Maine by Chance

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It was one of those perfect fall days that remind you why you put up with the months of New England winter. This particular Friday the sky was crystal clear, the sun was as bright as any summer day. The few red and orange leaves still clinging to the trees were absolutely glowing as their fallen colleagues flitted across the road, catching the sun like tiny mirrors.

Despite the wonderful weather, I was in a rotten mood. I was going to be cooped up the entire day in a hastily called meeting at a client’s office in Portsmouth. The sun would be long gone before the meeting ended. Portsmouth, so teasingly close to the water, and I was going to be stuck wearing a suit in a stuffy conference room. The only connection I would have with the outside world this day would be a single window overlooking a parking lot. And to add to the gloom, the weather report for the weekend called for cloudy and cold days with a good chance of an early snow. Today was the last nice day of fall and I was going to miss it! I’d already missed way too many nice days stuck in meetings this year. What a lousy and definitive end to any hint of summer.

I tried to leave the house early so I might at least get a chance to drive by the ocean in Portsmouth before the meeting. In summer the New England shore becomes a city teeming with people, but every fall, the people leave and the pristine beauty returns like swallows to Capistrano. But this day the traffic gods conspired against me. An accident caused a big backup on 495, and even without any detours, I was already few minutes late for the meeting when I pulled into the parking lot.

Flustered, I quickly gathered my briefcase and headed inside; forgetting the bottle of wine I’d brought as a thank you for their referral of another client. I was quickly greeted by the office manager who was acting quite harried herself. She told me the meeting had been hastily cancelled. The president and most of the others had been called to an emergency meeting in New York and had left 15 minutes ago for the airport. She was apologetic that they hadn’t been able to reach me and didn’t have my cell number. I put on my customer face, said no problem we’d reschedule, but inside I was fuming. As I was getting in my car she ran out with a wrapped platter to take back to my colleagues. They had ordered it for the meeting, but no one was left to eat it. It seemed pointless to argue, so I accepted the cheese platter just to get away. I thanked her and headed back for the highway home.

As is often the case when I’m flustered and not paying attention, I picked the wrong entrance ramp and went North instead of South on I-95. I realized my mistake too late and cursed as that meant the next exit wouldn’t be for miles – not until after I crossed into Maine. As I crossed the bridge cursing my bad luck, I stopped sulking just long enough to look out over the Piscataqua River. It is always a spectacular view from the bridge. The river is wide, the road seems a mile high and on this day the sun shone brightly on the bustling boats preparing for winter. I began to calm down and realize that maybe this wasn’t such a bad thing, no one expected me back at work today. I’d been working long hours, and maybe this was fate’s way of telling me to take a day for myself, So, at the next exit, I took a quick right turn off the rotary and headed for the seashore. Past the outlets, past the tourist shops and quaint Maine villages along the seacoast, up route 1A where the rocky shoreline rolls randomly in and out, at times teasingly close to the road, at other times completely hidden for miles.

As I rounded a bend, a long clear view suddenly opened up; a long crescent shaped beach, one end capped by a large steep cliff, topped by a lighthouse now shining in the sun. The only thing separating me from the ocean was a seawall and a hundred feet of beach. Up ahead, multiple parking spots were nestled against the seawall, barely a car in site. In summer, an open space was as rare as a blanket spot on the beach. I parked the car to relax and admire the view. I badly wanted to take a walk, but being in suit and tie and dress shoes, I wasn’t quite attired for a romp through the sand. Wishing I had a change of clothes, it occurred to me that I had my gym bag in the trunk. Checking the bag, I found a t-shirt, shorts, running shoes and a towel. A little thin for the cool ocean breeze, acıbadem escort but a hell of a lot better than a suit. And a nice run along the beach would be just the ticket. Needing a place to change, I noticed that just north the seawall was a good 10 feet above the beach, so I took the stairs down and found a nice secluded spot against the seawall by a tree that was amazingly still harboring a few leaves.

From there I had a clear view both ways along the beach and other than a few walkers in the distance and a dog playing frisbee in the surf, the beach was deserted. I had time and privacy, so I carefully folded my dress clothes in the duffel bag. Not having a change of underwear and not wanting to drive home in sweaty undershorts, I nervously stepped out of my briefs. I was now fully nude in the sun and it felt so wonderful against my body. The beach was still clear, so I stayed like that for a bit, lingering in the sun. Back to reality I stepped into my shorts, t-shirt and shoes and headed back to the next set of stairs just past the tree. It was only then that I looked up through the tree and noticed a woman sitting on the seawall. Where did she come from? Had she been there all the time? Had she seen me under the tree – from there she must have had a pretty good view of where I was standing. I’d never even thought to look up! I was a bit embarrassed but what could I do now? As I passed her going back to the car we exchanged smiles and hellos as anyone walking along the beach might. There was a little extra twist to her smile and a little wink that either said, “I saw you the whole time” or “isn’t it nice to be out on such a nice day”.

I put my bag in the car and headed out for a relaxed jog along the beach, the tension of the day lessening with every step. And I have to admit I thought about the woman on the seawall, whether she had seen me and I kind of hoped she had. I thought of her cute smile, her cheeks rosy from the wind and sun, even wondered what she might look like under her baggy sweatshirt and jeans that hadn’t revealed much. It was a glorious run. Thinking of her, enjoying the scenery, and basking in the sun. The waves were spectacular today and I really enjoyed one particular spot where a wave would crash from rock to rock and finally spew up like an elaborate fountain.

When I got back from the run, I found myself a bit disappointed that the woman was no longer there. Her spot on the seawall was now in the shade. Too bad, it would have been nice to chat a bit more. I was so busy scanning the seawall that I almost didn’t see her sitting on a sun-drenched park bench not more than 10 feet away from my car. My heart skipped. We exchanged a short hello. I commented on what a great day it was, and she asked me how the run had been. I told her it was fantastic and told her about the rock fountain in the ocean. It was wonderful talking to her. She has such a wonderful smile and the sun reflected in her brown eyes. I wanted to keep talking, but the wind was throwing a chill through me and I began to shiver a bit, although I was doing my best to hide it. She noticed and much to my surprise, offered me a spare sweatshirt from her bag. I thanked her, but I was so sweaty I didn’t want to get it wet. She said: “no problem, just take off your wet-t-shirt and towel off and it’ll be fine”.

So there I was, taking off my t-shirt in front of her, wondering if this was the second time she’d watched me undress that day. I was a bit nervous and maybe it showed – she gave a little wolf whistled and quipped not to worry, its nothing she hadn’t seen before. We both laughed but I couldn’t help but wonder if it was a general statement or whether she was implying that she’d seen me on the beach below. I have to say I started to enjoy taking my time toweling off. I’d been working out all summer, and I guess I enjoyed showing off my toned chest and abs. Thoughts of her watching me started to stir my erection, and I realized that without underwear, my shorts would make this way too obvious. So, I turned around so my back was to her, and when I was able to peek around, it sure seemed like she was checking me out, enjoying the view of my butt and legs firm and taut from my workouts. I quickly pulled on the sweatshirt and thankfully it was long enough that I could pull it down to hide the growing akbatı escort tent in my shorts.

We chatted a bit longer. I really enjoyed her company. She was always smiling, and she had this wonderful way of saying things – there was a hint of mischief but always in a way where I couldn’t tell if it was propositioning or just being friendly. Either way, it was a pleasant conversation that I didn’t want it to end. Turns out that she was here by chance as well. She and her husband had planned a kid-less long weekend, but he had to cancel due to a work emergency. And since she’d already planned the day off from work and a sitter for the kids, she too decided to take a little time for herself.

It was getting near lunchtime and I remembered the cheese platter I had been given that morning and also the bottle of wine meant for my client, so I asked her if she’d like to join me for a picnic. She was game and contributed a blanket from her magic bag. So, there we were, two grown adults playing hooky from our lives, together in the middle of the deserted beach on an incredible day, having our own private impromptu picnic in the sun. And savoring every minute! Up until now her hair had been tucked into her sweatshirt, but now it was free and playfully blowing in the breeze. Her light brown hair twinkled in the sun and hung beautifully on her shoulders. I couldn’t help but wonder what else she was hiding under that loose sweatshirt she was wearing. It didn’t reveal much, but my imagination was in overdrive and I could tell from the occasional fold of her sweatshirt, that there was something ample underneath.

She told me she wanted to see the wave fountain I’d told her about, so we walked together down the beach. We were just having fun – like two long lost friends who’d suddenly rediscovered each other -we didn’t feel like strangers at all. We walked close to each other, our shoulders often touching, bumping into each other. Half on purpose and half accidentally, her breast would rub often against my arm. Soon we were walking down the beach hand in hand, warming ourselves against the cool ocean breeze.

The breeze got stronger and we moved closer to each other to keep warm. I put my arm around her: half brotherly, half loverly. Neither of us wanted to fully give into our emotions, neither was sure where this was headed, we were just enjoying the moment. I felt her warm breath on my cheek. She said something about her hands still being cold and the next thing I felt were her cool hands warming themselves against my back under my shirt. I held her close and our lips touched. We stood like that and kissed for a long time. Her hands moving up and down my back, warming, massaging, rubbing. I put my hands under her shirt and warmed myself, holding her close and gently rubbing her back. I was getting aroused and when it dawned on me that I hadn’t felt any bra strap, any chance of me controlling my erection disappeared. I couldn’t hide it, I’m sure she could feel my hardness rubbing against her leg. True to form, she deftly showed indifference – rubbing against it every so often to keep me in a maximum state of frenzy, but in a way that she could also feign that it was by accident. Likewise, I kept moving my hands teasingly close to the edges of her breasts, circling close, pulling away, only to return closer in a bit. We continued to kiss, her warm mouth against mine – it felt so wonderful, so natural, so comfortable.

When I finally went a little further, and begun to move my hands closer to cupping her breasts, she suddenly pulled away, I figured I had gone too far and our fun had reached its limits, But instead she just said, “come on, I want to show you something”. She grabbed my hand and pulled me along the beach until we came to a spot where the rocks jutted out into the surf. We scampered ankle deep into the water to get around the rocks. The water was chilly, but not unbearable, there was still a hint of the warmth left from summer, and quickly the rocks receded a bit from the ocean. Suddenly we were in our own private little cove-nest, protected on all sides by rock. I remembered my lesson from before and looked up, but thankfully the rock also jutted out from the seawall above, putting us well out of sight of anyone who might be walking by.

Now in our own private Eden, we quickly aksaray escort picked up where we left off, this time with a vengeance. We couldn’t get close enough to each other, our hands wanting to be everywhere at once, to explore everywhere. Our kisses were deep and hard, I hadn’t felt like this since high school. My cock felt as hard as the rock we were leaning against. I felt her wonderful round breasts under her sweatshirt and slowly lifted it over her head and threw it on the rocks. She was stunning. Her breasts were full, each a perfect handful, and I hoped soon to be a mouthful. Firm, but not overly so, just a little sag to them; these were not the breasts of a pampered model, but of a real woman, a woman of passion. Her nipples were the color of sand, centered with slightly darker perfect erasers that were now as hard as glass with excitement. Seeing her standing like that, topless in jeans with the sun shining across her body put me in nirvana. My cock ignored the confines of my waistband and began peaking out into the sunshine. I wanted her so badly. I wanted to lick every inch of her body, to be inside her, to make her moan with pleasure, to feel that ultimate release holding each other so close.

I kissed her on the lips and as her mouth opened yet again to eagerly suck my tongue in, I moved my kisses down to and eagerly kissed and sucked her soft neck while beginning to slowly massage her wonderful breasts. I sucked her erect nipples, playing with them with my tongue. And as I slowly started moving my kisses south, continuing to tease, our passions boiled over. In one quick motion she stripped me of my sweatshirt and of the shorts that had long since stopped pretending to have any useful purpose. Together we eagerly dropped her jeans to the ground, I could smell her wetness combining with the smell of the ocean and the sun. I could feel her pussy press against the base of my cock, its tip probing her belly button. Her lips were already swollen and open, enveloping my shaft as her wetness dripped along my cock to my balls. As I rubbed against her I felt her shudder with a mini orgasm from just the touch. I knelt to taste her sweetness for the very first time, as she braced herself against the rock wall. My tongue probed deep inside her, as my face rubbed against her wetness, often leaving her depth to move my tongue in long strokes up her pussy from bottom to top, lingering ever so slightly at her engorged clit. I could feel her begin to shudder, I sucked deeply on her clit as she moaned with pleasure, her legs clamping around my head as she vibrated with a major orgasm, my hands enjoying the softness of her smooth butt. What a wonderful feeling it is to be able to be the giver of such pleasure

She pulled me up to her mouth and kissed me deeply, her hands running through my windblown hair. Her wetness was on my face, glistening in the sun as it moistened her cheeks as well. She moved her kisses lower, lingering over my chest, teasing my nipples. Each time she touched me I couldn’t help but shudder, the shudders getting more intense as her kisses moved down my now sensitive belly. Soon I felt her warm mouth on my cock. She sucked deeply, her fingers teasing my balls. She expertly moved her mouth up and down the shaft, sending shivers through me with each stroke. Stopping every so often to admire her handiwork and tease me with little licks and kisses. I so wanted to explode. I could tell she wanted that too, to feel my warm cum in her mouth, sliding down her throat. It was just so intense and wonderful and I didn’t want it to ever end.

Just before reaching the point of no return, I pulled away from her mouth and as she looked up at me with puzzlement and even a little disappointment. Without saying a word, I turned her around and bent her over a rock as I entered her engorged pussy from behind, thrusting deeply, the friction sending shots of pleasure through us both with each thrust. The sounds of our bodies moving together mingled wonderfully with the sounds of the waves. Each thrust adding more of our musty smell to the ocean mist. Our pace quickened as we bucked back and forth and it wasn’t long before I exploded with such force that I knew she would feel it hitting deep inside. That set her off on another orgasm and we continued to come together, our moans mixing with the song of the gulls, our juices dripping down our legs, quickly drying in the sunshine. We held each other close, not wanting this day to end, protecting each other against the wind. We sat in the sand and hugged close together under the blanket, blissfully huddling, totally spent, not talking, watching the waves crashing over the rocks. Each wave an orgasm of its own as the white crests formed over each hidden rock.

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