Miracle Worker

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Dr. Jacobs entered his office with a grim look on his face. Across the desk was his patient, Kelly Kaye, star of stage and screen, CEO of a major television studio and a multi millionaire. She stood five foot four, weighed a hundred and twenty five pounds, had curly blond hair and was absolutely beautiful. She looked at the doctor and knew the news was not going to be good.

“Miss Kaye, I’m afraid you have leukemia. It is a particularly virulent and aggressive type.”

“What kind of treatment will be required?” she asked in a quivering voice.

“There is no cure for this. We can hold off the inevitable for a while, but I would guess you have less than six months to live. If I were you, I would get a second opinion.”

“You are the fifth doctor I have seen in the last three weeks. All of you have said the same thing. I can’t believe my life is over,” she sobbed.

“I wish I could offer you some hope, but in these cases there really is no hope. We can prolong the illness with chemo therapy, but the end result will be the same. I’m sorry.”

“I don’t know what to do now. I don’t want to die. I’m only thirty seven. I have just begun to live.”

“I know it is hard to face. We can provide some relief with chemo. Why don’t you come in next week and we’ll run some more tests and set up a treatment schedule.”

Kelly stumbled out of the clinic and into her Ferrari. She fired up the car, her breasts heaving with emotion and headed for her Malibu beach house. Malibu always made her feel better. As soon as she got home she called her best friend Shirley Mack.

“Oh Shirley, you’ve got to come over. I just got some really, really bad news and I think you should hear it right away.”

“Sure thing Kelly, I’ll be there in twenty minutes.”

Shirley walked into the beach house and found Kelly sitting at the bar with a tall drink in front of her. Shirley had been Kelly’s best friend for twenty years. Drop dead gorgeous, weighing a hundred and five pounds; she was every man’s dream of the perfect woman. She poured herself a drink.

“Better make it a double,” Kelly advised.

“Okay, what’s this big trouble?”

“Shirley, I’m dying of leukemia. There is no cure. The doctors tell me I have six months of life left. It’s over!” she wailed.

“Oh, Kelly, I’m so sorry to hear that. What can I do?”

“First, don’t tell anyone. I don’t want a herd of sad faced sycophants hanging around trying to suck money out of me before I die.”

“You know, Kelly, maybe there is something I can do for you. Have you ever heard of the Miracle Worker?”

“No what is it?”

He’s a ‘him’, not an it. Let me tell you a little secret. Three years ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The doctors all told me I had only a short time to live and that what was left of life would be really unpleasant. Do you remember Mary Beth?”

“Yes, she made an unexpected recovery from liver cancer.”

“Well, she told me about the Miracle Worker. I was so desperate that I got in touch with him and took his treatment. Now I’m completely free of the disease.”

Grasping at straws, Kelly asked, “What is this miracle treatment?”

“He gives you an injection.”

“What kind of injection?”




“Oh my God! Are you telling me that he’ll jam a needle in my arm and shoot me with semen?”

“No, actually, he’ll jam his cock into your pussy and cum in you.”

“Jesus!! I can’t believe you would pimp me out. He’ll just show up, live with me and fuck me?”

“No, he will only be here once. You have to sign an agreement and it’ll cost you some bucks.”

“So I have to hire this male hooker to fuck me and I have to pay him a wad of money to do it?”

“He guarantees his work. Besides, he’s got a really nice cock and he knows how to use it. You’ve probably forgotten how good it is to be screwed by a big good looking guy. What are your choices? Chemo and dying anyway? If you don’t want to do it, that’s okay, but I’m telling you that this is a way out. Think about it. I’ll stay with you tonight. You shouldn’t be alone at a time like this. If you want to do it, I’ll make the call tomorrow.”

Kelly took a long pull on her drink. Tears were running down her face. “I’ve worked so hard for all this and now I’m gonna lose it to a goddamned disease. It’s true. Life isn’t fair.”

Kelly walked out on her deck overlooking the blue Pacific. Shirley followed her and the women sat down in the lounge chairs, watching the sun sink into the water. Kelly was deep in thought.

So, I let some guy come over here and fuck me. Will it cure me? Shirley thinks it will. I don’t want my last act to demonstrate that I’m a class “A” sucker. For the first time in her life she was stuck. She didn’t have any viable options.

As they went back into the house she said, “Okay, call the stud.”

Shirley smiled and dialed the phone. “I’ve got a client for you……..Tomorrow?……Okay, what time?”

“The representative will be here tomorrow at ten in the morning. üsküdar escort He’ll give you all the details, sign the contract and collect the fee. Okay?”

“Yeah, why not? Even if I get screwed over, I’ll still get some cock out of it,” Kelly laughed for the first time that day. “Let’s have another drink to celebrate my initiation into pimpdom.”

At ten o’clock sharp, the doorbell rang. Kelly opened the door to a nice looking guy in a three piece business suit. He looked like one of those guys from an investment commercial.

“Let’s get right to work, shall we?” he commanded.

“Would you like some coffee?” Shirley asked.

“Not while I’m working. We can do this on your coffee table.” He said, taking a stack of papers from his brief case.

Kelly was somewhat taken aback by his direct, in charge manner. He left no doubt about who was controlling this interview.

“I will explain briefly what is in the contract. You may have your attorney look it over after I leave. There is a two day bailout clause so if you are not sure, you can cancel the contract in the first forty eight hours. Okay, here is the deal. The Worker will visit you within one week and apply his treatment. The fee for this treatment is fifty thousand dollars, payable today. You will be required to refer other clients to us, but only if their condition is life threatening. You will receive the initial treatment from the Worker. After that, you will require a booster once each month. If you don’t get it, your condition will return and we won’t be able to help you again.”

“Do you mean that the Worker will be here once a month?”

“No, you’ll have to get a husband or a boyfriend. You must have semen in you at least every month. More is better. Do not use condoms, the semen must touch you, inside.”

“I haven’t had a boyfriend in years.”

“You need to get one. It means your life. If your new boyfriend leaves or goes on vacation, you’ll have to get a substitute. You must not tell anyone about this treatment. You may only tell someone who is in dire need.”

“Well, not everyone has fifty grand.”

“We will not refuse treatment because of funds. You have lots of money, so you pay lots of money. This is the contract. Please sign and date it in the indicated places. I will leave as soon as I receive your check.”

Kelly looked at Shirley. She looked at the rep. She looked at the contract. With a shaking hand, she signed. She dragged out her checkbook and wrote a check.

Accepting the check, the rep said, “You will be getting a call in less than a week. Be ready. The Worker is very busy.” And with that, he walked out the door and was gone.

“I can’t believe I just laid out fifty grand to have some stud service me! Damn, Shirley, what have you gotten me in to?”

“There are a couple of things the rep left out.”

“Uh huh, I thought so! What didn’t he tell me?”

“Well, the Worker will tell you this when he sees you, but basically, it is this. You have to cum when he squirts into you. He’ll put a cunt plug in you to keep his juice from leaking out. He’ll probably screw you at least four times to ensure success. That’s about it.”

“Are you going to be here?” I want you here.”

“I can stay here but I can’t be in the same room with you.”

“Well, that’s something.”

Two days later the telephone rang. A voice on the other end said, “The Worker will be with you tomorrow morning at nine.” Then the line went dead.

Kelly immediately called Shirley. “Can you come over? That guy is going to be here in the morning and I want you here too.”

“No problem! I’ll be there in twenty minutes.”

As soon as Shirley got to the house, Kelly grabbed her and took her to the bedroom. “Get undressed, we’re gonna take a shower!”

Shirley was not surprised. Kelly and Shirley had played slap and tickle in the shower before. They weren’t lesbians, they were just really good friends. They walked naked, hand in hand to the shower. The water came on and Kelly turned and took Shirley into her arms, kissing her lips and playing with her tongue. Shirley returned the kiss and sucked on Kelly’s tongue. She felt fingers entwining her pubic hairs and a finger was inserted into her cunt. She moaned and returned the caress.

“We’ve got to wash up,” Kelly panted into her mouth.

“Yeah, wash,” Shirley replied.

The two friends scrubbed each other, sucking on each other’s tits and playing with their pussies. Puffing and panting, they got out of the shower and toweled each other off.

“I don’t want to cum tonight. I have to be ready to do it tomorrow,” sighed Kelly.

“Well, I want to cum tonight, so start eating!” Shirley replied.

Kelly dived between her thighs and started licking her labia. He tongue found Shirley’s vagina and slammed into it. She let her lips wander to Shirley’s clit, sucking it into her lips. Her tongue teased the tip of her clit. Shirley was writhing and moaning. She humped into Kelly’s face. yenibosna escort Kelly sucked harder on her clit and rapidly stroked it with her tongue.

“OOoohhhh GGGooooddd! I’m cumming!!” Shirley screamed. Her body went taut under Kelly’s mouth. Suddenly she was limp. She had fainted.

Kelly smiled at her handiwork. She was no stranger to dining at the Y. When Shirley recovered she kissed Kelly deeply again. “Let’s get some sleep. You have to be ready for the stud in the morning.” They slept together in a tangle of arms and legs.

The alarm went off at seven. Shirley hopped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. As Kelly came to, she heard Shirley taking a piss. She went to the bathroom just as Shirley was leaving. Breakfast consisted of cereal and fresh fruit with milk and juice.

“That should get me ready for superman,” Kelly joked.

“Yeah, wait’ll you see him. I’ll bet you won’t be joking then,” Shirley remarked.

“Oh, man, I hadn’t thought of that! Is he some old troll? Is he a geezer? C’mon, tell me!”

“No, I’ll just let that be your little surprise. Better get dressed. He’ll be here in ten minutes.”

Kelly ran to the bedroom and selected a yellow sundress. No shoes, no socks, no bra, no panties. What was the point? He was coming here to fuck her, not give her fashion tips.

The doorbell rang at precisely nine o’clock. Kelly crept shyly to the door and opened it. There stood Adonis. He was about six foot three, wavy blond hair, blue eyes and totally handsome. He could have been a movie star. She stood there staring at him, her mouth open.

“Miss Kaye? I’m the Worker. May I come in?”

Kelly landed back on the planet. “Yes of course, come in, come in.”

“I’m a big fan of yours,” the man said. “I’ve seen all your movies. I’m so glad to finally meet you. I wish it could have been under better circumstances.”

Shirley was smirking over in the corner. “Ahem!” she ahemed.

“Oh yes, that’s my friend,” Kelly started.

“Oh hi Shirley,” the man smiled.

“Hi. I can’t believe you remember me. You must meet hundreds of girls.”

“I never forget one either. Are you here to save your friend from me?”

“Actually, I just wanted to see you again. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Oh no. It happens all the time. Well, down to business. I’ll talk to Kelly alone. Where is the bedroom?”

Kelly led him to the bedroom and sat down on the bed. He sat beside her, still fully clothed. “Now Kelly, we need to discuss some things about what is going to happen here. First, I’m not here to just fuck you and leave. I don’t do that. What I do is make love to you in a way I’m sure you have not experienced before. By midnight, which is when I’ll leave, we will know each other very, very well.”

Kelly looked at the young god. She was lost in his eyes. She felt faint and excited at the same time. It was like her first date in junior high.

“I’ll make love to you because it is necessary for you to cum with me or the treatment will not work. When I leave, I’ll put a plug in you to hold the semen inside. You must leave the plug in until noon tomorrow. Then you can remove it and wash.”

She reached out a tentative hand to his. He squeezed her hand and kissed it. “We will probably make love at least four times. I can tell when I have been successful. We will mate this one night and then never again. I may see you at someone else’s house, but that’s it. Any questions?”

“How will I know if it worked?”

“I understand that you are having a battery of tests run next week. They will show the results of our coupling. Now, let’s go take a shower together.”

She stood in front of him and started undressing him. She fumbled with his buttons and zipper. He smiled at her. He knew she was nervous. She removed his shoes and socks. He let his shirt slide onto the floor. She pulled his pants down to the floor. He had a huge tent in his boxers. She slipped them off and beheld a big, big cock. She couldn’t help herself. She sucked the head into her greedy mouth.

He lifted her off the floor. “Let’s get you out of your clothes,” he whispered. He pulled her dress over her head and she was suddenly naked. “Prepared, I see.”

She led him to the shower. His hands felt like satin gloves as they glided across her body, feeling her, soaping her. She was soaping him too. She felt his fingers slide into her ass. She groaned. His hands were on her tits, massaging, squeezing, milking. His arms went around her and held her to his hardness. She could feel his big dick pressed against her belly. He carefully washed her legs and then her feet. His hands wandered up to her pussy and he slipped a finger into her hungry twat. They rinsed each other off and stepped out of the shower. By the time they dried off, she was ready. She would have fucked a cactus and she had a dandy right in front of her.

“Remember, we must cum together,” he reminded her. He laid her gently on the bed and gathered up her pillows. He kissed zeytinburnu escort her legs and her feet. He licked a wet trail up to her pussy and stopped. Crawling between her legs, he consumed her breasts, sucking and flicking her nipples. They stood up like little soldiers.

“Oh god, I think I’m gonna cum,” she moaned.

“That’s Okay. Cum as many times as you want. Just remember that you must cum while I am squirting into you.” He licked his way down to her belly buttons and sucked hard on it. She felt her asshole pucker when he did that. He kissed her pussy and dragged his tongue from her ass to her clit. He gently grasped her clit with his lips and hummed a little tune.

She went insane. Her fingers sank into the sheets and held on tight. He hummed again. She couldn’t stand any more. She wriggled and wiggled. Her pussy produced a big tsunami of girl juice. She humped hard off the bed. When she did, he slid four pillows under her ass. “Fuck me, fuck, please fuck me,” She begged.

He got into position on top of her and the pillows and sank his giant cock into her. She came almost instantly. She had never felt this full, not with dildos, not with fruit, not with the college boys. Nothing had ever filled her this way. She felt him starting to stroke her. Every stroke took him a little deeper until she could feel his pubic bone crashing into her. Faster and faster, sweating and slippery. Her pussy was quivering and flexing. She could feel the ripples massaging his cock.

He felt her start to cum and he jammed his dick all the way in and released his sperm just as she had a tremendous climax. She could feel each ejaculation as it splashed off her cervix. He held his cock deep within her. She was shaking. She had never cum like that. Her cunt was twitching. Her breathing was ragged as she looked up into those blue eyes.

“What the hell happened?” she mumbled.

“We just had our first successful climax,” he replied.

She noted that his cock was still lodged firmly in her and it was still hard. “Are you going to fuck me some more?”

“Just as soon as you catch your breath. I can’t have you dying of an overdose of pecker, now can I?” he grinned.

As soon as her breathing returned to normal she felt him once again stroking into her. Three more times! She got to do this three more times. Her pussy was a little sore, but she could endure it because of the great pleasure she was receiving. As he pumped her he took her nipples into his mouth one at a time and sucked them hard. It turned them a bright red. The ends were pink. Her tits were more sensitive than she could remember. Her whole body trembled at the extreme attention it was getting. He kept stroking her, lifted her arms and sucked her armpits.

Oh, damn, that felt so good! This was something else she had never thought of. His pubes were crashing into her clit. She could feel her climax building deep down in her pussy. “I’m gonna cum again!” she screamed. “Fuck me hard! Make me bleed. Ooohhh Gggoddd!! I’m cumming again.” As her orgasm washed over her she felt him jerk inside her and knew that another load of life giving semen was being delivered.

Still, he didn’t pull out of her. His cock was still hard. She looked at the clock. They had been fucking continuously for five hours! It seemed like thirty minutes. May be this guy really was magic. “Are we going to take a break?” she asked.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Are you tired? Of course we can take a break. You probably have to pee. I’m going to pull out of you now. Keep your ass up high on the pillows until I install the cunt plug.”

He pulled his cock out of her and reached into his satchel. He produced an item that looked like a cross between a dildo and a chastity belt. He stepped around to her lower end and inserted the dildo part in her. Then he wrapped the straps around her and inflated the dildo. She slowly stood up while he inspected for leaks. Satisfied, he slapped her on the ass and she strolled off to the bathroom to piss.

When she came out she went directly to the bar where Shirley was patiently waiting. “Got your cunt plug, huh?”

“Yeah. It isn’t uncomfortable and it functions rather well. See, no leaks.”

“So what do you think of the stud?”

“I’d like to keep him. Do you suppose if I offered him a ton of money he’d stay?”

“Nope, I already tried that. Are you having a good time?”

“Hell yes. I have never felt this way before. I’ve fallen in love with an Adonis with a size ‘large’ pecker. How am I supposed to find a boyfriend to satisfy me after this?”

“That’s part of the price you pay. I love him too.”

“I wonder if the men love him too.”

“He doesn’t do men. Only women. He said it won’t work on men.”

Adonis appeared at the bedroom door, nude. “Are you ready yet?”

“Oh yeah! I’ll be right there!”

“See you at midnight,” she said over her shoulder and shut the bedroom door.

She noted that he had fluffed the pillows and restacked them. “Put your cute little ass up on top of the pillows so I can pull your plug,” he ordered.

She crawled atop the pillows and he untied her harness and pulled the plug out. He took it into the bathroom and washed it thoroughly. He dried it off and brought it back to the bed. He didn’t mount her immediately. He spent a lot of time kissing her neck, ears and eyes. He put his tongue into her mouth and she gratefully sucked on it.

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