My Slutty Prom Night

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I had been a pretty popular girl my first three years at high school, but I never had a boyfriend. I had guy friends, but I was always more of a ‘pal’, part of the gang. Even though I was almost a year older than many of the kids in my class, I was rather naive. I thought about boys and sex, but really had no experience.

This all changed when my tits developed dramatically over the summer before my senior year. Suddenly I felt like a woman. When I looked in the mirror I could see why all the guys were turning their heads when I walked by. I was still petite, at 5’5″ but I had the tits and ass that men can’t help but lust after. My face was pretty enough, and I had curly blonde hair that made me stand out even more.

When my manager at my summer job at the pizza place started to pay me all kind of compliments, I fell for him, even though I knew he had a girlfriend. He took my virginity in the back of the restaurant just a couple of weeks after my 18th birthday. I felt a little guilty, especially when his girlfriend would come by, but almost every day that summer I would end up in the back with him, getting fucked or on my knees as he taught be how to give a great blow job. I knew he was using me but I had learned I loved sex and was glad to get the experience with an older guy. When I think back to last summer I feel a little ashamed for willingly making myself his little slut, but I also get wet at the memory.

When school started up again, I was being tempted by several boys in the class, but decided I should settle on one. I chose Jimmy who I had known for years, but just as a friend. He was a handsome boy on the football team, easy going and charming. He wasn’t as experienced as my ex-boss, but he would fuck me in the back of his dad’s car on the weekend when he could get it, usually in the parking lot of a vacant store. It wasn’t glamorous, but we both looked forward to those nights.

When we weren’t in school or fucking we’d just hang out, go to the movies or the mall. There wasn’t that much to do in the small Texan town we were from. He liked to tease me and he made it clear I was his by keeping a hand on my ass while we walked around town. At the movies he loved to finger me, and whisper in my ear what a good slut I was, knowing I would go crazy from getting so wet and having to wait for the next time he fucked me in the car.

The year went by quickly. Our prom was coming up and I wanted it to be something special, especially because it was to fall on my birthday. Jimmy agreed he would get us a room, but the hotel refused to rent it to someone under 21. He had to ask Gary, his older brother, to get it for him. At first Gary refused, saying it was too much hassle, but I pleaded with him, pouting and telling him it was my birthday. I had known both Jimmy and Gary for years. Gary always treated my like a little sister, but I grew up with a crush on him. When Gary finally agreed I gave him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. I was finding more and more I could get boys to do what I wanted.

I got a sexy white dress for the big day. Most of my tits were exposed in the deep cut on top, and there was a long slit on each side that showed off my legs. I wore just the tiniest thong because anything else showed through on the back where the dress hugged my ass tightly. I was confident I would be the star of the show.

I was a bit disappointed when Jimmy told me that his buddy Eric would be joining us. Eric had just broken up with his girlfriend from another school so was stag for the prom. He was also on the football team and a lot of fun, but it meant the night would be less romantic. Jimmy reminded me that the early evening was always going to be with the gang, and the real fun would be later after the prom. That got me excited again.

The afternoon before the big night I put a towel under my bedroom door, opened the window and smoked some weed. I thought about actually getting to fuck Jimmy in a proper room where nobody could bother us. The closest we had come was at a house party where Jimmy had taken me to one of the bedrooms and started to play with me. Soon he had me bent over and was fucking me from behind. He hadn’t gone long before two guys from sarıyer escort the team walked in. At first I felt mortified, but when I saw the two of them gawking at me as I looked right at them, bent over with my skirt raised up and Jimmy slapping his body against me…it was actually pretty hot.

I started to play with myself and soon was lying on the bed with my legs spread. I could tell I was going to be horny all night. I looked at my dress hanging by my closet and smiled, knowing how many guys were going to be lusting after me in a few hours. The plan was to go to the prom, then a party, then the hotel.

Later, when I got to Jimmy’s his brother Gary answered the door. Gary looked me up and down in my sexy dress and let out an appreciative whistle.

“You look hot Wilson,” . Gary always called me by my last name, “Give me a twirl.”

I giggled and turned for him, happy for the attention as I slowly completed the pirouette. Jimmy and his Mom came down and his mom took pictures of us on the lawn while Jimmy teased me with ass squeezes that made me laugh.

Just then, a black limo pulled up. Jimmy had told me he couldn’t afford the limo and a hotel, but had surprised me. I gave Jimmy and big kiss, then tottered on my heels to the car. When I crawled into the back seat, I saw Eric there, looking sharp in a tux. I smiled at him, but saw he was very distracted by my tits as I bent forward to get in. This gave me a secret thrill and I took an extra moment before sitting up. Jimmy and I sat across from Eric. The boys talked about the night ahead, and Jimmy’s hand stroked my bare leg. I could see Eric was distracted as he kept looking at Jimmy’s hand. I had shaved and oiled my legs and Eric couldn’t seem to take his eyes away. I subtly shifted my leg to expose more and let Jimmy’s hand ride up further. I was already horny again by the time we got to the prom.

The two boys helped me out of the limo when we got there and I playfully took both their arms. I noticed the girls in my glass looked at us with some jealousy. After all, I looked great and was with perhaps the two hottest boys in school.

We met up with the rest of our gang. Knowing that there was no alcohol at the dance, one of the guys had brought some edibles and we all took one, ready to celebrate our last big school event. Soon we were up dancing, feeling like we were on top of the world. I could feel my tits jiggling and eyes on me, even the teachers, and I felt proud. Tonight was to be experienced and enjoyed. The girls held hands and danced in a circle, then we let the boys in. Jimmy, who didn’t like dancing, grabbed me and pulled me close and I felt the elation of a long anticipated night coming together. We slow danced through the next song while everyone else was dancing joyously, then he said he wanted to take a break and smoke some weed outside, I was too high on the excitement to join.

When Jimmy left, Eric stepped in. He watched me dance for a while and I enjoyed his eyes on me. Then he showed me he had some moves and I laughed, watching him. He pulled me close, rather like Jimmy had, and I felt my tits push against him. I giggled and he spun me, then pulled me close again. He really knew how to dance! A rap song came on and I showed Eric my twerk talents. He pushed up close and I could feel his hardness against my ass. Suddenly I felt a rush of heat going up my body. I deliberately rode my ass crack up and down along his cock, feeling so naughty doing this with the whole class around, and Jimmy just outside. When the song ended Eric took me by the hand and led me back to where Jimmy and some friends were talking. I wondered if Jimmy had seen us dancing, but he seemed in good spirits, if a little glassy eyed.

It was at this time that I realized the edibles were really kicking in. My brain was having a conversation with itself, even while I was listening to my friends talk excitedly about the night. I felt a tingle up my body from Jimmy’s hand on my ass and noticed Eric looking at me with a smirk. Impulsively I looked up at Jimmy, then went on tiptoes to give him a long kiss. It made me excited to know that everyone around was watching, sefaköy escort seeing his big hand squeeze my ass cheek.

I asked Jimmy if he wanted to dance but he said he would later. He started to talk football with his buddies. Normally I didn’t mind, but this was prom night and I was a little miffed. Eric said he’d dance and we got on the floor and danced with silly energy to a couple of songs. He was not hiding that he was admiring my body, watching my tits bounce as I jumped and it turned me on to see how much he wanted me. He asked if I wanted some fresh air and after seeing Jimmy still talking with his buddies, I agreed. I followed Eric out and we walked to a quiet area away from the entrance. There was a clear sexual tension as I stood near Eric and he once again admired my body. He lit up a joint and passed it to me. I inhaled deeply, looked at him, and on an impulse leaned up and kissed him, letting him take the smoke from me. Eric kissed me deeply as he pushed me back against the wall. I could feel his hardness against me and imagined him fucking me right there.

We were broken from the burst of passion when a girl walked near us and threw up. I looked up at Eric, suddenly feeling guilty and started to stammer. He understood and suggested we go back in.

When we got back in, I went to Jimmy right away and snuggled under his arm. Jimmy was clearly feeling no pain as he smiled down at me. Jimmy and I slow danced a couple of songs and I felt a more familiar boy’s cock push up against me. I thought of how slutty I had been over the summer but instead of shame it only made me hornier. I pushed myself against Jimmy and told him it might be best to leave right then for the hotel.

Jimmy laughed at my eagerness and assured me I would he suggested we should head to the hotel soon. I pretended to pout then saw Eric out of the corner of my eye, watching us from across the room with our friends. I smiled at him and Jimmy looked over and led me to them. They were gossiping about some of the other kids but I couldn’t stay focused. My mind was drifting back to the summer, back to the kiss Eric and I shared. Jimmy seemed to notice I was in another place so he grabbed my waist, pulled me close and kissed me hard on the lips. Eric walked up beside us and protested,

“Hey, that’s not fair, some of us don’t even have a date.”

I giggled and looked at Jimmy who laughed. Impulsively I moved to Eric and gave him a long, sweet kiss on the lips. While it was not nearly as passionate as the kiss we had shared outside, I felt naughty doing it with my boyfriend just beside me. I felt some of the same excitement I did when our friends had walked in on Jimmy and I fucking that night at the party. I turned away and cuddled back into Jimmy’s arms, but kept my eyes on Eric who was grinning greedily. I whispered into Jimmy’s ear without fully thinking through the implications.

“Eric is all alone…maybe we should…take him with us…”. I paused and was unable to read Jimmy’s reaction. “It’s my birthday…”

I looked up at Jimmy and watched him try to process the request. He looked a little alarmed for a moment, then looked down at my big eyes and seemed to melt to my will.

“Well…” he said slowly, “it is your birthday.”

Jimmy smiled and I kissed him hard.

“You’re the best Jimmy!”

We made a hasty exit to the prom, our friends and Eric all wondering why we suddenly needed to leave. Eric was even more surprised when I took his hand and simply whispered in his ear, “You come with us.”

When we got back in the limo there was a moment of awkwardness as I sat between the two boys. Jimmy then ran his hand slowly along my leg. I saw Eric lick his lips as he allowed his fingers to softly caress my other leg. I took his hand and placed above my knee then turned to Jimmy and started to make out with him. While I was kissing my boyfriend I felt Eric’s hand run up and down my bare leg, high up my thigh. I was so wet I wriggled in excitement as I kissed Jimmy passionately. Eric’s hand grazed my panties and I moaned in anticipation into Jimmy’s mouth. I turned and kissed Eric hard on the lips and he moved his şerifali escort hand to grab the back on my head.

Jimmy hand now moved up my other leg but he did not stop. His fingers slipped under my panties and soon I felt one slip inside me. I did not stop kissing Eric. I felt the wondrous mix of shame, humiliation and excitement I had felt one night over the summer when I sucked my manager’s cock while he talked to his girlfriend on the phone. I knew both Jimmy and Eric knew I was a horny slut and I loved it. I reached over and felt Jimmy’s hard cock through his pants while continuing to make out with his friend.

The limo came to a stop in front of the hotel and we all tried to get ourselves together before we got out. Jimmy tipped the driver while Eric helped me out. Once again I took both their arms as we walked to the room, but this time I felt more wicked and naughty vs. proud. Jimmy had the key his brother had gave him and opened the door for us. As soon as we got inside Jimmy took me in his arms and kissed me again, grabbing my ass. I felt like he wanted to establish that he owned me, and I was happy to confirm. He unzipped my dress and I let it fall to the ground. Now just in my frilled thong I let Jimmy admire me, feeling momentarily too shy to turn and see Eric’s reaction. Jimmy threw me on the bed and climbed on me. He kissed me hard as he pushed his cock, still inside his ants, against my pussy. When he reached to take my panties off I lifted my ass obediently.

I was now completely naked before the two clothed boys. and could feel myself dripping on to the bed. Jimmy pulled down this pants and roughly pushed himself into my wet pussy. He thrust faster than normal, almost like he was trying to push me through the bed. I was getting off on being fucked after being horny so long, but also on having Eric watch. I could see him a little between Jimmy’s thrusts and loved the feeling of being so bad.

Jimmy pulled himself out of me, pulled me up by my hair then lied on the bed then pulled my face down to his hard cock. I obligingly sucked my juices off of him. Jimmy loved the way I sucked his cock, and I was anxious to show Eric my skill. I turned to look at over my shoulder at Eric and seeing him sitting back and just watching I arched my back and little more, and wiggled my bare ass for him, making sure he could see my wet pussy and my asshole. I loved the feeling of being so free and shameless.

Eric took the hint and walked up behind me. At first he just groped my ass, but when I moaned and wiggled more he thrust a finger into me, then another. I rode his fingers while trying to make sure I didn’t miss a beat sucking Jimmy’s cock. I felt high on all the attention. Finally Eric pulled his fingers quickly pulled out his cock and easily pushed inside me. I had never experienced anything like this and felt for a moment I might black out with excitement.

Eric was no longer acting shy. He was bigger than Jimmy and as he pushed himself deep inside me I tried hard to muffle my groans with Jimmy’s cock filling my mouth.

“Are you loving being our birthday girl slut?” Jimmy asked cruelly.

I looked up at him and nodded, continuing to suck him gratefully.

“Tell me how much you love my cock inside you!” Eric taunted. I muffled and appreciative confirmation and he continued to slap his body against my ass.

Jimmy was first to cum. He pulled himself out of my mouth and shot all over my face with a wicked look in his eyes. Eric now had me to himself and he pulled my hair back as he seemed determined to push himself even deeper inside me. I was no longer trying to tone down my moans, letting myself go. I had cum several times by the time Eric shot into me, telling me what a good slut I was.

Over the next hour both boys took turns inside me, and Eric had his turn cumming all over my face. Finally, exhausted, we all fell asleep intertwined. I woke up first to some knocking, and smiled as I realized where I was and saw the two guys sleeping soundly. They looked angelic lying there, so different than they had just a few hours earlier.

I heard another knock, then rustling at the door. Suddenly I watched it swing open. Jimmy’s brother was there with a room key in his hand. He looked at the three of us, then directly into my eyes. I smiled shyly at first and he smiled back at me with a knowing look. He looked handsome as always and I bit my lip as I realized his eyes were now fixed on my bare breasts.

I smiled and motioned for him to come closer.

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