New Roomie Pt. 03

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This is a multi-part story of how my girlfriend’s friend (Rachel) turns out to be an anal slut and our numerous adventures together as she becomes our roomie for six weeks. This story contains blowjobs, butt plugs, anal play, assfucking and cheating.

You can go from here or read the first two parts to get the plot a bit better (New Roomie Part 1, New Roomie Part 2) In the first chapter, Rachel moves into our apartment and I spy on her doing nasty anal and blowjob things to herself. In the second chapter, Rachel desperately wants to give me a blowjob and I get her off by licking her ass.

If you’re under 18, please close this site and leave. Note: This is my (second) story ever written and English is not my first language so please excuse any mistakes and let me know if you’ve enjoyed it and whether I should continue.


So, Rachel just left and went to the kitchen to get us both a beer.

We needed that after what just happened.

First, she gave me a sloppy blowjob in the kitchen, where she introduced me to her blowjob etiquette which basically means, that if a girl is giving head, she’s not to wear panties or shorts.

That resulted in her pulling her short shorts and Brazilian cut panties down to her knees while giving me a sloppy blowjob.

When I finished in her mouth, she swallowed half my load and smeared the other half on her pussy and ass and pulled her panties and shorts up again, soaking them in cum and saliva.

Later, she convinced me I owed her now, so I was first playing around with her butt plug in her ass, finally ending up licking and fucking her ass with my tongue, where she got herself off sitting on my face.

So, there I was, sitting on the couch in front of the tv when Rachel came back from the kitchen handing me a beer.

We cheered and she took a long sip, emptying almost half the bottle.

She put her beer on the club table, started to unbutton her shorts again (I thought that has become the main theme of the evening) pulled them down to her ankles and got on all fours in front of me.

Her face was now again centimeters away from my crotch away when she pulls my shorts and boxers down too and starts rubbing her pussy.

She must have been very wet again as her fingers come back with a shiny coating which she now smears all over my shaft.

This alone has made me super hard again and as she finished coating my cock with her fluids, she takes my entire length into her throat in the first go.

As my tip reaches her throats back and her lips touch my base where she tries to lick my balls with her tongue, I have to push her back in order not to cum immediately.

“Wooow, hey, easy there, I almost came already!” I shout.

She giggles and says:

“Okay there honey, I want you to enjoy this, but I need you to drink your beer while I suck you off. That beer needs to be finished before I am,” she adds with a devilish grin.

“That’s what I call my after-work head service.” She adds with a grin.

What a girl, with quite the repertoire.

She proceeds to suck on my cock, lick my balls, lick the tip of the head and finally picks up the pace and starts bobbing her head up and down my member.

It feels amazing, her warm mouth combined with a lot of saliva, bobbing up and down making these slurpy noises, occasionally gag noises as well as she pushes herself down on it.

This goes on for a few minutes, me taking a sip from the beer occasionally as if I needed to relax after a long day’s work with the beer and blowjob.

Rachel on the floor, knees on the living room carpet, her back arched sticking out her perfect ass, shorts and panties pulled to her ankles, exposing her bare ass and pussy, bobbing her head up and down in my lap.

I wish I had a picture or video of this, I think to myself, coming up with a plan to accomplish this in my mind when suddenly, I can’t take it any longer.

“Ah, I’m going to cum Rachel, ahh, yes uhhhhh” I scream, when I cum hard for the second time this evening in Rachel’s beautiful mouth.

She waits patiently until I’m finished but doesn’t swallow. Instead, she keeps the load in her mouth, grinning at me.

She releases my full load onto her hand again, cupping it so that nothing goes on the floor.

“Don’t you have an ‘always swallow rule’ or something?” I ask.

“Well yes,” she replies, carefully bakırköy escort holding my cum in her hand.

“Either swallow or this, it’s just polite…” she says while turning around showing me her pretty butt.

She removes the plug slowly, letting out a groan when it pops out of her ass. Then, she takes her plug in her mouth, sucking on it and turning back to me.

What I sight, I think to myself. Rachel on her knees, butt plug in her mouth holding a load of cum in her hand.

Then, she takes out the plug and plunges it into the load of cum on her hand. She almost massages it into the load coating the entire plug with my cum.

Finally, she again turns away from me, puts her face on the floor, ass high in the air and starts to cover the remaining cum on her anus.

She’s working the cum with her fingers, trying to get as much cum as possible into her ass. Finally, the plug finds its way back in her backdoor, safely plugging my cum in her ass.

I’m going mental by the sight of this.

She rubs her hand off on her pussy and the inside of her Brazilian cut panties pulls them up as well as the shorts. She stands up and asks:

“So, what do you think about my always swallow or do this rule?” grinning.

“I, I ehm, ehm, yeah I agree… that’s the other option I guess,” I reply confused, her giggling and walking away into her room.

“Have a good night, looking forward to tomorrow!” she shouts, already disappeared from my view.

I’m startled at this point, seeing Rachel going to her room, wearing a good lug of my cum inside her ass and panties. Although I just came hard, my cock was already hard again.

This girl was driving me crazy.

That evening, I went to bed with a head full of events from this day, almost couldn’t believe that this actually happened.

I took out my phone and looked at the picture I took of Rachel the evening before, as she was sucking on her butt plug while impaling her ass on the suction dildo, fucking herself to extasy.

I stroked myself, was almost at the point of no return, when I again heard muffled sounds coming from the master bedroom.

That slut just can’t get enough, I thought to myself and was on my way to the master bedroom.

Similarly, to last evening, I cautiously peeked through the keyhole (yes, it’s an old one and big enough to get a good sight) and there she was again, on all fours facing the door, impaling herself (I guess her ass again) on the suction dildo with her panties and buttplug in her mouth, closed eyes as if she was concentrating hard to fuck her ass.

What a hot sight, I thought.

Rachel, fucking her ass on the dildo, sucking on the butt plug that’s just been in her ass covered in my cum as well as her thoroughly cum soaked panties in her mouth.

I took out my phone and started recording, as she was getting wilder and wilder on the dildo, finally getting herself off on the anal impalement.

I went back to the guest room and watched the video a few more times, still not able to believe what an anal whore she was.

The next morning, I woke up early, already hard again. I went to the bathroom and then straight to the master bedrooms door.

Again, I spied through the keyhole only to find Rachel sleeping on the bed, top off, wearing the panties from last night. I suppose she did also wear the plug but the Brazilian cut panties covered her intimate areas.

Wow, such a nice ass, I thought.

Then, I went to my office room and started to gather some camera equipment I had rarely used. I took the GoPro camera and hid it in the living room, covering the couch and kitchen area and connected it to my router to have it accessible through the network.

I planned to install the 4K camera in Rachel’s bedroom and another one on top of the headboard of the bed, giving a full angle of the bed.

Once she left the house for work, I finalized my setup with the cameras in her room, connected everything up and did a spot check of the video quality on my phone.

Then, of course, I had to have a peek into her dirty girl’s utensils box. And, not surprised anymore, one of the five butt plugs was missing.

I figured it must have been a slightly larger one, as the one from yesterday was still there.

What a dirty girl she was.

I too left for work but couldn’t focus on anything after that weekend with Rachel and caught beşiktaş escort myself checking the video app on my phone all the time.

By lunch, I knew she would come home from work, I again checked the camera’s and saw Rachel walking around the living room.

She was wearing a green turtle neck sweater which looked quite classy on her and a pair of light blue skinny jeans that perfectly displayed her peachy ass.

She sat down on the couch and watched some tv when I noticed her hand going back to her ass, starting to press around the anus area once more, evidently again stretching her ass with the butt plug that was missing in the morning.

After a while, she disappeared from the camera view and shortly after returned with what seemed to be her black latex panties that had a dildo and a butt plug worked in on the inside of it.

She got on the living room carpet on all fours, laying the panties outside in on the sofa. Then, she started to unbutton her jeans and slowly pulled them down to her knees.

What appeared now where some green Calvin Klein panties, again with a Brazilian cut that just amazingly presented her ass.

She slowly started to suck on the butt plug inside of the latex panties, her hands reaching for the panties and also pulling them down to her knees, exposing her plugged ass.

Remember, blowjob etiquette.

Oh my god, this sight drove me crazy, so I headed to the bathroom in my office and started stroking myself to her video presentation.

She continued to suck on the plug for a while, then proceeded to the slightly larger dildo and gave herself what looked like a good deepthroat, while constantly pulling on the plug in her ass.

At last, she completely pulled out her plug which found its way directly to her mouth, sucking on it deliciously.

She sat down on the floor and removed her jeans and panties completely, the butt plug still in her mouth, and started to put on her latex panties.

It took her a while to get them on as they were super tight. At last, she pressed the plug inside her ass and then did the same with the dildo.

Finally, she bent forward arching her back which presented her ass lovely and pulled the panties up as far as possible.

Once satisfied, she took her jeans again and started to put them on, also jugging them up as far as possible which stretched the fabric around her butt gloriously.

Oh my, I thought, I hope she’s still going to wear them when I get home.

I watched her a little more pressing on the plug and dildo through her pants, even ‘riding’ the couch pillow which made her two invaders move inside her, eventually having what seemed like a nice, light orgasm.

I also finished up in my bathroom stall and got back to the office, but that wasn’t the most productive day I’ve had, given the anticipation of what would happen once back home.

So, I left early that day and drove straight home.

Rachel, still wearing her jeans and turtle neck sweater greeted me and went to the kitchen. When she bent down to pick something from the lower cupboards, her sweater pulled up a bit and I could see the black latex peeking on top of her jeans.

Yes, I thought, she’s still wearing them, so sexy…

I went to sit on the couch, when Rachel suddenly appeared with two beers in her hands, with a big smile on her face.

“Does that ring a bell?” she asked sheepishly.

I nodded with a smirk and we both took a big slug of the beer.

“Don’t you dare put that beer away, you know the rules…” she instructed, taking a last sip of it and putting her beer on the club table.

Then, she dropped to her knees, looking deep inside my eyes with a sexy, horny look.

She started to unbutton my pants, pulled both pants and boxers down to my ankles and my member, already half stiff by the mental game she caused, sprung into her face.

You could tell that she was obsessed with cock sucking, as her face showed real excitement at that moment.

Then, as her etiquette required, she opened her jeans, pulled them down to her knees, leaving her latex panties on.

“That’s an exception to my rule, these panties stay on… you’ll see why later,” she said with a grin.

Oh, I knew why I grinned to myself.

She started to slowly lick my balls first, then continued with the full length and finally, caressing the tip with her tongue. beylikdüzü escort That already drove me crazy and I took my free hand and grabbed her roughly by her hair and pulled her on my cock.

I think she liked that because I heard a deep moan coming from around my cock when I did so, and she started to eagerly bob up and down on my shaft.

I took a sip of beer, closed my eyes and leaned back and just enjoyed my ‘after work head service’.

She did a splendid job, deepthroating me sloppily, bobbing up and down and taking up the pace.

Soon after, I was already very close, she reached down to her panties, pulled them down as well and as the plug and the dildo popped out of her, she let out a deep moan, my cock still deep in her throat.

She went on eagerly sucking my dick, clearly wanting me to finally nut in her mouth. And there I was, finishing the last drop of my beer when I couldn’t hold it back and without saying anything just unloaded my jizz into Rachel’s mouth.

She didn’t miss a drop and I was done with the last spurts, she got up a little, showed me my cum in her mouth and let it drop into her hand.

Then, she took her cum filled hand and started to cover the dildo, the butt plug and the insides of her panties with my cum.

Slowly pushing the dildo in first, she released a small moan then continuing with the plug which made her pant, even more, as it entered her butt.

Finally, she pulled the panties up completely, smearing the rest of the cum from her hand onto her lips, pulled up the jeans visibly happy with her job.

Without further ado, she went into the kitchen and said:

“I’ll do the dinner today if that’s fine?”

“Eh, yes of course, thanks…” I replied, still perplexed with what just happened.

I watched her moving around the kitchen, jiggling her ass around, pressing it against the counters from time to time to get some pressure on her little secrets inside her panties.

What a sight for me to watch.

This beautiful girl with long hair, a green turtle neck sweater, light blue ultra-tight jeans, was cooking dinner for me, wearing latex panties with a dildo and butt plug inside, filled with my cum.

I couldn’t believe this.

That’s when it hit me. The camera was still on and recording and a big smile appeared on my face.

I excused myself to the bathroom, only to immediately start my video app.

Then I watched what seemed to be the hottest blowjob – buttplug – cumplay video I’ve ever seen and made myself cum for what was probably the fifth time that day.

The evening went by pretty eventless and we called it an early night.

Of course, I was going to hopefully enjoy a nice performance of Rachel in her bedroom through my video app.

So, there I was, lying in the guestroom bed, starting the video app which now showed Rachel’s bed from both angles.

Once she entered the room, she took off her clothes leaving on only the latex panties.

Then, as probably was her evening ‘routine’ she took the smaller one of her suction cup dildos and mounted it on the headboard of the bed.

Then, slowly taking off her latex dildo panties still covered in my cum and her saliva, she rubbed the suction dildo in with the mixture and positioned herself with her ass pointing at the dildo and slowly backed her ass up and impaled her asshole onto the dildo.

I was now getting a full view from both angles, one showing Rachel’s ass being fucked by the dildo on the headboard and one showing her face sucking on the butt plug inside her latex panties.

That scene was so hot.

As she picked up the pace of her ass fucking, she started to let out deep moans of pleasure and switch from sucking the plug to the still cum covered dildo and started to deepthroat it.

She was now relentless fucking her ass when something ‘new’ happened.

Rachel put away her now cleaned latex panties and took something from under the sheets what appeared like…oh my god, my boxer short from yesterday!!

She put the boxers straight on her face and inhaled deeply, still relentlessly fucking her ass.

“Fuck me, yes, yes, fuck my ass hard… oh oh ugh ugh ugh…” I could hear her instructing ‘me’ to take her ass.

Oh my god, she was imagining me fucking her ass, having my boxers on her face.

Finally, she had a hard orgasm which left her lying on the bed, deeply breathing in and out.

To my surprise, she again put on her impaling latex panties, stowed away all her utensils and went to sleep.

Lucky me, I had everything on video, I grinned to myself.

Oh dear, I wondered, what I was up to with that girl for the next 1.5 months or so staying here…

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