Meeting You…Finally!

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I saw you from across the room. The pictures you had sent me had done no justice at all. Looking at you I could see the sexual energy radiating from you. I had to have you.

Walking up to you as you waited for your baggage to come around, I put my arms around you from behind and lightly kissed your neck. I felt my hardening cock pressing against your sexy ass. Without even turning around, you know it’s me. “Mark,” you gasp, “I was hoping you didn’t back out.”

We could hardly keep our clothes on as we waited impatiently for your luggage. We both knew this was going to be a week never to forget. We had finally gotten together after nearly a year of chatting online and calling each other a few times a week for the past few months. Now here we were and still had to hold our passion back until we could get out of the airport.

After what seemed like an eternity, actually less than fifteen minutes, we made our way out to my truck. Our hands were all over each other as we walked, like we were teenagers in love.

Once I had your bags loaded in the back, I opened your door for you and helped you in, making sure you didn’t have any problems climbing in. Kissing your hand as you sat down, I closed the door to make my way around to my door.

I must have looked like a kid in a candy store the smile on my face was so huge. If you looked below my waist though you’d think I had been in the middle of something and hurriedly put my jeans on, my cock straining to be released.

As I unlocked and opened my door I noticed you sitting in the center of the seat, right next to where I would soon be, this could be interesting. Sliding in next to you I eased the key into the ignition but rather than start the truck I turned to you and took your head in my hands, kissing your sweet lips like I had wanted to do for awhile.

As our passionate kiss ended I looked into your eyes, those green eyes I had stared at in every picture you sent me. The passion in them told me we would not make the 2 hour drive to my place, good thing I had reserved a room only minutes away, “just in case.”

Our chatting about your flight and the fact that we were actually together at last took all the time for our short drive. Holding your sweet hand as I drove made me feel like the luckiest man alive.

Pulling into the entrance to the hotel, the valet opened your door to let you out, catching a glimpse of your legs showing since your skirt had ridden up when you got in. A smile spread across the young kids face. Mine only grew bigger, knowing you were here to be with me yet the object of attention for many men.

Reaching the desk to check in I told the receptionist we had reservations for the evening. She took my card and ran everything. As she slid the paperwork for me to sign she said “Mister Davis, your suite is as you asked, I am sure you and your wife will have a pleasant stay.” All I could do was smile and seeing you out the corner of my eye showed me you were equally excited at the thought. Your hand squeezed mine and we quickly grabbed the keycard and went with the bellman to our room.

Walking with my arm around you, I let my hand slip down to caress your sexy ass. As we made our way through the luxurious hallways until we had reached our room, the honeymoon suite.

As I slid the card into the reader a though cebeci escort crossed my mind. Opening the door I took you in my arms and carried you in, kissing you as I laid you gently on the couch inside. I tipped the bellman as soon as our bags we put in the bedroom and he left with a smile on his face.

I made my way back to you and you stood to meet me. Our embrace was like none I had ever had in my life, full of passion, lust, desire. Our hands were roaming each others bodies as we explored each others mouths with our tongues. All I could think was “WOW.”

After we had kissed for a few minutes you asked if I minded if you took a quick shower, feeling the need to clean yourself up a bit after the long flight from Philadelphia to Seattle, with the three hour layover in Denver added in. Of course I asked if you needed help to which you answered, giggling, “Not this time…but don’t worry, we have all week.” With a wink you were gone and getting your things together for your shower.

As soon as I heard you start the shower I knew it was time to put my plan into action. I went to the mini refrigerator and took out the bottle of wine, your favorite merlot, and grabbed the corkscrew and glasses. After opening the bottle and placing everything on the table by the bed, I went and grabbed the candles from my suitcase, lit them and placed them around the room, giving it a soft glow.

As soon as the candles were in place, I slid out of my clothes and slid on the G-string you had sent me on my birthday three months prior. Pulling a few other things from my bag, I turned the radio on and put in you favorite Norah Jones CD.

Hearing the shower turning off, I pull the covers back on the bed and lay there with a single rose across my chest, waiting for you. A million thoughts cross through my head as I wait for you. Will you be disappointed, what will you be wearing, will you think it is cheesy or sweet the things that I did? A million questions passed through my head until suddenly I saw the door to the bathroom start to open. In that one moment, I think my heart stopped beating and my breathing stopped.

As the light was turned out you emerged, making my heart start racing immediately. There you were in front of me in a sexy pink nightie that instead of completely covering you, barely contained your sexy breasts and it stopped just below your crotch, leaving those sexy legs for me to admire. Your eyes traced my body as mine did the same to yours, taking in the sights I had previously only seen on a webcam, in person is even better.

Making your way over to meet me on the bed, I grab our wine and hand you a glass before you get in. I tell you it’s your favorite and you take a sip before pointing at my cock peeking out from the pouch of the g-string and saying “That’s my new favorite.”

You set your glass down and slide into bed to meet me. I turn to set my glass on the table behind me and you surprise me by kissing my back as I am turned around. I let a soft moan escape my lips, “Oh Cindy…”

My mind is running in circles now. Why did we wait so long to meet? Why did I not come to see you when I was in Baltimore two months ago? How did I let it go this long without meeting you?

Turning to face you, I look into your eyes, the light from the candles and the passion we are cebeci escort bayan already experiencing makes them glimmer like a brilliant emerald. Your hair pulled back leaving your ears exposed to my touch, gently sliding my hand from your ear to your neck, pulling our bodies together as we kiss.

Our kiss seemed to be like electricity. It was full of power, energy I had never felt in a kiss before. Taking you into my arms I leaned back, pulling you down on top of me, feeling our bodies finally meeting. “This feels so right” is all I could get out before you slid your tongue back into my mouth.

After a few minutes of roaming your sexy ass as we kissed, your hand slid down between us to grab my cock. As if planned, we both let out a “Mmmmmmmmmmm” at the feeling. Kneading your sexy ass only seemed to spur you on as your hand made its way under the g-string and took me in your hand for the first time.

The feelings you were giving me were like no other. I had to feel you too, to feel every part of you. I rolled us over so that I was on top of you and broke our kiss. Looking down at you, I slowly started kissing your neck, then your shoulder then down to your sexy, full breasts.

Sucking on your hard nipples I was amazed at how big they really were. In the pictures you sent me I knew they were big but I had never been with a woman whose nipples stuck so far out when aroused, nearly half an inch. Sucking on one as I rolled the other between my fingers brought a sexy moan from your lips. “Oh yesssssss” was all you said and I knew I was pleasing you the way you needed, wanted.

Sliding my free hand down your sexy curvaceous body made you slightly squirm. Letting my fingers slide under your lingerie made my mind go into overdrive. You had fully shaved, your “landing strip” I was so used to seeing in your pics was gone too.

Breaking the sucking on your sensitive, sexy, hard nipples, I sat back, pulling you up into a sitting position to meet me. I slid your nightie over your head and laid you back on the bed. As if I was not turned on beyond all belief already, seeing you here before me with nothing on made my cock twitch in anticipation. I laid back onto you and kissed your sweet lips again then started kissing down your voluptuous body, kissing every inch as I went. As I neared your sweet pussy, I kissed down your leg, all the way to your toes.

Releasing your right leg, I brought your left foot to my mouth. I kissed your sexy toes one at a time, feeling you squirming beneath me. After kissing those sexy toes, I slowly kissed my way back up your leg until I reached your waiting pussy.

I had never tasted anyone so sweet. Your juices were covering my face within minutes and I couldn’t get enough. I slid a finger into your tight pussy as I sucked your extremely hard clit between my lips as you came for the first time. The squirting of your sexy pussy was another first for me and I loved it, I had to get more.

After you had had four fabulous climaxes, I kissed me way back up your body. Feeling your skin against mine made me feel as if we were connected more than I thought was humanly possible. As I kissed your sweet lips, my tongue entered your mouth, both of us moaning in delight.

As our kiss broke, you took your index finger and slid it into your wet escort cebeci pussy, then back between your lips. I sat there in awe watching you; you looked completely sexy, even more vivid than your previous shows on cam had been.

You turned me onto my back, climbing on top of me. Your sexy body pushing down onto me as you kissed my lips. Grinding your wet pussy against my g-string covered cock; you leaned up slightly, grinning mischievously at me as you did. The position was perfect for your 40dd tits to be right above my head.

I had to lean up slightly to take them into my mouth. As I took first one then the other into my mouth, you lowered back down to me slightly, letting my head rest back on the pillows as I kept up the assault on your hanging tits. Your assault on my cock kept up the whole time, driving me to suck on and play with your tits even more.

After a few minutes of this you came down to kiss me. After our tongues had found every spot in the others mouth, you broke the kiss and started kissing my ear then my neck. You continued to work your way down my chest and finally reached my waiting cock.

I thought you would rip the g-string off of my but instead kissed the head of my cock that was sticking out the top of it and then kissed your way down my covered shaft. As you reached my tightly encased balls, you sucked on them lightly, making my body shake with the intense feelings.

You reached up and grabbed the sides of the tight material with both hands, sliding it off of me as I lifted my hips to help you. As soon as you got it all the way off you sat back and stroked my entire length, saying “I’ve been waiting for this tool for nearly a year” before taking me fully into you.

I could feel your lips slide all the way down my hard cock. My dick was fully in your mouth, starting to slide into your throat. My hands found the back of your head as I let out moans of pleasure. As you continued the intense sucking on my cock you took my balls into your hand, playing with them, getting me even closer.

After nearly five minutes I told you I would not last much longer. Your hot mouth was getting me near climaxing quickly. The fact that it had been since just after I had met you online that I had had anyone other than myself take care of me was driving me closer and closer to the edge.

Just when I thought I was going to explode, you pulled my twitching cock from your mouth and stroked it as you sucked my balls. That did it. I grabbed your head and told you I was going to cum and you let my balls loose and took my head back into your hot mouth right as the first burst of cum erupted from it. As I was cumming I was also moaning, which you did as well, sending even more pleasures through my entire body.

After my cock was finished emptying in your mouth, you licked me completely clean, making sure there was no cum left anywhere on me. You looked up at me and I saw a drop of cum on your lower lip. As soon as I saw it you slid your tongue out to capture it, smiling as you licked your lips clean.

“So this is what heaven feels like huh” I asked.

“Baby, you haven’t been in heaven yet…just you wait,” was your sassy reply.

Suddenly you got up off of the bed and walked to your bag. I was confused and curious until I saw you return with your camera and take a few pictures of my now semi-hard cock lying on my stomach. You finished your glass of wine and climbed back into bed with me. I took your camera and had you spread out for me. After a few pictures it was clear you were ready for more attention to be paid to your waiting pussy.

To Be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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