Mrs. Williams Ch. 01

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Kate woke up later than she normally would have. It was already after 11:00 a.m. but she deserved it. She had been working so hard in school lately and needed the rest, so she welcomed the chance of sleeping in on Saturday. She stayed in be a few more minutes and remembered had lots of homework to do and got of bed.

Walking towards the window, she pulled up the blinds to let in the late morning sun. She basked in the warm sun for a minute and then wandered into the bathroom to wash up. While washing her face, Kate heard her cell phone ringing and rushed back into her room to answer it. Just making it in time before the final ring was over she answered,


“Kate, are you there?” asked the voice of an older woman. Kate was surprised to hear the voice of an older woman on the other line. The number of the incoming call was from her friend, Jane’s, phone number.

“Yeah, I’m here…” Kate said in a sounding somewhat confused.

“Good, it was taking so long for you to answer; I thought maybe you were away,” the older voice said.

“Jane is that you,” Kate asked and the older voice responded,

“Oh no, how silly of me Kate, this is Mrs. Williams, Jane’s mother.”

“Hi, Mrs. Williams, is everything okay?” Kate asked.

“Yes, yes everything is just fine, Kate. It’s just I’m feeling a little under the weather today and Jane is spending the weekend with her father. I was wondering if you wanted to earn some extra money by helping out with some of my house work.”

“I would be happy to help you out, Mrs. Williams” said Kate. “When would you like me to come over?”

“I was planning on taking a quick nap before you got here, so in an hour, is that okay?” Mrs. Williams asked.

“An hour is perfect,” Kate said.

“Good. I’ll see you in an hour, Kate. Goodbye.”

“Bye Mrs. Williams.”

Kate was excited by thought of spending the afternoon at Mrs. Williams’ house. Kate and Jane had been friends since middle school and Kate had always thought that Jane’s mother was a very attractive woman, but she never dared to tell anyone this.

She continued with washing up and then took off her pajama pants and the t-shirt she slept in the night before. She stood, naked, in her bedroom admiring herself in the mirror. 18 years-old, she was tall, long legs that we well toned from playing basket ball, and had small perky breasts. Her light brown hair feel to just past her shoulders, and her skin was tanned but not too dark. She slipped on her favorite underwear, a small black thong, and put on a pair of jeans over it, she also chose to wear a tight fitting t-shirt.

The hour past and Kate arrived at Mrs. William’s house. She rang the doorbell. When Mrs. Williams heard the doorbell ring, she was in her bedroom. She quickly looked in the mirror and ran her fingers through her long dark hair one last time and smoothed out her light blue bathrobe, and then made her way downstairs to answer the door.

“Hi, Kate,” Mrs. Williams smiled “Thanks for helping me out today.”

“It’s really no problem at all, Mrs. Williams, happy to help you out,” Kate said. Kate too a second to admire Mrs. Williams in her bathrobe, even though she wasn’t feeling well, Kate still thought that Mrs. Williams looked wonderful.

“Well why don’t you come inside,” Mrs. Williams asked, stepping aside as Kate walked into the foyer of her house. Mrs. Williams closed and locked her front door and walked in front into the kitchen ahead of Kate, her hips swaying slightly.

“Would you like something to drink,” Mrs. Williams asked.

“Yes, that would be great. Water, tea, whatever you have,” replied Kate. Mrs. Williams smiled as she took too glassed from the cupboard and removed a pitcher of water from the refrigerator. Kate watched as Mrs. Williams put ice cubes into the glasses and filled them with water.

“Here you go” and as Mrs. Williams hander the glass of water to Kate their fingers touched. This excited Kate and she let her fingers linger near Mrs. Williams for a few seconds longer. The two of them sat down and Mrs. Williams asked,

“So, how have you been?” and Kate took a sip of water before saying,

“I’ve been alright, just very busy with school,” and took another sip.

“Yes, I know what you mean. Jane has been working her behind off” and as Mrs. Williams said this, she crossed her legs, her robe parting so that some of her thigh was showing. Kate looked down at Mrs. Williams exposed thigh, and once she realized what she was doing she said,

“Yes, I haven’t been able to hang out with Jane in so long, and don’t even remember the last time I saw you.” Mrs. Williams smirked a little; she knew full well where Kate’s eyes were and that she was looking at her thigh. Kate sighed and stood up in a hurry,

“So what do you need me to do for you today,” Kate asked.

“First I want the hallway, living room, and my bedroom vacuumed, and then I want you to clean the bathroom,” Mrs. Williams said.

“I can do that, sure.” Kate said. And casino oyna Mrs. Williams started to head out of the kitchen. When she reached the door she turned her head and asked,

“So, what did you think?” Kate froze in place and a lump formed in her throat which she tried to swallow. She calmly asked,

“What did I think about what?” Mrs. Williams stopped and turned to face Kate and said,

“My thigh silly, I saw you looking at it!” Kate stood there, paralyzed by her nervousness she fidgeted for a second and said,

“What I saw looked lovely” she sighed and waited almost another minute in silence before continuing,

“Mrs. Williams, I’ve always thought that you are very pretty.” Mrs. Williams smiled and placed her hands on her hips, her eyes traveling up and down Kate’s body and then she said,

“Would you like to see more, honey?” Kate couldn’t believe what she just heard and she quietly let out,

“Yes, I would love that.”

“First I have a few questions for you, Kate. Are you a virgin? Kate blushed at the question and nodded her head saying,

“Yes. I don’t like boys and I’ve always been too nervous to tell other girls that I am attracted to them.” Mrs. Williams smiled and moved closer to Kate,

“You see Kate, I like girls too, especially younger girls. I have wanted to get to know you better for a while.” Kate’s heart started pounding inside of her chest, her face filling with color, she couldn’t believe this.

“Mrs. Williams, really? I had no idea!” Kate said with an excited tone in her voice. Mrs. Williams smiled and said,

“I have one more question for you, what do you like on a girl’s body?”

“Well, Mrs. Williams, I really like breasts. I’m always sneaking looks during gym class and when my friends aren’t looking.” Mrs. Williams laughed and said,

“And thighs, too it seems,” and pushed one leg forward, parting her robe and exposing her thigh to Kate for the second time that afternoon.

“Yes, Mrs. Williams, I like thighs too,” Kate said.

“I’m glad to hear that,” Mrs. Williams said and then she paused, “If you ask me nicely, you can touch it if you want to.”

“Mrs. Williams, may I touch your thigh, please?” Kate asked and Mrs. Williams smiled and nodded,

“Of course, Kate.” Kate moved in closer to Mrs. Williams and lowered her hand to her thigh, running her fingers up Mrs. Williams’ thigh and back down again. Mrs. Williams smiled and hummed softly in appreciation of Kate’s touch.

“Mrs. Williams, will you let me touch some more of you, please?” Kate asked.

“I might, I just might let you,” Mrs. Williams said tilting her head to the side and then asking,

“What do you have on under your pants today?” Kate blushed again at Mrs. Williams and said quietly,

“I’m just wearing a little black thong” and Mrs. Williams arched her eyebrows,

“Just a thong? I want to see your thong, Kate, take your pants off. So Kate loosened her belt, unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and let them fall to the floor, her black thong exposed to Mrs. Williams.

“Turn around slowly, Kate, I want to see more of you,” Mrs. Williams said taking a commanding tone.

“Yes, Mrs. Williams,” Kate said and slowly turned around. As Kate turned, Mrs. Williams reached out and stoked Kate’s young ass. Feeling this, Kate arched her back and took a deep breath and asked,

“Mrs. Williams, do you like what you see?” Mrs. Williams removed her hand and her voice became stern as she said,

“I’m the one asking the questions here, Kate, remember that!” but her voice softened again as she said,

“Though, it is just as soft and smooth as I imagined it would be. Now why don’t you turn around again and take off your shirt, I want to see your breasts.” Kate turned around and lifted her tight red t-shirt over her head and dropped it to the ground, her nipples perking up as the cool air hit her breasts. Mrs. Williams reached out with her hand and then hesitated, looking at Kate she said,

“Would you like me to touch your tits, Kate?”

“Oh yes, Mrs. Williams, please touch them” Kate said. Mrs. Williams smiled and stretched out, her fingers running over Kate’s soft warm flesh, tracing a line around her areola, and asked,

“Do you like this, Kate?” Kate smiled and said,

“I like it very much, Mrs. Williams,” her nipples hardening under the older woman’s mature, experienced touch. Mrs. Williams’ fingers spiraled inwards, finally rubbing over Kate’s nipple, taking it between her fingers, gently rolling it between her digits. Kate sighed as Mrs. Williams continued playing with the young girl’s tits and felt a wetness forming in her thong from all of the excitement she was experiencing. Mrs. Williams pulled on Kate’s nipple, watching her. Kate bit down on her own lip and leaned into Mrs. Williams. Mrs. Williams let go of Kate’s nipple and smiled,

“I want you to remove my robe, Kate.”

“Yes, Mrs. Williams” Kate said as she untied Mrs. Williams robe and pulled it to each side, peeled it off of her shoulders, canlı casino and watched it fall to the ground. Mrs. Williams stood there, naked, one leg pushed slightly forward, slightly bent as she raised her arms, running her fingers through her hair, watching Kate. A small wet spot was visible on her thigh, near her crotch. Mrs. Williams said,

“Kate, I want you to kneel down, kiss each of my feet, then stand up again, kiss each of my breasts, each nipple.”

“Yes, Mrs. Williams,” Kate said as she knelt down in front of Mrs. Williams and kissed both of your feet. Standing back up she look up the older woman and then lowered herself to Mrs. Williams’ breasts kissing one then the other. Finally Kate kissed both of Mrs. Williams’ nipples. Mrs. Williams smiled,

“Good girl,” she muttered before placing a finger under Kate’s chin and tilting her head back, bending down to kiss her young lips softly.

Mrs. Williams parted Kate’s lips slightly and her tongue reached out to glide over Kate’s lips. Mrs. Williams cupped Kate’s face in her hands, letting her tongue slip in between the girl’s lips, and running along her tongue. Now with the two lady’s lips locked together, Mrs. Williams tongue slide in further exploring Kate’s mouth, her hands holding Kate close to her. Kate started to moan in pleasure and Mrs. Williams smiled and stood up, she looked into Kate’s eyes and saw the desire burning in them.

“If you want to touch me you may ask my permission to do so now, Kate.” Mrs. Williams said. Kate smiled,

“Mrs. Williams, please let me touch you?” and Mrs. Williams asked,

“What would you like to touch, Kate?”

“Everything Mrs. Williams, your breasts, your legs, your ass,” Kate stopped and lowered her voice to a whisper,

“In between your legs.”

“Choose one thing, Kate!” Mrs. Williams ordered the eager girl.

“I’m sorry Mrs. Williams,” Kate apologized, “May I touch your breasts?”

“Yes, you may,” Mrs. Williams smiled and placed her hands on her hips, pushing her chest forward. Kate leaned in and cupped the breasts of her friend’s mother in both of her hands. She squeezed them gently and then rubbed her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. Mrs. Williams groaned softly, closed her eyes and licked her lips. Kate squeezed her breasts harder and looked up,

“Mrs. Williams, may I lick your breasts,” Kate asked. Mrs. Williams nodded slowly and moaned,

“Yessss, oh, yessss.” Kate smiled and lowered her mouth to Mrs. Williams’ breasts. She licked small circles around her nipple and rubbed the other, both getting very hard. Kate began licking harder than before when all of a sudden, Mrs. Williams said,

“Stop.” Kate stopped and looked up wondering why Mrs. Williams asked her to stop. Mrs. Williams smiled and said,

“Good girl. You seem to be good at following commands and taking orders, I like that in a girl!” Kate smiled shyly and said,

“What would you like me to do next?”

“Kate, I would like you to tell me how you cunt feels right now,” Mrs. Williams said.

“Mrs. Williams, my cunt is so hot and wet.” Mrs. Williams smiled and reached out, running a finger over the fabric Kate’s thong. Kate moaned softly and ground herself into Mrs. Williams’ fingers. Mrs. Williams felt the damp fabric of Kate’s thong, her hot cunt.

“You really are hot and wet,” Mrs. Williams said removing her hand from beneath Kate’s cunt. Kate looked up at Mrs. Williams and asked,

“Mrs. Williams, will you let me take off my thong?”

“‘Will you please let me take my thong off,” Mrs. Williams corrected Kate, “I like polite young girls, do you understand?”

“I’m so sorry Mrs. Williams; will you please let me take off my thong?” and Mrs. Williams replied,

“Go into the bedroom, take the thong off, and lie down on the bed. I will be along shortly!”

Kate walked into the bedroom and removed her thong, then shed laid down on the bed and waited for her older lover. Her heart was beating crazily thinking that her wildest sexual fantasy, the one she had for so many years was about to come true.

Mrs. Williams entered the room a moment later, looking at Kate, lying naked on the bed; she placed a fresh glass of ice water on the bedside table.

“I want you to raise your legs, and grab hold of your knees; open your legs wide so that I can see your cunt,” Mrs. Williams said.

“Yes, Mrs. Williams,” Kate said as she I lifted her legs, bending them at the knee and holding them in place, spreading them wide exposing her wet cunt to Mrs. Williams. Mrs. Williams let her fingers glide over Kate’s wet cunt, exploring the outer edges of her labia, a finger running through her landing strip.

“Oooh, Mrs. Williams,” Kate moaned out as the older woman probed her wet cunt. Mrs. Williams ran a finger up between Kate’s cuntlips, her nail flicking over her clit. She ran her finger in between Kate’s cuntlips again; she gathered some of her juices, and brought the finger to her mouth, licking it, tasting Kate. Mrs. Williams moved kaçak casino her finger to Kate’s mouth,

“Clean it Kate,” Mrs. Williams demanded.

“Gladly Mrs. Williams,” Kate said and greedily took Mrs. William’s finger into her mouth, licking off all of her juices. Mrs. Williams walked around the bed laid down on the other side, next to Kate, and spread her legs spread wide open.

“Kate, you will kneel down between my legs, and kiss my cunt, and then you will make me cum, using either your fingers or your mouth,” Mrs. Williams ordered Kate.

“Yes, oh yes Mrs. Williams,” Kate replied and moved to the other end of the bed and knelt between Mrs. Williams legs, looking down at her cunt, its wetness making it gleam. She leaned forward and kissed it. Then she rubbed a finger over her outer cunt lips feeling how wet Mrs. Williams was. Mrs. Williams’ clit was poking out Kate who leaned forward and began to lick it

Mrs. Williams laid back, relaxed and enjoying Kate’s tongue running over her clit, and how it was making her feel; her cunt aching for Kate’s touch. Kate looked up and smiled as she noticed Mrs. Williams enjoying her. Then she ran a finger down Mrs. Williams’ wet cunt, and slipped a finger into it and began thrusting it in and out of her, all the while still licking on and around your clit. Mrs. Williams lifted her knees up, parting them more, opening herself fully to Kate and started to breathe heavily. Kate continued fucking Mrs. Williams’ cunt with her finger, she added another, and another, pumping in and out of her, and she used her other hand to lightly squeeze Mrs. Williams’ clit between her fingers.

“Ahhh,” Mrs. Williams gasped at the feeling of her cunt being stretched out by the young girl’s fingers. Kate let a fourth finger slip into Mrs. Williams. Slowly she pushed them in and pulled them out, over and over again. After she slowly pulled out again she slammed back into Mrs. Williams and lowered her head and began to lick her clit again harder than before. Mrs. Williams grabbed Kate’s hair, and pressed her tightly against my cunt as she felt her orgasm starting to build. Kate pulled her fingers out of Mrs. Williams and grabbed onto her hips holding them in place and she burry her head in the wet cunt in front of her. She began to devour it, licking it up and down, over and over again. She stopped and rolled Mrs. William’s swollen clit in between her fingers and then bit it lightly before taking the whole thing into her mouth.

“OH GOD YES!” Mrs. Williams screamed and ground Kate’s face against her cunt as she climaxed, smearing her juices out over Kate’s young face as her body shivered and her breathing hard and ragged, each of her hands firmly gripping a handful of hair of Kate’s hair. Kate cried out a little as Mrs. Williams pulled her hair, but didn’t lose the grip on her hips. As the juices flowed out onto her face, she licked up as much of it as she could. Mrs. Williams closed her thighs around Kate’s head, holding her in place as she sunk back into the bed, sighing happily,

“Mmmmmm, good girl!” Kate took one last long lick of Mrs. William’s cunt and caught her breath,

“Thank you, Mrs. Williams.” Mrs. Williams let go of Kate’s hair and spread her thighs, releasing her. Kate sat up and tried to straighten herself out and said,

“Mrs. Williams, can I kiss you again?” Mrs. Williams looked at her lazily, and nodded,

“Straddle my thigh, Kate,” Mrs. Williams said. Kate moved up and straddled Mrs. Williams’ thigh, her wet cunt slipping on it a little bit. She leaned down and kissed you deeply, her juices still fresh on Kate’s tongue and lips. Mrs. Williams pressed her thigh up against Kate’s crotch, and her fingers ran through her hair as she kissed Kate back.

Kate started grinding her cunt a little harder onto Mrs. William’s thigh, while Mrs. Williams stroked Kate’s back. Kate straightened up again and looked down at Mrs. Williams and said,

“Mrs. Williams, will you please make me cum?” Mrs. Williams smirked, a wicked gleam in my eye,

“You will have to beg harder for me to do that, Kate,” Mrs. Williams said.

“Mrs. Williams, please I need to, I’ll do anything you want me too. Please make me cum,” Kate said.

“Anything, Kate” Mrs. Williams asked curiously.

“Yes, Mrs. Williams, I’ll do anything you want me to do,” Kate said frantically. Mrs. Williams sat up, kneeling in front of Kate. With one hand behind Kate’s head, Mrs. Williams pulled her to her breast as the other slipped in between Kate’s legs, cupping her cunt. Kate raised her hand to Mrs. Williams and began to message her breast.

“No hands Kate! Put them behind your back, I only want to feel your lips on my nipple,” Mrs. Williams scolded Kate as her fingers stroked Kate’s cunt slowly, pressing up in between her labia.

“Mrs. Williams, I’m sorry,” Kate apologized and lowered her head to her nipple and began suckling on it like a baby would do, and pressed her cunt onto Mrs. William’s fingers, juices dripping everywhere. Mrs. Williams rubbed Kate’s soaked cunt harder and looked up at her, deviously saying,

“I want to slip my fingers inside of you, but at the same time I want to keep you intact, and take your cherry the next time we meet.”

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