Neighbourly Surprise Ch. 02

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Bertie is an old fellow and has lived alone for over 20 years. His full name is Bertrand but who would use such a name these days? Since his divorce, he’s had a number of women friends and two serious relationships which didn’t work. Some years back, that is, and nothing lasting. Bertie lives in an apartment in an outer London borough. There are four apartments in a converted Georgian house: one on each floor of a superb building from 1804. No lift [elevator] of course so Bertie is glad to live on the ground floor.

Now, at the age of 62, he’s given up on the idea of finding female companionship and certainly any form of sexual closeness. After all, which woman would take seriously any approach from him for deep intimacy, let alone full-scale fucking, oral and anal sex. Younger woman would think him “past it” and a woman of his own age has probably lost her sex drive anyway. Even so, Bertie keeps himself as fit as he can. He goes walking each day for at least 30 minutes in fine weather, and he has an exercise cycle on which he pedals for 15 minutes morning and evening.

One evening, just as he finished his cycling, his door bell rang and he looked through the spy-scope to see who it was. He was still in his “skimpies”: a sleeveless zippered Neoprene shoulder-to-hips man-body shaper under his polo shirt, and tight Lycra compression shorts.

“Kathy, I’m still in my exercise gear, so don’t be alarmed. OK?” he said while stretching his neck round the door partly open. They both giggled as he swung the door fully open. She came in and he closed the door as she walked through to his living room.

Kathy is a young woman of perhaps age 32, and a “career girl” manager with a famous London store: not married or even a steady man-friend, so far as Bertie knew; although an attractive woman with nice figure and sprightly walk. Sometimes, they held each other’s door keys when away on holiday or, in Kathy’s case, attending business events out of town. They looked into each other’s apartments every few days to make sure there was no problem. You know; water leaks, fridge still working, the pile of mail behind the door, that kind of thing. They trusted each other totally.

Kathy explained, “I’m expecting a parcel delivered tomorrow. Will you be at home, or shall I leave a redirection for it?”

“That’s fine. I’ll be here, so they’ll try my bell as usual,” he replied.

“Thank you, Bertie. You’re looking very fit,” she said suddenly, “I wish other men would take so much effort to keep in shape and healthy, like you do,”.

Bertie was taken aback: unsure how to respond. It was many years since a woman had said such a thing to him.

He blurted out, ” Thank you. I do try to keep healthy and fit although, to be honest, I wonder why sometimes. You’re the first person to notice for many, many years. Kathy, you’re a beautiful young woman. I don’t expect to get such compliments,” and he laughed softly while looking into her eyes.

Suddenly, and to Bertie’s surprise, she reached out her hand and laid it gently on his chest.

“Ooh, that feels nice and firm, Bertie.” He didn’t say anything to explain the firm body compression he was wearing. He was conscious of an excitement at the feel of her hand on him.

Next, she reached her other hand to his biceps, at the edge of the polo-shirt sleeve, “And that feels strong, Bertie.”

To his greater surprise she looked up into his eyes and said out of the blue, “Please hold me Bertie, with your strong arms. Please.”

Bertie saw that there was a little moisture in her eyes; not tears but a glisten. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to him while she held onto him round his waist. He could feel the pressure and swell of her breasts against his ribs and also the swelling of his starting erection against her belly. It was some years since he had experienced such a spontaneous erection and he wondered what would happen next.

Kathy had her head against his chest, turned to one side. She spoke softly, “Bertie, I’m so lonely. You’re such a nice man and I trust you to be good to me.”

Bertie wondered where her conversation was leading. She lifted her head off his chest kartal escort but kept a firm hold round his waist; and looked up into his eyes, “Will you make love to me?”

He said, uncertainly, “Kathy, I would be so happy to spend time with you.”

In fact, he was thinking to himself; Can I still do this? Will my erection be any good? Will she be disappointed?

Before he had finished questioning himself, Kathy spoke again, “Please, now. Can we use your bed? Please.”

The suddenness of her suggestion surprised but also delighted him. After all, would his erection return if they delayed? By now it was raging inside his compression shorts.

They relaxed their hold on each other and Bertie led her through to his double bed. It didn’t matter that he had not made it tidy.

Kathy lifted her lightweight top, to take it over her head and Bertie watched her, keeping very close and helping her at the moment it passed over her shoulders. He was surprised and excited to see that she was wearing a proper bra. Not a flimsy lacy thing that seemed to be much in fashion these days. It was a full length boned and wired bra, into her waist and with wide straps over her shoulders. This was the kind of bra that has excited him in years gone by; when he was last sexually active.

Before removing any more of her own clothes, Kathy reached down to the edge of his polo shirt and lifted it. He helped her while wondering what she would think about the zippered Neoprene compression vest. He need not to have worried. As she got the polo shirt over his head, she pressed her hands on the vest and looked up into his face.

“I like rubber clothes very much. How nicely this holds you. Please leave it on,” she pressed her face to the garment and sniffed at the latex-like aroma; and ran a finger nail down the zipper.

Then she did something that really surprised and pleased him; she put her hand down to cup his erection and testicles in her palm and fingers, through the tight shorts.. She squeezed just a little and lingered over the length of his erection..

They both leaned down to remove their remaining clothes. Bertie took off the compression shorts and revealed his curved but stiff erection; and Kathy noticed it with a smile into his eyes. She took off her tracksuit bottoms and he saw with more excitement and approval that she was wearing a long-leg body shaper that reached from the bottom of the bra to her knees. She struggled to remove it, leaving the bra in place.

So there they were. He dressed only in his rubbery shoulder-chest-waist shaper, holding him inside its zippered tightness. She in her longline bra, digging into her waist and holding her breasts like firm cones, pointing straight ahead. Kathy took his hand and pressed it to her groin and then pushed it down to her labia. They were both excited; he stiff and she wet. He held his hand there, between her labia, and slowly moved from side to side; massaging her opening and her clitoris. She was no longer moist; she was dripping wet onto his fingers.

It was all happening quickly from Bertie’s point of view and he was hesitant over what to do next. But Kathy took the initiative, as if in recognition of his uncertainty. She faced the bed, kneeled on the edge of the mattress and opened her legs a little. With her head on the mattress, she reached round and parted her labia to show the glistening opening to her vagina. It was ready. She was ready, without any further stimulation from Bertie and he positioned himself to enter her as she held herself open for him.

It was then that Bertie saw something unexpected between her buttock cheeks. It was a jewel of some sort, lodged between the mounds of flesh. He touched it and Kathy spoke, “Leave that. It’s special. Leave it for now.” And so he did.

Shagging slowly in and out, back and forth, Bertrie held Kathy’s hips and into her waist as he felt his unexpected erection rubbing through her muscles. She felt wonderful to him and he was worried now about coming to climax too soon. After all, she wanted more than a two-minute fuck. He slowed down and held himself deep kaynarca escort inside her, pressing against her cervix or something. Kathy put her head down on the bed again and reached under herself with one hand, to massage her own clitoris with a rhythmic cycling movement. As Bertie stood still, deep inside her, she came to a quiet but shuddering orgasm in just a minute or so.

“Mmm,” she mewed as her leg and torso muscles tensed. Bertie surmised that she had been waiting for this for a long time; maybe weeks and months. Still he daren’t move for fear of bringing on his own climax.

After a few moments of relaxation, Kathy seemed to sense his caution, and leaned forward to take herself slowly off his erection. She turned half round and lay down on the bed, on his pillow, facing him and parted her legs again. And parted her labia as before. For the first time, Bertie saw her body full length and available to him.

She smiled into his eyes and spoke softly, “So-o-o nice. Thank you. Do what you want with me.”

Bertie leaned down and kissed her briefly on her lips, and strode gently across her; resting between her splayed legs. At that moment he realised the fetish nature of their encounter. Kathy ran her hands over his compressed torso and down the zipper. He let his chest rest on her long bra and revelled in the firmness and the control of her breasts against his skin. His erection took new strength and Kathy’s eyes opened wide as she felt at him and then smelled at the aroma on her hands.

Bertie raised himself on his hands either side of head and Kathy guided his erection into her open labia; and into the depths of her vagina. He resumed his slow and deliberate shagging; still not wanting to ejaculate yet. Kathy held onto his chest, tugging and pushing at his tight-held body, so that she could gain deeper penetration.

As Bertie could feel his climax growing, Kathy sensed it and moved one hand to her clitoris again. He shagged with increasing speed and she massaged in time until, as a surprise to them both, then reached orgasm almost together. Kathy first and Bertie a few seconds later. It was the first time for him in years to shoot his semen into a woman. He collapsed onto her, feeling the boned bra against him again, and her hands wandering over his shoulders and his back.

They relaxed together as Bertie rolled off her, and they held each other in a haze of pleasure and closeness. He knew that she didn’t love him but it didn’t matter. They had pleased each other and had that special understanding. They continued to move their hands over each other, and especially over the clothing that had excited them both. Bertie cupped her breasts through the firm bra and played with his fingers over the panels and the bones down the front and the sides. Kathy played with the rubbery edges of his compression suit and pressed her knuckles into his groin, before clutching gently at his “package.” They smiled to each other and rubbed their faces together, with just a tentative kiss from time to time.

After some time., maybe half an hour, Kathy pushed his hand down to her groin again and into her labia, which he interpreted to mean he wanted more stimulation. He complied and moved his middle finger side to side on her clitoris, amongst the dampness on her pubic hairs and also the greater wetness of his leaking semen. Kathy’s hands held his face against her breasts inside the bra; and her orgasm grew to another gentle explosion in two or three minutes. Once more, Bertie realised her pent-up sexual frustration that was now being released.

Bertie found his erection stirring again and he hoped it would grow to a proper size. Kathy sensed the stirring and reached down to work on him with her hands. With a deft movement, she raised herself from the bed and leaned over him, to take the starting erection into her mouth. She sucked and pulled on him, and tried a swallow or two to give him the best stimulation she could. To their satisfaction, he grew until he had another full erection and she smiled into his eyes. He wondered what would happen next but she was in charge.

Kathy kozyatağı escort rolled over again, lying face down and reached back to open her buttocks, to present her anus to him; and the big jewel

“Pull this out of me slowly. Please. Do you have a tissue handy?” she asked

Bertie reached a facial tissue from the box on the floor at his side of the bed, and gripped the jewel. Slowly and with a little twisting, he pulled it from her rectum and was alarmed at what was revealed. It was made in stainless steel, about 5 inches long and with a teardrop shaped bulb at the end of a stalk. That bulb was about 3 inches across, he guessed, as it came away with no trace of poop. Just some creamy stuff which he assumed was a lubricant. Then he knew that Kathy had come to him hoping and expecting this intimacy and his discovery of her plug. Otherwise, why should she clean out her rectum and insert this plug with fresh lubricant? He wrapped it in the tissue and laid it to one side, under the other pillow on the bed.

“Do you have any oil or cream?” she asked quietly, although there seemed plenty of lubricant left from the plug.

“Hmm,” Bertie mused, “and then reached to one side, to open the top drawer of his low bedside chest. Inside was a small tube of Vaseline, which he thought might be too sticky; but there was also a little bottle of a gentle moisturiser, which he used on his heels and other hard skin areas. It was in the drawer because it didn’t work very well on hard skin, but now it seemed a good option, so he took it out and spread a blob on Kathy’s sphincter. She pressed it inside a short distance and around her flesh.

Kathy placed her legs together. Bertie strode over her with one leg either side of hers and positioned himself against her buttocks. She reached back and held her globes open again, so that he could see his target. Slowly, as he remembered from many years before, he placed his bulb on the sphincter and pressed gently. Kathy pushed out and he passed into her easily. After that it was a matter of getting more of his erection into her bowels. He was not in a hurry and was relaxed now, believing that his erection would not disappear.

Kathy ran a hand down her front, under her body, and played on herself again as Bertie shagged her intestines. She came first again, this time to a more noisy and shuddering orgasm. He moved back and forth with increasing pace until he emptied himself again into her body. He thought to himself, “Twice in one evening? Wow. Not for years.”

After that, they relaxed once more. Kathy kept one hand on his “package” as it shrank in its detumescence. Bertie kept one hand on her bra front, between her contained breasts, and the other on her waist, when the bra cuff dug and shaped her figure.

“You’re a sweet man. Thank you for the pleasure,” she said to him half in a doze, “I hope you’re not shocked or worried about anything.”

“Kathy, I should thank you for bringing so much pleasure to an old man. You’re lovely and sexy. Kind and exciting at the same time,” he responded.

She pressed her forefinger against his lips, “Shush now. You don’t need ever to thank me. Let’s just be happy with what we enjoyed. I was worried you would reject me.”

Bertie did have a little concern that he’d had unprotected sex with a woman he didn’t really know. Andin her rectum also. This was the kind of sex everyone warned against.

“At my age, I should worry?” he thought to himself although he had a little worry for Kathy.

Kathy stayed for the rest of the night, until she needed to awake and get ready for work at the early hour of 6am. Bertie unhooked the long bra, a little sweat-soiled by then, and for a moment she invited him to cup both her naked breasts in his hands. Just for a few seconds. In return, she unzipped the Neoprene shaper, undid the row of hooks inside, and helped Bertie out of it; rather sweaty on the inside and leaving its marks on his skin. They had separate showers and she washed the jewelled plug before putting it into her pocket as he left.

There was no talk between them about further sex or even of future intimacy of any kind. They kissed in an innocent way; just lips touching; no open mouths or tongues. It had been and was an occasion for two friends to relax in the knowledge that they knew how to enjoy each other. There was no promise of another meeting except as neighbours; and neither of them was worried or regretful. It had been a delightful time together and they would both remember it.

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