Museum Romance Gets Hairy!

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Having completed his studies, Jay started his new job in the local museum, where he would be employed in the zoology department. He was introduced to his new colleague, Rita, whom he would be working closely with on cataloguing some of the vertebrate collections.

Jay was pleased that Rita was pretty easy-going with a good sense of humour. She was probably about five years his senior, medium height and slightly curvy-not skinny for sure but not fat either. She had very pleasing large brown eyes that exuded warmth and framed above by a pair of strong eyebrows that were well separated. Her hair was a mop of unruly dark brown curls cascading onto her shoulders.

As an academic she certainly wasn’t one for dressing-up; normally having on sweat shirts and jeans or leggings with a skirt. Jay was also happy he didn’t have to don a suit so was happy with informal attire.

For the first week they worked together they were looking at some of the museum’s rodent collection, looking at skulls and skins, making various measurements.

Over the next couple of weeks Jay felt he was getting quite close to Rita but wasn’t sure how she felt about him? Yes, they got on like the proverbial house on fire, but was it to be just a great working relationship or possibly something more amorous? He was beginning to hope for the latter but unsure as to whether she had a special “other” in her life.

Rita certainly made plenty of eye contact with Jay and certainly liked him a lot.

Other than Rita’s dreamy brown eyes the other physical trait that Jay had not failed to notice was Rita’s arms. Though she usually had on baggy tops the sleeves were inevitably rolled up. She had lovely long slender fingers but her arms were very hairy. Just behind her wrists the hairs started, initially fine, but a little further up the arm, dark brown hairs were long and silky and coating her skin. It’s not something that Jay had ever really thought much about previously, but seeing this furriness on her arms was titillating his desires. He thought how lovely it would be to stroke Rita’s deliciously hairy arms and play with those long hairs! So soft looking and inviting!

As Rita had never mentioned a partner Jay wanted to find out without asking directly


Plucking up a bit of courage, Jay asked,

“Are you going anywhere nice with your boyfriend this weekend? The

weather looks great for getting out!”

Rita responded,

“Boyfriend? what boyfriend?”

A little nervous, Jay added,

” Or, umm..”

Chortling Rita interjected,

” No girlfriend either! Don’t worry I am straight though can get a girl crush! Just nobody in my life romantically at the moment. Not easy working in the museum where you don’t meet many people and not really my thing going out hunting for love or sex and as for internet dating? Forget it!”

Weighing up his next move Jay nervously asked Rita,

“We could go for a drink Friday evening if you like? I’m really enjoying your company at work but would be great to meet up outside the work environment where we’re not looking down at some dead critter!”

“Deal!”, said Rita. “I didn’t think you were ever going to ask? But yes would really love to. Enjoy your company and your silly sense of humour so would make a lovely change for me”.

Both Jay and Rita seemed to be really looking forward to their evening out. Neither wanted to call it a date but both hoping for the results as if it were one.

They decided not to go to the bar round the corner as quite a few of the museum staff used it socially on a Friday night and didn’t want to be the gossip fodder on Monday morning. About a mile away they settled on a more discreet bar where they hoped they wouldn’t encounter any of their peers.

As the first drinks went down quite quickly Jay and Rita seemed to get closer to each other as they faced each other across the table and exchanged stories about their families, upbringing and travels.

Feeling more confident now Jay took hold of Rita’s hand and held it while caressing it gently. Rita’s cheeks started to redden a little as she felt the first flush of sexual desire.

After a small snack with their second drink Jay moved round to be next to Rita as they canoodled and exchanged some brief pecks on the lips. Jay again started to fondle one of Rita’s hands but this time he started to let his fingers walk a bit further and started to stoke the long dark hairs on her arm.

Rita giggled,

“You like those don’t you? I thought you did. A couple of times at work I’d noticed you looking at my hairy arms. At first I thought maybe you were just surprised at seeing such furry arms on a woman but then I got the feeling you found them attractive?”

Blushing at being observed peeking at Rita’s lush arm hair, Jay apologised,

“Sorry I didn’t mean to stare at them, but it’s not every day you see such a generous hair covering. Funny I’d never really thought about hairy arms on a woman before but the more I saw them, the more attractive bahis siteleri I found them and thought it would be so sensual to run my fingers through them.”

“Appreciate your honesty, Jay!”, responded Rita. “I’m flattered you find them so enticing. It’s funny when I was a teenager I was so self-conscious of my hairy arms as they were hairier than all the other girls and some of the guys too. But as I’ve got older I was pleasantly surprised that quite a few guys seem to really like them. A couple of ex-boyfriends said how they really turned them on and loved to stoke them. I know not everyone shares that view but I’m happy that plenty do find them attractive and especially you too now!” beamed Rita.

As they had a final drink Rita let her slender fingers caress Jay’s hands and arms too as he petted her silky arm strands.

After paying the bills Jay trotted out the old line,

“Coffee Rita?”

Laughing, Rita said,

“Not really a coffee girl, but you’d be more than welcome to come back to mine for a tipple or two? I only live a couple of streets away so probably closer to mine?”

Feeling really elated Jay excitedly said,

“You’re on! Sounds brilliant!”

As they left the bar they had a first hug with their lips pressing against each other before walking down the road hand in hand.

Arriving at Rita’s flat she put some seductive rhythms on her music system and got out a bottle of wine from the fridge.

They soon cosied up on the sofa and began kissing passionately and breathing more deeply.

As she came up for air Rita commented,”

“I thought we were going to get on well at work but I didn’t think we’d get romantically involved. I do think you’re rather cute though. It’s been ages since I hooked up with a guy. I’ve been feeling like the cat lady spinster.”

Feeling much more confident Jay responded,

“Me too. It’s so long since I last had a date. A couple of disastrous one night stands and that’s about it. I think you’re really lovely too. Your dreamy brown eyes seduce me, that lovely smile and as you know I’m rather partial to your furry arms!”

Both laughed at this!

Rita said,

“I hate going to parties to find a date as I’m not comfortable at these social gatherings. So much more organic like this. Guess I’m quite shy in social occasions!”

As if to contradict the last statement Rita couldn’t fail to notice the increasingly large bulge under Jay’s trousers.

” I hate to see an animal trapped!”, she quipped before confidently reaching down and unzipping Jay’s front.

“Shy, eh?”, laughed Jay.

“Not with you Jay!”, she grinned as she extracted his burgeoning manhood.

“It’s been too long since I had the pleasure of a fine dick!”

As she gently felt it, rubbing her slender fingers up and down it she pondered,

“Yes this is a very handsome dick and I’m looking forward to being much better acquainted! “

Getting used to the feel of Jay’s manhood in her hand she began to thrust it a little more before bending over and running her tongue up its length, causing Jay to become even more aroused. She then started to suck and blow over the leaking head as Jay started to groan with pleasure. Within moments as she thrust with more momentum his load spewed out which Rita swallowed with relish!

As Jay regained his strength he smiled,

“You are such a naughty lady but boy that was so good! Shy girl my arse!”

With Rita still fully clothed it was time for a bit of garment removal. He started to lift her sweater up over her torso and head. When he first started to raise it he noticed she had a pretty dense happy trail to her navel and with much finer hairs continuing higher up. He wet his lips at the prospect of playing with Rita’s sexy trail!

However as he continued going above her bra covering her ample breasts he felt breathless as the top finally came over her head. With Rita’s arms held up as he removed the top he could see the wild dark hairiness of her armpits exposed. If he thought her arms were hairy her pits were a dense jungle of long dark hairs now gleaming with sweat and smelling gloriously of raw sex; moist and smelly in the nicest way- an overdose of pheromone production.

“That is amazing!” as he eyed Rita’s pits with avarice.

Jay fervently buried his head into Rita’s dense matted dark hairs, licking and kissing the dense fur and getting thoroughly aroused by the aromatic sensations.

Rita was also ready for some furry delights too so put her hands up under Jay’s shirt and finding a generous growth of belly and tummy hair to stroke and gently tug on.

Smiling Rita said,

“I’m pretty keen on the fur too. Love a guy who is quite hairy. My biggest let down was dating a guy who shaved his chest- massive turn-off for me! You have a sexy growth”.

Leaving Rita’s hairy pits alone for a bit, it was time for her bra to be unclicked. Her boobs were lovely and rounded, a good size but not too large. Perhaps not surprisingly her nipples were decorated canlı bahis siteleri with several long hairs originating from the base. The nipples were standing alert as Rita was clearly aroused and Jay began to gently nibble and suck on one of those prominent nipples while gently playing with the long hairs around the other.

Rita was soon sighing and gasping loudly with pleasure before coming quite quickly.

As Rita regained her composure she spluttered,

“That was awesome! I used to think about trimming by nipple hairs but they are like a direct nerve ending to my G-spot. I get so aroused when they are played with, so love them to bits. Strange thing is it doesn’t work much if I play with them myself but with a lover it’s just magical!”

Jay removed his top so Rita could explore his furry torso with her gentle fingers and they started passionately kissing again with Jay running his fingers up and down Rita’s glorious hairy trail while she ruffled his hairy chest.

After ten minutes they both came up for air.

Swigging back the remains of his wine glass Jay confidently and excitedly said,

“Time for these to come off now!”, as he looked at Rita’s leggings.

Offering no resistance, Jay started to slide them down, the thick trail showing its origins as the top of Rita’s bush spilled over the top of her by now very damp underwear. As the leggings dropped below the underwear there was the anticipated thick growth of dense dark hair escaping below.

But as they continued dropping southwards Jay was then taken by surprise! As the leggings dropped about four inches below her pantie line all of a sudden the fur coat came to an abrupt end. The rest of the fronts of her thighs were smooth and hairless. As the leggings dropped below the knees towards her ankles, the calves were perfectly smooth and hairless, meticulously clean-shaven!

“That was a little unexpected?” mused Jay. “So you shave your legs, then?”

Looking more serious, Rita replied,

“You’re not disappointed are you Jay?”

“No of course not! They’re really shapely and certainly silky smooth. I wouldn’t have cared if they were hairy though. There’s plenty of fur on you for any guy”, he laughed.

Smiling, Rita said,

“Correct answer! If you’d complained there would have been no sexy hairy pussy for you tonight!”

“Sigh of relief!” joked Jay. “I’m curious though why you shave them though given you’re happily hairy everywhere else? Have you ever let your leg hair grow out or have you always kept them shaved?”

Laughing Rita said,

“That’s the problem dating a fellow academic-too many bloody questions! Seriously this is what I’d call my third incarnation regarding my body hair.

As a teenager going through puberty I was horrified how hairy I was becoming and combine that with peer pressure and teasing, I soon started removing virtually all my body hair. Just a small bit of pubes remained unshaved and that little triangle was heavily pruned but my mum persuaded me not to shave my arms. She said I’d forever regret it as it grew back bristly. For once I actually listened to her advice so it’s the only body hair I’ve never interfered with. I did feel self-conscious about them back then but now I realise a lot of guys really dig them and I’m really proud of my hairy arms. I love them being stroked and I love petting them myself, so hairy arms for keeps!

Guess second big change was going to university. For a while I continued shaving but it became much less frequent The big difference to school was I was now seeing quite a few fellow female students who weren’t religiously removing most of their body hair. I could see young women with hairy legs, pits and unmanaged pubes were still getting laid and they seemed comfortable with their body hair- they were owning it.

So after a couple of months at uni I decided I’d let my body hair grow out. I was now interested to see my true natural body and how hairy I’d be now I was sexually mature. It was an interesting journey. Part of me was partly horrified at first as to how hairy I was getting, yet I was also fascinated too.

Guess it helped that none of my sexual encounters at the time resulted in any negativity towards my hairiness. I suppose I’d stopped shaving everything for ten months or so. One guy was really aroused by my hairy legs and loved running his dick up and down them before coming on them. But another guy suggested he shave them for me. At the time I told him to fuck off but with hindsight I’d have loved it!

I started to think about how I felt about my body hair. On the whole I felt much more natural and genuine- this was the real me- the hairy me! I’d never had a full bush complete with my furry trail and spreading down my thighs before and I now loved it- I felt womanly and sexy with it and this seemed to be reinforced by lovers. I loved playing with the long hairs and whether with a partner or masturbating myself hair play was part of the arousal process. I also really loved my thick canlı bahis underarm hair. It smelt differently in a good way. It felt sexy and raw. It was part of my erotic armoury.

Now I tried loving my leg hair too. I really did yet, I couldn’t convince myself it was sexy. It didn’t help that the hair was so thick and coarse and always looked so untidy with long hairs sticking out in all directions.”

“So that’s when you decided to shave them, then?” interjected Jay.

“Not immediately. Logically it would have seemed the obvious thing to do but I was confused having been the shaved woman and now the hairy one and was weirdly thinking I had to be one or the other.

Well a couple of weeks after realising I didn’t particularly like my legs hairy I went to this concert in a local park. I was there in my leggings hiding my very furry legs when these two young hippy women came and sat down near me. They both had the flowers in their hair but the first one I noticed had dark hair like mine and then that she also had hairy arms; not quite as thick as mine but still pretty hairy. She then put her arms up to tie back her hair and could see thick dark hair nestling in her pits. Long and untrimmed and I have to say I thought it looked hot. But her legs and thighs were totally hairless and clean-shaven. I did notice though as her skirt rose the top of her inner thighs were pretty hairy. I was like -YES! I suddenly realised that I could be a hairy woman, revel in my hairiness but I could also shave too. It wasn’t a conflict at all. This was the look I realised I wanted for myself!

The other girl was blonde and had beautiful dense blonde fuzz on her arms and could see slightly darker pit strands sticking out from her pits. Unlike her friend she also had dense blonde hairs on her thighs down to her knees. Her calves though had been shaved but were showing a small amount of regrowth that was glistening in the sunshine, which I thought was kind of cute!”

“I’m fascinated by your “hairstory”! So you went home and shaved your hairy legs afterwards? “

Rita replied,

“Glad your enjoying my tale. First time I’ve ever explained it, so kind of nice for me too. Not immediately, but I knew this was what I wanted. I would keep all the hair I liked and remove what I wasn’t keen on. No paradox any more!”

Jay asked,

“So you don’t think leg hair looks good on women then?”

Responding Rita said

“No I don’t have a problem with leg hair on women. At that same gig I saw those two hippy girls that inspired me, I saw other women with leg hair and I thought it looked good on them. True some were lighter hair than mine but I saw one beautiful young woman with quite dense dark hair on her calves, but the hair was finer than mine and all seemed to grow in the same direction, so looked sleek. Not messy like mine! I just wasn’t keen on my own leg hair.

Guess it was a few days later I was going to get all my groceries and as I approached the till suddenly noticed all the razors and stuff, so bought a pack.

I know it sounds daft but once I’d got home and had a snack I suddenly felt this real sense of excitement of shaving my legs for the first time in the best part of a year. And they’d never been hairy like this before when I shaved regularly, so it was like fresh territory for me.”

With a big grin on his face Jay whispered,

“I hope it doesn’t sound too pervy but I’d loved to have been a fly on your bathroom wall when you got in the bath and started to shave them!”

Laughing loudly, Rita responded,

“Yes, it sounds very pervy- but I like it! I love the thought of you being turned on by me shaving my hairy legs and getting really excited!

This was going to be the transition to my current incarnation. I wanted it to be a special occasion as it was quite a transformation.

I put some scented candles in the bathroom, had some relaxing music on and got quite excited as I got in the bath. It felt so pleasurable soaping down my thick leg hair knowing it was soon to disappear.

As I picked up the blade and started to scrape away the first thickets of leg hair above my foot I felt strangely euphoric as smooth, pale skin appeared in the wake of long hairs falling away. It was as if I’d never shaved before and the whole experience seemed exhilarating as my legs became increasingly smooth and a large mat of hairs was floating in the soapy water.

At first I wondered whether to shave just to the knees as it was my calf hair I liked the least but then thought it would look like I had on hairy shorts if I stopped at the knees. So I continued to shave the front and outer sides of my thighs but left a good amount at the top as I wanted to accentuate the hairiness of my bush.

You probably haven’t noticed yet but I don’t shave the backs of my thighs though?”

Curious, Jay enquired,

“Why’s that then?”

Giggling again Rita responded,

“Partly because it’s so bloody fiddly shaving the backs of my thighs but you’ll

like this: I love being fucked from behind and I have a pretty hairy rear, especially my arse crack. I think the hairy backs of my thighs gives a more animalistic look and I want a guy to fuck me like an animal when he takes me from behind!”

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