Naked, Beautiful, and Physical

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I gave up resisting her after our first adventure. I still, sometimes wondered, what she was attracted to in me. But, I knew exactly what it was in her. She had such energetic beauty! She smiled and giggled with such passion. She exercised with passion. And she had sex with such passion.

I saw sparkle in her eye when she looked at me, that I hadn’t seen in many years. And she lit that flame in my heart, that I hadn’t had for many years. I had no visions of grander. No visions of ownership, or even a relationship. We would just live with passion and desire, when the opportunity came.

Every soul, no matter how old, needs that fire in their heart. At least now and then, to feel warm and fulfilled. I hadn’t cared deeply for anyone for so long. I had dreamed of a woman with the passion that I felt now. I spent part of my days thinking about her, hoping I would get the chance to see her, or text back and forth. I felt stupid and childish again, like when I was a teen. I did things for her, that no devoted old fart, would respectably do for a woman. And surprisingly, she appreciated it, and it showed in her eyes.

Those beautiful eyes! They filled my dreams. Puppy love, I thought, and giggled to myself.

We hadn’t been together, sexually since the morning of the blow job. And to be honest, I wasn’t craving that sex again yet. It had been wonderful sex, but I seem fulfilled, just by contact with her. Maybe my old hormones were tiring out? She was intent on keeping them, and me, young, though.

She was teaching a morning class. She’d been after me to go to it for several weeks. She’d sent me and little messages about looking forward to seeing me there. Finally, on the third week, I pushed my all my other issues to the side, and got myself there. I made it through the class without needing emergency assistance. She was wonderfully warm to me during the class, although, I tried hard not to show my affection in front of others. When I got done, and was walking out, she laid her hand on my shoulder, and said. “See you soon, hon.” I think I blushed. I hope nobody noticed. I drove home smiling like a butcher’s dog!

When I got home, I went straight to my bedroom, through off my sweaty clothes, and headed into the shower. My muscles were feeling the workout already. I was glad she got me there. I got the shower nice and warm, eased in, quickly lathered up, and washed my body. Then I just stood under the shower, letting it massage me.

I had my head back, with the water running over the top, when she snuck in. I didn’t hear or see the shower door slide open. Her soapy hands on my chest scared the living daylights out of me!

“Oh, Jesus!” I said, when I caught myself and opened my eyes.

“No.” She said, calmly. “Just me, Reagan.”

I melted at the sight of her smile. I reached and pulled her into me in a big hug. The water ran over us.

“I needed a shower!” She said, as we separated. “And you were turning me on during class.”

“Ha ha ha…” I laughed. “I hope so.” I added.

“Scrub my back” she ordered, smiling and turning her back to me.

“Get in here and get wet.” I said, sliding beside her to the back of the shower. My growing manhood brushed her hips and stomach, as I did. She smiled and rolled her eyes. She put her kadıköy escort head under the stream and let the water cascade over her shoulders and down her back

I grabbed the bottle of body wash, squirted some in my hand, and on her back. I rubbed it in, feeling and visually memorizing every inch of her body. I may never get enough time to get to know her body, but I was going to try. Her skin was pinkish white with some of the freckles of a redhead. It was so soft, but underneath, her muscle tone was hard and with definition.

I lathered her firmly, like a massage, and added some light caressing, hunting for her sensitivities. She moaned quietly. I ran my fingers down her spine, down into the crack of her gorgeous buttocks. I pulled them away, teasingly, just before I got to her anus.

I cupped each cheek, and started up her sides, gripping firmly with my big hands around her small frame. She flexed her butt muscles. The skin over her muscles tightened. I laughed and ran my hands down feeling it as she flexed and unflexed. I felt down again, massaging into her muscular thighs, then gently, caressing up, touching her pussy lips and anus. She shivered as I did that.

“You’re awesome, Reagan.” I whispered, kissing her shoulders and neck. “Your body is amazing.”

“I feel that way when you touch me.” She whispered back. “You make me feel so sexy, when your hands are on me.” She explained. “I can feel the love in your touch.”

My heart thumped in my chest. I was amazed she felt that way. It explains so much of how I felt, and what there was between us.

She stepped around, so she was facing me. She snuggled up tight against me, rubbing her wet skin against mine, and put her arms around my neck. She reached up and kissed me, deeply, and passionately. I rubbed her back firmly, holding her in.

When she released, she smiled, and backed away a little. She grabbed the bottle body wash, squirted a big dab out on to her chest and said. “Wanna do my front?”

“Hell, yeah!” I said, cupping the dab of soap in both hands. I rubbed it over her chest, squeezing her breasts. Her nipples responded with the awesome puffy swelling I had loved so much when we were together before. I squeezed them between my fingers. They went from light pale pink, to a deeper pink, almost red. The shower was giving me the chance to really see her body. I wanted to touch and caress every inch of it.

I got some more soap, and lathered her shoulders, arms, breasts, and stomach, again. Another squirt rubbed between my hands, I gently rubbed it into her hips and upper thighs, then up slowly through the puffy lips of her gorgeous pink vagina. I rubbed and teased gently, making sure I hit her clit with each stroke. She quivered and buckled a little as I kept going. She reached down and gripped my now throbbing penis, and stroked it slippery with soap and water.

“Maybe it’s time we moved to your bed?” she suggested.

“Not till I do your hair.” I countered, laughing.

She smiled, as she knew it was just a tease to draw things out. She was ready, but she shook her head, happily. I grabbed the shampoo and lathered her hair. It was long. Much longer than I had ever realized when she wore it in ponytails and clipped. I lathered, and üsküdar escort stroked, leaving it fall below the middle of her back. I reached around and took the shower nozzle and hose. I sprayed her hair clean. It gleamed a beautiful strawberry blonde under the clean water. I stroked and played with it a bit more, enjoying every touch.

I was fully erect and ready for play time. I teased her some more, bending down, and sliding it between her legs, and up against her pussy lips.

“That’s enough!” She said, bluntly. “Let’s go.”

She slid the shower door open, aggressively, and grabbed a towel. She jumped out, and handed one back into me. I stepped out, and started drying off, while watching her. She was so beautiful naked.

She dried off quickly. I was taking my time, when she suddenly dropped her towel to the bathroom floor, grabbed me, firmly, by my erect cock, and led me out of the bathroom. I giggled, feeling like a dog on a leash. I threw my towel back in and onto the floor, as we exited.

She ran me right into the bedroom and practically threw me onto the bed. I rolled onto my back. She was on me in seconds, straddling, and lining me up for entry. She lowered, and slid it in, deep, with two little lifts, to get it fit properly.

She was hot, inside, and so tight! She started rocking. I could feel her tightening and easing off with her muscles, down there. She was perfectly fit in every spot. She put her hands on my chest, balancing, lifted one leg, and then the other, so she was squatting over me. She started squats!

Up and down she went. Her butt cheeks and groin smacked against my thighs each time she landed. Her super tight pussy sucked my foreskin up with each time she lifted. Several times, she lifted clear off my cock, but somehow, hit perfect on the way down. It slid into her sopping wet pussy, full depth. Her breathing got labored after 25 reps or so, but she was just getting her rhythm. I was groaning and grunting each time she hit home.

At 50, she started slowing down, but I was catching her rhythm, and driving up into her.

“Squats and abs.” She joked, in between breaths.

“You’re really giving me a workout today!” I grunted out.

She nodded. “Oh God! Your thick cock feels so good!”

“Your tight pussy feels even better.” I argued.

She laughed, and kept squatting. I wondered if she’d stop? About 125 I’d had enough. I grabbed her by the arms and rolled her onto her back. Me on top, still deep inside her, with my hips rotating. I started getting my rhythm in and out.

“I want to make you come!” I whispered.

“I will, babe.” She said assuredly.

“May I try something on you?” I asked.

“I guess…” She said a bit timidly.

I laughed a little. I pushed deep inside her, and held it there. I stretched and reached in my nightstand. She grunted, as I shifted, pulling her with me. I pulled a shiny silver bullet, with wire and battery pack, out and laid it on the bed.

“No man should be intimidated by a little vibratory assistance!” I joked. I grabbed the little egg, put in my mouth, and pulled it out, covered in my spit. I put it in her hand and said. “Put that on your little love button.”

She giggled, and still looked a tad confused, tuzla escort but did as I said, and held it down between our groins. I turned it on. It buzzed to attention. She left out a squeal and a gasp.

“Oh, Jesus!” She said, holding her mouth open, and her eyes wide, staring straight up at the ceiling. She squirmed, as it started taking effect. I started stroking, slowly, and deep.

“Oh my God… does that feel… awesome!” She moaned, and gasped. “I never…”

“Never?” I asked.

“Not like this!” She said. “I tried vibrator before, but it was shaped like a cylinder, and went inside…” She gasped in between. “Not as powerful… not as nice…” She trailed.

I stroked some more, slowly. Mostly, trying to hold deep inside her. I wanted her to come hard. I wanted to watch her come hard.

She started swallowing and gritting her teeth. “Oh… Oh…” She drew it out. “I’m going to come.” She gasped, almost inaudibly.

Her left leg tightened, pulling me into her. Her right straightened out, stretching. I looked down. Her muscles were taught. She started quivering. Her free hand gripped my bicep like a clamp. Her head stretched back, with her neck muscles tight.

I stroked in and out, a little faster, as she continued to come. I was feeling it. The excitement of seeing her come, raised my sensitivity, and got me close to the edge. I went faster. She squirmed and quivered a little more.

“I’m going to come.” I whispered to her. I got over that edge and pulled out. She was breathing again under me. She looked down, watching me, throbbing and twitching. I kneeled and lifted over her belly.

It started the squirt. She watched it pump and shoot several big shots, then grabbed it firmly around the shaft. She stroked and tickled under the head trying to get more. When it finished, she played in the puddles on her stomach and chest. She wet her finger in a big glob, then rubbed it around gently on her little pink nipple. It responded to her touch, swelling up hard. She did the same with the other nipple.

“Now kiss them!” She teased, squeezing her little boobs in a bunch, and pointing them up at me. I lowered, and kneeled over her. Her eyes got big. I don’t think she expected me to do it. I lowered my lips and gently took one in, sucking firmly. Then I swirled my tongue around in the shiny glaze. I nibbled, and moved to the other.

“Oh my God!” She whispered. “The things you’ll do for me! And to me!” She added. “Nobody has ever done before.” She scrunched up and kissed me passionately, getting her own taste of semen. She licked her lips. “You have so much…creativity in bed.” She added. “It’s like going on an adventure every time I’m with you.”

I smiled and laughed. “I want every time to be a new experience.” I explained. “it’s just the way I’ve always been.”

“Teach me.” She blurted out. “Teach me about everything. I want to be good at it!”

“You’re already good at it.” I laughed. “You have passion, and aggression, and so much desire.”

She looked at me with those loving eyes, again. It melted me.

“That’s because it’s you.” She said, lovingly. “You make me feel beautiful, and sexy, and comfortable. You welcome what I really am, and you love it.” She added.

I realized she said the L word and smiled. “Yes!” I said. “I love it.”

She giggled. “I love what you do, too.”

She avoided actually saying she loved me. And I did too. But it was enough for me.

“Teach me anyhow.” She whispered. “I want to know more. I want to do more.”

“Yes, hon. We will.” I answered.

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