New Connection

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The warm summer air blew through the window and across Crystal’s nipples, causing them to harden slightly. The sight of Crystal lying naked on his bed was almost too much for James. His cock stirred as he gazed at the sight before him.

Crystal was laying naked on her back with her legs open slightly. Her freshly shaved legs glimmered in the sunshine. James had lovingly applied Anais Anais body lotion to her legs after she had shaved them. He had started at her feet, and ever so intently had rubbed lotion on first one leg then the other, alternating lotion rubs with gentle kisses. He had carefully shaved around her pussy area for her, and was presently applying lotion there too.

At the top of her tummy were two glorious mounds of flesh with nipples that were rock hard by now. He slowly sucked one nipple into his mouth. Rolling his tongue around and around the tip. Nibbling ever so lightly at the tip. He suckled on her breast like a baby looking for nourishment. His other hand was gently kneeding her other breast, warming it up for his lips.

When he finally moved to the other breast, the nipple was standing straight up from the breast. He grabbed it with his lips and pulled slightly. His hands wrapped around the base of the breast and engulfed it like an orange. He held her breast like this while suckling the nipple.

The attention to her breasts made Crystal moan. The wetness between her legs increased. She made small attempts to reach his penis by lifting her hips. He kept his cock just out of reach.

He moved his lips up to her neck. She moved to the side and told him “no marks.” He nodded and proceeded to kiss and lick her neck, sucking ever so lightly as to not leave a mark. Her hands wrapped bakırköy escort around the back of his neck and held him in place as a small orgasm shook her body.

James kissed his way down her chest, past her breasts to her tummy. He knew she was a bit self conscious about her tummy, but he loved ever part of her and wanted her to know that. He kissed her tummy and massaged her ass cheeks as he felt himself longing to be inside her.

His cock was dripping pre cum as he finally allowed it to touch the outer lips of her pussy. She raised her hips trying to get his cock to the one spot that was aching to be touched. He moved his cock slowly down the outside of her pussy and back up to the top, pushing through the outer folds to touch her clit. Crystal gasped in surprise as his cock touched her sensitive clit. Between her juices and his precum, it made for a slippery situation that allowed his penis to slide down to the entrance to her vagina.

James looked into her eyes as he slowly pushed his cock into her pussy. She had only ever had one cock in her pussy before, and he wanted to watch her expression as she experienced a new penis. He was not disappointed. Her face showed the pleasure she felt at having a new penis in her inner depths. She felt his penis slide in further and further, just when she was wondering if she would be able to accommodate all of it, she felt his bare groin push up against her clit.

He rested there for a moment to allow her time to adjust to the length and width of his penis. He could tell she was being stretched a bit. When she started to rotate her hips beneath him, he took that as a signal and slowly began to withdraw his penis. He pulled out beşiktaş escort till just the head was inside, then he thrust in again. Crystal moaned. He pulled his penis back out, this time pulling the head all the way out, then immediately thrust back in. They both moaned this time.

James settled into a rhythm of pulling almost all the way out, then thrusting back in. Crystal’s breasts jiggled with each thrust. Crystal slide her hand down her tummy and moved it between her legs. She slowly began to play with her clit as James thrust into her pussy.

She was getting close to another orgasm. He could see the intense emotion on her face. Her breath was coming in short bursts, she was moaning and getting louder the closer she got. With one final push, James thrust deep into her vagina and stopped. It was the push she needed. Her pussy errupted in orgasm pulsing around James’ cock. As soon as he felt the first squeeze, he let his own orgasm come. The feeling of his penis spurting cum deep inside was enough to throw Crystal into another convulsion as she felt his hot cum squirt deep inside her pussy.

James rolled off her and his limp cock slipped from her red swollen pussy lips. Crystal sat up and a gush of cum leaked out of her pussy. She reached down and scooped some of it up with her fingers and licked them clean. She reached for his cock and slid that into her mouth next.

James closed his eyes and sighed. He loved when she licked his cock clean after sex. It almost always resulted in him getting hard and them having sex again. Crystal licked the tip of his cock with her tongue. Slid the head into her mouth and slid her mouth down the the base of his cock. Her tongue was sliding beylikdüzü escort along with the underside. The next thing he knew…she was sucking and sliding back up to the tip of his cock. My god could the woman suck! He was sure she sucked any last drops of cum right out of him. Her gorgeous blue eyes looked up at him with his cock still in her mouth. She smiled and gently massaged his balls.

James was fully hard now, and enjoying the attention to his cock. He sat up, then stood at the side of the bed. Crystal repositioned herself and latched back on to his cock. James held onto the back of her head as he gently began thrusting into her mouth. He could feel the tip of his cock just barely touching the back of her throat. Crystal relaxed her mouth and let James face fuck her for a bit. The juices between her legs were leaking more. She reached a hand down and started playing with her clit.

Just when James’ cock started to tighten and Crystal prepared for him to cum in her mouth…he pulled out and forced her to her knees with her ass in the air. He positioned his hands on her waist and thrust up into her pussy with no warning. Crystal moaned and gave a little squeal. James thrust all the way in before he stopped. His cock twitched inside her, once, then twice. She wiggled her hips. His fingers dug into her waist holding her still. When he had full control over his cock, he pulled out till just the head was in her pussy, then slammed back in just as fast. He started thrusting as hard as he could. Crystal’s breasts were swinging and swaying side to side. Her pussy lips were getting more red and swollen. James didn’t stop. He kept thrusting and thrusting filling her up till she was being lifted off the bed with each thrust. He finally gave a loud animalistic roar as he gave one final thrust deep into her pussy and held there as rope after rope of cum streamed out of his cock into Crystal’s convulsing pussy. If her tubes hadn’t have been tied…she definitely would have gotten pregnant.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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