Master’s Pleasure

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Master working late tonight, so I decided to have a little me time and relax before he gets home from work. I head to the bathroom and run a nice hot bath full of rich luxurious bubbles. Work has been kinda stressful recently so it will be quite nice to decompress, I shimmy my tight black knee length skirt past my large curvy hips and allow it to slip down my silk smooth legs. Master demands no hair to be allowed on my body except for the hair on my head, he likes me to be ready at all times. I pull my tight purple t-shirt up over my head, my favourite top as it hugs me in all the right places allowing just a small hint of cleavage that drives Master insane.

I dip my toe into the water to test just how hot it is. After deciding it was ok I lower my entire body slowly down into the rich aroma filled water, the smell already teasing my arousal. The water flowed up to my large breasts and swallowing them into the water cleverly hiding them under the bubbles which in turn tickle my nipples, sparking a warmth in my core. I let myself sink further in the hot water allowing it to soak into my bones.

I roll the soap over every inch of my body, I pay extra attention to my breasts, rolling the soap over my nipples making them slippery and begin to harden. I move the soap between my breasts and press them together and begin to roll my nipples between my fingers gently pinching them all the while imagining Master’s thick meat in the soaps place. My core starts to tighten as I run my hands over my body, up my neck and down to my thighs completely bypassing my pussy. I rake my nails up the inside of my thigh while my other hand kneads my breast making my breath catch in my throat, I can feel my juices begin to flow mixing with the luxurious smell making my heart beat faster. I allow my hand to wander back down my body and head straight for my clit aching to be touched by my Master but unfortunately he is occupied. I will just have to imagine exactly what he would do to me.

Firstly he would carefully eryaman escort rub the tip of his finger across my swollen bud to check how ready I am, he then slowly runs his finger tip down to my tight hole and slowly he runs his finger up and down my folds gently caressing me, making me wetter. As my pink pussy lips part he gets a small glimpse of just how wet I am, just as my sweet smell drifts up to his nose, his gaze darkens as he accepts the challenge of how hard he can make me cum.

Master catches the first drip of my juices falling from my core, he scoops it up on his fingertips and places his finger in his mouth and makes a small groaning sound, he loves my sweet taste. Master gently places his finger just above my asshole and slowly oh so slowly drags his finger up to my clit, after inserting his finger in my slick core. He flicks my clit causing a small amount of pain to erupt from my core but it excites me, he gently pinches my clit between his fingers and rolls making me call his name. Master lowers his head toward my core and gently flicks my clit then flicks it harder causing my legs to force shut, however Master pushes them apart roughly. I am completely torn out of my little fantasy as I hear the front door slam shut…

I quickly scramble out of the bath and dry myself off and head out to the bedroom where I am met in the hallway but a stern and angered face, Master is back and is in a bad mood. I can sense he is stressed and pretty mad about something, he motioned for me to get into the bedroom and fast!! A pang of excitement ran through my body at the thought of what Master had planned. I scramble up onto our huge bed causing my ass to peak out under my towel and just as I reach the centre of the bed, he grabs my ankle and drags me back to the edge of the bed. I stare up into those liquid green orbs as he unbuttons his jeans. It happened so fast as his beast falls out of his trousers and slaps me in the face, Master lets out a low deep chuckle.

I escort eryaman trace around the base of his cock with my tongue and run my tongue up his shaft to the head ready to collect the precum that’s already gathered. I don’t even get a chance to move my tongue any further before I am pushed back onto my back and Master buries his head between my legs making me gasp in surprise, he attacks my core with a need so rough it make me feel dizzy, I try to push his head away and instantly greeted with a growl. Master climbs up me dragging his velvet steal up my body while dribbling his juices along my body, I am feeling heady as he crushes his lips to mine and hoarsely whispers “Need you, now” in my ear as he nips at my earlobe that causes me to moan and squeal.

Master trails back down my body, licking and sucking each of my nipples hard, dragging his teeth down my body until he reaches the top of my throbbing pussy. He grabs his hardness and rubs it up and down my clit making me moan and become breathless, I love it when he teases me. My juices flow faster and harder in anticipation for his thick member, without any warning he rams his thick cock deep in my pussy making me stretch wider than ever it hurts but makes me feel so good.

Master pounds into me like a possessed man, my head tilts back as my back arches up off the bed beckoning him to go deeper. My core is tightening at his relentless assault, his hands rough on my breasts using them as an anchor. Just as I am about to explode with an earth shattering orgasm, he pulls out and demands I get on my hands and knees in front of him, I roll onto my front and prop myself up. Master is straight between my legs again running his tongue up and down my swollen lips, he drags his tongue up to my little puckered ass hole and place his tongue over it and licks hard pushing the tip of tongue past my ring of muscles making me to tense underneath him, I wasn’t expecting this at all . I hear his chuckling against my ass, suddenly eryaman escort bayan Master stands ‘Not to night sweetheart, not tonight.’ He slams hard into me forcing me forward, my breath catches and starts to come in pants and he is slamming into me, I ball my fists up in the bedding searching for my orgasm that I know is so close now. Master slides his hand up my back and grabs a fist full of my hair, that makes my juices flow even harder coating his cock, and pulls me up so my back is resting again his chest as he continues to pump into me, he lets go of my hair and snakes his hand around my neck and slightly tightens causing a tingle of pain. The mixture of his roughness and the pleasure coursing through me is such a rush, he pushes me back down onto my hands and grabs a fist of my hair causing my back to arch, the other hand digging into the flesh on my hip as his movement becomes uncontrolled and his breath is ragged.

Every muscle in my body feels on edge and tense, my core is coiling tighter and tighter, I beg him to make me cum I can’t take much more, every inch of my core is sensitive. Master smacks me hard on my ass and somehow picks up the pace even more, his member strokes my sweet spot over and over, that’s it my mind explodes just as my core explodes, my juices run down his cock. Master demands I crawl to the edge of the bed and hang my head of the edge, he lower his throbbing member down into my mouth and pushes all the way down my throat, he watches as my throat expands taking all off him deep inside, I gag and choke he pulls out and allows me to catch my breath and then he rams himself back into my throat and squeezes my throat creating more pressure on his thick member he growl deep in his chest. Master thrusts in and out for a few seconds before he pulls out my mouth again, I take the chance and lick his balls as I work his shaft with my hands, his balls tighten up reading themselves for the eruption that is coming. I beg him to slide back in my mouth, he happily obliges and I make every inch of him in deep and I crane my neck to get him in further and further, sucking hard all the while gagging and choking. Just as Master is about to explode he pulls out and works himself just above my face, then he grips himself hard as he erupts over my face and all over my breasts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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