Meeting Gaby Again

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This is the second story on “Meeting Gaby”. Gaby is a young woman with whom I have exchanged emails for several months. Though we are separated by an ocean and 30 years of age, we have enjoyed a flirtatious exchange of emails and pictures. The first story was a short fantasy of what I thought might happen if she came near my home. This one is a scenario where we read a collaborative story that we wrote. In the emails, I wrote the start of our rendezvous, she picked it up, and we then each contributed a paragraph or two until we completed a hot sex scenario. The italicized portions of this story are the exact words we wrote to each other in the emails. It was torturous and wonderful at the same time, especially since we punctuated some of the scenes with our pictures. Here is the scenario we wrote, encapsulated in this story.


It was well after midnight when the phone rang. I was watching a late sporting event and I picked up the phone. It was Gaby.


“Hi, John. Were you awake?”


“Guess what?”


“I just snuck out of my room. One of my roommates is covering for me and I’m heading over to your hotel. Do you have room for me tonight?”

I chuckled and tried to think of an appropriate metaphor. “What a stupid question, Gaby. I’d have room for you if I was staying in a shoe box.” Okay, so it wasn’t my best effort.

She giggled. “Hmmm. I don’t think I want to try that, but thanks.”

“Just come on up and I’ll be ready.”

“Okay, be there in a couple of minutes.”

She hung up and I made sure I had picked up anything lying around. I also ran to the ice machine and got some fresh ice and a couple of sodas. She was not a drinker, but I knew we’d be thirsty… after.

When Gaby arrived, she was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. I let her in and she walked over to the center of the room. By the way her large tits moved under the t-shirt, I knew she had come braless.

“Letting the girls swing free?”


I explained the idiom to her since she was unfamiliar with it and she laughed. “Yeah, I didn’t feel like putting my bra back on. Usually, I don’t go without because unconstrained they are heavy and can hurt if they bounce around too much.”

“So you did it just for me.”

She smiled shyly. “Yeah.”

“That’s nice.” I sidled up alongside her and fondled her left tit with my left hand and put my right hand on her ass. “Did you forego any other undergarments as well?”

She grinned sheepishly. “How did you know?”

“Just a wild guess.” I leaned over and kissed her and she returned it. “So… I have my laptop up. How about we read that last email string we wrote to each other where we put together a sex scene and act it out?”

Gaby smiled. “I like that idea.”

I knew she would like that idea. The first part is me paying attention to all her body parts.

I went to my laptop and opened it. I went to my “other” email. It’s the one I use to correspond to people, receive bad jokes on, and register on all the stupid sites that want an email address but from which you don’t really want emails. I opened up the email where we had written to each other what we wanted to do, if and when we met. It was a collaborative thing where I started off telling her what I wanted to do to her and then she would tell me what the next steps were and what she would do to me, etc. until we completed a nice little rendezvous.

I read the part where I described what I was going to do to her.

“I would make you stand there while I slowly removed your clothes. I would leave your panties and bra to the end as I kissed and nibbled on you thru them. I would wait until I could smell your arousal and feel the dampness in your panties. I would then remove your bra and kiss around your breasts, avoiding your nipples until you practically beg me to suck on them. Then I would suck on one and roll the other in my fingers, switching sides until I want to taste your pretty little pussy. I would pull down your panties from behind so that I could kiss and play with your ass. I would turn you around so that I could ensure that you had properly shaved your pussy like I ordered you to do. Then I would make you continue to stand there, legs now spread so that I could taste that pussy while staring up past your pendulous breasts at your face.”

She stood and I removed her shirt and jeans. She was naked so I couldn’t make her stand there in her panties and bra, but I could still tease her. I kissed and nibbled on her neck, worked my way down her back to her nice ass, and then moved to the front. I ignored her pussy and worked my way up to her tits. I teased her just like I said I would and kissed and nibbled around them and up to her neck until she begged me to suck on her nipples. I did so, pinching and nibbling her beautiful, large, brown breasts. I worked my way down to her pussy to follow the scenario and could smell that wonderful smell that is woman. I smiled up etimesgut escort at her and stopped so that she could read her continuation of the story.

Gaby leaned over the laptop and read her words.

“I’d slowly push your head towards my pussy, hoping that you’d lick it.”

I did so while she was leaning over and she kept reading.

“You’d run your tongue along the length of my slit, sending electricity through my body. You’d look up and I’d bite my bottom lip, showing you how much I wanted it. You’d reach up and tweak a nipple. Then the other. You’d grab handfuls of my ass as you slide your tongue back to my pussy. You lap gently at my juices, before concentrating your efforts on my clit– flicking it and circling it. You punctuate the assault on my clit with brief periods of tongue fucking. I pull your head into my crotch and moan in pleasure.”

I loved her description of what she wanted so I returned to her pussy and we did that… and she did actually moan.

Gaby pushed my head away. “I know what’s next. Please read it. I need to cum.” She reclined on the bed. I brought the laptop over and while I read it, Gaby slowly rubbed her pussy and clit.

I leaned over the laptop.

“I lick from the bottom of your crack, up thru your gash, and over your clit where I suck it in and hum on it a little. I can see you put your head back and moan. I bury my face in there, licking and sucking, pushing your legs back and up so I have better access and so I can reach my hands up to roll and lightly pinch those nipples. It doesn’t take long for you to cum, long and hard, moaning and gasping as I bring you off. After you settle down I stand up.

You sit up and smile at me. ‘Wow! You eat pussy really well.’

I grin and say, ‘Thank you.’ I’m standing in front of you, my hard dick waving at you. You sit up and slide to the edge of the bed, straddling my legs and putting my dick in your face. You reach out and run your hand over it and lean forward to give it a slight lick. I moan and close my eyes.”

Gaby crooked a finger at me. “Mmmm. I hope you follow that scenario exactly.”

I grinned and went down on her, sucking and humming her pussy like I said I would and pinching her gorgeous nipples. She came in no time. When I stood up she immediately felt my dick and gave it a lick.

She looked over at the laptop. “My turn.” She pulled it over to read it while she held onto my dick.

“With your cock in one hand, I slowly flick my tongue over the head, while lightly stroking your balls with my free hand. You moan. I take more of your cock into my mouth and take my hand off it. I move my hand to your ass, while still stroking your balls with the other. I slowly start bobbing up and down on your cock with my mouth– taking a few strokes to find a good rhythm and picking up momentum quickly. You moan from deep inside your throat and put a hand on the back of my head– pushing me on your cock and then letting me slide off before repeating the motion. I let my tongue flatten out around your cock and slobber all over it. You keep the rhythm growing– your moans letting me know that you’re enjoying it.

‘Gaby, I’m going to cum,’ you say and hold me down on your cock. You spray your hot cum into my mouth as I grab your ass with both hands.”

She looked up at me and then at my cock. “Are you ready for that?”

“Been ready since you wrote it.”

And so Gaby did as she said and I put my hand on the back of her head, fucking her pretty little face until I did indeed fill her with my cum. She released my dick, making sure she got every drop and then leaned back. I groaned. “Gaby, for a youngster you really know how to suck cock.”

She grinned. “Thanks. Now let’s get to the next part.”

I read my next email.

“After I have cum in your mouth, you swallow it and then smile up at me. I bend over and kiss you, slightly tasting my spunk on your mouth. I don’t particularly like doing that, but I was so impressed with your sucking me off that I just had to do it.”

I leaned over and kissed her like I said. I really didn’t taste my spunk, but I continued reading.

“I move you over and lay down on the bed. I reach up and start playing with your voluptuous tits. As I squeeze them and fondle them, pinching and rolling the nipples, I pull you over the top of me.

I smile and say, ‘I want you to turn and get into a 69 position. Then I want you to ride my face until my cock gets hard again.’ You grin and climb up over me. I get into position. I say, ‘Sit up straight and just leave my cock alone for a while. I want you to ride my face like a horse.’

I can hear you moan as you lower your pussy to my mouth. My tongue starts to work as you move your hips back and forth, making sure that I make contact with your entire pussy. Soon you are moving back and forth and rubbing across my face as I fuck you with my tongue like a little cock, moving every so often etimesgut escort bayan up to your clit. You are soon bucking hard and I latch onto your clit and shove my pussy soaked finger up your ass. You cum like a freight train, almost suffocating me as you can’t stop yourself from grinding on my face. By now my dick is hard and I want you to crawl down and ride it reverse cowgirl.”

Gaby smiled. “Mmmm. I think I am going to enjoy riding your face like a horse.”

She lays down next to me and I play with her tits, lightly pinching the nipples and making her squirm. I then turn so that she can climb over me in the 69 position. I attack her pussy, licking the already soaking slit and playing with her clit. I also run my tongue up to her ass and she moans as I do so. She holds herself up with her arms as she enjoys my tongue-lashing. I keep at it, licking her from clit to ass and then sucking on her clit. I slide my right index finger into her pussy and I can tell she knows that I will soon be sliding it into her ass as I described. She steadies herself and I slide my finger into her ass and hum on her clit with my tongue pressed flat against it. She cums just as I said in my email, jerking and jerking until she collapses onto me.

“Wow.” She is breathing hard and slowly rises up. “That was even better than when I read it and masturbated to it.” She looked down at my cock. You ready for the next part?”

I looked up at her. “Actually, I’m not sure I have two more cums in me and that is how the story goes. I think that was just wishful thinking on the part of an old man.”

Gaby rose up. “You may be older, but I don’t consider you old.”

I smiled and shook my head. “Honey, I’m older than your father. That makes me old.”

She grinned. “Yeah, I know. It’s a little taboo, which is even more exciting.”

“Why don’t we read the next couple of parts and move to that last one?”

She grinned, knowing that I wanted her ass. “Okay.” Gaby read her part.

“With my pussy still over your face, I lean across your body and gently kiss the head of your cock, letting your nose brush up against my pussy. I lick the head slowly.

‘No Gaby, use your pretty pussy,’ you say. I crawl over your body and place my pussy above your crotch, facing away from you. With a leg on either side of you, you have full view of my ass and some of my pussy. I move my pussy toward your hard cock, letting it brush up against my entrance. I slide a bit, coating your cock in some of my wetness. Gently, I start to push myself down onto your cock. I feel it stretch my pussy.

You put your hands on my hips and say, ‘Go for it Gaby– Make me cum.’ I hoist myself off your cock, until only the head is inside my pussy, and then back down onto it. You groan. I ask if you like that. You tell me you do. I repeat the motion a few times, getting your slick cock to ram my pussy. You use your hands on my hips to guide me and soon tell me you’re going to cum. You grab my hips and hold me down on your cock as it twitches inside me and you moan deeply. It sprays hot cum inside me and your fingers dig into my flesh.”

I grinned. “I like that idea, but let’s move to the last part.” I read my next entry.

“We are pretty well spent after that last cum. You slide off and turn to face me. You lean over and take my wilted cock into your mouth, cleaning up our combined juices. You smack your lips and grin at me, then come up and kiss me. I am so relaxed and you cuddle up next to me. You reach down and pull the covers up over us, snuggle up to my right side and within about 10 minutes we are both fast asleep. I feel so relaxed after fucking you so well.

I was sleeping well and I could sense just the beginning of the morning light coming into the room when I realized that I had a screaming hardon. I open my eyes and look down. You smile up at me as much as you can with my cock embedded in your mouth.”

At this point Gaby does exactly that. My cock is hard.

“In all my years I have never been awakened by a woman sucking my cock and now here you are, young and innocent, but dying to know everything there is about love, sex, and enjoying life. And now you are sucking my cock and I love it. You are working hard and I smile, remembering our previous night of fun. I decide to let you have your fun and just relax and enjoy another of your wonderful blowjobs. For a relative novice, you are surprisingly good at it. In no time I am filling your mouth with my first load of the day and I can’t wait for us to shower and see what other mischief we can get into today.”

Gaby let go of my cock at this point. “Let’s move to the shower scene and then the after part. I really want that part.” Gaby pulled the laptop closer and read her email.

“After swallowing, I come up to your face, smiling mischievously. Our noses rub together.

‘Shall we hop into the shower and get the day going?’ I suggest.

You follow escort etimesgut me into the bathroom and under the stream of warm water. We stand facing each other, enjoying our closeness. You put your hands on my sides, rubbing gently, as I start soaping up your body. I rub my soapy hands softly along your shoulders, your sexy arms, and your chest. You slowly start moving your hands toward my breasts. You cup them first. I put my arms around your neck and move closer to you. You circle the nipples with your fingertips, making them stand up. We kiss as you start pulling on my nipples, one in each hand. I pull your head closer to me as our kiss intensifies.

You pull away and say, ‘Turn around Gaby.’

I turn around and you put your arms around my body, holding me just under my breasts. We stay like that a moment. You kiss the side of my head gently. You keep an arm around my middle, while your other hand heads for my pussy. You stroke my nether lips with your fingertips, sending shivers up my spine. You slowly head further in, making me jump a bit. You find my clit and soon begin stroking. You’re hitting it just right and I’m moaning against your body. You bring me to the edge quickly. I’m almost there. My chest is heaving, my moans are loud and my body is near shaking point. With a few more strokes, I cum! I cum intensely and grab your head with my arms and pull it closer, pulling at your hair. As the waves of orgasm course through my body and I slowly recover, you kiss the side of my head again and slowly start stroking my pussy lips again. With my hands still in your hair and your body against mine, we enjoy the soothing sensation of the warm water. Your cock is getting hard and I can feel it rubbing against my ass.

‘Want to try that?’ I ask.”

When Gaby finishes, my erection is as hard as ever. She looks at it. “I think you like the idea of taking my ass.”

“Whatever gave you that idea?” I asked in mocking surprise.

“Just read the story and then let’s get to it. It’s getting late.”

“Okay.” I pull the laptop closer and read my part.

“I blinked a couple of times rapidly, trying to make sure I heard you correctly. I looked deep into your eyes as you looked back over your shoulder.

‘You mean?’

You grinned. ‘Yes, please. I want to do it all.’

I hug you and kiss your neck and grab and fondle your tits some more. They are just so fucking big, full, and sensitive. As I suck and nibble on your neck, I pinch your nipples, making you moan. You are slowly rotating your hips, my dick slipping up and down your delicious butt crack. I put my mouth by your ear and whisper to you. ‘I’m going to enjoy fucking your tight brown ass. It’s so fucking hot. My dick is so hard thinking about sliding it into your tight little asshole.’

I can feel you tremble. I move back and turn off the water. I pull you out of the shower and lead you to the bed, grabbing a couple of towels to dry you off. I dry you off, kissing and sucking on your tongue. I push you back onto the bed and using your hips get you to turn over. I maneuver you onto your knees, and push your face and chest to the bed. I have you with your ass now sticking up in the air and I go to work.”

At this point, Gaby copies the scenario I’m reading and gets into that position. I continue reading to the end.

“I lean over and start rimming you, running my tongue all around your beautiful little crinkled star. I can hear you moaning. I start running one and then two fingers into your soaking and steamy cunt. I get them wet while I continue to tongue fuck your ass. I move one well lubricated finger into your ass.

You moan. ‘Please, hurry. Fuck my ass, Dennis!’

I keep it slow. I start slowly working a second finger in and you moan and start rolling your hips. I get it in to the first knuckle and decide that’s enough. I kneel up behind you, keeping my fingers in your ass, slowly moving them and line my dick up with your pussy. It’s almost dripping now. I push my dick into you, feeling it enter your scalding hot cunt with my fingers that are in your ass. I get my dick very wet and pull it out. I look down at this vision of pure sexual delight called Gaby in front of me. I line my dick up with my fingers and as soon as I pull my fingers out, I push the head into your slightly gaping ass. The head enters quickly, but only just past the crown. You groan. Your ass is so fucking tight! I start moving into your ass and I know that I am going to cum very quickly. This is so new to both of us and the fact that this beautiful, sexy 19 year old BTW (our familiar term for big tittied whore) is giving me her ass is too much.

‘Oh, fuck, Gaby. I’m going to cum already!’

‘Cum, baby, cum!’ You moan and let me have my way with your ass.

I pummel it with about three more strokes and then spasm again and again as I shoot as much spunk as I have left in my balls deep into your ass.

When I am done, I slowly pull out and lay down beside you. You cuddle up to me.

‘Thank you, Gaby. You are an amazingly sexy and exciting young lady.’

‘You’re welcome.’ You kiss me and then lay on my body. I look down at you.

‘I think we need another shower.’

You giggle and just cuddle up to me and we relax before we begin the rest of our day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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