My Hot Wife’s Coming Out Party Pt. 03

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Author’s Note:

The story you are about to read is the third chapter of an amazing tale of wife-sharing gone wild, loosely based on an actual incident. It is strongly recommended it be read only after meeting our cast of characters in Parts 1 and 2.

Act V

After a momentary freeze, I soft-shoed over to the door, opened it quietly, and flashed Hay-Z the “shhh” signal with my left pointer and the “stop” sign with my right palm. As the ravishing island beauty watched through puzzled chestnut eyes, I quietly slipped into the hallway, closing the door behind me with surprisingly little noise.

“Going somewhere?” Her smile and delicious fragrance invited a clever reply, but I was sure the two fuck-buddies heard the knock, so my wit would have to wait.

Pulling my old-fashioned electronic room key from my pocket and inserting it into the door, I gave her a brief, high-altitude update on the torrid goings-on within. Then added, “By the way — You told me about your, uh, apparatus….. not his.”

“I told you he was too big for me,” came the matter-of-fact reply after she tossed it around a second or two.

“Seems my wife is a big fan of your big man.”

Her smile changed and she shook her head.

“Not to worry,” she reassured ” he ALWAYS runs away in the end. Besides, isn’t this what YOU wanted?”

I let that slide and eyed her up and down. She looked amazing. But something had changed since the bar. Then my eyeballs locked on her chest as I realized she was wearing a different top, sort of a halter. It barely contained her what had to be DD-cup boobs. I couldn’t help wondering whether the wardrobe change was for me or Vee. Either way — Hubba Hubba.

“You like?” I guess she noticed my stare. Or did I actually say “hubba hubba” out loud?

“Does your ball player pal swing a big bat?” Then after a pause, “You ready for this?”

Her nod and wide-eyed grin affirmed. I swung the door open and immediately announced our arrival.

“June… I’m home.”

Act VI

I closed the door behind us, this time with purposeful commotion, and flipped on the main-room lights.

Hay-Z followed my lead, slipping off her shoes and taking my hand as we headed toward the bedroom, from which a strange silence emanated.

Just steps from making our entrance, I stopped to give her a deep kiss. She tasted as wonderful as she smelled as she returned my kiss with astonishing passion. I felt her hand reach for my crotch and, as she ran her fingers up and down my dick, she whispered, “Perfect.. just perfect.”

Things were surely looking up. And I hadn’t even motor-boated those magnificent fun bags yet.

I did a quick mental recap of where things stood. Surely he would assume I had JUST arrived. Presuming the knock was heard from the bedroom, it would have been shrugged off as courtesy. But Vee would likely wonder what took so long. I knew I’d deal with that if and when I needed to. One thing for sure — both will be blown away when they see I didn’t come empty-handed. He, due to their acquaintance; she, because we had never even discussed this possibility.

“Showtime.” With that, I smiled with all the charm I could muster, and led what I hoped would be my first Asian fuck-partner onward. She squeezed my hand, assuringly, as we moved into the suite’s de facto main room and made our grand entrance.

It wasn’t quite the scene I had envisioned. He was lying on his back with a big goofy grin on his face while she lay on her side beside him to his right, moving her hand up and down his brawny body in a fluid motion disrupted only when she reached his prodigious package, where she’d stop to provide special attention before proceeding. She was obviously having a very happy birthday.

Both were looking to the door and both responded with a start to our sudden entrance.

The dude turned his head and shifted his smile into “fancy meeting you here” mode, but remained silent. But Vee did something quite peculiar. She grabbed a blanket and covered herself, her face expressing a feeling of… of what? Surprise? Imposition? Embarrassment?

Unsure how to process my wife’s odd reaction, I think I said something hacky like, “Don’t stop on our account.” But it MIGHT have come out with an unintended snarkiness. Thankfully, although that wasn’t my assessment initially, before I could put my foot in any deeper, it was Hay-Z who finally broke the very thick ice.

“Appears we have some catching up to do,” she offered, as she reached for my belt, “and we’re unforgivably overdressed for this party”

I watched Vee’s expression change as Hay-Z’s knees hit the floor in sync with my shorts and pants. As her lips engulfed my pronounced chubby and began working me in and out of her lovely mouth, I reached down to unleash the giant tits which had caught my eye back in the hall. Pulling the thick halter straps apart, the killer orbs bounced together before coming to rest ankara escort bayan in my hands. They were magnificent, an assessment my wide eyes must have made abundantly clear.

Oh, the joy.

But in a flash, Vee’s eyes changed from concerned to jealous to focused.

“Fuck me,” she abruptly ordered her big bunk-mate, tossing the blanket aside and assuming her favorite fucking position — on all-fours. The bewildered ballplayer looked first at the beautiful ass being presented to him, then over at his gal-pal sucking my cock, then gave me a “What the Fuck?” shrug and proceeded to doggie-style my wife, pretty as you please.

I’ll never know whether it was for my benefit, or just the way his big cock touched all the right places in that position, but Vee’s moans quickly turned to pleas, then screams as he slid it in and out of her now quite visibly swollen pussy.

Meanwhile, my own cock was being expertly fellated by a dream-come-true and I, too, was about to make some noise. Recognizing my impending explosion, Hay-Z stood, shook off her top and kissed me sensually on the lips, pressing the tits of my dreams against my chest in the process. When she pulled down and stepped out of her panties and skirt, I took the opportunity to lead us over to the open space on the huge bed, our lips still locked. Once seated, I moved my hand down from her glorious knobs to her sweet little cooter.

I rubbed her, flat-palmed, across her entire hairless gash to moisten her up a bit before measuring her caliber, and she moaned louder into my open mouth with each rotation. It didn’t take long before my hand was somewhat soaked, so I paid similar attention to her clit. This move caused different tones of moans, barely audible over the screams coming from Vee, and my date’s lovely exotic eyes said she was digging the shit out of it.

I finally tried the bore of her wet hole with my middle finger. She loved it, cooing like a baby as I slid in and out of her vag. But when I attempted a to add my pointer finger to the mix, I felt quite a bit of resistance, and heard a different, less pleased, tone. Wow, she really WAS tight.

“Lick me,” she whispered into my mouth.

I instinctively checked out my wife. Although she was being drilled hard by that giant dick and making a racket out of her enjoyment of it, she was looking at me. In fact, she was certainly smiling and maybe even nodding in approval, although her head was already rocking from the pounding she was taking.

Not that I needed the old ball-and-chain’s approval, but knowing the birthday girl was getting off on me getting the Island Beauty off was definitely getting me off.

I wasted no time dropping to my knees, pulling Hay-Z’s legs apart and to the edge of the bed, and setting to work on her scrumptious gash. I retraced the route my fingers had followed, and soon landed my tongue deep in her honey-hole, working it in and out and, in a circular motion, all round inside. She made an adorable little groan as her pussy was being eaten and her eyes pulled tighter shut with each swirl of my tongue.

Looking toward Vee again, I noticed she was enjoying watching me lick our guest. She peeked down and noticed my continuing hard-on.

“Fuck her,” she said out loud, and I looked over again to make sure I had heard her correctly.

“Look at her face. She wants you to fuck her.”

“Mmmmm. Put your beautiful cock in me…..” Seems the motion had been seconded. Vee shot me a look that stuck six inches out the back of my head. No doubt about it — I was beginning to feel more than just horniness for my clever new friend.

I shifted my gaze northward and noticed Hay-Z was now lying flat on her back, her legs still spread wide and bare feet on the ground. I stood back up and adjusted both of our positions to facilitate deepest dick access to her snatch. Once there, I took my cock in my right hand and used my left hand to probe her hole while pressing my knob into its slick tightness. As she opened to accommodate the head only, I heard yet another distinct pitch of groan poot forth.

“That’s it,” instructed Vee, “now slide it in just a little at a time — nice and slow.” She punctuated those last 3 words with the sounds of her own orgasm as her shiver got the best of her voice.

“Happy Birthday, babe,” I spoke as I worked my cock very gradually into the super-tight cooch she was staring at with great interest.

And my actions weren’t going unnoticed by their recipient, either. As I plunged deeper with each stroke, her response was not unlike Vee’s to the big bat she’d been playing ball with all night. Especially when I found myself “all in” moments later. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to hold off long enough to hear her hum.

“I’m gonna cum,” I announced as the waves of orgasm began to build.

“NOT INSIDE ME,” she shouted, “I’m NOT safe.”

“Let me get a taste of that.” It was Vee. She nodded at me just in case I misunderstood her meaning.

I ankara bayan escort pulled my cock out and shuffled the few steps over to Vee, who immediately took my entire cock into her mouth and face-fucked the shit out of me till I exploded into her warm, wet mouth. Given the setup, I had to close my eyes to avoid staring into BB’s eyes as Vee swallowed my load.

When she knew I was done, Vee pulled her head off my dick and immediately proclaimed, “That tasted sooo good,” looking, actually, not at me but at the source of the sauce she had just tasted, before I cracked my nut.

Emptying her wine-glass again, Vee blurted, “Isn’t anyone gonna introduce me to this gorgeous babe whose yummy snatch I just tasted all over my husband’s cock?”

“Hay-Z, Vee. Vee, Hay-Z,” I accepted the challenge, and was rewarded with my own intro to the Toronto Ball Player. Mind you — to this day, I still can’t remember his freakin’ name — Hockey’s my game.

“Well, Hay-Z,” said Vee after the usual amenities, a little more wine, and with no small number of slurred words, “it seems you’re the only one at my party who has yet to cum.”


“I could use a shower,” announced the birthday girl as she got up off the bed and caught a look at herself in the mirror. She stood there, naked as the day she was born, soaking up the three sets of eyeballs focusing on her sexiness.

The athlete shot me a smile, a head-shake, and the eyeroll equivalent of a thumbs up. It really is amazing just how quickly everyone got comfortable with the situation.

Recalling her earlier professed proclivities, I turned my attention to the other bit of pulchritude in the room, she not having recognized Vee’s obvious invitation for what it was. It seemed the exaggerated “duh” face I was making did the trick.

“Me too,” she finally blurted, jumping off the bed and moving quickly to Vee’s side. And what a sight the two of them were, standing side-by-side. Both natural beauties with gorgeous faces, great bodies, fine asses, long straight hair and, I can’t emphasize this enough — tits TO DIE FOR. And it wasn’t just us dudes enjoying the view. No way. They each gave the other the once-over more than once and made it obvious they liked what they saw.

“You guys entertain each other while we girls get cleaned up?”

“Sure,” I joked, “When you get back, we’ll all have cake and sing Happy Birthday after you blow out his freakishly large candle.”

Ignoring my awful sophomoric pun, Vee took her new girlfriend by the hand and the 2 of them disappeared through the bathroom door, which immediately closed behind them.

“Guess it’s girl’s night out for a while,” I surmised, “Hope they’ll put on a show when they get back.”

Pulling up his boxers as he stepped off the bed, BB glanced about the room, “I could use a belt.”

“Stoli good?” I was already wearing my shorts and headed for the fridge when I heard, “Fuckin’ A.”


30 minutes and half a bottle of Stoli later, he said something that made me spit out my drink.

“This is a GREAT birthday present you’re giving her.”

It came off so innocent, so nonchalant as to be almost childlike.

“Glad you approve,” I quipped, clicking my glass to his.

“No, I mean it, man. You’re taking all kinds of chances, just to make your wife happy.”

“I’ve created a fairly safe environment. I can protect her.”

“I ain’t talking that kinda safety, dude.”

“What then?”

“Put it this way: If she was my wife, I’d NEVER let her ANYWHERE NEAR a guy like me. And let her Fuck me? NO FUCKING WAY. You DIG?”

“Not sure I do. DIG, that is.”

“Alls I’m saying is that when I drill a chick, 9 times outta I get a hard to remove cling-on. Not just ’cause I’m a pro ballplayer neither. It’s the WAY I fuck em,” as he emptied another glass, “They gets this look in their face like they sees God or something.”

Pretty sure I’d seen that look. In fact, little did God’s gift to womanhood know, I had videotape of it.

“Vee and I love each other,” I began explaining, “I trust her. I’d do anything for her. I actually get off watching her fuck. If I thought our relationship was so diaphanous… “

“So what?”

“Diaphanous. Sheer. Fragile.”

“SO why didn’t you just say sheer or fragile for fuck’s sake?”

“Anyway, if I thought it WAS ____”

“Listen dude — you picked the WRONG guy to play fuck my wife with. Shit, you seem like an OK dude, so let me lay some wisdom on you. Before you got here, I fucked your wife and I fucked her GOOD. I fucked her every which way from Sunday and for a while there, she was mine for the asking. You dig? “

“I doubt __”

“You doubt SHIT. It ain’t just me having a big dick, and you KNOW I do. I fuck hard and fast and all night, no matter how many times I cum. And once I deep-dicked a chick for an hour or more, she’s mine — Period. A Jones for my sincan escort bayanlar Johnson — no shit, like my hog creams Heroin. They cum like they never cum before, and they don’t want to ever go back to just plain fucking they get from anyone else.” Then, after a dramatic pause, “Not even hubby.”

“So why are you _____”

“Like I says, I like you. And I definitely like your lady. And you’re a friend of Hay-Z, and me and her go way back — I’d kill for that chick.”

Just then, we heard some giggling and the bathroom doorknob being fiddled with.

“Just a word to the wiseman, cool?” And he gave me a wink that I think he thought was meant to mean he was letting me off the hook — THIS TIME. What fuckin’ balls.


When the two lovelies returned, they were both noticeably drunker. Still, they managed to find the menfolk sitting in the bedroom, themselves polishing off a bottle of Russian vodka. They each wore nothing but a white Plaza Hotel-inscribed towel around their waist, (the girls, that is), which somehow managed to make them even sexier. And oh those tits! Vee’s were the greatest I’d ever seen, but here were Hay-Z’s, just as great and maybe 2 cup-sizes larger. Bouncing around above the towel as she moved and laughed, they were driving me crazy.

Suddenly, without fanfare, Vee turned and kissed Hay-Z on the mouth and Hay-Z kissed her back — very enthusiastically. Each cupped the other’s amazing tits in their hands as they explored each other’s dental work with their tongues. How fucking hot!

Minutes later, Vee was guiding Hay-Z back to the bed, where she sat and laid back at Vee’s guidance. Interrupting the kissing, Vee moved her head down to the marvelous mounds before her, lightly sucking each nipple, one, then the other. Lucky girl.

I suddenly remembered I was trying to make a movie and quickly hopped into the other room to retrieve my camera. Returning to the amazing scene unfolding, I asked, “Do you ladies mind if I take a few shots?”

“I don’t mind at all,” Vee said slowly while licking in circles.

“NO. I CAN’T,” the PR pro protested.

“For our private collection ONLY, I swear. Besides — No one will recognize just your beautiful tits and snatch.”

“No Face?”

“No Face. Word of honor.” Worth a shot — I’m told I have an honest face.

As Vees mouth moved down to the valley and her hand lifted the towel to expose ground zero, I heard the words, “That’s fine,” and hit RECORD just as my somewhat drunk wife’s tongue ran across that delightful juicy pink gash.

“Niiiice,” came from Hay-Z, off-camera.

“Mmmmmm,” came from Vee. She and her slice of birthday cake were definitely center stage, and quite the picture they made. And quite the movie scene what I know will soon follow will make. I’m about to watch my sex-partner-for-life pleasure another woman with her mouth. I’d bet the farm she’d never done this before, so what she’ll do to Hay-Z is likely what she fantasizes being done to herself.

Before digging in, Vee gave me a look that asked, “You SURE you’re okay with this?”

Seems she saw my encouraging smile beneath the camera. My viewfinder now captured Vee’s left thumb and forefinger separating a luscious pair of labia lips, and her tongue travelling unhurriedly around the inner perimeter. And the sounds coming from Hay-Z were at once odd yet enticing, as she gently scratched Vees ears and cheeks with her surprisingly long nails (for a lady preferring pussy to cock).

I had to reposition myself over and over over the next 20 or so minutes as Vee thoroughly explored Hay-Z’s sugar plum with her fingers, mouth and tongue. How amazing it was to watch the mother of child gently lick, kiss, and nibble every nook and cranny and to hear the sexy response coming from off-camera.

I was so tempted to join in, perhaps licking Vee’s cootch as she licked Hay-Z’s. Better yet, grabbing one wonder-tit from one with my left hand and a wonder-tit from the other in my right. Holy shit, just the thought of comparing the 2 in my hands was making the camera shake. But it was that camera, and the manning of it to document my wife’s first, uh, gaycation, that forced me to forego my own lifelong fantasy.

At least for the moment.

Act X

“Hey, Camera-Boy — CUT!” I looked up to see the hulking ballplayer moving toward the bed. “I said CUT! Get that fuckin’ camera out of the room, dude.”

“I won’t show your fa……..”

“Fuck that. I’m not having my shit OR Hay-Z’s all over the internet. Lose it!” His tone made clear the futility of any further attempted negotiation.

“Don’t piss him off,” Hay-Z warned in a dreamy voice. Her hands were now clasped around Vee’s head, directing it about her honey pot. “You don’t want to be on his shit list… ohhh, right there, girl.” Meanwhile, her hips gyrated in sync with the circular bobbing movement of Vee’s pretty head.

Mr. Camera-shy knelt beside Vee, flapped her towel to expose her butt-cheeks, then placed his huge left hand on her ass, moving it up and down her ass-crack while reaching around with his right hand to massage her cans. He gave me a nod in Hay-Z’s direction, then glared at the camera with a scowl. Fuck.

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