My Dominant Woman

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“Honey, I’m home,” I heard coming from the front of the house as the clock struck seven.

I’m Jace and as an aspiring writer, not making much headway at the time, I was fortunate enough to have found someone that didn’t mind giving me the opportunity to try my hand at my chosen craft. Sure, she was older and a bit more demanding than women my own age but she was a very attractive woman for a fifty year old. Her name was Sue, or Suzi as most people called her and she was all of five feet two with a hundred and ten or so pound frame. She kept herself in exceptional shape by working out in the mornings before work and honestly didn’t look a day over thirty-five. This of course was what I thought she was when I met her, much to my surprise. I suppose it’s the California blonde lifestyle but I was pretty much in love with her from day one.

“Hey baby,” I told her, rushing out to greet her. This was the routine most days of the week, unless she got home later than normal which for her was not unusual.

“How’s the book coming?” she asked.

“I’m almost ready for you to give it a read,” I lied. I’d been stuck on chapter fifteen for two weeks. They call it writers block but I called it being too distracted to work as well as I thought I could. It’s amazing how supportive she still was though, as many times as I’d put off letting her read it.

“Did you get to the gym today,” she asked rhetorically feeling up the definition in my arms. It was the one thing that she insisted on. She had a need to have the perpetual eye candy around on a regular basis. Anyone that came by the house unannounced would understand what I mean by her need for eye candy.

To keep her happy and enjoy the opportunity to truly try writing as a job or career choice Suzi had asked for certain concessions that admittedly at 25 I really had never thought much about until she asked. One of those was that her quirks or fetishes were things I had to play along with. The first one was how I dressed. She chose my clothes for me. She always chose clothes that were attractive and as she put it, showed off the goods. At home though, that was a different story. From day to day, depending on the mood she was in, she would pick what I could wear around the house. Today, it had been a pair of boxers. Today was one of those days she was feeling rather magnanimous to be honest about it.

“Of Esenyurt Escort course I did,” I told her, giving her a little pose down.

“Is dinner ready?” she asked.

Just waiting for us to sit down, I told her.

“Good,” she smiled. “Give me five minutes and I’ll be out, you go get things set up and yourself ready.”

“With that she gave the edge of my boxers a tug, signaling to me that they were to be gone by the time she returned.”

This was her thing. She liked to play little games with the people in her life. I think it had to do with the money she made and how it made her feel empowered to control people. If you were good and played along, the rewards were worth it. At 25 I hadn’t found a job that made me happy but I enjoyed writing and was making a career change. Her little games afforded me a sense of freedom. I had plenty of money and a nice car. I had nice clothes and free time to work out and write. I was with an interesting and attractive, very successful woman and the sex was out of this world. So, I played along with her games.

Getting dinner on the table I poured us each a glass of wine and slid off my black boxers she had left out that morning, full well knowing I wouldn’t see them again until she unlocked my closet and took something else out for me to wear. I didn’t have anything to be ashamed of. At 6’3 and 225 pounds I had a 32 inch waste, the starts of a six pack, a well formed chest, good arms and muscled legs that framed an eight inch cock that women seemed to enjoy.

As I finished setting things out for dinner Suzi came into the dining room wearing a pair of black heals, black lace stockings, a dark blue robe that hung just to her waist and a matching blue pair of lacy panties cut like shorts. As hard as it was too focus on dinner with the erection I had from seeing her dressed like that, I was enjoying every minute of the show.

We would eat dinner like this more often than not. Occasionally we would change it up and order a pizza, wearing much the same apparel. She often times would go to the door with her robe open and tease the pizza delivery man. At times we’d go pick up drive through or take out just so we could have a little fun. I was always glad when we took her Expedition because it sat high enough in the drive that nobody could tell she would often have me driving around Avcılar Escort in the nude.

As we ate we’d talk about the normal routine things a couple talked about. Work, vacation plans, what was going on in the people in our lives and the things we read in the news would occupy our discussions. It seemed to make her happy just to have someone around under her spell as we faked a normal existence. Our lives were anything but normal..

After dinner Suzi had a thing about going for walks. She had a nice large spread just outside of town with the closest neighbors being a couple hundred yards. Still though, a couple hundred yards to her with a robe on and me tagging along in the buff were two entirely different distances. I’d learned not to say much though. One time I questioned being drug around outdoors in the nude and she calmed my fears by leaving me a pair of stockings, a lace boy short and a long satin gown to wear with her on our walk. Caught nude or in women’s lingerie, which would you choose.

At the end of our walk she was always worked up since I’d as she put it, been such a good boy. We’d barely make it in the house before she’d have my cock in her hand or mouth. She was a professional at cock sucking and often times we’d end up in a full on sixty-nine right on the porch. She’d straddle my face with that pert ass of hers right there for me to grab onto as I ran my tongue up her slit, finding her clit as I squeezed the fleshy cheeks of her ass. I’d feel her tongue swirling around my cock head before it was enveloped into her warm and waiting mouth. This is the advantage of dating an older woman, even one that is as demanding as mine. The feverish abandon in their sex drives when they’re with a younger man is insane.

Being very orgasmic she would come soon after I started to lick her clit and finger her sweet pussy. It would drive her to suck me harder and with more passion than any woman my age had ever showed. But like anything with her, she seemed to like to exercise that control. I would end up coming not long after she did and as I did she was take my load on her face and tits. She loved the feeling of cum on her face and tits. She wouldn’t hesitate even a second after I was done before she’d stick her tongue down my throat. In that first year of living together I’d become very accustomed to the taste of my own jizz. No, I didn’t care for it but I’d think about the new challenger she bought me when my old beater broke down and I’d suck it up and just go with it, often times licking her tits clean in the process.

Nights like tonight after we were done playing we’d climb into a shower together and then crawl into bed where she would fuck my brains out until we both passed out. It was then she was more like an angel than the little devil she lived to be.

The next morning I awoke to the sound of music playing from the front room. It was a Saturday and this meant morning coffee and a gab session between Suzi and her best friend. I got up to grab my robe but it was gone. Hanging on the back of the door was a post it that read, “Coffee and Muffins in the living room, come on down when you wake up.” It was strange that my robe was gone and she’d invited company over without leaving me something to wear. Even stranger, she left the closet locked as well. Not that I’m a prude or anything but the thought of parading around her friends while naked wasn’t exactly my cup of tea. While she always expounded on the thought of showing me off to the girls I’d never really thought she’d try to do it until right then.

With kind of butterflies in my stomach I slowly made my way toward the front of the house as I hoped against hope that I’d find her alone. This was not to be the case however, as she heard me up and moving and yelled for me to come join them.

“Them,” I sighed. “Please don’t be anyone I don’t want to see,” I whispered to myself, not that I wanted to see anyone under the circumstances.”

By the time I got near the front of the house I’d decided to just grin and bear the humiliation that was in front of me. I took a deep breath as I walked around the corner, studied myself and tried to ignore the hardening in front of me. What can I say, I was naked and walking into a room with two good looking women.

“Morning sunshine,” Suzi smiled as she patted the spot on the sofa next to her favorite chair.

Grabbing a bottled water off the table and a muffin and I graciously took a seat between the two women, trying to ignore the elephant in the room, which in this case was my hardening cock as they sat, staring at it with their mouths agape.

“See,” said Suzi, “I told you he wouldn’t be too shy.”

Kimber was staring me up and down as she bit her lower lip. The excitement in her eyes gave her overall thoughts away. I knew right then that she’d have been all over me if it weren’t for my “sweetheart” sitting right there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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