Nakba Ch. 01

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Rana tapped her foot idly on the granite floor, listening to the sound of water rushing through the cave wall. The moon light shone through small openings in the ceiling, bathing the cave in a dull luminescence. Rana took out her pocketwatch from her gown and flipped open the lid. “Late,” she murmured to herself.

It was 12:03 in the morning, on July 11, 1948, in the hills outside the city of Ramleh. The British Mandate of Palestine was wracked in a civil war between the Jewish colonists and the native Palestinians, aided by irregulars from the Arab League. Ramleh was situated on the road between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and had thus far suffered little fighting; a Jewish force had tried to take the city two months earlier and had been repelled by the volunteer defenders. Still, late at night she could sometimes hear gunfire off towards the east, towards Jerusalem. Tonight was quiet, however. The night was cool, with a gentle wind blowing from the Mediterranean.

It was so quiet that she didn’t hear the man come up from behind her seat and clasp a hand over her mouth. At first she jumped, but then she recognized a familiar scent. With her hand she freed herself and turned towards her attacker.

“You are late, sir,” she said, a slight tinge of annoyance behind her voice.

The man smiled. Amir was a lean, built man of 20 years, born and raised on an olive farm near Ramleh. His hair hung in loose curls down to his shoulders. Rana had always envied his curls; it made her straight hair seem plain in comparison.

“I’m sorry, Rana. The rest of the defenders were training late and I had to supervise. You know I didn’t want to miss this for the world.”

Rana’s annoyance melted away. Smiling, she took his hand in hers and took him to a blanket she had carefully laid out a half hour earlier. Flowers lined each side as well as candles. Amir placed his arms around Rana’s waist. “It looks beautiful,” he said.

“This is the anniversary of our first time together,” Rana said a hand on his cheek. “It was worth all the effort.”

They seated themselves on the blanket and Rana produced a basket containing a bottle of wine and a parcel of pita spread with olive oil. Amir poured the wine as she doled out the pita between them.

“What have you been doing this past three days?” Rana asked, a question that she had anticipated asking.

Amir sighed. “At this point we’ve just been trying to put together a new strategy. Ever since the truce between the Zionists and the Arab League fell apart three days ago it’s been a mess. Rumors are flying everywhere, people say things on the radio, nobody knows what to believe.” He paused to take another sip of wine. “Some people say the Egyptians are in Haifa, some people say the Zionists are attacking Galilee. The only thing people know is that we Palestinians have to prepare for the worst.”

Rana took a bite out of her pita and paused after swallowing. “Amir, people here are scared. They have heard what the Zionists did to the villagers at Deir Yassin. They think the same thing might happen here in Ramleh and they don’t know what to do.”

Amir gazed blankly into his glass of wine, as if it had the answer to her question. Shaking his head, he upturned the sarıyer escort glass and downed the liquid. “I don’t know, Rana. It isn’t as though the Arabs have been friendly to the Jews either. We cannot count on Zionist mercy.”

Rana downed the rest of her glass, then stood and began to pace. “Why did it have to get this bad?” she said quietly, to no one in particular.

He stood and placed himself behind her, wrapping his arms around her neck. “It’s not so bad. Abu Dahlan’s goat just had three kids. I heard that one of them nearly bit one of Umm’ Atah’s fingers right off.”

Rana laughed and punched Amir in the shoulder. Sighing, she leaned against him. “I worry about you,” she admitted. “I mean, I know I’ll be fine, but I really don’t know about a weak seedling like you.”

He grinned and brushed her cheek with his fingers. “We’ll figure things out. Don’t worry.”

She pushed herself back and placed a hand on his cheek as well. Amir leaned forward and kissed her passionately. Rana’s body fell towards his as she submitted to his kiss. She could smell the sweat on his neck from his training; it excited her. She wrapped her legs around his back and pushed herself up, completely in his grasp as they hungrily kissed each other. He began to kiss down her neck and shoulders, drawing an excited gasp from her. “Oh god, I need you, Amir,” she whispered.

She dropped down to her feet and slowly pulled her straps off her gown. The loose material fell off in a blur, revealing nothing underneath except for a small garland of flowers surrounding her neck. Amir’s eyes widened, a smile across his lips.

He kissed her once more, his hands exploring her back, pushing and pulling at the flesh. She began to unbutton his uniform, her hands trembling from the excitement. But before she should get his shirt last button unfastened, Amir’s hands had found its way between her legs. She gasped from the sudden sensation and clasped her arms around his back for support. As he began to rub his hand on her sex, she squealed and began to grind against it, her head thrown back in satisfaction.

As Amir’s one hand worked, he ran his other hand through Rana’s hair. Rana loved it when he did that, as she was particularly proud of her hair. Amir’s hand found her bowtie, and he deftly undid it. Her long hair fell down in waves, washing across her back and to her waist, which was grinding faster against Amir’s hand. His hand began work faster and faster, and her curved hips matched his speed. Faster and faster they went, until he suddenly stopped.

Rana looked at him with puzzlement for a second, before his hands clasped her shoulders and she was pushed down to her knees. She gasped slightly, and then smiled to herself. His hands hurriedly removed his pants and then his undergarments, revealing his throbbing member underneath. Rana was always mesmerized by the initial sight of it- thick and wet and throbbing. She let him take her head in his hand and thrust it towards her mouth. She loved to be dominated by his strength, for her body to be used for his lust. She began to lick up and down the hard surface of his manhood, taking in his taste and scent. As she did she could feel her own sex begin esenyurt escort to throb, aroused by his dominance.

She then took his member into her mouth, thrusting herself forward as far as she could, feeling the hardness push against her throat. She opened her eyes and saw his approving lust play before his eyes; that was all she needed. She began to thrust the member in her mouth back and forth, sliding it against her tongue and sucking at it with vigor. As she did so she grasped it with one hand, moving in tandem motion with her mouth. He groaned and placed his hands on her head, grasping her hair tightly. She began to suck faster in response, encouraged by his grasp on her hair. Her lips began to go numb as his member thrust faster and faster.

Rana then felt his body suddenly stiffen and he roughly pushed his full length into her mouth. He groaned loudly as his seed rushed out of him into her mouth. She quickly swallowed as the fluid came, savoring his taste. She continued to suck on him as his seed flowed, eliciting more approving groans from him. After a while his orgasm subsided, and his seed finally stopped its issue. She then withdrew her mouth from his softening member and looked up with him with a wicked smile. A trickle of fluid had escaped down her lips onto her chin. With a finger she collected it and placed it in her mouth to suck off.

With one hand she then began to stroke him once more. Her other hand moved down towards a nipple, which she began to slowly rub with a finger. During all of this her eyes were fixated on his, a gesture which clearly had an effect. His member began to immediately harden, and before long it had returned to its fully aroused length. When she felt that he could get no harder, she stopped stroking him.

Rana then crawled to the middle of the bed she prepared, laid on her back, and splayed her legs out wide. She slowly inserted a finger into her sex, ran it around inside herself for a second, and then withdrew it. She then beckoned towards Amir with the wet finger, her juices dripping from the knuckle. His eyes widened from the carnal display and a grin crawled across his lips.

He came to her and placed his body on top of hers, his swollen member positioned across her sex. He began to grind against her, drawing a sharp breath from her from the sensation. As he continued her juices began to flow profusely, bathing his manhood in a sleek sheen. Finally she could take no more of the teasing.

“Amir,” she pleaded. “Please..”

She was cut off by his mouth locking onto hers in a passionate kiss. In one swift motion, he moved his hips off and then thrust forward, his member sliding into her wet sex with ease. A groan caught in her throat and her pelvis bucked against the penetration. They remained there, their flesh and lips united for a time. Amir then pulled his head back and gazed into her eyes.

“I am going to take you. Hard.”

Rana licked her lips, and then responded by bucking her hips and slamming back against him with all her weight. Amir accepted the gesture, and began to thrust into her with a sudden fury. She gasped from the onslaught and tried her hardest to match each blow against her hips. The sounds of avrupa yakası escort their flesh joining filled the cave around them, drowning out the sounds of the water.

Partially unbidden words escaped Rana’s lips in between animalistic grunts. “Oh yes, yes, more, Amir, more, harder, harder.” She grabbed and pulled on his buttocks in an attempt to draw him into herself more. She then wrapped his legs around his back, allowing him to penetrate even further. Rana licked at his shoulders and neck, tasting the salty sweat that was beginning to bead on his body.

He then began to slow his pace, a signal that Rana immediately picked up on. Gracefully she pivoted her body and shifted her weight. Amir followed and he was soon in a sitting position and her on top of him, his member remaining inside her the whole time. Placing her hands on his muscled abdomen for support, she began to ride him back and forth, savoring the sensation inside of her. Not quick enough for Amir, he grabbed her waist with both hands and pulled it up and crashed down against his member. Giggling at his impatience, she began to ride him with a new vigor.

As she rode him his hands began to explore her body. He ran his fingernails down her back, eliciting an approving groan from her. She then gasped with pleasure as his hands suddenly dug into the flesh on her buttocks, pulling on them to force her to ride him harder. She was so distracted by the motion that she barely had time to recognize that the sensations inside her loins had turned electric and was shooting to every corner of her body.

“Amir,” she gasped. “I’m going to..”

Amir pushed her shoulders down and removed his legs from underneath her, causing him to be on top of her once more. He began to ram into her with an insane vehemence, and she could feel in his body that he was on the same edge she was. With one hand she stroked her clitoris with at a maddening pace. With the other she grabbed his hair, pulling him into another fiery kiss. Sweat ran down their faces in rivulets, and Rana could see bulging veins marked against his neck. Their vocalizations began to grow louder and louder, until between them it sounded like one continuous scream. The electric sensations were growing stronger and stronger, and Rana could distantly feel her limbs and neck spasm involuntarily.

Then everything seemed to stop. Their eyes were locked together in an intense stare, and nothing could be seen beyond the other. Rana felt as though they were somewhere else, above their bodies, above the cave, above British Palestine, someplace…perfect.

And then she came back. Sound roared into Rana’s ears as she came. Her voice screamed, and her body spasmed wildly against Amir. Against the din of sound and sensation she could vaguely hear and see Amir’s body stiffen and his member slam fully inside her. As his seed gushed out of him into her sex she screamed and her body spasmed again once more. She could feel her eyes rolling back into her head and the juices pouring out of her sex, mixing with Amir’s seed.

Then everything went briefly dark, and all she knew was the sound of their ragged breath panting in unison. When she regained herself she could feel Amir’s wet body engulfing her own, his still-hard member inside her. Finally Amir motioned to remove himself from inside her, but was stopped by Rana’s hand on his back.

“No,” she said, her mouth dry. A tear rolled down her eye, hurriedly wiped away. She smiled through it. “I…I just want to stay like this forever.”

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