Making Movie Night Interesting

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Watching a movie together, laying on the couch with your arm around my waist, you decide you want to do something more interesting. You rub my side lightly, then slide your hand under my shirt. You feel over my stomach and hip before going up farther to my tits. There’s no bra to worry about so you squeeze one before pinching the nipple. I had been trying to look like I was ignoring you but feeling that makes me moan. You move back and forth between them and bite my neck, as I start rubbing my ass against you. I can feel you getting hard and that just makes my cunt get even more wet.

After awhile of us teasing each other this way, I start to turn around, and you pull my shirt off. I kiss you and bite at your bottom lip, while your hands roam all over my body. You get to my ass and squeeze hard, pulling me against you. I pull your shirt off before reaching into your pants and grabbing your cock, stroking you and getting you even harder. You roll me on my back and take my pants off to see I wasn’t wearing panties, and instantly see how etlik escort wet I am.

I tell you to stand up and you do. I pull off your pants and boxers, and with my head over the armrest of the couch, I open my mouth and look at you upside down. You come up to me, and put your cock in my mouth. I immediately suck the head hard and hear you groan. You start moving in and out of my mouth, going deeper until you’re at the back of my throat. I grab your hips and pull you in more. Licking and sucking your cock gets me so horny, and you see me rubbing my legs together, trying to get friction. You start fucking my mouth fast, making me gasp and gag, still sucking as hard as I can. I pull your hips closer after a deep breath, and your cock slides into my throat. I hear you groan, and I tighten and loosen my throat around you, before pulling you out. I take another deep breath and pull you back in again. I’m hornier then ever, moving my legs, so you reach down and use one finger to rub my clit slowly. My hips instantly etlik escort bayan start grinding on your hand. With your cock deep in my throat I moan loudly as I’m close to cumming and you can feel it all through your cock. You pull out of my mouth, to stop yourself from cumming.

You walk around the couch and turn me into a sitting position, my ass at the edge, before kneeling down and sucking my clit hard. My hands are immediately on your head and begging you not to stop. It doesn’t take long for me to yell that I’m cumming. I spread my legs wide and my hips buck up to your mouth as I cum but you don’t stop. I ride out my orgasm, moaning and muscles clenching, then push your head away.

You climb over me and kiss me deep as you shift me to lying on the couch. You put one of my feet on the floor, raising my other leg up and over your shoulder, before roughly shoving your dick into my tight, hot pussy, until you bottom out, getting as deep as you can. I thrust my hips, begging you to fuck me, and escort etlik you do. You don’t start slow. You fuck me fast and hard, with long strokes, just how I like, hitting the back of my cunt every time you thrust in, making me yell your name and scratch the couch. My pussy is so wet, hot, and tight against your cock. You pull my leg up higher and keep going hard, when you see my back arch off the couch, then feel my cunt squeeze your cock over and over. My orgasm hits me like a truck. My hips fucking you back as much as I can, eyes rolling in the back of my head. But you don’t stop.

You fuck me hard, straight through my orgasm. So much of my cum is running down to my ass, that you can hear your balls slapping against my ass. One orgasm rolls into a second, and I scream your name louder than ever. My pussy is on fire and grips you so hard that you can’t hold out any longer. You drop my leg, pull your arm under me and pull my ass tight against you. I wrap my legs around your hips and my nails dig into your back, as my orgasm is ending. I grind against you when I feel you go as deep as possible, and cry out yourself. I feel your cock swell and shoot spray after spray of cum, deep in my cunt, as I kiss your neck and jaw. My legs finally start to relax as you collapse on top of me, and we decide to finish the movie.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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