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October 24, 2004

I remember it all began when I was younger. I was about 18 years old and I used to masturbate a lot. I would lie on my stomach and rub against the floor as I flipped through girl fashion magazines. Then I after a while I began to experiment by rubbing my anus with my finger until finally I inserted my finger in. At first it felt weird feeling my finger in. But what I do love is the feeling of a Big Fat Hard Cock in my Ass.

The first experience of a foreign object in my ass was at the dorms. I lived in Los Alamitos and I had this phone that didn’t even work but it had this 4 1/2 inch long antenna that had the circumference of about my finger. We used to get High ass fuck every day. I had two roommates who got high too but not as I did. Either way, there was a weekend that both of them left home and I had the whole room to myself. I remember positioning the phone with the blankets for I could straddle it and get fucked in the ass. I was high ass fuck and I just finished the last of the jack Daniels and I began to play with my ass. I began by sucking on my finger and inserting it in my ass for lube. I also put the antenna in my mouth and began to cover it with my saliva for lubrication. When I felt it push in my Ass it was güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the most erotic and exciting thing I had ever done. It felt so fucken good as I slowly grinded on the antenna up and down, up and down. I finally cummed all over the most I ever had in my life. I

I bought my first dildo on mission at a sex shop. I was so embarrassed that I made some lame story that I asked the lady their which was a good toy to buy for two girls. I told them that they had lost a bet and that I needed to get the dildo. So my first dildo was a 6 inch soft vibe dildo. I remember that I couldn’t wait to open the package. I opened it right there in the parking lot and I sucked on it like I never sucked on anything before. That Dildo felt so good.

The next dildo I bought was from Adam eve. I bought a 7 inch white dildo with suction cup. That dildo rocked my world. Especially because I would video tape myself as I fucked the dildo in a Garter belt. I felt like a little hoe. I remember going to the garage in my house at night and just fuck the shit out of my Ass. I would dress up like a girl. I would have on a bra, matching stockings and high heels. I then got a second dildo which was much thicker and that one was a bit harder güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to fuck. He was considered Mr. Big for a long time. I would get my pillows and put a shirt on them and pretend that they are real guys. I would to pass an initiation to join their club. I remember that I got wise and bought two big pillows, the body size and use those as my new guys. The first time that I used two pillows and had my first threesome was the most erotic thing I had done till then. I would suck one guy of and be getting fucked by the other. I have all these sessions recorded.

Then I began to fist myself. It started with just a couple fingers then 3 fingers, then my fist. It would leave a Big gape whole.

Just like when I had my first interracial experience. Just like the saying goes, the bigger the better and once you go black you never go back. It is so true. When Marcus fucked me the first time and he thrusted all his cock inside me I cummed immediately.

I began to give kisses to his cock and tell it that I love it

But the biggest dildo I bought is 10 inch by 2 3/4. I knew I could fuck that king kong of a cock because I am the AssQueen. I’m a cockwhore. The day had to be right for me to bring out MR. güvenilir bahis şirketleri BIG. One day I came back from work all spun and twisted and horny ass fuck. All I could think about was that BIG Fucken Monster Dildo. It was sculptured from a real pornstar Dick. I first had to warm myself up with my other dildos and guess what?, I began to fingabang my ass with two fingers then three then four then I lubed my ass real good and my fist. Then I began to fist my self getting all horny ass I watched myself in the mirror. At last Brandon showed up hard and ready to FUCK! I slowly pushed the tip in and that was amazing. When I straddled the monster Dildo and it pushed in I couldn’t believe the pleasure. It stretched me like I had never been before. I moaned and moaned in ecstasy as the Big White Cock pushed it self all the way in. I slowly began to ride it and I lubed up again. Then finally I felt the whole Monster Dildo in my Ass. I looked in the mirror and began to fuck it faster and harder. I couldn’t stand it so I stopped riding it but didn’t dare get of it. I squeezed my ass muscles and I couldn’t move because the sensation of Brandon’s dick inside of stretching it and my god the girth made me want to cumm already. I took another hit of some shitz with him still inside of me that was it. I rode his cock for about another minute and I cummed like I had not cummed before. I slid off him with a suction noise POP! As it popped out. I still wanted more but I could still feel dick inside of me. I was stretched to the max.

My confession of a dildo addict.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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