Net Love Ch. 2

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After our first initial meeting we settled in to what would be for me, a very tiring weekend. For us meeting for the first time, we acted like we had known each other all our lives. Lynda turned out to be a very intelligent woman. She was a good conversationalist and always knew how to keep me happy.

When we finished our get to know one another meeting she got up to take a shower. With a coy look, Lynda bent her finger at me to follow her. I did just that and followed her into the shower. The shower was a bit cramped for the both of us. Being that we were not small people, but it only made it more intimate. We lather each other up and let our hands roam over each other as we worked up a good lather. The shower beat down its hot steamy water on us as we stood belly to belly. I first moved my hands along her ample breasts, I could feel her nipples harden as my fingers touched them. It was hard not to bend over and suck those pointers into my mouth. But we were in there to take a bath, or at least that is what I thought. As my hands lather up her body she was busy working on me. My hands were making a mound of suds on her breasts and belly and working down to her quim.

At the same time she was lathering me on my chest and stomach, her skilled fingers were making my nipples hard. Those weren’t the only things that were starting to get hard. With an intentional motion she had my cock in her wet soapy hands. The soap made it easy for her hands to slide back and forth along my cock. Now my hands were busy too. They took the suds they had and worked them down to her pussy. As my hands reach her pussy my fingers made their way into it. The soap also made it easy for them to slide in and out. There we were kind of leaning on each other doing the best to give each other sensational hand jobs.

With my head on her shoulder I kissed her neck and nibbled on it, and she was doing the same thing to me. I worked my way to her mouth and started French kissing her. Our mouth’s joined and our tongues commingled with the other. All the time the warm water was raining down on us. I wanted to fuck this woman again. But in the shower it would not be easy. The water washed most of the soap off as I lifted her leg up as far as I could. She knew what I was trying to do and helped as much as she could. My cock slowly made its way to her agitating pussy. My cock acted like a pussy guided missile. I couldn’t see what do, but my dick knew where to go and what to do! It bakırköy escort pushed itself into her now blistering pussy. Her arms draped over my back as I held up her leg and hammered her pussy. I pushed in and drew it out and did all over again, we kept this up until I could hear her moan my name loudly. She yelled at me to “do it, do it, keep doing it, don’t stop”. Of course I couldn’t stop even if I wanted too. We made quite a pair in that confined shower. Both of us making faces and groaning like maniacs. Both of us lost in a strange type of passion. In a few minutes she started to cum, shaking and grabbing my shoulders. I was ready to cum as well. I shot a load into her that was washed away as the water hit us. I guess it was good that we were in the shower as all our juices were washed down the drain.

When we had finished we got out and dried each other off. We had been together since I got off the plane. We had not even stopped to get something to eat. But at that moment we were both exhausted. We fell into the bed and we both fell fast asleep. I had no idea of how long I was asleep. I just noticed that when my eyes opened Lynda was nowhere to be found or that is what I thought. I felt a stirring in my loins and looked down to see a lump in the blanket. I could feel a set of warm lips around my cock! I instantly knew that it was Lynda’s head under there. She had awakened me with a blowjob! She had taken me in her mouth while I was still limp. But her actions soon made made my cock hard once again. I reached under to put my hands on Lynda’s head. I could feel her lips move over and around my cock I could feel her tongue as it played with my cock. She held my balls in her hands and was rolling each ball between her thumb and forefinger. Damn, she was making me feel so good. I have never been treated this well before. It would be only a matter of time before she would have me cumming in her mouth once again. I raised my hips to match her mouthing. With my hands holding her head I started to orgasm into her sucking mouth. I could feel my hot jism slapping the back of her mouth. In a display of superpower she sucked it all in and did not lose a drop. She was like a vacuum cleaner the way she sucked. I knew she had this planned because she had a warm towel ready to wipe and clean me off. She did this and wipes her mouth off as well. Lynda then came up and gave me a soul kiss that rocked my world. Then smiled and said lets beşiktaş escort go get something to eat I need something a little more substantial that what I just had. I agreed.

When we stepped outside it was night. We had spent a day and a half inside the motel room. Somehow I had lost track of time and found out I only had one night left with this amazing woman. She drove me to a Steak House where we ordered the biggest steaks they had and a bottle of wine. We ate like it was our last meal, but we ate quick because we wanted to get back to the motel. If this was to be my last night I wanted it to be one I would remember for years to come.

When we returned to the motel she went into the room while I went to the ice machine and got a bucket of ice. As I entered the room it was dark and romantic. I knew she would be waiting for me in the bed. I placed the ice bucket next to the bed and got out of my clothes. She was there in the bed naked waiting for me, we kissed. Deep longing kisses the ones that make your toes curl. Our hands roamed over each other looking for a spot we hadn’t found earlier. There were no fast and hurried motions here; we were taking our time. I reached over and grabbed a couple of pieces of ice. I brought them up and traced around her nipples. I could almost see the nipple get instantly hard. I did this to the other nipple too, it to got instantly hard as well. The moving of ice over her nipples made it melt real fast and I need some more ice. I got another couple pieces and continued my ice play. I moved the ice down to her quim and placed a piece in her pussy. Talk about a hot pussy, I could swear I saw steam coming from it as it melted the ice faster than when I played with it on her tits. Her pussy was now as wet as it could have been. With a quick motion she turned me on my back and rolled up on top of me.

It was her turn now, she got a piece of ice but instead of using her hands she placed it in her mouth and bent over to suck my nipples. I could feel the ice and her tongue play with my nipple. It too got instantly hard and gave me a chilling sensation. She continued this until the ice was gone. Then she reached for another piece of ice and started on my other nipple. Between the feel of the ice and the motions of her tongue she was driving me insane. She stopped for seconds and when she came back I felt sudden jolt of cold on my cock!

She had taken a piece of ice in her mouth and beylikdüzü escort pushed her mouth down over my cock! This at first was a shock to my hot and hard cock and at first I thought it would make me limp. But strangely, it made me feel like it was harder than it’s ever been before. This woman had abilities like you wouldn’t believe. She was able to have the ice in her mouth and still work it with her tongue up and around my cock! This was a feeling entirely new to me. I stopped her well before she could make me cum. With a quick move I placed her on her back in the ready position for me to make love to her. I did not want to fuck this woman; I wanted to make love to her!

With me on top of Lynda I proceeded to kiss and tongue her mouth until we both were wet and slimy. I kissed and sucked on her nipples till they were a couple of harden points. But I took my time before I would enter her. With my hand I held my cock and moved it up and down her pussy walls. I wanted her to feel my cock as it prepared itself to enter her. I felt like I was a ridged sword and was being placed back into its sheath. I pushed my sword slowly into her waiting sheath. The walls of Lynda’s pussy seem to grip my cock ever so tightly. Her pussy was wet and hot. Maybe it still had some water left from the melted ice, if it did the water was warmed up by her pussy to nearly boiling.

When I reached bottom I could feel her legs wrap over the back of my thighs. They were making me push even harder. With each thrush I could feel her heels dig into me forcing me harder into her pussy. I held her tightly to my chest; I could feel her breasts against my chest. Her hot breath on my face, her hair wildly spread over the pillow. The pleasure she was giving me was unequaled. I was on the verge of having another grand orgasm and I knew she was almost there too. As my eyes rolled back into my head and I let loose a torrent of hot jism into her. She in turn let loose a torrent of her own. When both released our built up orgasms we just held each other until we got our collective breaths back. Then we rolled away from another giant wet spot we made and passed out.

In just a couple of days this woman had taught me how to love and how to return love. This love making session was not just lust but a thing of joy. I was happier than I have ever been and knew that after this weekend it is my duty to try my best to see her once again. For someone I met on the Internet she was my ideal woman. Or a woman who met the ideals as I had thought up in my mine. Maybe as a life partner we would not be compatible. But for now she created a sense of well being within me. When Lynda dropped me off at the airport, we looked at each other as we waved goodbye and knew we would meet again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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