next task for this audition is to see how your wrestling looks like. Our three newly promoted Femme Fatale wrestlers will judge you. These girls wrestled for Femme Fatale for two years and they were recently picked to be in the Maid of Honor roster. I introduce to you to Jill, Jordana, and Kylie.

NARRATOR: Jill is one hot blondie with a brighter skin than other girls are, she is 5’4 but has normal-sized boobs and it is perfect for her body. Kylie is quite shorter than Jill, she’s 5’2. Do not let height deceived you, this chick can wrestle and sticks to her opponents like a leech. Jordana is quite near from being flat chested, but her pussy looks juicy. She is brunette and has a pretty face. These girls must be impressed to ensure the remaining girls’ opportunity from making it to Femme Fatale.

BILL: Please change to your bra and panties. After that, I will explain the rules of this next task.

(In the locker room)

ERIN: You looked impressive out there Hannah. I am not making any friends what so ever, but I want to wrestle if you can make it out to this audition.

HANNAH: What are you trying to say Erin? Do not underestimate me. (took her pants and panties down as she changes to her wrestling attire)

ERIN: (sees Hannah’s pussy) That’s a great looking pussy you have there. I wonder how sensitive it is. Does your pussy have experience when it comes to getting sexually assaulted by others?

HANNAH: It’s none of your business.

ERIN: canlı poker oyna Oh it will be, soon enough

(Back to the Audtion Room)

NARRATOR: With 10 girls left in the audition, Bill paired them up for an impromptu lesbian wrestling match.

BILL: All right ladies, I will pair you up with one another to have an impromptu lesbian wrestling match, you don’t necessarily have to win this match. We will determine the performance based on skills. Hannah, I will pair you up with Katelyn and then Erin you will face Sheila. Treat this as a real match, you can sexually assault your opponent.

NARRATOR: Jill is going to judge Hannah’s match with Katelyn and Kylie will judge the match between Erin and Sheila. Hannah and Katelyn squared off

REFEREE: Let the match begin!

HANNAH: Ok Katelyn, hit me with your best shot!

NARRATOR: As Hannah and Katelyn tie up, Hannah brought down Katelyn flat on her back with her strength.

KATELYN: Oh shit!

NARRATOR: Hannah quickly worked on Katelyn’s panties and removed them allowing her to see Katelyn’s pussy

HANNAH: (takes Katelyn’s panties off) Look at the yummy pussy

KATELYN: Shut up bitch!

NARRATOR: Hannah look to gain control as she try to rub Katelyn’s pussy, but Katelyn retaliate by overpowering Hannah and attacking her immediately.

HANNAH: Oh shit! (laid down flat on her back)

KATELYN: Now it’s my turn bitch! (takes Hannah’s bra and panties off)

HANNAH: (talking to herself) Holy crap! This is chick is good, she already took off my bra and panties and now I am vulnerable from being fingered and getting sucked by this chick. I have to do something quick!

KATELYN: Let me see that pussy!

HANNAH: (closes her legs)

KATELYN: Awe, she does not want to get touched! Then take this! (sucks Hannah’s nipples)

HANNAH: (moaning) Oh shit my boobs! (moans) You piece of shit (moans)

NARRATOR: While getting sucked by Katelyn, Hannah noticed Erin’s match not too far from her. She is currently looking at Erin eating Sheila’s pussy. The moan of Sheila can be heard throughout the Audition room. Minutes later, Sheila squirted in the mat as Erin declared the victor. Erin did lay a glance at Hannah and smirked as she sees her getting her nipples sucked by Katelyn. After too much struggle, Hannah able to get out of the assault

HANNAH: Get off me bitch (shoves Katelyn away).

NARRATOR: Hannah quickly turned Katelyn around and took off her. Hannah grabbed her breast and plays with it. As Katelyn tries to shove Hannah back, Hannah was able to get a hold of Katelyn’s pussy and started masturbating it.

HANNAH: (fingering Katelyn’s pussy) Yeah bitch, how does it feel getting masturbated by another woman? Huh?

KATELYN: (moaning) Stop it! (moaning) It feels so good! (moaning)

NARRATOR: Katelyn still fighting back by trying to shove Hannah off her back, but to no avail. While fingering Katelyn’s pussy, Hannah was able to force herself to get in on Katelyn. Katelyn’s legs open wider and Hannah’s fingers getting deeper. Moments later, Katelyn squirted while standing.

KATELYN: (moaning) I’m CUMMING!! (moaning) (squirts on the floor)

HANNAH: (lets go off Katelyn) Damn you are so fucking wet. Wipe your pussy loser!

JILL: (clapping) I am impressed Hannah, you definitely deserve that victory! Katelyn, nice try out there, this loss does not mean anything to me you gave Hannah a run for her money with those sexual attacks.

NARRATOR: Hannah was declared the victor of the match, she rested for a bit as she watches the 6 remaining girls battle it out. After the task, Bill inform the 10 remaining girls of the last task.

BILL: All right ladies, I am impressed on your performances and looking forward to see all of you more in the mat. However the last task will say it all, your last task is getting fucked by a strap-on that will be presented to you by our three judges. Only internet casino one of these ladies will fuck you with the strap-on. I am will be part of this last task, as I will fuck all of your pussies and see how all of you will handle it.

NARRATOR: A surprising task to say the least, these girls will get penetrated by not only strap-ons but also Bill’s dick. Four girls were picked first, both Hannah and Erin were not selected just yet. A 5-minute fuck were given to the judges and Bill.

HANNAH: (talking to herself) I guess this is the situation that the agent told me few days ago, getting fucked by strap-ons and Bill’s dick.

NARRATOR: After a few minutes, Bill invited the six remaining girls in the fuck fest

BILL: All right, Jill fuck Hannah. I’ll fuck Erin first. (approaches Erin) You look hot Erin, I saw you perform earlier and it was amazing. Now take my big cock blondie!

ERIN: Oh yeah old man, let’s see if what that dick could do.

BILL: (inserts cock to Erin’s pussy) Oh that is quite tight!

ERIN: (low volume moaning) Oh shit

NARRATOR: Bill looked horny throughout his fuck session with Erin, it seems that Bill is most interested in Erin after her performance against Sheila in the previous task. Erin seems to be a girl that does not moan that much as she tries to keep it herself, but Bill’s interest in her made Erin moan a bit louder than her usual tone. Bill fucks Erin doggystle and slaps her ass while doing it. Meanwhile, Jill is fucking Hannah really good as Hannah continues to moan everytime she gets penetrated by the strap-on.

HANNAH: (moaning) OH SHIT (moaning)

JILL: You like that rookie? Huh? (keeps fucking Hannah) You need to be used to this while in Femme Fatale, prepare your pussy everytime!

HANNAH: (moaning) YES!!! (moaning)

NARRATOR: After a few minutes of fucking, Jill turned Hannah over to Bill for his 5-minute session.

BILL: Look who’s next, it’s Hannah. (holds her close to him, face to face, and sucks her nipples)

HANNAH: (moaning) Oh shit! My breast! (moaning)

BILL: (lays Hannah down) Take this rookie! (fingers her pussy, then fucks it)

HANNAH: (moaning) Oh shit, that cock is big (moaning)

NARRATOR: After the last task, Bill informed that the audition is complete and the remaining girls will receive a call for the following process of the application to Femme Fatale.

BILL: All right ladies, thank you for being a good sport and providing me and all of my girls your pussy. I wish it could have been longer, I would love to fuck you all, but that will be all of your jobs once you made it to Femme Fatale. I suggest you all to take a shower, clean your pussy if you must. Although I promised you, my dick is pretty clean and healthy. Have a great day everyone!

(In the locker room)

HANNAH: (taking a shower)

ERIN: (approaches Hannah’s shower, opens shower curtain) Hey babe!

HANNAH: (shocked) What are you doing here bitch? And don’t call me babe, we’re not friends.

ERIN: You are too rude Hannah (smirk) I was just checking on you after Katelyn sucked your nipples during the third task. Good thing you did not have a match with me, because you might had cum and I could have tasted your juice.

HANNAH: Really? You know what Erin, I believe you are all talk and I am pretty sure you cannot do that to me easily.

ERIN: Are you provoking me to do it right now? (smirk) I could do that right now and rape you in the shower.

HANNAH: (readies herself with a different stance) You want it now? Come and get it bitch!

ERIN: (laughs) Come on Hannah, not right now, I have other things to do. I would like to harass and rape you when I’m not doing anything. So I can have you all day within my grasp (touches Hannah’s pussy). See you then babe!

HANNAH: (shoves Erin’s hands away) Get off me!

ERIN: Oooh so defensive. I like it (walks away from Hannah’s shower)

NARRATOR: Erin looks like an interesting girl and really wants a piece of Hannah, but luckily for Hannah she does not have to deal with her after getting fucked twice that day. Will Hannah get accepted at Femme Fatale? Will we see her new rival Erin again?

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