Meet Virginia

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Fuucckk!! What are you doing???!”

That’s what she kept thinking, over and over, as she made the 3 hour drive to his town.

“God damnit!” is what she said as she slammed her hands on the steering wheel. Another wave of heat was coming over her, making her clammy and nauseous.

Meeting the person you’ve spoken with online for 15 years for the first time can be nerve wracking. Meeting the person you’ve managed to have a fulfilling, sex fueled, illicit affair with online is damn near debilitating it seems.

“You’re fine. It’s fine. You want this. You’ve dreamed about this. It’s fine, get a grip,” she said out loud, to herself.


Her marriage had fallen apart 6 months ago. Despite trying her best, they just couldn’t manage anymore. So the time had come where, after some major adjustments, she felt the time was right to pursue the relationship that had eluded her for a long time. And if we’re being honest, was a big part of the reason her marriage broke up. No trust. Resentment. Anger.

So it was her weekend without the kids, and a quick text message to let him know she was free was all it took. He was down to meet whenever, wherever.


“Oh god,” she thought, as another wave of nausea passed over her. She’d purchased a brand new lingerie set to wear and seriously worried if at this point the panties would be soaked in anticipation or sweat, or both.

In addition to losing the extra 250lbs that was her husband, she’d also lost quite a bit of weight (53 pounds to be exact) and was still coming to terms with her new body.

She is 5’7″…has long, wavy, dark brown hair. Her eyes are brown, but she’d tell anyone who would listen that they’re hazel (and they could be, if she was wearing green). A pretty, pouty mouth and perfect teeth. A strong nose that she’ll tell you is too big, but she got it from her daddy so she keeps it. She has clear skin that tans easily in the summer, a few freckles. After working on losing the weight, she’s been left with fat thighs, a fat ass, and a defined waist. Her full breasts are not what they once were 10 years ago, but they still sit up nice and provide a hefty handful.


As she drove, she imagined what he would look like in person. She’d seen plenty of pictures of course…he had dark brown hair that he let get a little too long for her liking. She hoped he had it short for their meeting. He has what some people refer to as a “shit eating grin,” that she can easily picture when she closes her eyes.

She wondered what he would wear…probably a casual straight leg jean, with a button down shirt, the sleeves rolled up, and some sort of trendy shoes.

She had a hard time dressing herself for this occasion. Would a dress be too on the nose? But jeans aren’t comfortable for a 3 hour car ride. Yoga pants are too casual. She eventually decided on a pretty, floral sundress. She took her time with her hair and make up, shaved every inch that should be shaved. She made sure to wear the perfume she’d always mentioned that she loved.

“In 1 mile take exit 27,” her phone said to her.

This was it. She’d agreed to meet him publicly in the parking lot of a shopping center, right off of exit 27. In just a few minutes she’d be able to look him in the eyes for the first time.

She drove around for a few minutes, looking for the book store he was familiar with – this was his town, after all. She prayed that she would be here first, but her heart rate increased ten fold when she spotted his car, and then him. He was out of the car, leaning against the trunk. And there was that grin.

Butterflies, nausea, and topsy turvy belly feelings made her really think she was gonna throw up this time. She blasted the AC for a moment before pulling into a spot near him and putting the car in park.

She lifted her sunglasses to the top of her head. Crap. Her face was flushed, more than her make up could have possibly disguised. Oh well, she thought. She got out of the car and he was already there at her side.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” he said.

Her eyes widened, “Oh god, is it that bad??” she asked.

“You are so fucking pretty. Come here,” he said.

She stepped toward bostancı escort him and he reached up to cup her face in his hands as he brought her in for a kiss.

Their first kiss!

She melted into him, savoring the way his lips tasted her with an urgency she reciprocated. It was a slow, demanding, elegant dance between two mouths who knew each other, but had not met until now. He tasted exactly as she had imagined…like Red Bull, spearmint, and a slight hint of cigarettes.

She felt dizzy with all of the sensations – his breath in her mouth, his scent in her nose, his hands (!) finally touching her.

He pulled away, looked at her – really studied her for a moment. He asked, “how are you?” “I…I think I’m ok,” she replied. They both smiled, he leaned in to kiss her again – just as intensely as the first.

He pulled away again and she looked down, noticing the very obvious bulge in his jeans.

He said, “I really like this dress you have on. Did you pick it out just to wear for me?”

“No,” she replied. “I had the dress. But I did pick out the panties for you. Wanna guess what color they are?”

“No, I want you to show them to me,” he said.

She raised an eyebrow. “Here? In this parking lot?” she asked.

“Yes pretty girl, right here. I want you to lift your dress up just enough for me to see what color panties you thought I’d like.”

She glanced around their surroundings, and saw a couple with a small child walking a few feet away.

“No way,” she said with a smile. “Not here.”

He reached around her and opened the back passenger side door of her car, effectively creating a barrier from nosy eyes. She grinned at him and slowly lifted one corner of her hem.

He was treated to the sight of her smooth tan thigh leading the way to a pair of lacy white panties.

“White?” he asked, as he moved closer to her, pressing her against the car as he slid just his fingertips down the outside of her thigh. He watched as he saw the goose bumps rise up on her skin.

She said, “yes, white for virgin innocence. You know me.” They both laughed.

He stepped even closer, she could feel his hard cock pressing into her through his jeans. He kissed her again, briefly, before whispering in her ear, “tell me how wet you are,” while his hand that had been tracing down her leg squeezed her thigh, tightly – almost painfully.

She sucked in a breath, kept herself from moaning out loud and replied to him, “I want you to feel for yourself.” Her leg came up and around his hip as she opened herself for him. He held her leg there and reached between them to feel her.

The heat between her legs was unmistakable. He started by sliding his thumb over her panties, right along her slit. He tucked two fingers beneath the material, and instantly his hand was a mess. He should have known better – he did know better, and he loved it.

He slid his fingers across her clit once, two times just to watch her face. He kissed her, he wanted his mouth on hers when he shoved his two fingers deep inside of her. He felt her cry out and he was thisclose to cumming without even being touched yet. He played with her pussy for a few moments, alternating kissing her and watching her emotions written clearly across her face.

He removed his hand from her panties and looked at his fingers…they were covered in her clear, sweet pussy juice. It was something they’d talked about too many times to count…she immediately opened her mouth to clean them off. She loved to taste herself, and he watched as she showed him her tongue, covered in the silky liquid. He leaned in to kiss her, to taste her. She tasted…clean, salty and sweet, the way a woman should.

He knew they were going to have to take this further. They hadn’t discussed anything more than meeting here but he’d already booked and checked into a hotel on the other side of the shopping center. He wasn’t sure how to ask her, but his mind was made up when he felt her hand on him…grabbing his cock, doing her best to make sure he felt her through his jeans.

She playfully whimpered, “it isn’t fair.” He was skeptical. He asked what she büyükçekmece escort meant. She leaned up to his ear and whispered, “I want to taste me on your cock.”

He roughly grabbed her wrist, not to hurt her but to command her attention. He told her to grab her stuff, quickly. She turned around and leaned into her car to grab her purse and her keys.

He gripped her hips from behind, enjoying the view and taking the opportunity to grind into her a little bit. She leaned up and turned to kiss him.

“Where are we going?”


After a short ride to the other side of the shopping center they met at, they pulled up to a clean, standard, hotel.

She was surprised when they walked past the front desk and she followed him into a stair well, and then up two flights of steps.

She made an off handed comment about, “so you just knew it’d be this easy to get into bed?”

He spun around fast, and backed her up against the wall. He was rough, he pressed against her and asked, “you think waiting for you for 15 years was easy?” She didn’t know how to respond, so she averted her eyes.

She felt his hand grip her chin as he forced her to face him, “look at me and tell me you want to leave. If you want to leave, I’ll let you go, but you have to look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t want this as much as I do.”

“I do want this. I want you.”

“Then stop trying to be such a snotty bitch.”


They got into their room, which she noticed had one medium sized duffel bag on the chair and nothing else. She wondered what could possibly be in the bag.

“Get undressed,” she heard him say. She turned around to see him leaning in the door way. “You first,” she replied.

He took of his shirt, his shoes, socks, and pants – leaving him in just his boxers.

Fair is fair, so she reached behind her to unzip her dress. He bent down and she saw he was digging his phone out of his pocket. After a brief moment, she realized he was recording her.

“Why are you recording me?”

“Ha,” he chuckled. “I’m going to record so much of you, I’ll need a new phone.” She wasn’t sure how to take that, but decided not to argue.

She slipped the straps of her dress down over her arms, and it pooled to the floor around her feet. She stepped out of her sandals, and walked over towards the bed.

“I want to feel you inside of me,” she stated. He didn’t hesitate to join her. She watched as he dragged the nightstand out from against the wall and carefully positioned his phone to be in a prime recording spot to capture mostly her. She still didn’t know how she felt about it, but again, decided not to argue.

She laid down and scooted herself out of her underwear. She expected him to finish stripping and join her, but he climbed onto bed and dipped his head between her legs. “What is he doing” she thought.

Suddenly she felt fingers on her, spreading her pussy apart, he was looking at her. Inspecting her, drinking in the sight of her perfectly pink and dripping wet pussy. He was breathing her in, learning her.

She watched him sit up, and finally (!) take his boxers off to reveal his rock hard cock. He put his two hands on either side of her as he kept himself raised above her. She reached between them, grabbing for his cock, wanting to feel it’s pulsing heat in her hands. When she had a firm grip on the shaft, he leaned down to kiss her, pressing his cock against her hot, wet slit. He could feel her trying to guide him into her, but when he got close he would pull his hips back. Still kissing, tongues wet and hungry for each other, they continued this dance of “almost in,” to “pulling away.” Minutes passed as he would rub the tip of his cock against her opening, but pull away as she tried to thrust her hips upwards to catch him.

She broke their kiss. She was breathless, panting, and asked him “what the fuck!”

He looked in her eyes and grinned, “I want you to beg. You thought it’d be that easy?”

She licked her lips and grinned. “mmm please, may I have the honor of taking that dick?”

In one swift motion he pushed her thighs back, hard, almost çekmeköy escort painfully.

“Not so snotty, bitch.”

She laughed. “Ok, ok. Please can I have your dick inside of me, all the way?”

She was reward when he thrust the full length of himself into her, hard and fast – her breath caught and she moaned out loud. He watched as her eyes rolled back and her nippled turned into tight little buds.

He pulled out, and did it again, this time eliciting a quiet “fuck” from her mouth.

He leaned back down, their bodies making full contact as he proceeded to fuck her, hard and slow. He loved watching the way her tits moved, the breathy sounds she made, the quiet moans and the explicit exclamations.

She wrapped her legs around him, moving under him and touching his arms, his neck, kissing him and enjoying him the way she’d always imagined.


The thrill of finally being inside of her, and having her breath on him, her skin against his – he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold out very long, despite having jerked off once already that morning. He decided it was time to change things up and left the warmth of her pussy.

He climbed up her body, essentially straddling her chest, and presented his cock to her face. Naturally, like a good slut would, she opened her mouth to accept him. He’d left her arms free, and she used her hands to hold his cock this way and that, as she used her tongue to taste all of the opaque white juices she’d left on him.

She took to her task enthusiastically, gripped the shaft hard while she loved the tip with her lips and tongue. He thought by forcing her to suck his cock, he’d be able to last longer but it was proving to be a bit more difficult, as she was exceptionally good at this particular job.

He needed a small break, so he withdrew and asked her what she would like to do.

“My favorite,” she replied. “But I want to watch.”

He leaned over and adjusted the phone to front facing, set it to start recording again, and told her to turn over. She positioned herself in a way she thought would be most flattering for the angle, and put herself on her hands and knees. He got behind her, and took his time with her. He grabbed her full ass cheeks, spread them apart and rubbed a finger down her crack, over her asshole and back again.

He was sure to also be watching her face when he slid his cock deep into her pussy from behind, and reveled in the expression she made.

Doggy style was her favorite and he felt in the way she moved with him, the sounds she made, and the ecstasy written all over her face.

She enjoyed looking at the phone and watching how her tits swayed with each thrust, being able to see him and the way he looked at her.

They found their rhythm and she reached one hand under her to rub her clit. It didn’t take long before she knew she was close – she tried to hide her face, uncomfortably aware of the strain it takes for her to cum. He grabbed a fist full of her thick, brown hair and pulled – forcing her face to be recorded as she furiously rubbed her clit to orgasm.

Soon, the force of it washed over her, making her nipples hard and causing her to cry out in pleasure.

She was still recovering when she felt him grab her hips, hard, and bury himself as deep as he could inside of her – he let it a small groan, loud enough that she knew he must be cumming…inside of her.

They’d talked about it so many times, she couldn’t believe she finally had earned his cum. Her arms collapsed under her, and he followed, spooning her with his mouth close to her ear.

“You’re fucking fantastic y’know,” he told her.

She turned over to face him…placed a hand on his cheek. She looked at him and said, “I know. I love you.”


They spent the next 6 hours laying in bed, talking, laughing, and definitely fucking. She couldn’t remember the last time she had felt so treasured and used at the same time, couldn’t remember the last time she’d laughed as much as she had that day. They went until they were exhausted and famished. They ordered a pizza to be delivered and laid in bed snacking and talking some more.

As much as she’d dreamt about being with him, their sex, their conversations, she’d not spent a lot of time considering actually sleeping next to him…which she was about to do. They took a long, steamy hot shower together. Massaging each other, washing each other’s hair.

Crawling into the second, clean, bed to go to sleep felt like a dream to her.

Maybe it was all a dream.


Merry Christmas

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