My Angel Marcia

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Timothy Brazelton was nineteen years old. The fact that he was still a virgin was no comfort. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t tried. The mirror told him he was one good looking guy. At nearly six feet with wavy blond hair and broad muscular shoulders he attracted girls and turned heads wherever he went. He’d been dating for over two years and had some close calls, or near hits as he preferred to call them. He just wasn’t a closer. A couple of hand jobs were all he managed to get and those seemed to come out of pity. Tonight would be different. It was Halloween. Costumes, booze and plenty of new girls to choose from made it a great night to get lucky. His pirate outfit was perfect.

Grabbing a bottle of cheap whiskey from his dresser he took a long swig. The golden liquid felt good going down. One more for confidence. Again he placed the bottle to his lips and took a long gulp.

Crandall’s house was all lit up. Revelers on the lawn spilled down the long winding driveway. Music blared from outdoor speakers. Crandall had done his usual fantastic job decorating. Inside and out ghoulish paraphernalia set a macabre mood. Fake gravestones with bony hands protruding from the ground and realistic ghosts swinging from bare tree limbs gave the lawn an eerie look. Carefully carved pumpkins with hideous faces and bright burning candles were scattered all about. A full moon spread faint light across everything as outdoor speakers sounded bone chilling screams and moans.

Timothy took one last belt from his bottle now concealed in his pants pocket. He walked inside. Strobe lights danced giving the place a herky jerky stop action look. People were dancing to wild rhythmic rock. The combination of drink and anticipation made him woozy. The whiskey was most definitely having its effect. Maybe he didn’t need that last drink? He felt warm. Some cool autumn air would clear things. At the rear of the house a swimming pool with its winter cover shimmered in the moonlight.

Sitting at the far end of the pool he saw Marcia Colton. Her head was down and from the heaving of her body he could tell she was sobbing. Marcia was definitely one of the untouchables as far as Tim was concerned. Definitely not in is league. Why she would be out by the pool by herself made no sense. In high school she had been Miss Popularity. poker oyna She traveled with the elite crowd. Captain of the cheerleaders and prom queen, she was definitely a delicious babe. But here she was in all her glory sitting alone and crying. Not really knowing or caring much about what he would say Tim walked over. He sat down on a pool lounge next to her. Glinting moonlight fell on her soft creamy face. He sat for nearly five minutes without so much as a word from either of them.

Don’t say or do anything stupid, he thought. Marcia looked over at him. Her face tear stained. She shivered slightly in the nippy crisp air. Her hair was askew across her face and her clothes rumpled. A silk blouse, with two top buttons missing revealed a wispy lace bra. A short brown leather miniskirt rode high on her thighs revealing the tiniest V of her panties.

“I know you.”, she finally said. “You’re Tim something, aren’t you?”

He was both flattered and amazed she knew who he was. “Are you Ok?” he asked in his most sincere tone.

Marcia stood up and walked over to his lounge chair. She sat down next to him. To Tim’s utter surprise she placed her head against his shoulder. Long brown hair fell across his chest. Her crying subsided.

“I’ve been having a horrid night.”, she confided. “I was suppose to have a date with Jack Rollins for the party but he acted like a jerk driving over here. He was drinking, groping, and being an all around pig.” she added.

Without any warning she looked up at him and gently pressed her lips against his cheek. This was totally unexpected. Tim felt a short electric burst run from his face to his legs. Her arm went up to his neck as her face moved to his lips. She brushed quickly across his equally eager lips. Confusion! What was she up to, he wondered. I’ll just go with this he decided. She’s had bad time he rationalized, and any warm body will do. His arms went to her shoulders and he pulled her closer. Soft red lips pressed tighter against his. Her mouth parted as her tongue flitted sensually. Tim responded, darting his own tongue against the tip of hers. The spark turned to a throb. He felt himself hardening.

Marcia’s hand was now on his thigh. She was leaning slightly backward against the padded lounge chair. Her breathing was heavier and canlı poker oyna faster. Her hand moved closer to his hardening cock. Tim twitched as long fingers encircled his bulge through the cloth. They leaned back and stretched out side by side on the narrow lounge chair. By now her mini was riding nearly waist high revealing silky a silky white thong.

She reached up, grabbing his arms now tightly around her soft shoulders, and moved his hand to her soft inner thigh. At the same time she undid the brass belt buckle and slowly pulled his zipper freeing his pulsing cock. Her fingers wrapping it tightly in their embrace. Tim’s hand slid under her flimsy panty. She felt warm. Slowly his finger found her lips. They parted easily. She moaned and started rhythmically stroking him. She was wet. Her firm bottom began to move in a circular motion as he found her clit. The tip of Tim’s finger danced lightly over the hardening button. Marcia pressed more tightly against him. His finger went deep inside her. She thrust upward to meet him. In and out it went.With each thrust she sighed more deeply. Her own hand was moving ever faster over his shaft.

Whispering hotly and insistently into his ear she begged for more and more. Pulling him on top of her writhing body.

“Oh..” the moans fell from her throat as she groped feverishly for his manhood.

Marcia’s head swayed from side to side. Her eyes glazed over. The head of Tim’s cock parted her wet lips. She strained upward reaching around his back grabbing his ass. Lowering himself gently feeling his cock glide smoothly into her softness. He was lost in her. Her pussy grabbed him tightly as she rose to meet the hardened shaft. Wrapping her legs around him she moved forward placing trembling lips against his hot mouth. Tongues intertwined as they lost themselves within each others passion.

“Oh Tim…”, she whispered again into his ear. “Fill me completely..make me melt around your cock.”

Slowly, at first, then with greater urgency he began to move inside her. With each thrust a rush of heat came over him. Pulling him deeper inside her she moaned louder and louder.

“Make me melt….I need to cum..Please..please ..please.” over and over she begged for sweet ecstasy and the relief she knew would internet casino come from the exquisite agony.

Tim felt the pleasure begin to well up inside. He ached to spill deeply inside her. Then with little warning she clawed at his back heaving upward.

“Oh… God.. Yesssssssssssss.” as she exploded in a torrent of pleasure. Unable to hold back a second longer he felt himself let go. From somewhere deep within he rushed outward savoring his own ecstasy. Hot cum rushed from his throbbing member. As the liquid filled her with incredible warmth Marcia thrust a darting tongue into his mouth. Nearly out of breath his own tongue laced around hers. He was no longer a virgin.

Sitting up slowly he felt spent. All his energy was drained. Exhaustion crept over him but he felt good. Better than he had in a long time. Marcia’s face looked serene as moonlight swept across her. A calmness about her made her look like an angel.

Tim turned to ask her if she wanted a drink from the party. She nodded and said it would be nice. He began walking toward the sliding glass doors. Just as he was about to enter he turned and asked what she would like. Her blouse was still on the ground where it had fallen during their passionate encounter. Marcia was no longer there. The bushes near the fence rustled as if someone had just walked through them.

Tim pulled the glass sliders open. Walking into the downstairs den it was oddly silent. Just a short time before the party was at a full roar. Walking toward the stairs leading to the main floor he ascended. The silence was deafening. He reached the top step. Strobe lights were no longer on. The quiet was eerie. Kids were sitting in small groups all about the room.

In the far corner he saw Billy Prescott and his girlfriend Gina. Billy’s arm was cradling Gina who was visibly upset.

“What’s going on man?” he asked.

“Where the hell you been?” Billy asked.

“To tell the truth I just fucked Miss Popularity out by the pool.” he answered excitedly.

“Who the hell is Miss Popularity? asked Billy.

“Who do think man?” Tim answered. “Marcia Colton, you doofus. Out by the pool.”, he added again.

“That’s not even funny you dickhead.” Prescott answered with a growing anger in his voice.

“No man, I swear she came onto me like gangbusters. It was fantastic.”

“Listen, you jackass.” Prescott hissed back. “We just got a phone call from Gina’s mom. Marcia Colton and Jackie Rawlins were killed in a head on collision on the interstate over two hours ago.”

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