Naked Weekend Pt. 03

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The next morning I woke up to the smell of coffee brewing. I also heard a car door close and an engine start outside. I slid out of bed and made my way to the bathroom. I washed off my face and brushed my teeth. I made my way down the hall to the kitchen where a very naked Carol was setting on a towel, in a chair, at the table having coffee. “Good morning, stud,” she said with a big smile. “How did you sleep?” I replied that I had slept very, very well.

“So did we.” She said with a wink as she poured me a cup of coffee.

“Where is Bob?” I asked.

“Oh, he just left for a bit. He had to run to the store to pick up a few things.” I slipped into a chair and gratefully took a sip of the black coffee she had poured me.

After a few minutes of small talk and coffee, Carol shifted to conversation. “You know, you about wore Bob out.” He doesn’t get to have sex with very many men. So many men in the Swinging Lifestyle are timid to admit they are bi. You seem to just slip back and forth and be very comfortable with yourself. That is both refreshing and sexy.”

“I just like to go with what feels good and try not to worry about labels,” I replied.

“Wanna hear something you might find interesting”, Carol asked. She had dropped her voice just a notch and had a slight smile like she was about to share some deep secret with me. “One of our favorite ways to start a day is for me to wake Bob up with a hand job.” He really enjoys them and I love the feel of his cock in my hand and the sense of control it gives me. He doesn’t get to come until I finish him. Most times I will talk to him while I stroke. Tell him a story or something to help get him really hard and horny. This morning I talked to him about you. I described the sight of your cock thrusting in his ass. It certainly had the desired effect.”

She continued, “His cock got so hard and he started to moan.” “I just kept a steady stroking no matter how much he pleaded with me to speed up.” “But I may have kurtköy escort done too good of a job.” When he shot off, it was pretty intense.” “It may be a while before he can get a good hard on.”

Carol’s gaze was becoming more intent as she talked, “Now normally after I jack him off, he gets up and goes to work and I take my orgasm in my own hands. But this morning I just didn’t feel it. I was, am, horny but I wanted more than my own fingers. That’s why I am sitting on this towel. My pussy has been dripping ever since I woke up.”

Carol knew exactly what she was doing. My cock had gone from passive to straining as I listen to her. She continued, “As I was stroking and talking to Bob, I was remembering how wonderful your cock felt in my pussy. How it seemed to be just a perfect fit. I could feel your dick rubbing against the walls of my pussy.”

She stood up and put one foot on the seat of her chair. “Here, feel for yourself” I reached over and slipped a finger into her dripping wet vagina. She really was soaked. “So what do you say, stud? Wanna help a girl out?”

I stood up and my hard cock sprang into view. She looked at it and let out a deep breath. She reached over and took hold of my cock and proceeded to lead me down the hall to my bedroom. When we got there, she sat on the edge of the bed and guided my cock into her mouth. While Bob was a good cocksucker, Carol was a master of the art. She moved her lips up and down my dick while she gently toyed with my balls with one hand. After a few minutes of this, I decided to reverse the situation.

I stepped back and pulled out of her mouth. I reached down and lifted her legs up which forced her to recline on her back. I then knelt down on the floor with her legs draped over my shoulders and moved my face slowly towards her pussy. I extended my tongue and gave a few soft, slow licks from the bottom of her crack up to her swollen clitoris. This caused her to gasp and groan. She tightened her grip on the sheets. malatya escort Where she had been wet before, she was now almost flooding.

I peeled her lips gently apart and moved in to lick her open pussy. After a few minutes of this, I inserted two fingers about one knuckle deep and gently massaged the first inch inside her pulsating vaginal muscle. While doing this, I began a slow, soft circular motion around her clit with my tongue. Now she was slapping her hands on the bed and making incoherent noises while raising and dropping her head.

After several minutes, I finally placed the tip of my tongue directly on her clit and worked it up and down softly. Finally, she sat half way up and let loose an orgasm that appeared to rock her entire being. Her orgasm lasted for well over a minute until she reached down and pushed my head away while gasping “No more! Stop! Please! You are going to kill me.”

I stopped and pulled back. She collapsed in a wet heap on her back. I allowed her just a moment to catch her breath before I slipped between her legs on my knees. Even though my cock is thick. I had no trouble slipping right into her and sinking to the bottom of her pussy. With her legs spread open, wide and raised, I began to thrust in and out of her pussy. She was now on an almost nonstop orgasm ride. She started cumming within a couple of minutes of my entry. And as soon as one orgasm subsided, another seemed to start. She was thrashing about under me groaning, gasping and yelling.

After about a half hour, I suddenly had a thought. I remembered what she had described while sitting at the kitchen table. She had talked about my cock fucking Bob’s ass. I pulled out of her pussy and turned her over on her knees. I pulled her back to the edge of the bed so I could stand behind her. I retrieved the bottle of lube that had been left on the nightstand last night. I coated my cock and put a generous amount on her little brown hole. As she looked over her shoulder at me with kayseri escort her mouth wide open and breathing rapidly, I placed the head of hard dick at the entrance to her ass. As I begin to push into her I saw the look in her eye. This was exactly what she had been wanting.

I pushed the entire length of my cock into her very tight ass. She offered no resistance but I went easy initially to prevent hurting her. After a few slow in and out strokes, I began to increase my speed. She was totally in another world now. She was rolling her head back and forth and uttering noises more than words. Her ass opened up around my cock as I plowed deep and steady into her. Finally, she built to one final, powerful orgasm in her anal canal. When she came, she launched herself forward, off my cock and onto her stomach. She lay there gasping for air.

When she was finally able to speak, she said “Oh. My. GAWD!” It has been a long time since I have felt anything that intense.” “Oh, shit.” “I am afraid I am wrecked.” I stood there for a couple of minutes and then I made my way down to the bathroom. I got into the shower and let the warm water wash over me. After I had a good soapy shower, I got out and dried off. This time I wrapped a towel around my waist as I made my way to the kitchen. Bob and Carol were both there. Carol smiled broadly and said “Your coffee got cold. Have a fresh cup.” I gratefully took it and sipped the rich brew.

I have no idea if Bob knew what had transpired while he was gone or not. (I suspect he did know.) Nothing was said and later we made our way back to the pool to soak up some sun and jump in the water to refresh. Over the course of the afternoon several people stopped by and chatted and visited with us. I was treated to the sight of a large number of naked people. All of them without a trace of embarrassment.

Later that afternoon we said our “see you laters” and I left for home. Bob and Carol put the word out that I was a decent, respectful guy and I was accepted into the local Swinging community. I was invited to parties and private gatherings or to play with some couples who wanted another male.

It was the beginning of a very interesting and fun time of my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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