Night with a Beauty

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Note: This is my first attempt at writing erotica of any sort, and has been a long standing vision in my head. I hope you appreciate it and please tell me what you liked and what could be improved. Thanks for all comments either way.


You walk into the room, softly glowing with candle light from a dozen or so little sparks of flame. Josh Turner is playing softly in the background, his voice hitting those low notes you love so much. As you step farther in you see me sitting on the bed. I slowly get up with a smile on my face, your beauty amazing me yet again. We meet and embrace, just standing there enjoying the moment. I eventually nudge you under the chin, turning your face up slowly to my waiting mouth. The kisses start slowly, gentle brushes of the lips that turn into more. I hold you close, pressing you into me. My hands travel over your back to your shoulders and down your sides, slowly rubbing and stroking the entire way. I reach the hem of your shirt and starting inching it up, my hands again traveling the contours of your back. I step behind you and raise your arms as I slip the shirt off. I again embrace you, my hands running over all your wonderful curves, my face buried against the side of your neck nibbling and placing sweet kisses.

The caresses continue once again down your arms, back up the undersides to the sides. Towards the front they creep, gently brushing the bottom curves of your breasts, caressing up and over and around, finding your nipples and teasing them gently. They continue down over your stomach to the edge of your skirt. They edge under the waist at the hips and slowly circle towards the front, gently delving deeper, caressing the soft skin with small circles. You drop your hands over mine, gently entwining them together as we both unfasten the snap, lower the zipper slowly, and watch as the garment now falls listlessly to the floor. I marvel at how incredibly beautiful this vision of Aphrodite standing so scantily clad in front of me is, how lucky I am to have the opportunity to delve the treasures presented to me. I drop to my knees in front of you, holding your hips and bringing you closer. I inhale your sweet scent, slowly stroking down your legs, bringing them up behind to caress your ass. I stand up once again to find those luscious lips and begin to kiss with fervor. You start to unbutton my shirt, dragging it off once completely undone. Stroking my hardness through my jeans you kneel and start to undo the belt, swiftly relieving the cramped space as the button and fly are released and the pants fall now discarded to the floor. I am straining against my boxers, bakırköy escort nearly touching your face as you turn back to face it from the floor.

You stand again with that wonderful smile on your face and we renew our oral assault on each other, mouths mashing together in scintillating passion. We part, briefly missing the contact, but knowing it will resume momentarily. My undershirt comes off; your bra comes undone, falling gently off your shoulders revealing two gorgeous mounds of flesh topped by hardened nipples just waiting to be tasted. Coming together again, we press ourselves into the other, my hardness pressing into your stomach, your twin points digging into my chest. Renewing the caresses with my hands, lifting you slightly into me with your butt, letting go and traveling up your back in slow but strong strokes, holding you to me strongly. One hand comes to the front, teasingly slow across your stomach, up to just brush the bottom of your breasts, back and forth just underneath, slightly lifting as if to test the weight. Finally coming up and over, around the outside, circling to the valley between and resuming the course along the underside with broad strokes from my fingers. Slowly coming closer and closer in, the edge of my hand brushing your nipple teasingly again and again, withholding purposely to draw the pleasure out. Finally you push against my hand and I fully grasp your breast, the nipple nestling between middle and ring fingers being gently squeezed, the rest of my hand massaging as much of your breast as I can reach while still manipulating your nipple. You moan softly, the pleasure slowly coursing through your body. I bring my other hand around to match what the first one did to your neglected side. Arching your back, pushing yourself against my hands, I am mesmerized by the look of pleasure crossing your face. You have grabbed my arms, slowly starting to grind your entire body against mine, squeezing my hardness between us, feeling it rub up and down your body only being separated by a thin layer of material.

By now there are wet spots on both our undergarments, we are both panting with expectation and we have only just begun. Smiling to myself, I gently nudge you towards the bed, lying along side you while stroking up and down your glorious body. I lay gentle kisses along your lips, leading slowly to the edge and back again, sucking your lower lip in for a moment before releasing. Once again, tracing the contours of your face I follow with my lips, my tongue, leaving a cooling sensation where wetness leaves small marks upon your skin. Following your jaw line down to the hollow just beşiktaş escort below your ear I pause, gently nibbling and suckling while inhaling your sweet scent. I move down further to the hollow of your collar bone, leaving a wet trail of kisses and licks. Ever so slowly I move to the valley between those twin curving mountains of soft flesh, licking up the saltiness of sweat as I move down and around first your right breast, then your left. Tracing the movements my hands made I follow with my lips, my tongue, my teeth, making you whimper at the soft movements while still begging me to continue. I reach your nipples, sucking them gently into my mouth, slightly biting down on them and pulling back, feeling the hardness in my mouth and relishing the taste of your skin. My hands have not been idle though; slowly traveling down your body they reach the delicate material of your panties. Tracing the top edge back and forth then moving the short distance along your hip to the top of your thighs. Softly caressing the outside, I move slowly inwards, raising inch by slow inch towards your warm wetness. I finally feel the wet material beneath my fingertips and start to explore the contours of this treasure you are offering. Slowly up and down I feel your outer lips, and then my fingers traverse the small crevasse down then up again, pausing briefly to press slightly harder at the top with the pressure of my entire finger.

I am entranced by the beauty undulating under me as my hand wanders higher to the edge of the hem, slowly wiggling under and back down to find that wetness hiding beneath. I retrace my movements against the smoothness of the skin, up and down the outer lips, continuing on and relishing the warm wetness now covering my fingers. I find the hard little nub of your clit and trace slow circles around it, pressing firmly then switching to feather light touches, painstakingly teasing you, bringing you to heights and letting you falter back down. Finally unable to wait any longer, wanting to see this glistening fold of flesh that gives so much pleasure, I urge your panties down your hips, along those legs and off, to join the other discarded clothing on the floor. I gaze in passion at the vision before me, the unabashed nakedness of this person who has held my attention for so long, wanting and waiting for me to continue. Unhampered now, my fingers retrace those contours up and down your body, delving again into the wetness down below. Tracing up and down your slit, I slowly push and press my finger into you. You grip my finger and pull at it while it slowly withdraws and then pushes back in. I follow my hand down beylikdüzü escort and start kissing, licking, and sucking your entire mound, adding the wetness of my saliva to the dampness already there. Enjoying your taste, I start using broad strokes of my tongue up and down your slit while my finger continues to pump in and out of you. I curl it up slightly searching for your g spot, hoping to find the slight ridges that indicate it. My tongue starts to lick slow circles around your clit, lapping at the juices coming out and roughly covering the hard nub. I add a second finger to the one already pumping, you moan loudly. You start to scream a little as an orgasm crashes through you. Your legs lock around my head as I ride out the spasms, continuing as best I can to continue the pleasure, trying to draw it out as long as possible. I smile, proud that I could bring such feelings to you, glad I could partake of the feast you provided.

When you finally come down off your orgasm, I come up your body, leaving wet traces of your juices and my saliva as I make my way to your waiting mouth. Our lips meet in a frenzy of kisses and licking, sharing your taste between us. You smile at me and tell me that the time has finally come. You help me put on a condom, making sure it is snug, feeling my girth, shuddering in anticipation that it will soon be inside you. I move down again, gently rubbing up and down your slit, coating the head with your juices. You open yourself to me completely, waiting, drawing your breath, sharing my stare between us as I slowly enter you. I growl in pleasure, feeling my head gain entrance to you, slowly being squeezed in pulses. I press slowly into you, feeling you adjust to me, watching as our groins inch towards each other. I finally am fully inside you. I pause as I appreciate the feelings running along the length of my penis, hoping you feel the same pleasure I am. I start to withdraw slowly, leaving just the head inside I push back in with a little more force, starting a slow pistoning in and out, feeling the wonderful heat surrounding me. You wrap your legs around me and urge me on, wanting more force, more speed. I try to tease you more, keeping the pace as long as I can, but eventually I break down, picking up speed and force. You mash your breasts, crying out in pleasure. I reach down and press a finger to the top of our meeting, seeking to send you over the edge first. Saying that you are going to cum sends me over the brink. I ram home hard several times, leaving myself in you to the furthest I can, I grunt as the condom balloons out inside you, catching all of my seed. You start to spasm too, convulsing in pleasure as you ride your orgasm out with me still inside you. We both gently come down off our highs and I pull myself out of you and discard the condom. Breathing heavily we lay side by side and just bask in the pleasure of the moment, drifting off to sleep. I smile to myself, happy at last to have you in my arms as sleep finally claims me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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