Night Picnic

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“Geeze Bobby, this is the craziest idea you’ve ever had,” Samantha said as she tried to follow his rapid footsteps into the dark woods. Soft white moonbeams streamed through the overhead tree branches and dotted the well-used hiking trail with flecks of light. “Why don’t we just go back to the car and fuck in the back seat like we always do?”

“Hush Sam or we’ll get caught.” Bobby scolded. “The last thing we need is to have the Park Rangers finding us.” He stopped short in his tracks not giving Samantha enough time to halt. Smack! Her body collided with his, knocking her off balance. “Woah, easy now,” Bobby said grabbing at her to prevent her fall. His young arms wrapped around her, pulling her securely into his chest.

Feelings of safety surrounded Samantha and his hot breath in her hair tickled her scalp. “I love you Bobby,” she whispered. Her head tilted upwards to gaze at him in the moonlight. His face took on an almost bluish color, and his usually sharp facial features rounded out to perfection.

“Gosh you’re beautiful,” Samantha said before Bobby could place a finger on her mouth to silence her. He bent his head forward to kiss her, withdrawing his finger. Samantha’s plump lips parted and accepted his gentle kiss. One kiss led to another deeper, hungrier one, and soon the two teens were pawing at each other in lusty passion. His tongue plunged into her mouth where she swallowed his every move and matched his desires. Samantha’s skin became warm and blood pulsed through her body setting her afire.

She pulled away from Bobby’s wet, wanton lips and gasped. “What’s that pressing against my stomach!” she said in a mockingly innocent tone. Bobby swallowed hard as her hands crept down his stomach and found what was bumping into her. She squeezed his excited shaft and let go a soft giggle. “Ahh, I thought that’s what it was,” she said in her coy little manner. “Do I excite you baby?”

“You have no idea. I want to have you right now.” He grabbed her head in his hands and devoured her mouth. Kissing and licking his way all over her. Bobby pushed her up against a tree and continued to suck on her neck, ears, lips, all the while moving his arms over her delicate skin. His strong body held her firmly against the tree trunk.

“Oh Bobby, you make me feel incredible.” Samantha reached down to his waist and undid his jeans. While Bobby kept pushing his body against her, she was able to inch her hands up and over his drawers. His hot dick was burning for attention and the friction created as he ground himself against her made him only want more. Her small hand played with his thick member, stroking in a firm manner and toying with his swollen head. Samantha’s rhythm had him groaning with pleasure.

Then out of nowhere, Bobby released her and took a step back.

“What’s a matter Bobby?” Samantha said through heavy breaths. “Did I hurt you?”

“Oh no Sam, it wasn’t that. Your hand jobs are unbelievable.” Bobby stopped to catch his breath and calm himself a bit.

“If that’s not the problem then what did I do wrong?” Samantha asked, taking a step into him to bridge their distance. “I thought you wanted to screw out here in the woods.”

“Well I do, just not right here against this tree. You’re really turning me on and I want to tear into your body so much right now, but this is not what I had planned.” Bobby pulled her into a quick kiss. “Come on this way,” he said excitedly, “I have everything set up for us. Tonight we’re going to be really dirty.”

With that they made their way through the woods to the State Park picnic area. “You’re complete nuts,” Samantha said with her cute little laugh, “but I’ll trust you on this one.”

“Good, ’cause you’re going to need a lot of trust tonight Baby,” Bobby said with a sinister smile on his face. “I’ve been fantasizing about this for months. Thanks for agreeing to play along Sam.” He quickly smacked her bottom in a teasing gesture. She recanted with a swift jab to his solar plexus. “No you didn’t,” he said with a laugh and tackled her small frame to the ground.

Samantha squirmed under him. “Let me go right now,” she demanded once she realized she had lost the struggle.

“Nope, not going to happen,” he mocked her playfully, “you’re my prisoner now.”

“Fine, whatever!” With that her whole body went limp. “I’m you’re captive,” she repeated sarcastically. “What does my captor want of me?”

The dew on the grass beneath her began to seep into her clothes and Samantha’s body shivered below üsküdar escort him. She was ready to give into Bobby and his crazy ass ideas. Even now with the night creatures singing their chorus into the darkness Samantha had never felt safer than with him.

Bobby’s right hand released its grip on her and moved to caress her face. “You’re very pretty,” he said in a half whisper brushing a strand of auburn hair off of her eyes. “Perhaps we can make a deal for your freedom.”

“Whatever, you name it. I’ll do anything… anything for you.” Her voice sounded so helpless. Bobby was enjoying this sense of power over this beautiful damsel in distress. He loved Sam so much for playing along with his fantasy.

Bobby stood up, towering over her in the dark. “Get on your feet,” he ordered, then caught himself talking too loudly. He’d have to be extremely quiet in order to get away with this. Samantha obliged, and followed his order without hesitation. He snatched her by the hand and yanked her towards a picnic table. This forceful touch was something Samantha had never experienced from him before.

“Now undress.” Bobby plopped himself down on the wooden tabletop and let his legs dangle effortlessly. The nasty thought of what he was about to do to her rushed through his mind. Excitement twitched through his body and roused his cock.

Samantha started unbuttoning her blouse real slowly and seductive like. She wanted to tease him. But sensing she wasn’t playing the part correctly, Bobby snapped at her. “Faster bitch, I said take your clothes off NOW!” This demand startled Samantha and she hurriedly flung her shirt off and stepped out of her jeans. “The bra and panties too my little whore,” Bobby said cattily.

Not wanting to upset him further, Samantha relinquished her underwear. She now stood before him completely bare. Her nipples were stiff and tight from the cool forest air that swept in slight breezes around them. Samantha’s body had never felt more exposed than at this moment. Any minute a Park Ranger could pass on by and find her standing there in nothing. Would she even have enough time to grab her clothes and make a run for it?

Nervousness and anxiety began to seep into her naked being, not to mention the cold spring air that taunted her skin. She longed to rush forward and warm herself against Bobby’s chest, but she stood firmly in place waiting for her orders.

Several minutes of silence elapsed. Bobby just sat there, staring at her silhouette in the darkness. He could make out her tear drop breasts where the shadows now cupped her soft roundness. “Come closer to me,” Bobby said, “I want to touch you.” She moved into him till her body stood between his legs.

“I’m yours,” she whispered, “You can do what you want to me.” Her words sent a tingle through him, rippling out over his body and then coursing back towards his plumping dick. As if by instinct he pulled her into him, devouring her neck and burying his face into her honey scented breasts.

Her chest rose in deep heaves while his hands groped and fondled her nipples. Finally he filled his mouth with her left tit, taking it all the way in and letting the point dance on his tongue. He sucked it further into his mouth swallowing almost her entire breast.

Samantha arched her back and succumbed to his thirsts allowing him to take over her body. As Bobby swirled his tongue around her nipple, squeezing the other with his left hand, a tingling sensation swelled inside her. Her body twitched with excitement and she began to purr softly into Bobby’s ear.

“Are you liking this my dirty whore?” Bobby asked between mouthfuls of her bare bosoms. Samantha could only mumble a slight yes followed by deep moans.

In one swift movement Bobby was off of the table and Samantha was swept up into his arms. He gently laid her onto the tabletop. “I’m glad you’re enjoying this,” he said into her right ear, “because now it’s time for my little whore to be punished.”

Samantha just lay there like a nude sacrifice, not knowing what Bobby was planning to do next. He disappeared under the table and she could hear him fumbling around in the dark trying to locate something. Then he stood up too quickly and bumped his head on the corner of the picnic table. “Fuck,” he groaned loudly and rubbed the sore spot on his skull.

“Shush!” Samantha said sitting up with a giggle, “We don’t want to get caught.”

They both went silent and perked their ears tuzla escort to detect any noises that would indicate they had been spotted by the Park Patrol. A minute or two passed. Nothing but the chirping of crickets could be heard. Some lightning bugs flashed in the woods, but the forest was relatively still.

“I think we’re ok,” Bobby said looking around to double check. “Now lay back down.” Samantha did as he requested. Then he took her wrist and wound a soft piece of rope to it. In seconds her arm was securely tied down to the table. He positioned himself on her opposite side and proceeded to lash her other hand down.

“To gain your freedom,” Bobby spoke as he moved to the end of the table where Samantha’s feet lay untethered, “you must give complete control of your body over to me.” He lightly touched her foot, and it twitched in response. “When I am satisfied that you have submitted entirely to me, you shall be let free.”

Bobby’s fingers crept up her calf and over her kneecap. She could feel the heat from his hand inching its way up her thigh and then coming to rest on her pubic bone. His index finger outlined the cleft of her lips.

“But until that point, you will remain in my possession.” He yanked her legs open exposing her bare pussy to the outdoor elements, “Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she said meekly.

Bobby produced more cords and tied each of her legs to the table. She was now completely helpless. He stepped back and looked at his handiwork. Samantha lay still with her chest rising and falling in the slight moonlight that splattered her with dim color. Her nipples sat atop her chest still hard and anticipating his touch. Following her outline down a flat stomach the pelvis gave rise to her padded mound. Bobby ran his fingertips up and down her sides to create goose bumps on her skin. Samantha giggled in response to his tickling.

Sensing her inability to keep quiet, Bobby pulled a handkerchief from his pocket. By placing it in her mouth and fastening it behind her head he had secured her silence. “Now, you are all mine,” Bobby said in a soft whisper.

Samantha remained motionless as Bobby began kissing up one of her legs. When he reached the top of her thigh he nuzzled his face into her crotch. Breathing in hungrily he took in her fresh scent. Spreading her pussy lips with his nose, Bobby moved into her cunt. The tip of his tongue came out and flicked her tiny clit a few times before moving in a slow circular motion. Samantha started to squirm, her juices already coating her dusky pink lips and beginning to drip down her ass crack.

Bobby’s cock bulged in his pants, straining for release against his jeans. The very head of his dick pulsed with the flow of his blood. Veins throbbing against the material of his underwear, as Samantha bucked her body the best she could against his oral assault on her most delicate part. She wanted to scream out for him to fuck her now or she was going to explode.

Samantha wanted his cock. Wanted to feel him slide his entire length into her already twitching twat. Her whole body tightened, while her pussy squeezed and pumped still unfilled by his cock but ready to spew her cum.

Samantha gagged on the handkerchief in her mouth and was about to squirt her love juices all over Bobby’s face when he pulled back. The pleasure she was feeling from his tongue still continued to swirl around her groin and she wanted his cock. Somehow Bobby already knew this.

While Samantha lay there, holding back her orgasm, Bobby undid his fly and retrieved his pulsing cock. He held it in his right hand as it stiffly jutted out from his body. Beads of pre-cum dripped from his tip and had already moistened the crotch of his pants. Using this as lube he rolled it around on his engorged head and coated the crown. Effortlessly, Bobby started to pump his prick up and down in his hand. Samantha’s heavy breathing inspired his rhythm as he twisted his hand up and down his shaft the way he liked it. His rock hard shaft now throbbed uncontrollably, tingling and yearning to submerge itself deep inside her slick hole.

Bobby climbed atop the wooden table, and positioned himself between Sam’s bound legs. He thrust two fingers into her tight vagina to stretch her open enough to accept his cock. Samantha squirmed a little from this intrusion but relaxed as Bobby began stroking his fingers rhythmically against her swollen walls. His fingers became coated in love honey, and prodded pendik escort deeper with her building excitement. Samantha’s body was ready and ached to have her hole completely filled.

Nudging his pants down his thighs, Bobby fully exposed himself to the night and prepared to ravage his victim.

First he rubbed his cock up and over Samantha’s clit, circling with his smooth head and then sliding the full length of his shaft up it. When his penis had become completely covered in her juices Bobby placed himself at her small opening. Samantha’s warmth beckoned and he dipped his cock head into her oozing slit. Her hole stretched open to allow his intrusion and he inched himself further inside. Samantha tensed beneath him while her pussy muscles clamped down around his shaft.

“You’re a tight fuck, aren’t you,” Bobby said as he began thrusting in and out of her. “You like having your pussy stretched by this big dick don’t you?” He was now pounding into her forcefully, each plunge bottoming out inside her pussy.

Samantha managed a grunt through the handkerchief, which only encouraged him further. Bobby’s hands were on her shoulders using her body to help him plow deeper. She was sucking in heavy breaths while her walls clamped tighter. The feelings began to build inside her, burning at first then throbbing. Each thrust brought her closer to climax. She wanted to tell him, let him know she was about to cum. All she could manage were loud muffles until the sensation of his thick cock filling her hole over and over became too much. Samantha’s body stiffened completely and her cunt locked down on Bobby’s thrusting dick. Then she shuddered. Small spurts of hot liquid shot out of her with each pussy contraction and drenched his balls.

“Bitch…..” Bobby gasped, “you just came all over me.” It took everything in him to prevent himself from cumming with her. “You fucking whore!” He slapped her face and tore into her now gapping twat. The harder he pounded the closer he got to spewing his load. As the feeling swirled inside him, building up, he pulled his cock from her still throbbing vagina.

“Fuck……” he yelled as the first squirt of pearly cum shot out of his dick and onto Samantha’s stomach. His hand stroked his cock in quick motions to release his full load. Spurt after spurt Bobby covered her spent body in his juice. Then he collapsed on her.

A huge grin formed on his face as his orgasm subsided. “Damn, that was really something,” Bobby said trying to catch his breath.

Just then a tree branch snapped. Bobby sat straight up and listened intently. Was someone coming? The trees began to rustle, as if someone big was walking through the woods.

“Did you hear that?” he asked.

Bobby turned to Samantha and with her stillness he could sense that she heard the same. He reached for her left wrist and started to loosen it when a large dark figure wandered out of the forest. In this dim lighting Bobby could make out a distinct silhouette.

“Shit Sam,” he whispered into her ear, “it’s a bear.” Bobby worked his fingers as fast as possible and was able to free one hand. While untying her right hand he heard a loud snort a few feet from him. The bear had picked up on his scent and had come over to the table to inspect.

Frozen in fear Bobby didn’t know what to do. Sam was panicking and trying to get free of her ties but the bear was right there beside the picnic table. Bobby went into survival mode and shot off into the woods in the direction of his car. If he was fast enough he was certain he could out run this beast.

Ignoring Bobby’s frantic escape, the bear moved closer to sniff Samantha’s hair. Its hot breath blew down onto her in hard puffs. She wanted to scream, wanted to run, wanted to kill Bobby for tying her up and wanted to shoot him for leaving her with this animal. While all these thoughts pulsed through her head she remained frozen.

The bear circled the table taking in all her smells and almost toying with her. It’s as if the bear sensed his new power over her. Perhaps if she lay there long enough he would go away. “Oh please, oh please, just go away,” she thought to herself with her eyes tightly closed. “Don’t hurt me.”

Pow! A gun shot cut through the night. Startled by this loud noise the bear took off into the woods. Samantha breathed a sigh of relief, until a flash light beam hit her naked body, and she heard someone rushing towards her.

“Are you all right Miss?” a deep voice said from behind the bright light.

Samantha tried to speak but the gag was still in place and all that came out were faint mumbles. “Shit, what was she going to say anyway,” she though to herself.

“It’s ok miss I’m a Ranger,” the voice said as he bent to untie her, “I’ll get you out of here. Everything is going to be just fine.”

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