Melanie’s First Time

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Melanie lay back in her bed; the waves of delicious numbness spreading over her subsided, leaving her feeling drowsy, and deeply relaxed. While similar to the feelings she had experienced in the past, this was different in its intensity and its power. So many different feelings ran through her at different times, and adding the gaze of her tutor seemed to increase her desire, just as adding the few scant images she had prior to this morning had increased it in the past.

She let sleep take her over, and drowsed for another fifteen minutes till she realized the relaxation feelings wore off and she felt invigorated and ready for the day. In a flood the reality of what the day meant came back to her, and she realized there was a lot she had to look forward to.

Eagerly she rose, dressed and bustled her way downstairs. At the breakfast table sat her father, her father’s accountant, Mr Anderson, her father’s business manager, Mr Skilling and her father’s property and estate manager Mr Lay. At the far end of the table sat her tutor. All five men rose when Melanie entered the room.

“Here she is! My birthday girl.”

Her father, a handsome man, walked toward Melanie and gave her a chaste kiss on the forehead.

“Happy birthday darling.” he gave her an affectionate squeeze and then returned to his place at the head of the long table. The three business men gave murmurs of birthday wishes.

“I have a gift for you of course darling, but it will be given you at tonight’s gathering.” Said her father.

“Come and sit by me Madame, as the men are talking business.” Said her tutor.

Melanie gave polite nods to the three business men, a slight courtesy to her father, and then turned toward the other end of the long table where her tutor sat. She could feel her father’s eyes on her. When she took her place, she turned in his direction and noticed her averted his eyes immediately. The men took up their business, but Melanie noticed each of the three glanced her way several times through the meal.

“How are you feeling?” Asked her tutor.

Melanie flushed. “Very well thank you. I feel very good this morning.” She gave him a modest, brief smile.

“Your education will change in the future, but for now, it will remain the same. Meet me in the study at nine as per normal. We will be starting with geography, then move on to music and art history today. Do you understand?”

Melanie nodded. The maid brought her a plate of cured meats, eggs and pastries and a pot of fresh coffee. As she placed the items before her, she whispered “Happy birthday madam.” into Melanie’s ear. The whisper was gentle and soft, and Melanie could swear there was a brush of lips against her ear. It felt wonderful, as though she were being awoken sexually again. She flushed at the feeling and glanced up to see Mr Skilling looking at her. he knotted his brow and turned back toward Mr Anderson who spoke rapidly in her father’s ear in hushed tones.

“Watch that one.” The tutor said quietly as he passed Melanie some butter. “He’s been watching you like a hawk since you sat down. Those men will be very interested to see who you decide to take as a husband. But they are also looking at you as a wolf stares down a sheep. Be careful Melanie.”

Melanie started to eat her breakfast. Being eighteen already meant the world had changed a great deal and it wasn’t even mid day yet.

The tutor stood up suddenly from the table.

“I’m going to prepare for the lessons Madame. I will see you at nine.” With that he turned and left the room.

Melanie watched him go. Feeling suddenly alone, she turned and glanced up the other end of the table to see all four men staring at her.

“You look remarkably well today daughter.” Said her father. There was something in his tone that implied he meant more than the sum of his words. For a moment Melanie wondered if he knew she had bounced to bliss on the bedpost this morning. But she knew her father couldn’t possibly know.

“Thank you father.” Melanie called back at him.

She ate the rest of her breakfast swiftly, wanting to get out from under the gaze of the men who took a sensual and financial interest in her sexuality. If her virginity felt like a curse yesterday, it felt far more like a curse today.

Melanie was not a stupid woman, dear reader. Just because she is naive in the ways of sex does not mean she unaware of how important her marriage would be. As her fathers only heir she knew he would take a part in choosing the man she was to marry and she had no desire to displease her father. Melanie had not formed any serious attachments on any young men. She was beautiful and she knew she had a sizeable dowry, but sitting at that table, it dawned on her how crucial her marriage would be to the future running of the company. Melanie would never be given the business of course – women are not capable of managing large businesses illegal bahis – but her future husband could cause a threat to the three powerful business men at that table, should anything happen to her father. All of this tumbled over her swiftly as she sat there, under the heated gaze of the three men.

When she finally finished her meal and jumped to leave the table, they all stood again, but this time no one took their place. They adjourned to her father’s study, where Melanie knew they would spend the rest of the day.

Melanie decided to go for a brisk walk to let her food settle and to prepare for her schooling. She couldn’t help it, her mind wandered to the morning’s activities and the pleasures she had experienced. She wondered if she would be able to persuade her tutor to attend her room again tomorrow morning.

She was just about to turn the corner to the back of the kitchen, when she heard a noise. It sounded like scuffling of feet. Melanie instinctively paused before she turned the corner. Immediately, she heard voices.

“Come on. I need a poke. That little nymphette looked like she’d cum a thousand times at breakfast this morning, and its left me stiff as a poker.”

“Ok Sir, but you gotta do the right thing by me. I want that raise coming through that you promised. Not that money like you left last time. I aint no whore.”

“Yes yes – a raise. Of course.”

The voices were Mr Anderson and the Maid. Melanie’s heart started to race. She could hear them, at the kitchen door. Soon the sounds of scuffling had been replaced by light moans.

Melanie took a peek around the corner. She could see through the glass window by the kitchen door, Mr. Anderson and the maid at the kitchen table. The maid sat on the edge of the table, her legs spread wide. Mr Anderson, still fully dressed, stood between them. As she watched he unlaced her bodice as he kissed her. Soon the top of her blouse fell away, and he moved his face down to her breasts. He lifted one of her enormous breasts out of its lace cradle and began to suck on the nipple. The maid threw her head back and placed one hand at the back of his head.

Melanie, shocked, withdrew immediately. She moved back around to the side of the great hall again, and rested against an alcove, panting. She had just seen Mr. Anderson and the maid! And they must have done it before! And the nymphette who turned him on – that must be her. The men at breakfast must have been able to tell somehow that she had done sexual things that morning. How could they know? How can you tell if a person has been touching themselves?

Melanie raced for her lesson. Not only did she want to speak to the only person she trusted, but she needed some information. As she ran, she noticed the slick wetness starting to seep out of the slit between her legs. What she’d witnessed turned her on.

She burst into the school room, closed the door behind her, ad leaned against it panting. The tutor, looking over some large books in the corner of the room, glanced up. Melanie noticed for the first time in her life, how handsome he was. Dark hair, and dark blue yes, heavily rimmed with black lashes. She’d never realized before that he was so good-looking.

“Madame! Are you alright?”

“Please! Can you call me Melanie?”

The tutor ran to where she leaned against the door.

“Of course I will Melanie. Take my hand, and come and sit. You look most unwell.”

“I’m fine. I just had a shock.”

The tutor sat her down at the chaise and moved to the side table to pour her a very small snifter of whiskey. He brought it back.

“Drink this. It will help calm you. What on earth happened Melanie?”

“I saw something rather shocking.” Melanie, still panting, drank the contents of the glass down in one sip. She coughed and spluttered into the glass for a second. But the tutor was right. In no time she started to feel better.

“What did you see?” Her tutor sat down on the chaise next to her. He took her hand in his, and sat their clasped hand in her lap.

“I saw Mr Anderson and the Maid together. They were starting to do it in the kitchen.” She looked up the tutor to gauge his response.

“Mmmm… and why did this shock you so much? If you think of what I saw you do this morning, perhaps it is most natural?”

Melanie felt her heart starting to slow to its regular pace. The drink was soothing her and everything started to look a little better.

“I mean, it wasn’t that. It was something that Mr. Anderson said to her that worried me.”

“And what was that.” Said the tutor, a smile on his face.

“He said the nymphette at breakfast looked like she’d come a thousand times. I think he was talking about me.”

There was a pause as the tutor looked away. When he turned back toward Melanie, he had a more serious look on his face.

“I thought they could tell by the way they looked at illegal bahis siteleri you. When people do what you did this morning Melanie, they get a fresh, glowing look about them. It can’t be helped. I promise you this, however, no one in polite company will ever tell you. You heard it by accident – and in a rather indecent way. People won’t reveal this to you as easily in the future.”

“I see.” Melanie looked down at their hands still clasped together. “Perhaps I will get better at recognizing it myself?”

The tutor ran his thumb slowly back and forth against the top of Melanie’s hand.

“You will. And when you get better at seeing it in others, you will get better at concealing it in yourself.”

The way he was moving his thumb back and forth over the flesh of her hand reminded Melanie of the images she had seen. As if he could read her mind, the tutor said: “More importantly, is how you feel about what you saw them doing. Tell me what you saw.”

Still looking down at their hands, Melanie said “I saw her sitting at the table in the kitchen and he stood between her legs. He unlaced her bodice and placed his mouth over her breast as I watched.”

The tutor moved in a little closer so that Melanie could feel the strength of his body next to her. He lifted his left arm and placed it about her shoulders, cupping the top of her arm as he rested it in place. Then he moved his other hand to her chin and began to stroke her face. He leaned closer to her ear, and whispered, “How did it make you feel to spy on them when they thought you were not looking?”

Melanie noticed as soon as the tutor changed his posture and his behavior that she could feel the wetness between her legs and the ache deep up inside. It was the same ache she could feel this morning, back much faster than she thought was possible.

“I… I thought it was exciting.” She said looking directly ahead, not wanting to move for fear that the tutor would cease his wonderful attentions.

“How did you feel when you saw the maid’s large, round breasts exposed to your eyes?” As he asked this question, whispering into her ear, the tutor licked her ear and lowered his hand to where the swell of her breast lay under her clothes. He cupped his hand over her own, and continued to lick and tease her ear with his mouth. Melanie felt her nipples extend again, long and hot out from her breast. As soon as they did, his hand found one and began to tease and flick it.

“I thought her breast was beautiful.” Melanie whispered.

“Perhaps you wished you could take it in your own mouth?” The tutor whispered.

“Yes. Oh yes.” Melanie said. She was starting to fall into a kind of delirium. The way he was teasing her ear with his mouth and playing with her breast was making her very uncomfortable down below. Melanie shifted slightly in her seat.

“Are you wet and aching down there right now?” Asked the tutor.

“Oh yes. Yes I am. Can we go up to my room? Can I sit on the thing again?” Melanie asked.

The tutor lowered his hand to her waist and then ran it down her thigh. At her thigh, he started to bunch her dress up her leg. Soon Melanie could feel his hands were against her long undergarments. he Undid the side ribbons, and soon his hand was against her flesh. Melanie thought she would explode. How she longed to sit on the thing at the end of her bed.

“I have something much much better for you, Melanie. Here is today’s’ lesson. I’m going to show you what this is for.” As he said these words in a wet whisper into her ear, Melanie felt the tutor cupping her mons. His fingers flicked and played with the thing that was burning at the top of her slit and she thought she was going to die from the pleasure. Two of his fingers found their way between the outer folds of her slit and soon he was rubbing the copious wetness all over the outside of her sex. Melanie could smell a strong scent in the room that she knew was coming from her. The ache deep inside swelled to the point she thought she may burst.

Melanie slumped back in the seat, pressing her sex into the tutor’s hand. But much to her horror, he took it away. She saw the wetness against his fingers, and almost exploded when she saw him press his fingers to his mouth and suck the wetness off. The wetness that came from down there! She panted, staring at him, slumped in the chaise, her legs spread.

The tutor looked down at the heated youthful lust of this woman desperate to lose her virginity. He had planned to take it later that night, sneaking into her room around midnight, but from the way the men at the table looked at her, and indeed the maid herself, the tutor knew he may be too late. Now that she had seen what she had seen, the perfect opportunity presented itself. He could be her first, and that would ensure a special place with her – but also that she had a wonderful time with her first.

His cock throbbed so that canlı bahis siteleri it nearly burst out of trousers. Thoughts of the many different ways she might like to try flooded his mind, but in the flash of thoughts he decided to settle on the missionary position. It was traditional and gentle. But what he wouldn’t give to see that ass bobbing over his dick off the edge of a table right now. Oh well, there was time for that.

And most likely opportunity. He’d never seen a young woman respond with so much abandon. And the wetness. There is was again, just as strong as he’d noticed it that morning. The journey into her body was going to be pleasurable to say the least.

“Lay down on your back Melanie. I’m going to give you comfort over the top of your body.”

Melanie allowed herself to fall back against the cushions at the end of the small lounge. As she did so, she saw the tutor lower his trousers and then his underthings till his cock was standing stiffly before her. Melanie had never seen a real one before, only images in art magazines. This thing looked enormous. It bobbed a little in front of her, but mostly it was just hard, a little like the thing at the end of the bed but for the interesting knob at the end. One thing Melanie knew for sure – she loved it instantly. It made her get wetter down there, and she longed to spread her legs wide, the feeling taking over ever other instinct in her body. She lay back, and spread one leg over the back of the chaise so that her sex was open, the cool air of the room stroking it lovingly. It felt good to have it spread so wide. Melanie lay her head back and fumbled with the top of her dress so that she could stroke one of those aching nipples.

The tutor couldn’t believe the lust coursing through this woman. As soon as she saw his dick, saliva gathered at the corners of her mouth and she spread her legs for it. He’d never seen a woman want it as bad as she did. He’d almost call her desperate if he didn’t feel it was unseemly to do so. She was beautiful, played out like that, desperate for what he wanted to do most. He longed to plunge his face between her legs, but there would be time for that later, he reasoned. Right now was about one thing only,

As you will remember, dear reader, Melanie had already had the thing on her bed deeply inserted, so any chance of their being a barrier to her first luscious cock was well gone. Possibly she’d lost that the day of the horse ride, but who would know the deep mysteries of such things. One thing the tutor knew for sure, he’d seen that other thing go in as deep as it could, so there was no need to be too gentle.

Melanie felt him lean over her and she opened her eyes in time to see his face move toward her own. Then he planted her first, full wet kiss on her large lips, just as she felt the nudge of his thing at the door to her body. As he settled over her, it moved deeper and deeper within her, till she could almost feel his weight upon her. His kiss was majestic. He planted light butterflies over her lips at first, but then started to use his glorious tongue to dance and tickle at her mouth. Melanie opened her mouth and legs to receive him and both parts of his body moved deeper with relish. As soon as she felt him deep within her, she felt him kiss her hard on her mouth, as if he were taking her, colonizing her, landing upon her unchartered waters. The feeling drove Melanie quite wild, and she kissed him back very hard, the urge to bite his lip rising up from inside.

Without knowing where it came from, Melanie felt suddenly overtaken by some intense ocean of lust. The most unseemly thoughts rushed through her mind as she could feel the tutor start to thrust into her body. She imagined herself with Mr Anderson in the place of the maid. She imagined herself with the maid in the place of Mr Anderson. She spread her legs wide as if she were trying to capture every erotic thought ever to occur within her body. The wet thrusting parts of her nether region wanted everything inside of her. She wanted to engulf the entire world, such was the depth and nature of her lust. She wrapped her legs around the back of the young handsome tutor and pulled hard on his body, trying desperately to get as much of him into her as she could. HIs thrusts were building a bubble of pleasure inside that she wanted to burst, so she pushed hard against him, trying to get him to pump her faster, harder, and deeper.

“Oh my god, you hot whore.” he whispered into her mouth as she thrashed under him. His words took her by surprise, as much because of their viciousness as because of the way they drove her insane. Was she a hot whore? Fuck yes! She was a whore and he needed to fuck her brains out.

With those lurid words, the young, newly ready Melanie came in an ocean of pleasure over the thrusting, reasonable sized cock of the young tutor. Within seconds of her response, he pulled his cock out and came all over her belly, his face thrust toward the ceiling, the ropes of veins standing out in his neck, making Melanie want to reach up and stroke them with her tongue.

And thus is the tale of Melanie’s first time.

(To be continued)

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