Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 03

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Aj Applegate

Emily’s heart was racing. “He said I was amazing and he said I had a beautiful smile and he flirted with me…sorta…,” she thought.

Her first impulse was to take her phone and text every girl that would care…Sierra first, of course, then Amy, Kayla, maybe even Tawny. Then she caught herself.

“The only way they’d believe me is if I could show them, and I’m sick so they can’t come over.”

She looked back at the laptop screen, scrolling back up over the messages, and then back down to his last reply of possibly texting her. “As if..,” she sighed. She closed her laptop, and stared at her phone, mentally willing it to buzz.

Ted had written five different openings so far, and backspaced over all of them.

All he could think of was the image of Emily in bed. “If she’s in bed she probably never got up this morning, so she’s wearing what she slept in?” he mused.

He pictured fleece pajamas, then shorts with a tee, then a long nightshirt (maybe with nothing underneath?) and that led his wandering hand closer to the slightly twitching bulge that was now in his boxers. “Now that,” he imagined, “would be a sight.”

He gently ran his free hand over his hardening shaft, closing his eyes so he could imagine his new fantasy better.

Emily was standing at the foot of his bed, in a long cotton nightshirt that was decorated with flowers. It was innocent and childlike, and would have looked cute on a five-year-old, but on Emily’s blossoming body it was alluring.

He could see the outline of her nipples through the thin fabric, and wondered if she was aroused to be so close to him.

The hemline fell to just below her knees, giving no clue as to whether she had anything on underneath.

Emily said nothing, but smiled and never took her gaze off Ted. Her eyes locked on his, she crossed her arms and grasped the nightshirt at a point just below her waist. Slowly pulling it up over her head, Ankara escort Ted saw her knees, her thighs, then his eyes locked on her sex.

She was shaved bare, her lips pink and swollen, as if she had recently been touching herself.

The shirt continued to rise, baring her ample breasts, and then over her head, at which point she dropped the shirt on the floor and shook out her hair to untangle it.

Still smiling, still making eye contact, Emily slid her hands up her sides and under her breasts, lifting them slightly, then gliding her fingers over the surface until her fingers had framed her pink nipples between them. Running fingers over nipples, teasing them, the nipples grew even harder and Ted ached to take one in his mouth and nibble on it.

He envied the boys who had no doubt actually seen those marvelous breasts in real life, and possibly even suckled them. He suspected she was quite experienced, since she was so beautiful and probably had her pick of any boy she wanted.

Now his cock had escaped the opening in his boxers and Ted was slowly stroking, and in his fantasy, Emily was now staring at his erection with hunger.

“Do you like it?” he whispered, and Emily nodded, licking her lips. “Why don’t you come here and see if it tastes as good as it looks?”

The line was grade-B porn video dialog, but in his mind, it was the perfect words to turn fantasy-Emily into his willing pleasure girl.

She climbed over the end of the bed and immediately took him fully into her mouth and he groaned.

That was when Ted’s phone buzzed and the bubble that was his fantasy broke like one a child had blown in a park with a bubble wand.

He fumbled for his phone, which had gotten lost in the sheets. His erection was already going, as he was expecting the text to be from someone at the church reminding him of next week’s staff meeting. They always sent a text on Sunday afternoons. He flipped the Ankara escort bayan phone open and looked at the screen.

It was Emily.

Emily: Hey sorry if I woke you up I’m just so bored

Ted’s heart sped up again. “I don’t have to think of how to start now!” He was flushed and if he had looked in a mirror, he would have seen the red rising in his face. He didn’t hesitate this time.

Ted: No! Not at all! (smile) How are you? Any better?

Emily: A little (smile) it’s just so boring because no one is online and no one is answering my texts (sad face)

Ted: Aw. Maybe they are watching TV or they’re all out? It’s hard to hear a phone sometimes unless you’re paying close attention

Emily: Yeah. Do you mind talking just a little? I don’t want to keep you up if you need to sleep…

Ted: You’re fine (smile) I was just laying here thinking about stuff. Not really sleeping yet, haha (smile)

“If only she knew what I was thinking about…damn,” he smiled at the thought of her blushing at that. He wondered what girls her age would do if a man bluntly told them they jacked off to fantasies about them.

Emily: Yeah? What are you thinking about?

Ted: Oh my. Don’t put me on the spot like that, haha! (smile)

Emily: What? Tell me!?!?

Ted’s heart was racing now. This was dangerous, and stupid, and careless. It was also the biggest rush he had ever experienced since the first time he had slid his hand under a girl’s bra when he was a teenager.

Ted: Haha (smile) nooooo I can’t tell you (smile)

Emily: Why not?? Tell meee pleeeeeaaase?? (smile)

Ted: I’d get in trouble if I said. Let’s just leave it at that (wink)

Emily: I swear I won’t tell anyone I totally swear

“Do I really want to do this?” Ted asked himself again. He hesitated just a moment before punching the keys again.

Ted: I was um…fantasizing. You know…

Emily: OMG hehe…yeah??

Ted: Escort Ankara Yes (blush) sorry that’s TMI I know

Emily: Hehe it’s cool (smile) are you doing something? Haha (smile)

Ted: Um…doing something?

Emily: (wink)

Ted: Ummm…haha…yes? (blush)

Emily: So what are you thinking then? (smile)

Ted: You really want me to tell you?

Emily: Yes please (smile)

Ted: I’m crazy and I can’t believe I’m telling you this

Ted: You swear you won’t tell anyone? I’d get in so much trouble

Emily: I swear and I mean it I promise

Ted: Well…

Emily: (smile)

Ted: Please don’t get mad


Ted: I was thinking about you (blush)

Emily: OMG really?? (smile) (blush) (smile)

Ted: Yeah…sorry. I know that’s bad…

Emily: I don’t think it’s bad (smile) I’m flattered (smile)

Ted: Really? (smile)

Emily: Yes (smile)

Ted: I’ve never told a girl that. It’s kind of embarrassing (blush)

Emily: I’m cool with it (smile)

Ted’s heart had slowed a bit, but was still way above normal rate. He realized his erection had returned.

Ted: You are?

Emily: Yeah…(smile)

“Lord, son, a girl just told you it was okay to think about her while you jack off. What now?” he thought.

Ted: Can I ask you something kind of personal?

Emily: Sure (smile)

Ted: How did it make you feel? When I told you that?

There was a longer-than-usual pause between replies, and Ted thought he had crossed a line. Maybe she was about to tell him that they should stop. Maybe she was changing her mind and was going to tell her parents, or worse?

His phone buzzed again and he jumped.

Emily: Wet…

Ted: Yeah? (smile)

Emily: Yeah (smile)

Ted was about to make a decision. If he went with one choice, this would end and hopefully never be brought up again, and he’d have a fond memory to think about in his fantasies. If he went with the other choice, it could mean his entire world was about to be flipped upside down.

His fingers hesitated at the keypad.

End of part three.

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