Making Up is Hard to Do

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Thanks again to Chiara23 for your help in editing this story.

If you’ve read the first two “chapters” of this story, you know that this is fantasy. I don’t condone extra marital sex. This is just a fun and exciting fantasy. This story involves a male-female-male threesome and some mental male-on-male fantasizing. If that’s not your cup of tea, feel free to look on. If you like my story, please leave comments! Thank you for reading!


Megan walked into the cabin and set the canvas bag of groceries on the kitchen counter. The room still smelled like Spic and Span, which made her smile. Hiring a cleaning lady was a good idea. She definitely didn’t feel like cleaning this whole place by herself. It had been empty for nearly a year since their last vacation and she was sure it had been dusty and musty. Megan walked to the sliding doors and opened them, leaving the screens shut to keep out the myriad pests out of the cabin. She wanted some fresh air, but August in the south was well known for its pests.

Walking through the little cabin, Megan went through her plan in her mind. As she did, she wandered around the living room, running her hands over the soft couch and stone fireplace. She walked down the hall to the first of two bedroom suites and turned on the window AC unit. Going to the bed, she turned down the soft comforter and sheets to make sure it was ready once the time came. She looked out the window to the water.

Down the hill, the lake sparkled. She was half tempted to strip and go jump in the cool water, but there was too much to prepare for inside. There would be plenty of time spent naked in the water if her plan went as she was hoping. She felt a little tingle in her belly as she thought of all the fun things in store for her over the course of this weekend. The hardest part would be convincing Alex to go through with it.

Speaking of which, Megan knew she had to get supper started now if it would be ready by the time Alex got there. She had planned supper just for him, including all his favorites, to make sure he was as receptive as possible to her proposal. Having already brought up the idea over the phone a few days ago, she knew that Alex had been considering it. What she didn’t know is whether he would say yes tonight or not. Hopefully it would be yes, since she had already told Jason to plan on coming that night.

Megan desperately wanted Alex back, but couldn’t hide what had happened between her and Jason just a couple months before. Hopefully, this weekend would give her an “out”. Plus, it would be a check on her bucket list. She had always wanted to have two men at once, and the idea of having sex with Alex and Jason was almost too much to handle.

After putting the salad greens, cream and other perishables in the fridge, she set to work on the appetizer. She sat a pot of water on the stove to boil for the couscous and turned her attention to the bacon wrapped scallops. It took some time to pull the bacon apart, wrap it around each scallop and stick it with a toothpick. Carefully, she put each little bite on a tin foil-lined baking tray and stuck it in the preheated oven. Now that that was done, she put another pot of water on the stove for the potatoes.

As she stood at the counter, peeling potatoes, she stole glances out the window. She desperately hoped Alex didn’t show up early and ruin the surprise. The sun was just beginning to set over the lake, making rays of red and purple light shine through the trees and make little kaleidoscope paintings on the grass. It reminded her of the summers she had spent here with her parents and sister, and even Alex after they were married. She remembered making forts in the woods out back with Christy and sneaking off to them after dark to play games with the neighboring boys whose families also kept vacation homes in the community. Most of the time, the games were innocent enough, but as she and her sister reached college age the games got a little more risqué.

Megan remembered a pretty daring version of strip poker when she was 18 with the Steelman brothers. Christy had of course picked the better looking one, but Megan had lucked out with hers. He was particularly well gifted and very talented. Laughing to herself, she realized looks weren’t always a guarantee of how well a man could perform. Her thighs trembled a little when she thought of what that guy had done to her. They didn’t go all the way, but they had done everything else!

Throwing the cut-up potatoes into the pot of boiling water, Megan removed the steak that had been marinating in a mixture of garlic, seasonings, soy and Worcestershire sauce. It was her famous marinade and she knew it would make Alex happy. Absently, she wondered if he had had a home-cooked meal since they separated. She fired up the grill out on the deck and set the bowl of steaks, a plate and the tongs on the side. She had to go back in to grab a basting brush and check on the scallops. They were almost ready. By the time the steaks were cooked to Ankara bayan escort medium rare, she figured the scallops would be done.

Before long, Megan had supper finished. The steaks were resting, the scallops cooling on their beds of couscous and the salad put together. Megan looked at her watch and decided she had enough time to go get freshened up. She had put on what she wanted to wear for the evening, but after cooking everything, she had gotten a little disheveled.

In front of the mirror in the bedroom, she pushed up her boobs and straightened her hair. Her makeup only needed to be powdered a little. Standing there for a moment, she took in her own image. She had worn a pretty raspberry colored, rhinestone embellished tank top that covered everything, but definitely showcased her breasts. They weren’t exactly hanging out, but they weren’t entirely held in either. She knew if she bent over just the right way, the big ‘ole puppies would be clearly in view. She smoothed out the fabric of the thin gray casual slacks and slipped on her little sparkly sling back heels. Megan was like a raccoon… she was a sucker for anything sparkly.

Turning around, she took a look at her butt. She had lost some weight over the past couple months and while she wasn’t skinny, she wasn’t as roly-poly as she had been when Alex was at home. She hoped he would appreciate her smoother lines and tighter stomach. There was definitely still some cushion, but it was all much better looking. She smiled to herself. It was time for her to feel better about her appearance.

Nerves were starting to set in, so Megan placed a quick call to her sister for reassurance.

“Hey, Christy. How are the kids?”

“Oh, they’re great! They’re just playing, having a good ‘ole time. Of course Sarah and Emma have been fighting some, but Matthew is good at redirecting their attention. I think he’s going to be your little lawyer!”

“Well, I’m glad to hear that.”

“So what’s up, little sis? I know you didn’t just call to hear that.”

“Yeah, I’m just getting nervous. Alex should be here any minute and I’m scared that I won’t be able to convince him to go through with this.”

“Girl, you have to! This whole plan of yours will never work if you can’t convince him to let you fuck that boy!”

“I told you to stop calling him a boy! He just turned 19 for Heaven’s sake. I feel bad enough about it as it is.”

“Oh gawd. Whatever. You just gotta make sure to get Alex all liquored and lubed up so he’ll be too horny to say no. How long have you been married to this man? You know how to work him. All women know how to work a man. It ain’t that hard! Now just stick out your tits, and lick on him and he’ll be willing to kill the Queen of England for a minute in your cooch!”

“Good lord, Christy! I hope the kids aren’t hearing all this!”

“Shit, no. You think I’m stupid? They’re outside runnin’ around and I’m watchin’ ’em from the sunroom.”

About that time, Megan saw Alex’s F250 pull into the driveway. She had enough time to hang up with her sister and put the plates of scallops on the little dining table along with a couple glasses of wine. When he walked in, Megan’s heart stopped. It was just like first time she had ever seen him. Apparently, he wasn’t holding back any punches either. He had worn his blue button-down Ralph Lauren shirt and the tight RL jeans. Megan could see hints of his muscles beneath the fabric of his shirt and she could only imagine what was going on underneath the denim of his jeans. She hoped that he approved of her display.

“Hey.” It was all he said as he smiled at her. Her stomach did a little flip.

“Hi. I’m glad you came.”

“Of course I came. Why wouldn’t I?”

“I don’t know.” There was an awkward silence for a minute before Megan moved out of his way and motioned to the dining table. “I made you supper.”

Alex sat down and smiled. “I love your bacon wrapped scallops.”

Megan smiled broadly, “I know. I have a lot of stuff that you like.”

Alex cocked an eyebrow at her before picking up his fork and diving into the food. They ate companionably and talked about the kids and work. Megan hoped that the evening would get a little hotter, but at the rate they were going, it would just be a nice little screw and then to bed just like before Stacey Cooper had messed everything up. Megan wondered how to bring up the subject of what she wanted to happen.

“So I guess you want to know my answer to your little proposal?”

Megan nearly choked on her wine. As she coughed, she could only nod.

“Well, I have to say, I’m not thrilled about the idea. Every man wants a threesome, just most of the time it’s with another woman.” Alex looked at her to gauge her reaction. She sat still, expressionless. She had thought that it would be up to her to broach the subject.

“I’m really sorry about what happened with me a Stacey. I know how badly I hurt you and I wish I could take it all back.” Alex took a sip of his Escort bayan Ankara wine. “It wasn’t even good.” The look on his face showed that he immediately regretted bringing that up.

“Anyway, I know that it was a big deal and this is what you feel needs to happen for us to move on. The fact that you picked an 18 year old boy kind of irks me, though.”

“He’s 19.”

Alex gave her a sarcastic look and she threw up her hands. “Still. Is this really what you want?”

Megan sat quiet for a moment and thought. “What I want is to have you back, but I know if we got back together right now all I would think about is how you had been with someone else. I really think that if I’m with someone else too, it won’t be such a big deal. I want to be able to move on and not be jealous about it anymore.”

Nodding, Alex sighed. “Well, if it’s what I have to do to come back home, it’s what I have to do. I don’t like the idea of sharing you or watching another guy put his dick in you, but it’s not like you wanted to share me either.” Taking another sip of the alcohol, he asked, “So when is this supposed to happen?”

“He should be here in a little bit.”

“Wow. You were really confident, weren’t you?”

“Well, I thought it would be better to be prepared. I thought I could always tell him to turn around if you said no.”

“So what do we do in the meantime?” Alex let a coy smile play across his lips, which melted Megan’s resolve just like it always had. He knew how to play her, just as she knew how to play him. His handsome, chiseled face drew her in. She stood and walked to his side of the table. He wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her onto his lap. They kissed softly, but passion and wine took its toll and eventually they were locked in a hot and heavy embrace. Alex pulled her hair and kissed her throat, causing her to dig her nails into the back of his neck.

Somewhere in her foggy mind, Megan remembered that Jason would be there soon and things needed to be taken care of first. Softly, she put her hands on Alex’s chest and pushed.

“Hold on, babe. There will be plenty of time this weekend.”

Alex looked up sharply. “He’s going to be here the whole weekend?”

“No. He’s just here for tonight. You and I have the whole weekend. Friday is for fun, Saturday and Sunday are for making up.” She kissed him again, gently, then stood and started cleaning up.

It only took a few minutes to clean up from supper. Megan fixed Alex a Manhattan and told him to relax for a while. He went out to the deck and sat. After she finished in the kitchen, Megan went to the bedroom to change her clothes. She didn’t want to wear a cliché, sexy outfit, but wanted something with a little more access. Looking through the clothes she had brought, she picked out a long, strapless sundress. Of course, she left off the panties.

Fixing herself a Rum and Coke, Megan walked out to join Alex on the deck. As she looked at him sitting beside her in the moonlight, she couldn’t resist touching him. She couldn’t see what it was about Jason that had attracted her, other than her loneliness. Alex was so much hotter than Jason. There was definitely something to be said for a mature man!

Megan leaned across her chair and turned Alex’s face to hers. She kissed him deeply as her hand trailed across his chest and stomach. Apparently, he had been working out and had buffed up more since the last time they saw each other. She felt her body respond and as her hand moved down to his lap, his did too.

“I have wanted you for so long, Megan. I will never hurt you again.” Alex’s ran his hand over Megan’s face and his words nearly broke her heart. She was half tempted to tell Jason to turn around and tell Alex the truth, but she was too scared of losing him again. However, before she could speak, they heard gravel in the driveway crushing beneath Jason’s tires. It made Megan jump.

“Oh! He’s here.” She looked at Alex another minute, then decided this was the way she had to do it. “I guess it’s time.”

The couple stood and walked around the house as Jason was stepping out of his car. It was a shiny new Maxima. Megan wondered if it was his or his parents’. As he saw her, Jason smiled broadly, but looking at Alex (who had subconsciously puffed up like a pit bull ready to fight), his smile faded a little and he suddenly looked very nervous.

“Hi Jason. Thanks for coming out” Megan walked up to Jason and hugged him. He hugged her back, but looked cautiously at Alex, who looked a little scary.

“This is my husband, Alex.” Megan motioned to her husband, and seeing his look mouthed ‘shake his hand’. Alex softened a little and stuck out his hand. He even gave a friendly smile.

Jason realized he had been holding his breath, which he let out as he shook Alex’s hand. ‘Maybe it will go okay, after all’ he thought to himself. Really, the only reason he had agreed was so that he could be with Megan again. Their encounters at the farm and in her studio had Bayan escort Ankara been life-changing for him and if this was the only way to get another chance at her, he would take it.

There was a moment of awkward silence as the trio tried to think of what to do next. Alex was the only one with any experience with a threesome, and that had been a long time ago. Finally, Megan broke the ice.

“Jason, are you thirsty? We have drinks and alcohol inside. I won’t tell if you have some wine.”

“That sounds great.” Megan led the two men inside and Jason fixed himself a drink. Megan wasn’t sure what it was, but it definitely wasn’t wine.

She sat down on the couch beside Alex and Jason chose the chair to her right. Another awkward silence.

“Okay. So we are all adults here.” Megan finally spoke. This was getting ridiculous! “We know what this is supposed to be, so we need to figure out how to start.”

“So are you really okay with me fu… having sex with your wife? In front of you?” Jason asked shyly.

“I don’t really have much of a choice.”

“Well let’s get this party started before we all pass out from boredom.” Megan turned and kissed Alex as she patted the cushion next to her for Jason to come over.

When he sat down, Megan turned and kissed him. It was quick and soft and tentative. Megan went back and kissed Alex, spending a little more time and letting her hands trail over his body. He was careful at first, but started to get into it the longer they embraced. Megan broke away and went back to Jason, taking more time with him.

They went back and forth like this a few times, spending more and more time between each pair until hands were wondering all over each other. Eventually, when Megan was kissing Alex, Jason was touching her and kissing her back and neck and when she would kiss Jason, Alex would do the same thing.

After a few more minutes of this, Megan started unbuttoning Alex’s shirt. He took her cue and pulled it over his head. Megan kissed down his chest and stomach as she unbuttoned his jeans and slipped her hand inside. She found him easily, rock-hard and just a little wet at the head. She stroked him a couple times before pulling his pants and boxers down over his hips. He raised his butt off the couch to help, bringing his now-free cock close to her mouth. As it passed in front of her face, she seized it with her mouth and as he sat down, her head followed, sucking him in.

Alex threw his head back against the couch, reveling in the feel of his wife’s tongue running circles around the head of his fat cock as she moved up and down. Jason watched, knowing how talented she was and dying for his turn. After a minute, he could resist no more and pulled the top of her dress down, releasing her full breasts. Jason reached underneath her to squeeze and knead her breasts and tease her nipples. Megan moaned against Alex’s cock, as he squeezed her shoulder.

Ready to be touched more, Megan pushed on Alex’s hip to get him to slide down on the couch a little so she could get up on her knees. Knowing his wife well, Alex grabbed her dress and pulled it up over her butt. Jason was still squeezing her breasts as Alex slipped his finger into his wife’s soaking-wet pussy. Feeling the movement against his stomach, Jason looked down and decided that’s where he’d rather be. Kneeling behind Megan, Jason drew a louder moan from her as his tongue moved over her slit. He pulled her lips apart so he could slide deeper inside her. Alex moved his hand back up and grabbed Megan’s hair so he could push her down on him.

As much as he was reluctant at first, he realized he was enjoying the sight of his wife sucking his dick while another man ate her pussy. He knew how much she enjoyed that and felt a pang of guilt since it was something he could never do for her.

Jason realized his position was awkward, so he rotated to where he was lying beneath Megan’s body. He draped his legs across the arm of the couch and pulled her ass down onto his face. Megan pulled off of Alex when Jason found her clit. She immediately went back to sucking on her husband, though this time, much more feverishly. Her head was bouncing up and down as her hand pumped the base of his shaft while she ground her pussy in little circles over Jason’s face. She was getting very close to coming and hoped Alex was too, because she really wanted to taste Jason’s sweet come from that monster cock again.

Soon, Megan was screaming with her first orgasm as she continued to jack Alex off. As her orgasm raged, Alex leaned his head back with a guttural moan. Instantly, his cock was sputtering. The come first hit Megan under the chin and on her breasts, but she threw her mouth over it to swallow the rest. Jason was stroking his cock through it all and his balls ached for release.

Before Megan came down fully, she stood and pulled off her dress. She looked at Jason and said simply, “Strip.” He obeyed as quickly as he could, but before he was completely naked, Megan was taking his cock in her mouth. He cried out in shock and pleasure and grabbed her shoulders. Her mouth was so hot and still sticky with Alex’s come. He would never admit to anyone that the idea of her husband’s come on his cock turned him on, but it was true.

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