My Chakkar* With SC Ch. 10

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Author’s Notes:

*”Chakkar” is a multipurpose colloquial Hindi word, in the present context meaning “affair”.

To get the best out of this story, I suggest that you should read Ch. 01-08 of “My Chakkar With SC” before reading on.


Those days I was in the process of giving up smoking. I had been a smoker for more than 15 years and had acquired a persistent cough, although my annual medical examination didn’t show up any serious damage. For some time, I’d known about the mounting evidence of the deleterious effects of smoking, and finally, one day I decided to give up.

Although I prided myself on my strong will and self discipline, I found the going extraordinarily tough. Lady Nicotine is a possessive mistress and was loath to let go of an old lover. I was determined not to fall into the trap of taking up snuff or chewing tobacco as an alternative as some of my other smoker friends had done (only to resume smoking and continue with chewing tobacco as well). I tried to chew gum to keep my mind off cigarettes, but soon got a jaw ache.

Finally I hit upon a solution. I took to keeping a clove in my cheek or under my tongue and sucking on it once in a while, when I felt the urge to smoke. I rather liked the pungent taste and there was an added advantage that it kept my breath sweet smelling and also (supposedly) fought off tooth decay. There were other unexpected spin-off benefits that I will describe shortly. Soon, I became habituated to having a clove in my mouth except when I was eating or sleeping, and this habit persisted long after I had shaken off my addiction to tobacco.


“Have you been chewing cloves?” SC asked me. It was perhaps a couple of weeks after I had smoked my last cigarette. She had just entered my hotel room, dropped her purse and shabnam bag on the floor and walked up to me.

“Yes. Do you like the smell?” I responded.

“Mmmm… nice!” She replied, sniffing my mouth. Then she held my head in both her hands, stood on tiptoe and kissed my lips. I put an arm around her waist and the other beşiktaş escort around her shoulders and pulled her close. I opened my lips and my tongue started playing with her lips and tongue. We broke off our kiss after a while. She pulled her head back a bit and peered into my eyes.

“You still have it in your mouth, don’t you? I can taste it!” She exclaimed.

“Well, why don’t you find out?” I challenged her. She immediately started to put her finger in my mouth, but I stopped her.

“No, no SC! That’s not allowed. You cannot use your fingers.” I said.

“Why not?” SC asked.

“Those are the rules of the game. You can only use your lips and tongue. And you are only allowed two minutes.” I replied firmly.

She rose to the challenge and tried her best, exploring my mouth with her tongue for the elusive clove. I chivalrously allowed her a few extra minutes, but with great reluctance I eventually had to declare that the time was up.

“I win. You lose!” I said, showing her the clove that I had positioned on the tip of my tongue, and she sportingly accepted my verdict.

“Cloves are really hot and pungent. I don’t know how you can tolerate them in your mouth all the time.” She commented.

“Well, I enjoy hot and spicy things, as you know.” I said, winking at her. “And now, for the winner, his prize!” I declared.

“And what might that be?” She inquired quizzically.

“Hmmm… let me think. How about those pretty little tits of yours?” I queried.

“OK, come and get them!” She said, pushing me back, escaping from my arms and running to the other side of the bed, her eyes sparkling. I spent the next few minutes chasing her around, until I eventually caught her with a flying leap and both of us landed heavily on the bed, out of breath, panting and laughing. I pinned her down, holding her hands over her head. She felt wriggly, soft and nice under me. The horseplay had further aroused both of us. I humped my hips against hers.

“Now, are you going to give me beşyol escort my prize?” I asked fiercely.

“What if I said no?” She asked provocatively. I immediately grabbed her blouse at the neck with both hands and made a tugging motion, as if I was going to rip it open.

“Wait, you animal!” She exclaimed. “I don’t have another blouse. How can I go home in torn clothes?”

“Well, in that case, you better surrender my prize yourself.” I demanded. I then got off of her and helped her up in a sitting position on the bed, her feet resting on the carpet. As I stood close in front of her, she slowly stripped off her sari pallu, blouse and bra until her beautiful breasts were bared for my eyes to feast on. All the while, she hypnotically gazed into my eyes. She then grasped both my hands and rested them on her bare breasts. Her breasts filled my hands nicely as I held them.

“Take your prize.” She whispered.

Then, holding me by my forearms, she leaned back and lay on bed, pulling me down on top of her. I stopped my descent by extending my elbows forward and resting them on the bed on either side of her torso, while retaining my hold on her breasts. I then spent quite some time leisurely enjoying my prize, squeezing and fondling her breasts, tweaking her tight, hard nipples while she moaned and writhed, her head thrashing from side to side, eyes tightly closed. I closed my lips around her nipple and sucked on it while she held my head and pressed it into her breast. Her nipples were wet and shiny with my saliva when I finished. Her eyes were inflamed and full of lust, her lips parted and she was panting.

I slid down her body till I was kneeling in front of her, while she lay on bed with her feet on the carpet. I raised her sari and petticoat above her hips and tugged down her panties to expose her bush. Then I nudged her thighs apart so that her gash split open before me, glistening wetly. Without my telling her, she reached down and held her outer lips apart with her fingers so that I could beykent escort reach her inner lips without being hindered by her thick pubic hair. I started licking her inner thighs and worked my way up slowly, until I reached her pussy and licked up and down, tasting her fragrant, salty juices.

Her hard, red little clitoris winked at me from the top of her slit. I reached up and gave it a little lick. The effect on SC was electric. She jerked her hips up and uttered a cry “Ahhh!”. She was close to climaxing, but not there yet. I maneuvered the clove from my cheek on to the tip of my tongue and then pressed it on her clitoris. Then I closed my lips around her bud and sucked on it, bringing the clove in close contact with it. After having been in my mouth for more than an hour, the clove had become soggy and had lost much of its pungency. Nevertheless, its residual heat was sufficient to bring SC to a shattering climax that she remembered fondly a long time afterwards.

“AAAAhhhhh!” She screamed joyfully and kept jerking her hips against my face until she finally climbed down from heaven, completely drained. But I wasn’t done yet. I stood up and stripped off my trousers and shorts, freeing my hard cock. I knelt on the bed straddling her, my knees on either side of her chest. I put a couple of pillows under her shoulders and head so that she was semi-reclining. I lowered myself till the back of my thighs and my testicles lightly rested on her soft, warm belly. I held my cock in my hand and slowly rubbed its wet head across her velvety breasts, stroking her nipples with it. I slowly moved up and finally slipped my cock between her waiting, half open lips, testicles and the back of my thighs now lightly resting on her breasts. I started thrusting my cock into her mouth as her lips and tongue worked on it. In that position, my cock could not go too deep inside – she could just about take in the bulbous head and a little of the shaft. Nevertheless, in a short while, I climaxed hard and pumped my semen into her mouth. She eagerly swallowed it all, licking up the residue from my cock as it eventually shrank and slipped out.

As we lay on bed in each other’s arms, SC confessed that that was the most intense orgasm she had ever had and the pungency of the clove was what had really worked the trick.

“You know, even your semen smelt of cloves. I loved it. Why didn’t you think of chewing cloves before?” She asked.

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