Night Dancer

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Mitsho stepped out of the shower, wrapping the towel around his midsection and moving to the bathroom sink to prepare for the night. Drops of water drizzled down his corded shoulders, making lines down his chiseled stomach. He was proud of his body; he worked very hard to be the strongest. Strong mind, strong body and strong desires . . .

He opened a carved wooden box that sat on his counter, and flipped through the few pieces of jewelry he owned, finally picking delicate three-inch long Indian beaded earrings. They had belonged to an ancient warrior relative of his, when his people had still been in control of their lives. He slipped them in his earlobes, feeling the energy of his predator side taking over. He felt like the great line of warriors that had come before him, but in a modern society, warriors weren’t necessarily needed.

He took a small amount of hair and braided it down the right side, a small warrior braid as his father had shown him, then he moved into the bedroom, throwing his towel on the bed and slipping on black silk boxers. The blues played in the background, the music sad and slow. He pulled on his black pants and a white button up shirt. Slipping his shoes on and putting his wallet in his back pocket he was ready for the night. As he moved out the front door, he grabbed his black leather gloves sitting on the counter.

It was a short drive to ‘Embrace of Darkness,’ a nightclub he had gotten to know to well. Passing the line that had been pushed along the wall waiting behind thick velvet ropes; he stopped in front of the bodyguard watching the doors.

“Hey there Mr. Eagle-Feather,” Juri said, opening the door for him and he moved past the bodyguard with a nod. The club was already crowded this early into the night. Every black leather seat had been taken; the bar was swarming with close to bare-naked patrons.

“Mr. Eagle-Feather,” his nightclub partner Grayson greeted him, pushing a martini glass in his hand. He sipped at the rim as he watched the dancers from the top of the entrance staircase.

“I have resumes for the new bartenders sitting on your desk,” Grayson said. “Also we have a new doorman starting.”

“I will take a look at those files in a moment,” he said. A movement from the dance floor caught his attention.

The young man wasn’t older than his early twenties, his honey brown hair almost as long as Mitsho. He was thin, on the femme side for a man, and his skin was much lighter in color than his. He stepped down the stairs, the music carrying him across the floor. He kept his distance at first, watching the young man sway his hips. His türbanlı escort hands brushed over his body provocatively, lifting his shirt with the friction, showing a hairless stomach, with tight abs. He had the moves of a stripper.

He placed his hand on the young man’s shoulder stopping him. The kid turned to look at him, throwing his hair over his shoulders.

“Can I help you?” He asked with a mischievous grin, his eyes deep brown.

“Can I have this dance?”

“If you have to ask than the answer is no,” he answered, his smile growing sharper. Mitsho grabbed the kid’s hips, roughly bringing the kid’s hips against his own. The young man gasped, his smile faltering for a moment, but fear never crossed those beautiful eyes.

He didn’t give him a chance to pull away. “My name is Mitsho.”

“Kalia,” he answered as Mitsho kept his hands on the kid’s hips, forcing him to take up his own rhythm. The kid didn’t struggle; though his eyes were wide trying to read him.

“It’s dangerous for a submissive to be here without a Top to watch over him,” he said. The kid tried to move from his hands and he held him firmly against him, their hips moving with the music that surrounded them.

“I don’t need anyone to watch me,” Kalia said.

“Really you think you can take care of yourself?” He whispered against Kalia’s ear, smelling his skin, his tongue flicking over the young man’s jaw line.

“Let me go,” Kalia said, the first time fear lingered in his voice.

“No, I don’t think so you little slut,” he said. “I’m going to let you fuck my whip in front of all these people.”

“No, I can’t,” he said, trying to pull from his grip, fear tensing his body.

“You don’t have a choice,” Mitsho said, easily pulling him through the crowd and onto one of the many small stages. Kalia brought his leg up trying to kick him off. He caught his leg, holding it against his thigh, pressing his already hard groan into Kalia’s pelvis. His free hand wrapped into the man’s hair and pulled his head back so he could lick his neck.

“Please don’t hurt me,” Kalia said.

Mitsho pushed the man around so his back was to his chest. He unbuttoned Kalia’s shirt, pulling the fabric down around his slender shoulders and kissing along his collarbone. Kalia’s breath hitched. He let the shirt fall to the floor, taking the handcuffs from his pocket and rubbing the cold metal along the young man’s left arm. Taking both his wrists in one hand, he slapped the cuffs over Kalia, cuffing him to the pole.

“What are you doing?” Kalia’s voice tüyap escort was shaky. He tugged violently at the cuffs. “Stop this! Help! Help!”

Mitsho moved to the edge of the stage and one of the waiters was waiting for him to acknowledge him. He nodded to the slinky dressed waiter, taking the whip from him and waving him away. He came back to Kalia, pulling his hair and forcing his head back till he winced. “Open your mouth and lick the whip,” he ordered.

Kalia nodded weakly opening his mouth and flicking his tongue over the leather, wetting the tip with his spit. He stuck more of the whip into the kid’s mouth and the licking became a sucking. He felt himself grow hard beyond belief in his pants, so hard he could have cum at the very touch.

“You like that don’t you, you little slut?” He replied. “Sucking my whip. You want a cock don’t you? You want to suck my cock?”

Kalia closed his eyes, not responding.

Mitsho smiled, pulling the whip from his mouth. He ran the wet leather through his fingers, standing a fair enough distance from Kalia and slapping the whip hard on his back. Kalia flinched forward, his knees quivering as he hugged the pole to keep himself up. Mitsho grinned, pleased. One of his hands brushed his cock, adjusting it in his pants. He brought the whip up again, slapping it repeatedly on Kalia. He could feel the crowd watching, some had stopped dancing. It wasn’t very often people braved the stage to entertain the masses, but he was feeling daring and his prize was too beautiful to keep hidden.

When the first line of blood rolled down Kalia’s back, he moved over to him, pulling his hair back and kissing his lips bruisingly. He forced Kalia’s mouth open with the pressure of his lips, jamming his tongue into him. The kid shuttered at his touch as his fingers played with the man’s belt and the buttons of his pants. When they were open, he pushed them down to the kid’s ankles, leaving him naked to the public.

He didn’t look to see how many faces were watching them as he leaned in, licking the sweat from the kid’s neck, his hard on pressed against the kid’s back. He bit the fingertips of his gloves pulling them off and letting them fall to the floor, than reached around taking Kalia’s hardened shaft. His skin was hot and silken in his hand, his penis hard and dripping precum.

“You want that baby?” He asked, taking the handle of his whip and rubbing it over Kalia’s butt cheeks, playing with his crack but not pressing it inward.

“Please,” Kalia whispered breathlessly. Mitsho brought his hand with the precum tuzla escort on it and rubbed the handle of his whip, then grabbed Kalia’s hair, forcing his neck back so their lips could meet. He deepened the kiss, plunging the handle of the whip into his hole, holding it for a moment as he felt Kalia tense in his arms, screaming in his mouth. He swallowed the screams and kept kissing the young man.

The handle slid in and out of Kalia’s hole as he reaches in front of him and grabbed his shaft stroking him till Kalia’s screaming became loud moaning.

“I’m going to cum,” Kalia whispered.

“Cum in front of me and all these people.”

“Please, not in front of these people,” Kalia begged.

“You don’t have a choice,” Mitsho said, leaning into Kalia, intoxicated with the smell of sex radiating from his body. His hand went faster over Kalia’s shaft while he fucked the hell out of his hole with the whip handle. Kalia bowed his back, clenching his teeth and groaning. A moment later he was rocking back against the whip handle and humping his hand. He could feel his cum, hot on his hand. He held Kalia against his side, not breaking the contact with his body, allowing the young man to keep his pace till the shivering was done.

He pulled the whip handle from his hole, not surprised to see blood on the end or the blood that drizzled down the inner side of Kalia’s thigh. He threw the whip to the side, and reached around him, keeping the man pressed tightly against his body as he easily enveloped him in his strong arms, unhooking the cuffs. Kalia swayed into his grip and he held him for a moment.

“Time for you to make use of your gorgeous tongue,” he said, pushing Kalia’s shoulders till the man got down on his knees. His own breath caught as Kalia took his shaft from his pants and licked the tip. Heat rushed to the top of his skin, making his body sweat. He parted his legs so that he could get a solid stance and wrapped his hand in Kalia’s hair, setting the pace for his mouth.

The young man’s warm hands grasped his balls, massaging them as his tongue played around his cock. When he sucked back up his cock, he pinched the tip with his lips sending shivers through Mitsho. Kalia started deep throating him again and the orgasm clenched in his stomach till he couldn’t hold it off. He held the kid’s face still and pumped into his mouth, slamming his pelvis against the young man’s lips. When the orgasm subsided, he pulled out of his mouth and tucked himself back into his pants.

Kalia rose to his feet wiping the back of his hand over his mouth and Mitsho took him quickly, pressing his lips against his.

“Next time wear the collar I gave you,” he whispered lovingly against his submissive’s ear.

“Yes master,” Kalia grinned.

“Did I hurt you badly?”

“It was wonderful master,” Kalia said. “So what do you want for dinner tonight.”

“I don’t know, surprise me love.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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