Nature Lovers

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My cock twitched when I saw her shyly arrive at the college’s hiking club meeting. I made my way over to her and felt sparks fly between us as I introduced myself. Over the following weeks, we got to know each other a bit and soon she had agreed to join me on a hike to my favorite picnic spot in the nearby mountains.

On the morning of our hike I packed a picnic lunch and went to get her. She was dressed just as I had fantasized she would be; a light cotton blouse open at the neck, hiking shorts, boots, and a ribbon tying her hair in a ponytail. As we drove to the trailhead we talked and laughed. Her hair and eyes glittered in the sunshine. Her bare smooth thighs tempted me to touch them, and I had to struggle to keep both hands on the wheel. The breeze ruffled her blouse and I was granted several discreet glimpses inside. Her breasts were perfect smooth mounds requiring no support and jiggling delightfully as we neared the trailhead on a dirt road. Once at the trailhead, I slung my pack on my back and off we went up the trail; enjoying the whisper of the breeze, the songs of birds, and each other’s company. I watched her legs flexing lithely as we hiked; her shorts shaped her ass perfectly and again I had to work to control myself.

After an hour we emerged from the woods into a small meadow. She said it was the most beautiful sight she’d ever seen; I said it was mine too… until I had met her. I took her in my arms, she put her arms around my kadıköy escort neck and we met in our first kiss. Soon our tongues were entwined as I explored her body. We broke our kiss and gazed into each other’s eyes. I reached forward to undo the few remaining buttons that still held her blouse closed and she let me. She let the blouse fall to the grass and her lovely breasts were finally revealed fully to my view; they were even more exquisite than the earlier stolen glimpses had shown. They were just larger than handfuls, perky and firm, the skin smooth and unblemished. Her nipples were stiff little pencil erasers and I caressed them gently, causing her to coo softly.

We kissed again; somehow even more heatedly than before. I put her blouse in my backpack and led her by the hand to one end of the meadow where a small waterfall fell into a pool before wending its way across the meadow. Arriving at the pool, I began spreading our picnic and suggested she try the water. She didn’t hesitate in removing her boots and socks; then teasingly undid her shorts and slid them slowly to the grass. She wore no panties, so she then dove right into the water.

By the time the picnic was set, she was laying on the blanket, sunning herself to dry off as the breeze wafted over her. As I removed my clothes, I studied her naked beauty. Her breasts stood out proud upon her chest. Her belly was smooth and flat, rising gently as she breathed üsküdar escort contentedly. Her long, lean legs shone in the noonday sun. Peeking from between her silky thighs, unmarred by hair and tan lines, her pussy gleamed invitingly. Just a hint of inner labia protruded and glistened with moisture, catching the delicate rays of the sun.

When I opened the wine she sat up crossed-legged; completely unselfconscious and comfortable with her nudity. I handed her a glass of wine and we enjoyed our lunch together. For dessert I had brought strawberries. I moved close to her, dipped a strawberry in my wine, and fed it to her. We fed each other strawberries for a few minutes; then I rubbed one on her nipples and sucked the juice off. She moaned softly at the sensation. I moved the strawberry to her navel, squeezed some strawberry juice into it, and licked it up.

I moved lower still and rubbed her clit with a strawberry; she seemed to enjoy that quite a bit so I alternated between rubbing and sucking her clit for a while before diving in as if to devour her pussy whole. Before long I felt the delicious sensations of her rubbing a strawberry around my cockhead and along my shaft. Soon I felt her warm mouth engulf me and I nearly came right then. I resumed eating her pussy while she worked my cock in and out of her mouth. At times she rubbed me with a strawberry, at others she drizzled my cock with wine. By then I had two tuzla escort fingers in her pussy as I lapped and sucked on her clit. We were both nearing climax and her jaw went slack. She took my cock from her mouth and aimed it toward her tits. Her orgasm struck, she gripped my cock tight, her hand jerked rapidly as she shuddered, and I came forcefully, splattering her tits and belly. I rolled onto my back to catch my breath as we gently stroked each other lovingly.

After that we cleaned up in the water and resumed our kissing and caressing. Her breasts were mashed hard against my chest and my erect cock was perilously close to her pussy. She started rubbing her slit along my cock and I took that as permission to enter her. The water made the task difficult, but it was something we both wanted so we took it slow and before long she was fully impaled on my cock with her legs wrapped around my waist. We made love like that slowly, gently, relishing the sensations of our newfound love for several minutes.

I carried her out to the blanket and we resumed our love-making with her riding on top. She slowly stroked up and down on my cock. I watched her face contort as waves of pleasure coursed through her body. I reached up and caressed her breasts, tweaking her nipples. She covered my hands with hers and I supported her weight on my arms. Our coupling built to a crescendo and I shot my load deep inside her as she convulsed through a powerful orgasm. She flopped, heaving, upon my chest and I clutched her to me. We kissed and caught our breath.

All too soon it was time to go. Reluctantly, we dressed and repacked our things. We hiked back to the trailhead hand-in-hand and headed back to campus. Many years of happy outings followed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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