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Big Balls

Miss Jones went to work on her regular midnight shift. She hadn’t slept well during the day because of what had happened between her and Mr. Colby the night before, and she couldn’t get him off her mind.

During report she was praised for the way she had worked with Mr. Colby the previous night. No one else had been able to calm his anxiety about being in the hospital.

“I don’t know how you managed it”, said the afternoon Head Nurse who was giving report. The morning report said he was as docile as he could be, thanks to your TLC. The day shift couldn’t get over the change in him. He actually joked around with the nurses.

The afternoon shift said that he started to become anxious again about 8PM and he hoped you would be his nurse again tonight, so I’m giving him to you. His surgery is scheduled in the morning at 9 AM.”

“Thank you,” she replied, “It will be my pleasure.”

After report she checked in on her patients, did an assessment on each, and passed her meds, saving him for last. When she reached his room at the end of the hallway, the door was closed, as it had been the night before

‘I wonder why he keeps his door closed?’ she thought. Using hospital protocol, she knocked and waited for him to answer before entering the room.

“Come in,” he said.

She opened the door and greeted him, “Hello Mr. Colby.”

He was standing in front of the window looking out at the lighted parking lot and turned around to see who was coming into his room.

“Hello Miss Jones. Are you my nurse tonight? I requested you.”

“Yes, Mr. Colby, I’m your nurse tonight.”

He was wearing hospital pajama bottoms, bare chested and much taller then he had looked in bed lying down the night before. She liked what she saw. A broad chest, muscled arms that had held her tight in the wee hours of the morning and a six pack stomach that tapered to narrow hips. When her perusal of him ended at his face, he was grinning.

“Mr. Colby, will you please lay on your bed? I want to give you a quick physical .”

“Why certainly, Miss Jones.” He gently brushed her shoulder as he walked past her. Stretching his long body on the bed, he clasped his hands together, and put them behind his head like a pillow, then smiled at her and said, “Where would you like to begin?”

“I want to know how you’re feeling.”

“I feel just fine Miss Jones. Don’t you remember how good I feel?” He looked her up and down and when his eyes met hers, she was grinning.

She didn’t reply. Taking her stethoscope from around her neck, she held the diaphragm to his chest to listen to his heart, at the same time taking his respirations. When she put her hand on his upper thigh, his heart rate increased and so did his respirations. Her face was close to his chest and her hair brushed under his chin as she listened to his heart. He moved his head enough to inhale the fragrance of her hair and his cock twitched.

She moved the stethoscope to his abdomen and listed for rumblings. Her hand was very close to his pubic hair as she moved the stethoscope around. Satisfied that all was as it should be, she asked him to sit up so she could listen to breath sounds. Placing the diaphragm on his back she asked him to take deep breaths in and out through his mouth, at the same time placing her hand on his muscular bicep to steady herself.

‘What magnificent arms,’ she thought, ‘so hard and strong and they felt so good last night when he used them to pull me close to him.’

His respiration’s increased and she smiled to herself. When finished she put the stethoscope back around her neck and wrote her findings on her work sheet.

“How am I, Miss Jones?”

“Everything seems to check out, Mr. Colby.”

Surprising her he reached out, took her into his arms and crushed her breasts to his chest, then kissed her. A smoldering kiss! He took her hand in his and placed it on his cock, as they continued kissing. She squeezed it gently and he moaned. He lay back on his bed pulling her with him, then broke the kiss.

Looking into her eyes that were an inch from his, he felt her warm breath on his lips as he whispered, “Is there anything else you would like to examine Miss Jones?”

She could feel herself weakening, but resolved to be strong. Lowering her eyes she used both hands on his chest to gently push herself away. Straightening her uniform, and smoothing her hair, she stood up.

“Mr. Colby, last night you were very anxious about being in the hospital and being the conscientious nurse I am, I wanted to relieve your tension. You seem perfectly fine now and a repeat of last night cannot happen.”

That’s what she said, but what she was thinking was a different story. She recalled how hot she was for him the night before, how good he felt next to her bare skin and how wonderful his big cock felt inside her. She felt herself growing wet. Oh yes, she wanted a repeat performance, but knew she would be taking a big chance.

Last night had been a quiet night, so she could spend time tesettürlü escort with him without raising suspicion from the other nurses. The Head Nurse had instructed her to give him TLC, and she did. They marveled at how she was able to calm the most anxious of patients, but she never told them her secret.

He watched her and could see the wheels turning in her beautiful head and wondered what she was thinking. Sensing that she wanted him, he wasn’t about to give up. ‘A hot number like Miss Jones can never get enough’, he thought to himself , ‘ and I’m just the man to give her what she needs

“You are aware that your elective surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 9 AM aren’t you, Mr. Colby?”

“Yes, Miss Jones I am aware of it, and even though I don’t look it, I am anxious about it. Who wouldn’t be?”

“Of course you’re apprehensive Mr. Colby. I understand. You will need to shower tonight, just in case you’re taken to surgery earlier then scheduled. If you’ll follow me into your bathroom I’ll show you how to operate the shower. It’s a bit temperamental in this room.”

Climbing out of bed he followed her across the room to the bathroom, watching her hips undulate underneath her form fitting white slacks, remembering how those same hips undulated underneath him the night before. Once again his cock twitched.

Miss Jones reached into the shower and tried to turn on the water but the handle wouldn’t budge.

“Maintenance was supposed to fix this faucet. I’ll have to call them again.”

“Allow me Miss Jones.”

He stepped close to her with his upper body bent forward leaning against her back, bending her forward. Supporting himself with his left hand on the wall, he reached around her with his right arm, bending her slightly forward so he could reach the water fixture. Right where I want her,’ he thought.

She could feel his cock against her bottom as he struggled with the fixture. ‘He has me trapped here,’ she thought. ‘Well, two can play this game.’ Observing the plug in the bathtub, she bent forward to remove it, pressing her bottom more firmly into his growing cock. Standing up slightly, making sure she didn’t lose contact with his hot body, she accidentally dropped the plug.

“Oh dear, how clumsy of me,” she said, as she once again bent forward to pick it up, this time rubbing her bottom slightly back and forth against his cock.

While still struggling with the fixture, he thought, ‘Clumsy my ass, I have a plug for her!’

Suddenly the fixture turned and cold water poured out the faucet, soaking both of them.

Sucking in their breath from the shock they quickly stood up, water pouring off their soaked hair, down their face, the upper half of their bodies drenched.

Wiping the water off his face and chest he said, “Miss Jones, I’m so sorry. All of a sudden the fixture gave way.”

“Mr. Colby, I told you it was temperamental!.”

While wringing the water out of her hair, she looked at him, and he at her at the same time, and they burst out laughing, laughing so hard they could barely breathe.

Bending over with laughter, she reached out to him for balance and he gathered her into his arms. Her nipples, hard from the cold water, pressed into his chest and he realized that she was not wearing a bra. He stopped laughing. Bending his head he began lightly kissing the side of her neck from ear to collar bone and back.

She stopped laughing. Ripples of pleasure coursed through her body as she turned her head first one way then the other giving him access to both sides. It was the neck kissing again, the one thing she could not resist. Moaning slightly, eyes closed, still turning her head from side to side and feeling her knees weaken, she whispered.

“Mr. Colby, we can’t do this.”

Softly placing butterfly kisses on her neck under her chin and working his way down to the crest of her breasts, he replied, “We can’t do what, Miss Jones?”

“What we’re doing,” she sighed.

He placed his hands on either side of her face and looking into her eyes said, “Can we do this?”

He kissed her with such tenderness she thought she might faint. Blood drained from her head and wetness gathered between her legs.

He broke the kiss and looked at her beautiful upturned face. Her eyes were closed and her face said….more! Gathering her into his arms, he pulled her close to himself, pressing her wet breasts to his chest and kissed her with such passion that it took her breath away and his.

They parted, both out of breath. She leaned against the wall for support, his body inches from hers. She averted his eyes and looked to the floor, hoping to clear her mind. She saw his pajama bottoms fall to the floor and watched as he stepped out of them and kicked them aside. Slowly her eyes drifted up taking in all of his substantial masculinity.

His cock was hard and standing at attention, beckoning her, taunting her. She couldn’t take her eyes türbanlı escort off it. In the space of a few seconds she recalled their passion of the night before, remembering how he filled her, remembering what he tasted like, remembering how he had taken her to another world while fucking her.

He didn’t say a word. He didn’t need to, her body was telling him what he wanted to know. Her nipples grew ridged and strained against her wet uniform top, and her heavy breathing made her ample breasts heave. Her tongue absentmindedly licked her lips. She wanted him and he knew it. He locked the bathroom door.

“Mr. Colby, what are you doing?”

“I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do, Miss Jones.”

Taking a step closer to her, he reached out with his forefingers and flicked each hard nipple back and forth and up and down. He looked into her eyes and saw desire. Lowering his head he took first one and then the other nipple into his mouth and suckled.

The combination of her cold wet uniform top and his warm mouth took her breath away and she whimpered. His big hands fondled her breasts as he suckled and she was very much aware of how wet she was. She reached out and pulled his head closer to her breasts, pressing them into his face and holding him there. He pulled away and placing his hands on the wall at each side of her head, leaned forward kissing her passionately. His cock pressed hard against her belly, balls aching.

“Miss Jones, will you let me make love to you?”

She answered by putting her arms around him, caressing his bare back and meeting each passionate kiss with her own, tongues probing, searching. She caught his tongue and began sucking it as his tongue entered and retreated time after time in mock fucking. She didn’t know how he managed to unbutton her top but suddenly it slipped to the floor and his hands were removing her slacks. She stepped out of them, their mouths never parting.

His hand wandered down her side and over the curve of her hips, to the inside of her thigh and settled between her legs, his finger finding her slit and feeling her wetness before plunging into her pussy. He caught her moans in his mouth as he finger fucked her, her hips moving in rhythm, her juices were running down his finger.

He moved his finger to her clit and made love to it, moving his finger in soft circles, driving her insane. Slowly he replaced his finger with his cock, guiding it with one hand, using the head to manipulate her hard nub. He was so hard he hurt!

“Mr. Colby! Mr. Colby! Please don’t stop! Please! That feels so good!

Her fingers curled into his back and her toes gripped the hard floor, her mouth was open and her head turned from side to side. She heard herself whimper and moan louder and louder as her orgasm approached. She didn’t care who heard her, didn’t care what the rest of the world was doing, she only cared about the delicious sensations his cock was giving her clit.

He covered her mouth with his as her orgasm shook her body. She screamed into his mouth with each spasm and nails dug into his back. He held her close, his cock still in her slit resting against her clit. Each time he moved his hips forward his cock grazed her clit and she had another spasm. She lay against him, still catching her breath.

“Oh, Mr. Colby, that was wonderful!”

“Miss Jones, I have to fuck you. I have to fuck you right now!

“Yes! Yes!”

He separated her legs with his feet, squatted slightly and plunged into her depths with one powerful upward thrust. With his arms around her and using his body, he held her against the wall, her feet off the floor, fucking her, fucking her hard! He grunted with each hard long thrust into her hot wet pussy.

She felt his hard cock rubbing her G Spot as he withdrew and felt it hit her cervix with each thrust, her second orgasm building.

“Oh God, this feels so fucking good,” she said.. “So fucking good!!”

“Oh yeah, Miss Jones! Yeah! You’re so fucking tight and so fucking wet! You like this, Miss Jones? Huh? You like the feel of this big hard cock fucking your tight pussy?”

“Yes! Yes! Oh God, yes! I’m going to come again!!

“So am I. So am I! Are you ready to feel me fill your pussy with my hot come?”

“Yes, God yes! Please don’t stop! Don’t!

“Here it is, Miss Jones!”

He thrust into her hard and still holding her against the wall, his orgasm shot spurt after spurt of hot come into her pussy. He felt her orgasm overtake her and each wave caused her inner muscles to grab his cock and milk him until he was milked dry. He lowered her to the floor supporting her with his arms wrapped around her. She buried her face in his chest and he gently lay his head on top of hers until they both recovered, his still semi hard cock slipping out of her.

They had forgotten about the water in the shower. It had turned from cold to semi-hot, having been set at a certain temperature to bathe. The room was full tüyap escort of steam and droplets were running off their skin.

He lowered his head and licked droplets off her breasts and nipples. She moaned and his cock came to life. He kissed her sweetly and said, “Shower with me, Miss Jones?’

“Yes, Mr. Colby.”

The water was very warm on their skin. He took the soap in his hand and brought it to a thick lather before asking, “May I Miss Jones?”

“Certainly, Mr. Colby.”

She stood facing him and loved the feel of his slippery hands soaping her body, especially when he came to her breasts, and lingered there, clearly enjoying the feel of her luscious breasts slipping through his hands. He continued down, applying rich lather to her stomach and reaching around, to her back and bottom and stooping to wash her legs and feet.

“Didn’t you forget something. Mr. Colby?”

“No, Miss Jones, I’ve saved the best for last.”

Taking the detachable showerhead down, he rinsed the soap off her body, then aimed the warm water between her legs, making sure she was wet there. He hung the showerhead back up and taking the bar of soap in his hand, worked up a nice lather before washing the outside of her pussy, being careful not to get irritating soap inside her slit. She had a beautiful patch of black hair that grabbed the lather.

He gently washed her, cupping her pussy in his hand then applying soap to her ass crack, feeling how soft her sparse hair was there, letting his finger linger on her anus, probing long enough to hear her sigh. Once again taking the shower head from it’s holder, he aimed the mist at her pussy and ass, rinsing off the soap. When finished he turned the shower head to ‘pulsating’ and opening her nether lips, aimed it at her clit.

The warm water hitting her there was erotic! She spread her legs wide to get the full impact. Suddenly he hung the shower head up and asked her to turn sideways and put one foot on the edge at the back of the tub. He sat on the long edge of the tub at just the right height for him to feast and feast he did!

His tongue found and explored every crevice, tracing her inner lips and nibbling her outer lips before flicking her clit. He heard her suck in a breath and felt her legs wobble when he plunged his tongue inside her pussy, tongue fucking her. He removed his tongue and licked her from anus to clit before sucking it. He sucked hard! He sucked fast!

Her hands guided his head and held him there until she reached a climax, her moans muffled by the sound of water flowing from the shower head. When she had recovered he stood and held her in his arms, kissing her, letting her taste herself on his lips, while she held his rock hard cock in her hand.

“Mr. Colby, I believe it’s time for me to wash you.”

“Yes Ma’am, I believe you’re right.”

He was wet from the shower spray and it didn’t take long for her to work up a lather and soap him from head to toes, leaving his penis and ass for last. Taking the shower head down she rinsed him completely, allowing the soft spray to linger on his balls before hanging it up.

His cock was throbbing from the way her soft soapy hands had washed it, pulling from root to tip hand over hand, and how gentle she was when soaping his balls. The rinse water sent tingles up his spine.

She held his cock while sitting on the edge of the tub, like he had done. He saw the smile on her lips as she kissed the head and ran her tongue around it over and over again, before licking up one side and down the other, until he had felt her warm tongue cover every inch.

“Miss Jones, your killing me! Please suck me! Please! Now!

His cock felt hot in her mouth from the water, she sucked the wetness off him as he moaned his pleasure.

When she sucked, he could feel his cock squeeze between her tongue and the roof of her mouth. ‘Pure heaven,’ he thought.

‘Oh, Miss Jones, oh yes!” Suddenly his cock was at the back of her throat, her lips against his pubic hair. She had taken all of him. Holding her head in that position he fucked her throat, the head being squeezed tightly.

Reaching between his legs, her finger plunged into his anus and she fucked him with it, while he continued fucking her throat, her other hand holding his balls. His legs stiffened and his balls were tight against his body.

“God, I’m going to come!

She swallowed spurt after spurt of his hot come as it flooded her throat. He released her head from his hands and she pulled back slightly to suck and lick him dry.

“Miss Jones! Where did you learn to do that?! Come here woman.”

She rose from her seated position on the edge of the tub and went into his outstretched arms. They stood in the tub caressing and planting tender kisses on each other under the spray of the still warm shower.

“Mr. Colby, I really must go now. I’ve been here too long and people will start to ask questions.”

“I understand, but what about your wet uniform clothes laying in a heap on the floor” You can’t finish your shift like that, they’re soaked.”

“I keep a spare uniform in my locker and the locker room is right across the hall from your room. I’ll put the wet uniform on and make a dash for for it.”

He watched as she struggled to put the wet uniform on her luscious body. When she finished, she opened the bathroom door to leave.

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