Male Bisexuality in Djibouti

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The sun rose over the City of Tadjoura, the oldest metropolis of the Republic of Djibouti. Sixteen thousand souls call this place home, and although it has seen better days, it remains an important cultural and historical site. The Queen Noor Hotel is an internationally renowned spot catering to Tadjoura’s booming tourism and hospitality industry. Three good friends visiting from Canada are spending a few days at the hotel, and their adventures will become the stuff of legend for the prudish locals. Two gentlemen and a lady sharing the same master suite is unheard of in hotel history. What will people say?

“I can’t believe we just did that,” said Fatouma Alwan, and the curvy, brown-skinned Djiboutian Muslim woman grinned, unabashed in her sheer nakedness. The young woman stretched luxuriously on the bed, feeling good. Fatouma’s Hijab and dress were strewn about on the floor, along with two shirts and two pairs of pants. In the throes of passion, Fatouma’s bedmates had discarded everything and jumped into bed with her. A night of passion followed, and while it was vigorous and fun, Fatouma was still horny the morning after.

Fatouma’s king-sized bed was a little bit crowded, to say the least. On her right lay her good friend Stephen Fils-Aime, a big and tall young Haitian man, and to her left lay Ahmad Abdi, a tall and slender, dark-skinned Somali Muslim gentleman. Last night, Fatouma was thrilled beyond belief as both men joined forces to ravish the Hell out of her. Is it wrong for a horny sister to want an encore? Stephen smiled at Fatouma and caressed her breast before sucking on it, causing her to giggle. Ahmad rolled on his side and stroked his cock while watching Fatouma and Stephen. Will wonders never cease?

“You’re a unique woman, my dear Fatou,” Stephen said, and he kissed Fatouma’s lips before moving downward. The Djiboutian gal had a body that wouldn’t quit, and Stephen couldn’t get enough of her. Fatouma held her breath as Stephen caressed her tits and sucked on the areolas while sliding his hand between her thick thighs. Stephen brought his face to Fatouma’s crotch and inhaled her scent, and then he went to work. Just like that, Stephen began eating Fatouma’s sweet pussy like it was nobody’s business. Fatouma exhaled sharply, her nipples hardening as Stephen sucked on her clit and fingered her ankara sınırsız escortlar pussy. The Haitian man had the magic touch, and Fatouma couldn’t get enough of it…

“Hmm, that feels good,” Fatouma whispered as Stephen ate her pussy. From the moment Fatouma first laid eyes on Stephen, one fine day at the social services office in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, she knew that he was trouble. The burly young man, originally from the Island of Haiti, was new to Ottawa at the time and had an urgent interest in Somali women and Djiboutian women. Fatouma ended up befriending the charming and ever horny Stephen, and life hasn’t been the same since. The Haitian brother talks a lot, but he can also put them lips to good use by eating a woman’s pussy real good. Fatouma could attest to that…

“Got room for one more?” Abdi asked, and he smiled at Fatouma, and drew closer to her. Fatouma returned Abdi’s smile and they kissed. Caressing Fatouma’s big tits while sliding his tongue down her throat, Abdi showed her what he was made of. Stephen looked up from Fatouma’s crotch and saw her making out with Abdi. The Haitian stud didn’t mind since they were all friends. Fatouma moaned softly as Abdi suckled on her nipple. The Somali stud had her right where he wanted, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Hmm, nice,” Fatouma said, and she reached for Abdi’s crotch and grabbed his dick, which was long and thick. Abdi nodded approvingly as Fatouma stroked his cock. He continued to suck on her breast, flicking his tongue over the areolas. Fatouma pumped her hand up and down Abdi’s shaft, getting him hard as a rock. Meanwhile, Stephen worked three fingers into Fatouma’s wet pussy and began stimulating her like this. A sharp groan escaped Fatouma’s lips. Stephen grinned and continued working his magic on Fatouma, causing her to shudder in sheer pleasure.

“Let’s do this,” Abdi said, and he winked at Fatouma, who exchanged a nod with Stephen. The three lovers switched things up. Fatouma got on all fours, and both gentlemen admired her big brown booty as the Djiboutian Muslim woman began to twerk. Whoever thinks of Muslim ladies as prudish clearly hasn’t seen them twerk. Fatouma has got that ass for days and she can twerk like the best of them. After revving up her lovers engine, Fatouma was ready to get down ankara suriyeli escortlar to business.

“Oh shit, that ass is nice,” Stephen said as he came up behind Fatouma, and caressed her thick booty. Fatouma grinned and pressed her big ass against Stephen’s groin. The Haitian stud smiled and put a condom on, then he thrust his dick into her. Fatouma sighed as Stephen’s big dick popped into her pussy. Meanwhile, Abdi watched them with his hard dick at the ready. Fatouma leaned over and took Abdi’s dick into her mouth while Stephen gripped her hips and began fucking her. Abdi’s hard dick throbbed in Fatouma’s mouth and the sultry Djiboutian gal deep throated the Hell out of him. Let the good times roll…

“Just fuck me,” Fatouma demanded, as the three of them switched things up yet again. Fatouma was ready to have her holes filled but Stephen wanted to show Abdi some love, so he kissed the Somali brother and stroked his dick. Abdi smiled and kissed Stephen back while Fatouma watched, aroused beyond belief. Some women are turned on by male on male action and Fatouma is one of them. No shame in the Djiboutian Muslim sister’s wild game.

“Hmm, you’ve got a good dick,” Abdi told Stephen, and the two men grinned while stroking each other’s cocks. Stephen got down and sucked Abdi’s dick, and Abdi nodded approvingly. After getting him hard as a rock, Stephen put a condom on Abdi’s dick, and then the two of them focused on Fatouma, who waited impatiently. Fatouma doesn’t have a problem with bisexual men or heteroflexible men but she needs a good dicking on a regular basis and if the fellas can’t keep up then she will look elsewhere for satisfaction. Stephen and Abdi had better get with the program, or else. Stephen lay flat on the bed and Fatouma climbed on top of him, impaling her sweet pussy on the Haitian man’s dick.

“Abdi, get with it,” Fatouma snapped, and Abdi grinned and came up behind her. The Somali stud caressed Fatouma’s ass and then spread them cheeks. Taking some cream, Abdi applied it on Fatouma’s butt hole and then pushed his dick inside of her. Fatouma let out a deep moan as Abdi’s cock popped into her butt hole. Meanwhile, Stephen bucked his hips upward, slamming his dick into Fatouma’s pussy. Filled at both ends, Fatouma began to ride the Hell out of her lovers. sincan türbanlı escortlar With a hard dick in her pussy and another one in her ass, the Djiboutian Muslim gal was on cloud nine. It doesn’t get any better than this…

“Hot damn,” Stephen groaned, and he grabbed Fatouma’s tits and sucked on them while she rode his dick. Meanwhile, Abdi playfully slapped Fatouma’s big ass as he worked his dick into her warm, tight butt hole. Fatouma screamed like a madwoman as the two studs filled her holes with their hard dicks. After a while, they switched things up. Abdi resumed fucking Fatouma’s ass but Stephen got out from under her and came up behind Abdi. Putting on a new condom and grabbing some cream, Stephen prepped Abdi up and then rubbed his dick against his ass.

“Go for it, Steve,” Abdi said, and the Somali stud continued to slide his dick into Fatouma’s warm, tight butt hole while Stephen did his thing. Grabbing Abdi’s hips, Stephen pushed his cock into his ass. Abdi let out a deep grunt, loving the feel of Fatouma’s tight asshole around his cock while Stephen’s hard dick filled his ass. Somali dicks fit inside Djiboutian women, and Haitian dicks fit inside Somali men. This is African eroticism at its best.

“Fuck me harder,” Fatouma demanded, as Abdi’s cock filled her butt hole. The young woman’s pussy was dripping as she got fucked in the ass. Abdi seemed almost distracted and this was understandable since Stephen’s cock was lodged up his ass. Abdi screamed even louder than Fatouma as Stephen fucked his ass. The Haitian man knows how to sling dick to the ladies and the fellas, that’s for damned sure. Fatouma moaned deeply, grinding her big ass against Abdi’s groin as he fucked her. Stephen pounded his cock into Abdi’s ass like there was no tomorrow. The three of them fucked and sucked well into the morning. Good times, folks…

Much later, Fatouma Alwan, Stephen Fils-Aime and Ahmad Abdi headed to the Moor’s Café, a nice little restaurant adjacent to the Queen Noor Hotel. The sexually adventurous trio had a healthy breakfast consisting of omelets, Halal hot dogs, buttered bread and orange juice. Some of the restaurant patrons were staff and guests of the hotel, and they stared curiously at the seemingly mismatched trio. A Djiboutian-Canadian woman, a Somali man and a Haitian man, having breakfast together. Fatouma, who loves attention, winked at the curious patrons and smiled at Stephen and Abdi. A day of fun and exploration awaited them as they visit historical sites all over Tadjoura, and come nightfall, they would explore things of a more carnal nature. Nothing wrong with that at all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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