Mrs. Curts

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Big Tits

****This is a story about my fantasies with my algebra teacher, her name has been changed for obvious reasons, if you’re the real Mrs. Curts I hope you enjoy the story****

During my time in high school I learned a lot. I wasn’t a nerd, but I was a jock either. I had my fair share of girls, but one girl I couldn’t get enough of her. Her name was Mrs. Curts she was my algebra teacher in 9th grade. I had gone through four years dreaming of her. During my senior year she was still hot. She was about 5′ 7″ maybe shorter, had brown hair, and about a B cup. Her ass was big just the way I liked it. She had three kids so she was looking pretty good for three kids (twin girls and a boy).

I just turned 18 and it was my senior year. I often jerked off thinking about Mrs. Curts. My dick was pretty big, during my freshman year I figure it was about 7 inches long, and 2 inches wide. During my senior year I was about 10 inches long, and 3 and a half inches wide. I was about 5′ 8″ had black

I decided to bull shit my way through my senior year. So I took the minimum and as many classes with Mrs. Curts as I could. About half of my day was with her all after lunch. I was lucky enough to get in a AP class with her, and fortunately I was the only one! I slept most of my way through the day checking out the girls. After lunch I rushed my way to her room. When I got there she greeted me…

“Hi Dave”

“Hey Mrs. Curts, how was your summer?”

“Horrible! I got divorced!”

“Oh I can’t believe that!” I replied, but in my mind I cheered!

“Well maybe after school we could talk about it”

“Maybe” she replied.

A few more people came in I sat in the second row so I had a pretty good view. The person in front of me was pretty short too. Whenever she went to write on the board I stared at her big ass. I started to get a hard on. When she looked back to teach the class I swear she saw my hard on (who could miss my 10 inches?), I was sort of embarrassed. The next class was a bit bigger but no one sat in front of me, yes! She set her notebook of the class roster on the desk in front of me. She bent over to read the names off. Her dress top was very low cut, and I had the best view! I slowly looked down her blouse. I realized she wasn’t wearing a bra! My dick immediately shot up. I could see her soft boobs, and her hard nipples. I was wondering why they were so hard it was the beginning of the school year and was pretty hot. Maybe she was thinking about my hard on.

“DAVE!” Mrs. Curts raised her voice.

“Uh, huh?” acıbadem escort I didn’t know what was going on, did she see me staring at her tits?

“I called your name five times and you never answered!”

“Oh sorry” Whew relief blew over me.

The class finished up and finally the last period of the day. When it was just her and I.

“So Dave do you mind if we take a little break?”

“No not at all Mrs. Curts I’ve been working very hard these last couple of periods.”

“The hell you were Dave, I’ve been watching you getting hard ons and staring down my blouse. I know you want me Dave just admit it!”

I was very surprised at what was going on! I knew she might have seen me, but I never thought she’d say anything.

“Mrs. Curts calm down” I replied, as she sat down in her chair. I started to rub her shoulders…

“Mmm, that feels good Dave, keep going.” I continued to rub her shoulders, she moaned softly as I did this. I started to unbutton her blouse. I unbuttoned it and opened it up. Her tits were rock hard, I rubbed around her tits saving them. I noticed she had her hand under her skirt. I started to rub her nipples and pinch them. She squealed in delight. I turned the chair around and kneeled down. I circled her left tit with my tongue, she was moaning. I sucked on her left tits and kneaded her other with my right.

“Uhhhhhh, Dave eat me out!”

“And if I do what will I get?”

“Anything Dave Anything, mmmm” She managed to get that much out. So I hiked up her skirt to her waist, and pulled her soaked panties to her ankles. I started to kiss the insides of her legs they were starting to get a little chunky but still firm. I kissed her pussy and licked the outside.

“UGHHH YEAH DAVE!! GO INSIDE OF ME!!” She was screaming all ready and I barely did anything to her. She must haven’t gotten any sex for a long time since she did get divorced. I stuck my tongue inside of her and she squirmed she was pinching her tits and kneading her boobs the whole time.

“AHHH YEAH DAVE!! I’M GOING TO CUM!!” She screamed, I was a bit worried someone might hear us and walk in on us, but I continued.

“Mrs. Curts your pussy taste so good you whore, mmm I hope your girls taste this good!” I started talking dirty to her.

“AHHHHH FUCK I’M CUUUUUMMMINGGGG!! UUHHHHH!! DAAAAVE!!” Her cum squirted into my face I tried to suck up as much juices as I could

“MMM you taste so good Mrs. Curts” You could tell she was in complete pleasure, akbatı escort just by the expression on her face.

“Dave, *gasp* that was so good.” She was heaving her chest was going up and down. By this time my dick was so fucking hard.

“Dave I want you to get me up the ass!” As she spoke she started to take off my pants, when she took off my boxers my dick sprang up, “WHOA! It’s huge Dave! It’s got to be at least twice as big as my ex!” With that I cleared her desk and ordered her to get on top of it on her hands and knees. She obeyed without a word. I rubbed my dick around her ass, I gave her ass hole a few licks so she wouldn’t feel too much pain, but with her tiny ass and my huge did it wouldn’t help.

“Dave I’ve never had it in my ass my husband refused, he said it was dirty.”

“Well your in for quite a treat then.” I replied. I slowly shoved my dick into her ass.


“Heh, you little bitch you asked for it.” She started to plead with me.

“DAVE I CAN’T TAKE IT!! AHHHH!!” I managed to get it all 8 inches in. I started to pump hard, rubbing her ass in the process. I started to spank her big round ass.






“AHHHH!!” Mrs. Curts collapsed on her desk she was heaving trying to breathe. I chuckled.

“Heh couldn’t handle it?”

“*GASP* DAVE THAT WAS SO GOOD, but you didn’t shoot your load, I wanted it in my ass!”

“I was saving it, I want you to suck my dick you little bitch.” At that moment we noticed Mrs. Murfie in the corner of the room moaning with her shirt half unbuttoned with her hand on her boob, and one in her panties. “Mrs. Murfie!” Mrs. Curts and I were very surprised.

“Hey you two ’bout time you noticed me. I was walking by to leave, the bell rang, and I heard someone screaming I thought Mrs. Curts was in trouble but apparently she was having trouble in her ass!” Mrs. Murfie walked over to us, “You two got me so hot I had to fuck myself.” Now this was a dream to me! Two married teachers naked and I was going to fuck them both! She removed the rest of her clothes, she was the same height as me, her boobs were maybe a C cup with a thin waist and small ass. I removed my dick from Mrs. Curts’s ass I’m sure she was relieved. aksaray escort Mrs. Murfie climbed on top of the desk with Mrs. Curts she moved around and I laid on my back. They kneeled in front of me and started sucking me off!

“Ahhhh yeah you little bitches are good at sucking dicks you bitches.” It felt so good two women sucking and licking me at the same time. I was going to cum very soon. I got up on my knees.

“Mrs. Murfie I’m going to cum on your tits and Mrs. Curts your going to suck the cum off!” They both obeyed and got ready. Mrs Murfie started to jerk my cock with both hands.

“AHHH SHIT I’M CUMMING!!” I shot my load all over Mrs. Murfie’s tits and some onto her face. Mrs. Curts started to lick them and Mrs. Murfie started moaning.

“Ohhh yeah Mrs. Curts your such a dyke suck me off bitch!” Mrs. Murfie screamed. I got behind Mrs. Curts and started eating her ass. She finished off her tits and started lick off her face.

“Now that you dykes are done, I want you to rub your pussies together until you cum!” Of course they obeyed my commands and they started humping each other.

“OHHHH YEAHHH MRS. MURFIE!! YOUR PUSSY IS SO SOFT!!” I’M CUMMING!!” “MRS. CURTS YOU’RE SO HAIRY I LOVE IT!! AHHHH I’M CUMMING TOOO!!” I didn’t think it’d be that quick before they came. They squirted their juices all over each other, and collapsed on top of each other kissing and sucking each other.

“I’m drained Dave, I don’t think I can take anymore.” Mrs. Curts could barely talk.

“I’m pretty drained too Dave, I think I’ve had my share of sex today.” Mrs. Murfie was trying to weasel her way out of a little pain.

“Heh you little bitch Mrs. Murfie trying to get out of my huge dick fucking your pussy?” She smiled

“Well give it to me then.” She laid on her back and I mounted her. Mrs. Curts saw this opportunity and got on top of her face. I shoved my dick in as fast and hard as I could, I wanted Mrs. Murfie feel some pain.

“AHHHH DAMNIT DAVE!! IT’S HUGE!! AHHHH I’M CUMMING!!” WOW! I was so surprised she must have not gotten enough from her husband. She came! I decided to keep fucking her. Mrs Curts was moaning and playing with Mrs. Murfie’s tits. She all ready came all over her face. Mrs. Murfie screamed while she came 3 more times!!

“AHHHH DAVE!! SHOOT YOUR HOT LOAD INTO MY PUSSY!!” I couldn’t hold it any longer my dick was soaked in her pussy juices.

“I’M CUMMING!!” I shot my entire load into her pussy

“YESSS YESSSSSSS!! FUCK ME!!” Mrs. Murfie screamed. She finished Mrs. Curts off again and we managed to lick most of the cum off each other. We got dressed and said our goodbyes, and waited for next time.

****** Tell me what you thought of my story =) and if you girls who liked it want to be a little descriptive of what you did during the story I’d appreciate it, please e-mail me with your comments, or suggestions.******

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