Meeting a Master Cocksucker

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One of the most memorable encounters I’ve had exploring my bi side was with a guy wanting to suck my cock. In most of my encounters I was the cocksucker. I was the one swallowing cum. But this guy provided me one of the more pleasurable experiences of my life and a practicum for giving great head.

I was looking on a personal ad site to hook up with another man for me to suck his cock. My marriage of many years had reached that stale phase that so often happens after kids, work and just too much familiarity occurs.

She had lost interest in sex for the most part. Had never been adventurous due to her religious background and I had finally just given up trying to introduce different ways we could enhance our sexual experience. Everything I suggested was either met with unwillingness or if we did try something new it seemed like she felt me to be some kind of pervert in her thinking.

Prior to my marriage I’d had one experience of a guy offering me a ride late at night which turned into a detour to his house for him to suck my cock. It was explosive. I’d never felt an orgasm like the one he gave me with his mouth. Though he hadn’t asked for any reciprocation, I offered to return the blow job. I was really excited about the prospect of sucking the cock of another man. And I wasn’t at all disappointed.

Having an erect cock slide down my throat was one of the most exciting sexual acts I’d ever had the pleasure to provide. The rigid flesh that was so filling to swallow. The soft feel of the skin with the veiny shaft was eroticism at the max. And feeling that sudden swelling and twitching of the underside of his cock’s shaft a mini-second before the warm cum hit my mouth and tongue was an exquisite pleasure. I loved the taste and the feeling of it. The shooting bursts of semen was very satisfying. Hearing him yell and moan in the moment he came only added to the experience. I was hooked.

But it took some time before I ever sucked another cock. A typical story of hetero male marrying and having kids and only wishing and fantasizing about the wonderful night of having a cock in my mouth. I often thought of it and even started eating my own cum either out of the wife’s cunt or when I masturbated. And I thought of sucking that guy’s cock when I did so.

But getting back to my search of personal ads in the m4m section of an online service. I had several back and forth email conversations with a guy near my age of 40. He was able to host and was very interested in meeting up.

We both described ourselves. He was 39. Had a 6.5 inch cock that he sent a picture of to me. I told him about my 7.5 uncut cock. How thick it was. We both had same thoughts about sucking one another. We wanted to make it last instead of just getting ourselves off in record time.

He was single but had a live in girlfriend that worked an opposite shift. She worked days and he worked evenings, leaving him free time while she worked. So we arranged a meeting during the day to see if we were compatible. No promises of any type of sexual thing. Just a meet up.

I drove out to his suburban neighborhood and found his place in a development where all the houses looked pretty much identical. Driving in I scanned the street he lived on to see if I would be comfortable parking and walking up to his door. It was a very well kept area and it seemed most of residents were probably at work.

So, I parked and went to his door. He was waiting at an open door behind a screen door. He was as he described himself. Six feet tall and thin. In good shape. He was wearing sweats and a matching shirt.

“Hey, Bill. Thanks for coming over here. I’ve been looking forward to meeting after our conversations.” he said with a smile. He seemed very laid back.

“Same here. Hopefully we’ll feel good about things and get to play like we talked about. It’s something I’ve wanted to do again for some time.” I told him.

“Welcome back to us cocksuckers.” he laughed. “I admit I’m into cock. As well as pussy.”

“So, can I get you something to drink? I have beer, soda…water.”

“Water would be good.”

He went over to the fridge in the dining and kitchen area and brought back a bottle of water for me.

We talked for about five minutes and determined we were comfortable taking things to the next level. I dropped to my knees to offer him an opportunity to let me suck him.

He walked over and dropped his sweats to expose his cock to me. It had already started getting hard. He quickly stepped out of the sweats around his feet and took his cock in his hand and rubbed the nice big head across my lips. Pre-cum was dripping from the piss hole.

I quickly darted my tongue out to clean the drop off the head and let it fall on my tongue’s surface. My taste buds exploded with the sweet and salty taste of his juice.

My head moved forward to take the head and shaft into my mouth. I kept my lips tight on the shaft as I pushed down it to take as much of his cock as I could. While bahis siteleri it wasn’t overly long it had a nice thickness and the velvet surface of the head was true delicacy.

The shaft was now being pushed deeper into my mouth as he moved his hips toward me. I felt a slight gag reflex but let myself relax and soon had his cock buried fully in my oral cavity with my nose touching his pubic hair.

I let his cock rest inside my mouth while using my tongue to touch as much of his ever enlarging cock as I could. I swirled the tip around the crown of the glans making sure to push into the dripping hole. I ran it down the shaft using the flat surface of the tongue to bathe and stroke.

He was moaning with rapid gasps just from the use of my tongue on the cock impaled inside my mouth. After a minute of luxuriating in the fullness I felt inside my throat I started moving so only the the tip was inside my lips. I suckled it for a few seconds before pushing back down the shaft with tightened lips until I once again met his pubic hair.

I started a slow rhythmic push and pull along the shaft back to the head, suckling it briefly and back to his groin. He grabbed the back of my head and started thrusting his hips to meet my sucking of his cock.

I let him take over and he fucked my face slowly but deeply. His cock was fully erect and pulsing inside me. I listened to his verbalizations and gasps and groans. I could tell he was getting close as the volume of his sounds increased.

He increased the speed and intensity of his thrusts into my mouth. He was using my mouth like a pussy. I was gulping for air and making sure my lips maintained a tight seal on his rigid shaft and glans.

I felt the first spasm on the underside of the shaft. It pulsed coming from his balls and up toward the cock head. Then the head started to flare open and the bursts of cum began. Shot after shot of thick, creamy spunk hit the back of my throat and coated my tongue. The warm semen started to fill my mouth as I tried to collect it all before swallowing it. I wanted to savor the taste and texture of his seed before letting it slide down my throat.

He was gasping and moaning my name as he pushed out shot after shot of his semen. The base of his shaft was pumping in rapid pulses. His hips pushed more frantically into my mouth.

Finally the intensity of the bursts slowed to just a slow oozing of the salty cream he’d filled me with. The cock slowly receded in size and fell from my mouth, dripping a small glob of cum on my chin.

I opened my mouth to show him the collection of his juice I had. I wanted him to know I had tried hard to save his seed so I could let him see me swallow it. He looked at my open mouth and smiled.

“Fuck, Bill! That was a fucking hot blow job. I love you kept my cum in your mouth. Go ahead and swallow, cocksucker. That’s it. Drink it down. You like my creamy jizz?”

I swallowed as he instructed. Took his cock head back in my mouth to clean the residual cum off and let it drop back out.

“Fuck yeah, your cum is sweet. Forgot how much I liked the taste of cum. Didn’t mind your nice cock fucking my mouth either.” I laughed.

“Now it’s my turn but let’s go upstairs to the bedroom so we can get rid of these clothes and have some skin on skin. You up for that?”

“Oh hell yes. I want to get that dick hard again, suck those balls and rim that ass before I leave here.” I told him

“Well the log you got hanging between your legs sure is hard. Damn, that’s a big fucking cock if that big old tent I’m seeing is any indication. I’m going to love having that down my throat..c’mon let’s get up there so we can start the fun.”

I followed him up into a bedroom next to the master bedroom. He obviously didn’t want our seed getting all over his girlfriend’s bed. Couldn’t blame him. I sure wanted to take every precaution to keep things on the down low with my old lady.

Once inside the bedroom, we both stripped. He took off the shirt. I took off my shoes, jeans and shirt. I came without my boxers, knowing they wouldn’t be needed. And so there we were. two guys standing with our dicks hanging out.

Jim got up on the bed and I followed. He immediately grabbed my erect cock and spread the pre-cum around the head with his thumb. I reached over to grab his growing cock. It start growing again once I touched it and played with the glans. I stroked down his shaft and kept going down to his balls. I fondled them both in one hand. He sighed in pleasure as I did.

I felt the electric sensation of his hand on my cock. It seemed it got even harder. Jim pushed me to my back. He turned to put his ass in my face with his cock hanging above my mouth. His legs straddling my head. His head hovered above my hard cock. I’d never done a 69 position with a man but I could see how fucking erotic it was going to be.

He pushed his growing cock down to my lips and I strained my neck up to meet it. I opened wide and swallowed him down to his hanging canlı bahis siteleri balls and ass crack. At the same time I felt the coolness of his mouth on the head of my cock.

He quickly swallowed my entire length with his tongue working with fever on the shaft. He kept his lips firmly squeezing the shaft. My wife’s pussy would have a hard time matching the feel of those lips around the shaft.

We both started bobbing up and down the cocks in our mouths. I pushed my mouth to the very root of his cock until my nose fell into the crack. It was difficult to focus with the constant electric sensations his mouth was causing on my own cock. But the taste and feel of his hardon was a very nice added sensation.

I could feel my cock start it’s build up to orgasm. The nerve endings sending charge after charge of intense pleasure through the brain. The feel of breath taking intensity…my body begging for release because the pleasure is becoming too much to handle.

And then I felt the root of my shaft start pumping in spastic waves. The cum starts bursting through the seminal opening. Burst after burst shooting into his mouth and the exquisite pain and pleasure has me gasping and yelling unintelligible words that fail to express how explosive the orgasm has become.

And I’m sucking feverishly on his cock wanting to return the favor ….to worship his cock. I want him to once again feed me his seed and to feel the intense pleasure of ejaculation.

As my orgasm begins to reach its end, his cock starts to pump his cream into my mouth. It’s not as powerful as the first orgasm he fed me but along with my own having just occurred it’s more erotic and exciting for me.

He too is short of breath and making animal sounds as he empties his load into my mouth. I once again allow his cum to remain in my mouth to savor its taste and feel. I swish it as I’d swish mouthwash.

I end up laying with his limp body on me. He keeps my cock in his mouth. I let his cock slip out of my mouth, hitting my chin. It oozes a small amount of post orgasmic cum. It drips down my chin to my neck.

Usually following an orgasm the release of my seed is the penultimate feeling and then it seems my overstimulated brain crashes into despair. It seems to grieve the loss of that feeling leading up and during the orgasm. But having Jim provide me another load of his cum overpowers the despair.

The sensation of tasting his semen and feeling it inside my mouth on my tongue and coating my teeth keeps my pleasure center active. Maybe the submissive gratification I get from this act is the reason I have the pleasure. I don’t analyze it. I feel it. Experience it.

I finally swallow his cum. It’s like the feel of oysters being slurped from their shells. But the lingering taste is nice in a salty and sweet mix. I realize again I could easily become addicted to cock.

Meanwhile Jim continues to suckle my now soft cock. The overstimulation period has passed and his mouth feels pleasantly exciting. I moan a bit as his tongue pushes into the head’s hole. Then swirls around the glans. I’m starting to feel my cock awaken.

Jim feels the awakening and starts running his lips up and down the shaft and back across the crown of the head. I find myself pushing my ass up toward his mouth to fuck his face. He increases the speed in which he sucks me. But it remains a slow pace. Not aggressive at all but tender and attuned to my pleasure.

I’m in a trance and amazed as my cock grows back to a full erection in such a short period of time. Jim is an obvious master of sucking a man’s cock. And I want to emulate him.

I take his cock back into my mouth. Gently suckling the head. It causes Jim to let out a little gasp. But he concentrates on his loving attention to my hardon.

Jim’s cock slightly stirs as I slide my lips up his shaft. But I can’t focus. I’m feeling the onset of the incredible roller coaster ride to orgasm. I can’t believe it! I can’t believe I could possibly cum in such a short time period. But there’s no doubt I’m headed that way. Jim’s cock falls from my mouth.

The spasm and pumping begins out of nowhere. I’m crying out in pleasure and fighting for breath. Omigod, this orgasm is going to be better. I can just feel the intensity ratchet toward the goal line. My brain short circuits and all attention goes to my cock. The pulsing of semen starts with an intensity I’ve never felt before. I’m loud and crazed as pulse after pulse of cum leaves my cock.

When my cock finally expends as much cum as my body can provide, I collapse into a near unconscious state. My mind is blown! My thinking is confused and I could care less as I just luxuriate in the post orgasmic bliss I am feeling. No despair. No let down. Just a tingling in my balls and along the entire length of my cock.

Jim moves his body from atop me and moves down between my legs. I hardly notice except for his weight leaving my chest and stomach. He had let go of my cock as he moved to canlı bahis the new position. But he takes it back inside his mouth once he’s settled between my legs.

The head and shaft seem to literally flinch from the touch of his mouth. My cock is as limp as it ever gets but still sensitive from the explosive orgasm I’d just had. But Jim persists in keeping my cock in his mouth, only occasionally using his tongue to bathe the glans and sweep up and down the diminished shaft.

“Man, I don’t think I can go again. That last one took it out of me.” I tell him.

“Wait till you get the third one. Trust me….I’ll make you cum again.” he replies.

“Ok, but I don’t think so.”

“Just you watch and see.”

Jim keeps his lips tightly sealed around the shaft and has his nose up against my pubes. He reaches under to gently grab my balls. I’m so wasted from the last orgasm I just lie in a trance while he continues trying to wake my cock up again. It’s kind of like a drugged person losing control of what happens to their body but with pleasure being the main thing.

After five minutes or so of his mouth working on my cock along with his stroking my balls, I sense a change in things. My cock seems to be responding to his nursing. And then I am jolted awake. I feel a wet finger push into my puckered asshole. It initially brings a stabbing pain but as he pushes deeper the pain subsides. Then another jolt as another finger enters my ass.

My cock stirs again with the addition of the fingers inside me. I feel them moving back and forth in short probing motions. I feel a finger touch my prostate and gently stroke the ridges. It sends a message of excitement to my brain.

My cock is now almost fully engorged and Jim is continuing to use his tongue and move his mouth up and down my shaft. His lips grab it tightly until they reach the head. Once at the head, Jim sucks it like I might suck my wife’s nipple.

My mind is once again consumed by a pleasure response. This time the sensations are coming from both my cock and my ass. The probing fingers are now deep inside me and focusing on my prostate. Unlike the medical experience, the massage of it has me notable leaking pre-cum. Even with Jim’s mouth on my cock, I can tell I have a flow going.

Another five minutes and my cock is fully erect. It’s a damn miracle! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Omigod! The mouth and fingers are driving me insane with the sensational feelings of pleasure. Jim continues his steady movements of fingers and mouth. I also realize his other hand continues to stroke and grab my balls.

My head is thrashing and I’m gasping for air. He’s pushing me toward a threshold I’ve never been at in my sexual experiences. My brain’s thought processes have turned its functions over to the physical control center. The pleasure centers are firing continuous messages to all parts of my body. The cock and prostate are in control.

Omigod! Oh fuck, fuck…fuck….fuck! The base of my cock begins the familiar throbbing of an impending orgasm but the feeling is intense. More intense than any time I’ve ever felt an orgasm about to happen.

And then the pumping of cum begins. Again and again. I’m screaming and shouting out my pleasure. Pushing my ass up into Jim’s mouth with his fingers still milking my ass and prostate.

I’m gasping and moaning. The feelings all along my cock and inside my ass are supercharged pleasure. Fuuuuuck! My legs have gone limp and my balls seem to be in a constant spasm.

The orgasm seems to last for many minutes. But time has gone into that slow motion thing the brain does whenever the body experiences extreme conditions. Usually it’s the fear response of fight or flight causing it.

But this is in response to a pleasurable experience that is so intense it almost hurts it feels so good. Yeah, I know, that sounds crazy but it’s like how your cock feels right after cumming when you can’t take another touch of any kind. But it happens throughout the orgasm.

Finally, my body collapses into the bed. Jim slowly pulls the two fingers from my ass. His mouth continues to envelope my rapidly shrinking cock but he’s stopped all attempts to produce a response.

I lay there with my mouth open and breathing with short rapid breaths. My heart is beating rapidly. I feel like I’ve just run a marathon up Mount Everest.

I’m in a semiconscious state for some minutes until I feel Jim’s cock running across my lips. He pushes his hard cock into my mouth and down my throat.

I have a reflexive response of sucking him. I want to taste his hard cock in my mouth. I want to have his cum shoot inside it. On my tongue. Down my throat. Fuck, I really am a true cocksucker!

It doesn’t take long for Jim’s cock to twitch and the pulse of his orgasm quickly blasts his sweet, creamy seed into my mouth. It shoots several shots of his thick cum down my throat and on my tongue. I savor each release of it. I taste the semen’s naturally salty flavor that almost disguises a sweet taste. The texture of it is slimy but it brings a sense of erotic fullness.

It’s just really hard to describe how cum causes such a reaction for me. I only know I am a true disciple of swallowing and eating it.

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