Mandie Becomes a Woman

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She had never had sex before. She wanted to, however, very very much, but she did NOT want to give herself to the first guy who came along. At 21, Mandie was still quite innocent, although not as innocent as she led most of her family and friends to believe. She often fantasized about many different sexual scenarios while lying in bed at night, and this would, eventually, lead to her rubbing aand massaging her clit with the index finger, biting her lower lip, gasping softly, and trying not to let her parents hear what she was doing. She was sure there would be trouble if it was discovered that she touched herself in this way.

Mandie’s parents were determined to keep her sheltered from the real world, or so Mandie seemed to think. Her father didn’t like the fact that she spent so much time on the computer, talking in the chatrooms to people she didn’t know and was never going to meet. She didn’t see what the big deal was. Okay, sure, SOME of the chatters MIGHT be perverts or pedophiles or psychotic axe murderers, but Mandie didn’t think so. She loved talking to people from around the world, and she made some very close friends over the internet.

One day, while she was in one of the chatrooms she visited regularily, she began to talk to a man named Larry who lived in the same country as her. They hit it off right away, and soon after that, she found that she was looking for him eagerly every time she signed on to the internet, disappointed when she didn’t see him anywhere. But when he WAS there, she felt as though her heart skipped a beat, and her breath would catch in her throat as she hurried to message him.

He was quite a few years older than she was, and at first that gave her reason to pause and think about what she was doing, but she brushed it aside, saying that nothing could REALLY happen because he lived halfway across the country from her.

Well, one evening, as she was sitting at her computer chatting to Larry, he suprised her with the announcement that he would be in her part of the country in a month or so when he went to visit his parents, and he asked if she would be willing to meet him. Mandie jumped at the chance. She told him that she woud LOVE to meet him, and that she could hardly wait until next month.

Over the next few weeks, Mandie and Larry discussed their plans; what they would do, where he would stay, and for how long. Mandie was so excited she could barely concentrate on her college studies, and her mother commented on her ability within the past little while to start one chore and stop halfway through and move on to the next, whereas before, she would move diligently from one chore to the next, completing all of them from start to finish.

The days and weeks passed, and the date of Larry’s arrival in town was getting closer and closer. Mandie was so excited she didn’t know what to do with herself. She and Larry had timed his visit so that it overlapped with her parents’ annual two week vacation, so that Larry could stay at Mandie’s once her parents left. That way Larry would save quite a bit of money on hotels, and they would be able to get comfortable poker oyna with each other in real life for the three days that Mandie’s parents were still at home before sharing accomodations.

A week before Larry was due to arrive, Mandie stood infront of her full length mirror, looking at her body, wondering what Larry would think when he saw her in person for the very first time. She tilted her head to the side, eyes running over her naked body.

She was a little on the heavy side, but Larry had always told her that she was beautiful just the way she was, and once a girl hears that so many times, she starts to believe it herself. She stood 5 feet 6 inches tall, her breasts were a full 42C cup, and her waist was well defined. Her hips and thighs were a little on the heavy side, or so she thought, but whenever she mentioned this to Larry, he just teased her and said, “More cushion for the pushin, hun ;)” It always made her smile, and she was glad he was such a good friend.

She turned so that she was profiled in the mirror and looked at her ass, which was, in her opinion, a little too big, but she had several pairs of pants that made it look great, so she wasn’t at all worried. Her legs were toned nicely, and she liked the way the muscles in her legs flexed as she went down the stairs. She would often catch a glipse of them in the mirror in the front hall of her house as she descended the stairs in one of her short nightgowns. She had always liked her legs.

She turned back to face the mirror again and lowered her gaze to the shaved valley between her legs. She ran her hands over the smooth, baby-soft skin of her pussy, reveling in the silky feel of it. She had just decided to shave it that night, and as she looked at it, she could see that her juices were beginning to flow, and her hands slowly moved up to lightly pinch her already perky nipples. She had just slipped a hand between her legs, her mind focussed on what Larry would think of her, when her father knocked on her door. She jumped, her heart pounding, and grabbed her robe, belting it tightly around her, and went downstairs to answer the phone call.

The following week seemed like an eternity to Mandie. No matter what she did, she felt that the hours and minutes of the day were moving as slow as molasses on a winter’s day. She mentioned this to Larry, and he agreed with her, saying that he could hardly wait to see her.

Mandie spoke to him very breifly on the night before he was due to arrive, just long enough to wish him a safe journey, and to let him know that she could hardly wait to see him. He said the same and then said goodnight, saying that he needed to get his sleep if he was going to catch his flight the next morning. Mandie said goodnight and then signed off after he left, thinking that being online just wasn’t the same when Larry wasn’t there to chat with.

The next morning, Mandie got up early to shower and dress in the clothes that she told him she would be wearing, so it would be easier for him to identify her, even though they had exchanged pictures. She was at the airport hours early, waiting, wandering around, canlı poker oyna getting strange looks from the airport security guards, until finally she bought a book from the airport giftshop and sat down to read until Larry’s flight arrived. When she heard it announced on the PA System, she marked her place in the book and slipped it back into the bag and stood, eyes searching the crowd, licking her lips nervously.

As the other passengers cleared away, they saw each other for the first time, and he came over to her, wrapping his arms around her in a big hug. Mandie felt her body tighten, her blood begin to heat, and she felt the familiar tingling sensations in her nipples and pussy that she got whenever she was aroused. Larry slid her slowly down his body, and Mandie felt his hardness pressing into her belly, causing the tingling to intensify into a pleasurable ache.

They collected his luggage and Mandie asked about his trip, and they chatted away to each other while she drove Larry to the hotel he was going to stay inn for a few days until her parents left on their vacation. After he was settled, they went back down to the lobby and talked over dinner and drinks. They could both feel the tension and excitement between them, and after a few after-dinner drinks, Mandie suggested they go back up to Larry’s room. He looked at her and asked if she was sure of what she was saying, and she nodded, so Larry helped her to her feet, putting an arm around her as she swayed a little, leading her back to his room.

Once in the hotel room, the tension broke as Larry kissed Mandie full on the lips, his tongue gently probing her mouth, urging her lips apart and then sliding inside, exploring her mouth as his hands were exploring her body, running over her full breasts, squeezing gently, then down to cup her ass, holding it against his growing hardness, moaning softly into her mouth as she moved subtly against it, and he lowered her slowly to the bed.

Mandie was in heaven. Larry’s hands and lips and tongue were under her shirt and everywhere, caressing and stroking, his fingers ever so gently rolling her nipples, then following them with his lips and mouth and tongue, taking them one by one into his mouth and suckling until she was writhing and moaning in pleasure. He moved his hands and mouth lower, softly kissing his way down her stomach to her pants, easing them down over her hips and thighs, following the movement with his lips, until they were completely off.

Mandie explored Larry with her hands as he pulled off his shirt, her hands moving to undo his pants for him and she gasped softly as she felt his hard cock in her warm soft hands, throbbing and pulsating with need. Larry wasted no time in ridding them both of the rest of their clothes, Mandie no less urgent in her actions, the passion too intense for either of them to withstand any longer.

He spread her legs, running his fingers up and down her bare slit, teasing her, watching her squirm and writhe on the bed, his eyes dark and passionate. He catches her eye as he lowers his head to her waiting cunt, already glistening with juices, internet casino and as she watches, he begins to lap at it, sighing and moaning with pleasure at her sweet taste, his hands gently massaging her breasts, rolling and pinching the nipples between his fingers and thumbs, watching her arch against him, her hips thrusting forward as he sucks on her swollen clit, then licks slowly up and down her pussy lips, until finally he thrusts his tongue deep inside her, drawing a small scream of pleasure from her as he begins to move his tongue in and out and around inside her.

She moans his name, bucking wildly against him, her pussy flooding with juices as she cums, moaning loudly as Larry laps it up, slurping and sucking, her moans driving him on, and he slides a finger into her tight virgin pussy, in and out, sucking and lappping at her throbbing clit, taking it gently between his teeth and nibbling on it, causing Mandie to arch her back and scream softly in pleasure, and he eases another finger into her tight wet cunt, stretching her, preparing her for his cock.

Mandie can’t believe this is happening. She has wanted this for so long, and now it is finally comming true! She felt the head of his cock brush against her pussy, and she shuddered in pleasure, moaning for him. Slowly, he eases his cock inside her and she gasps, feeling herself stretch to accommodate him. He pauses when he encounters the thin membrane of skin that has yet to be broken by anything, but Mandie thrusts her hips forward at that moment, a small cry of pain echoing through the room as his long hard cock enters her fully.

He pauses, feeling how tight she is, soothing her with soft kisses and gentle words, allowing her body to adjust to his size. After a few moments, he begins to move in and out slowly, and the pain recedes, the pleasure almost overwhelming Mandie, her small gasps and cries of pleasure getting louder and louder as she begins to match Larry thrust for thrust, again and again, harder and faster, until they are both moaning for each other, their bodies glistening with sweat. Their cries suddenly get louder as they near orgasm, their thrusts becoming quicker, shallower, until they both cum simultaneously, Mandie’s pussy clenching tightly around Larry’s cock, feeling him throb inside her as he cums, emptying his cock deep inside her, the hot sticky cum splashing against her inner walls as he calls out her name, then he collapses on top of her, giving a few final jerky thrusts as he finishes cumming, rolling off her and pulling her snugly against him.

Mandie spent every waking moment with Larry, and the day her parents leave on their vacation, Larry checks out of the hotel he was staying in and went to stay with Mandie.

The next couple of weeks were wonderful for them, making love whenever they wanted, going on dates like a real couple. After the couple of weeks was over, they didn’t want to part. Mandie didn’t know what she was going to do without him, for she had discovered that she had quite a powerful sex drive, and was nearly insatiable. Now that she had had a taste of what sex was like, she knew it would only get worse. Nevertheless, Larry went, with a promise to return soon, and Mandie went back to her old life, sitting at the computer, talking to Larry and her other internet friends, until the next visit.

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