My First Anal Sex – Receiving

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I was nervous. I was horny, but sober. But I admit I was really nervous. I had wanted to have a cock up my ass just to try it, but as I got my nerve up, the first couple of encounters were so large that I stayed with giving them a long blow job and bringing them off in my throat. I liked it and they seemed satisfied.

But now I had been on travel and away for a week and I was horny and felt a little adventurous.. I decided that I needed to stretch my virgin ass, so I got a soft fake cock and some lube. And I practiced, and practiced, and stretched and came and practiced.

I posted on a site that I wanted to play in the next 12 hours and received a couple of offers. The first did not show so I tried another. I did not promise anything specific, just sex. I could chicken out again.

When I opened to the man who knocked on the door, a slightly younger (30-40s) Asian man walked in and smiled. He bowed nicely, and I kissed him. He kissed back, hard. He was buff, I mean he was tight; I am not. He made me out to be the sissy I am. And he took over.

I tried to undress him poker oyna and he pushed me back gently and opened the hotel bathrobe. He pushed me onto the bed and spread my legs. He felt up each leg and massaged my balls and my cock, letting spit drop down and then stroked me. I do not always get that nard anymore, but this did it. I started to stiffen hard. He dropped onto my cock and took me into his mouth. It was wonderful. Then he stopped and gave my thigh a slap, gentle, but a good slap. He stood up and I sat up unbuttoning his shirt, then unbuckling his belt, unzipped him, and pulled off his pants.

He was almost hairless on his chest, and his stiff cock was sticking out from his shorts with sprays of dark stiff hair. His nipples were at my mouth level and I began to suck and bite him and he grasped the back of my head and pulled me hard until I thought my teeth might make marks. I nervously pulled back, but he smiled and shook his head “no.” So I applied pressure and he pushed in until I knew I would leave marks. And he moaned. I suddenly thought I would not be able to go home for a week canlı poker oyna after this guy. But I was wrong. He wanted me to mark him only.

Then he took over again. Funny, but he made sudden changes in tempo and who was leading. I was confused, but very excited.

Long story shorter…His cock was just what I was looking for. Hard, long and not too thick. It hit the back of my throat again and again, and then he looked at me. I got up on my knees after opening the drawer and bringing out the lube and condoms. I was hoping for tenderness, but either our language barrier or his lust and dominant attitude took over and he rammed me hard. He was thick enough! I almost buckled as I winced. He slide in and out a couple of times, roughly opening me up, and then he stopped. He turned gentle and pulled out, got some lube and then gently came back in a little at a time, letting me open more comfortably as he rocked in and out, just a little. I felt his hairy groin hit my ass. Then he waited, gently moving just a little until I squeezed his cock in my ass. And he began the smoothest fuck, internet casino increasing the lengths of his strokes and keeping a very sexy rhythm while he stroked my back and waist.

So this was anal sex from the receiving end. I actually remembered one Korean woman who had loved it when I fucked her ass and smiled thinking that I hoped she had enjoyed it this much.

Suddenly, he slapped my ass hard several times, grabbed my shoulders and rammed in hard. I thought he must be getting ready to cum, and I was sort of happy. Then he pulled out, spanked me harder, several times and laid down on the bed. I was ready to fuck him now and he shook his head. I had me sit on his cock and start up and down. I pinched nipples and had to climb off to kiss him. He kissed as hard as he fucked and told me to get back on. This time his cock was thicker and even though I was spread, I seemed to feel a tearing. And he started to thrust up as he leaned his head back into the mattress and started to moan. Suddenly I felt myself start to cum all over his stomach and chest and he opened his eyes and smiled and fucked me harder.

I took a while until my asshole was healed up, but I had two more guests that week. They felt good, but they never got close to him. But, good sex is good sex. But my first was special, I will admit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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