Nisha’s Husband Swap Ch. 03 – Visitors

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This story is the third involving Nisha and Chris as they seek anal pleasure outside their marriage. Reading the first two stories is not necessary to follow this one but if you enjoy it, why not look up the other two?

Thank you for reading.

J x

Nisha’s Husband Swap Ch. 03 – Visitors

“Oh God, no!” Nisha stared in shock and disbelief at her phone.

Chris looked over the top of his newspaper and put down his morning cup of tea. “Is everything okay, Darling?”

Nisha didn’t respond at first as she continued to read the email which had just arrived in her inbox with a look of horror. “Oh God, you’re not going to believe this – Poonam’s coming,” she eventually said.

“Thank God for that – I thought someone had died,” Chris said with relief, picking up his tea again and turning the page of his newspaper. “Who’s Poonam?”

Nisha thought about it for a moment. “She’s my mum’s cousin’s daughter – I think. Yes, that’s right. Her father was Arjun and he was Mum’s cousin, no, second cousin…” Chris switched off as Nisha explained at length the family connection as far as she could remember it.

“Okay, okay! So she’s a distant relative. But why is she coming and why do you have a face like a spanked arse? What has the poor woman done to offend you?” Chris asked.

“You’ve not heard about Poonam? God! I thought I’d told you! Poonam is the one who was caught fucking the bridegroom at a family wedding years ago. Remember? I must have told you!” Nisha replied, exasperated.

“Oh, that was Poonam, was it? I remember the story but I didn’t make the connection. Wasn’t it kept from the bride and her family, and it only came out years later leading to a very messy divorce?” Chris asked.

“That’s right, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg as far as Poonam’s concerned. She’s the black sheep of the family and an utter pain in the arse,” Nisha continued. “She’s bossy, rude, overbearing and overweight, and she has a shocking reputation when it comes to men. I can’t understand what any of them see in her! Fortunately, I only ever see her at family weddings and then I always try to avoid her as much as possible.”

“I’m not surprised if she has form for shagging the groom at these turn-outs. So why has she invited herself here? Chris asked.

“She lives in Leicester now but she’s coming back to London for a couple of nights. I expect all her close relatives have found convenient excuses as to why they can’t accommodate her so she’ll have worked her way down the list and arrived at me,” Nisha said with annoyance.

“Fine, so just tell her we’re out of town or something,” Chris replied, putting down his paper and picking up a slice of toast. “When does she want to come anyway? We might be genuinely busy.”

“Tomorrow,” Nisha replied. “But I put that post on Facebook saying I was looking forward to a quiet weekend at home after the last few weekends being so busy. She liked it, so she must know I’m in. Maybe that’s why she’s picked on us to put her up. It’s going to be difficult to say no. Oh God, I can’t bear it!”

“Tomorrow?! Fucking hell. The rugby cup final is tomorrow. When is she arriving?”

“Not until late, thank God. She’s meeting someone for lunch then going to a gallery or something. She said she won’t be here until after eight.”

Chris heaved a sigh of relief as he scraped some marmalade onto his toast. “Good – I’ll be home by then. I don’t mind if she comes – I’d like to meet the notorious Poonam. Is there a Mr Poonam?”

“There was but they divorced last year. Poor chap – he did well to last twenty years with her. It was common knowledge she was fucking other guys behind his back all through their marriage,” Nisha said judgementally.

“Well I can’t wait to meet her.” Chris was winding Nisha up now. “A fat nymphomaniac coming to stay could be fun.” He winked at his wife to provoke her further.

“Hey! Don’t you be getting any ideas,” Nisha jokingly reprimanded Chris. “It’s one thing us swapping with Meenakshi and Rishi, but no flying solo, Mister! Besides, I’m sure you’ll have had more than enough of her within minutes of her arriving. You’ll be desperate for her to go home.”


The following day Chris set off in the morning to meet his friends before the rugby leaving Nisha to get the house ready for Poonam’s arrival. She was glad to be on her own for a while. If Chris had stayed to help with the cleaning and tidying it would only have annoyed her – he didn’t have the same exacting standards she did. And she enjoyed having her music on loud, her Bose speaker following her from room to room as she dusted, cleaned, vacuumed and polished. Nisha had also promised herself some time to play with her huge dildo when she was finished cleaning. She hadn’t had a chance for anal play over the past few busy weeks and she was looking forward to having some fun while Chris was out.

It had been New Year since Nisha had last been properly arse-fucked by a real cock and now it was late spring. As far as Amazon prime izle Nisha was concerned this was way too long to go without anal. She had allowed Chris to fuck her that way once or twice in the intervening months but although his cock was above average in length and girth, it just couldn’t give her the satisfaction of a genuinely enormous cock pounding her hole.

It was Rishi, her best friend’s husband, who had been the last to give her the satisfaction she craved. Chris had given Rishi’s wife, Meenakshi, anal in return but unfortunately, Rishi and Meenakshi had found it difficult to make time for another swap since. Their teenage daughters were preparing for exams and Meenakshi’s mother had been ill so, try as they might, they just hadn’t been able to find a suitable time.

So Nisha had been looking forward to pleasuring herself at length without being disturbed. Preparing for Poonam’s visit had forced her to slightly curtail her plans but she knew she could get the house cleaned in two or three hours, giving her more than enough time to play with herself before Poonam arrived. She had douched before starting the housework so, having completed her chores, she would get the dildos out and the fun could begin immediately. It was an incentive to work hard and quickly, and she did.

At one o’clock Nisha put away the vacuum cleaner, her tasks complete. The dildos were ready on the bed along with a fresh towel and a tube of lubricant. One dildo was a smooth, silver vibrator and the other a long, brown silicone cock. She kept them both in separate velvet bags in the cabinet by her bed, always at hand in case she just wanted to cum or as now, she wanted to play with her arse.

The smaller vibrator was just for foreplay. Often she would use it on her pussy first, making herself cum quickly as it pulsed on her clitoris or probed her G-Spot. She would usually imagine it was Chris inside her when she fucked herself but sometimes, if she was feeling very horny, someone else she knew would intrude on her naughty thoughts. Neighbours, celebrities and work colleagues had all been the subject of her fantasies, but since their husband swap at New Year, Meenakshi had increasingly been the person Nisha thought of when she needed to get off. The two women had already arranged to have some ‘girly time’ together as part of their next swap and the prospect excited Nisha enormously.

As the vibrator gently pulsed at her opening, she imagined Meenakshi between her legs, her tongue firmly licking her pussy and clit. She felt herself getting wetter as she thought of Meenakshi’s fingers in both her holes, of her climbing on top to sixty-nine Nisha, and of them scissoring; their wet pussies grinding together as they frigged each other to orgasm. Maybe Meenakshi would use the strap-on she had arse-fucked Chris and Nisha with last time to fuck her again, perhaps in her pussy next time? Nisha would love that, especially if Meenakshi fingered her arse as she fucked her.

Remembering what it felt like to be fucked by Meenakshi’s strap-on, Nisha moved the vibrator to her anus. For a while she just pushed it hard against her opening, its gentle pulsing reminding her of the delicious moment of anticipation as a large, thick cock pressed roughly at her hole before entering it. She reached for the lube and covered the length of the vibrator before returning it between her firm bum cheeks. She could have slid it inside herself then but still she held back, touching her soaking wet pussy and breasts instead while enjoying the vibrations and cold wetness of the vibrator on her bumhole.

When she couldn’t resist any longer Nisha eased the vibrator inside. She took it easily and it by no means gave her the stretch she ultimately craved, but she still spent a moment enjoying the gentle buzz and the feeling of being anally penetrated for the first time in weeks.

Again her thoughts turned to her best friend. She imagined Meenakshi gently fucking her bumhole with the vibrator as she made Nisha cum using her mouth and tongue. She opened her legs wider, as if to allow Meenakshi’s head between them, and used her middle finger to replicate the skilled ministrations of her friend’s tongue on her clitoris and outer lips as she moved the vibrator in and out of her anus with increasing speed and depth.

It didn’t take long before Nisha felt her orgasm build. Goosebumps formed on her skin and her nipples became hard as her body began to jerk and twist in response to the exquisite sensations emanating from between her legs. Her breathing quickened and her moaning became louder as, with a final frenzy of urgent rubbing, she came noisily, her thighs gripping her hand firmly to her sex as a warm wave of pleasure enveloped her entire body.

It took only a few moments for Nisha to recover from her first orgasm. After licking her fingers clean of her juices she reached for the larger dildo on the bed beside her. Removing it from its velvet bag, she admired its length and thickness. blutv izle Bulbous veins protruded along the shaft which she knew would enhance the sensations as it cleaved her hole. The base was embellished with two large silicone balls which she would use to stimulate her clitoris as she ground her pussy against them. She imagined the thick, smooth tip forcing its way deep into the soft, pink folds of her rectum and the pleasure it would give her when fully inserted. Nisha had waited a long time for this.

Picking up the towel, Nisha moved to the floor. With a loud slap she fixed the dildo’s sucker to the laminate next to the bed and placed the folded towel next to it. She reached for the lubricant and generously daubed the length of the dildo with gel before kneeling on the towel, her bottom inches above the smooth brown head of her favourite toy. Resting her elbow on the bed, Nisha reached behind her, grabbed the base of the dildo and lined it up at her willing arsehole.

She took a sharp intake of breath as she backed onto the thick brown phallus and it gradually broke through her bum’s futile resistance. She had wanted it inside her for so long but she knew she would have to take it step-by-step, slowly building up until she could easily ride the toy and enjoy its full length. Even Nisha couldn’t take something this big without some discomfort but that was all part of the thrill: overcoming the pain made the subsequent pleasure all the more intense.

As soon as the tip was sufficiently deep to stay inside her unaided, Nisha removed her hand and knelt upright, her back straight and her head back. Cupping her breasts in her hands and pinching her sensitive nipples, she gradually lowered herself more and more, gasping as the thickest part of the dildo was slowly consumed by her cock-hungry arsehole. Sometimes it seemed as if she had taken all she could and the dildo refused to go any deeper, but Nisha knew from experience that she could take every inch. A small shift in her body position was all it took to allow the toy further inside her body.

Before long Nisha had taken the dildo to its root. She paused for a moment to savour the feeling of being full before dropping her hands to the floor and rocking gently on all fours as the dildo became more comfortable to accommodate. Although it was barely moving inside her, the feeling of the tip pressing deep inside her felt acutely pleasurable and she moved one hand to her clitoris, rubbing it gently with her wet finger as her rocking motion became gradually stronger and the dildo began to slide inside her wet tunnel.

Soon she felt ready to make her movements even more pronounced and at last the cock started moving more easily, a little at first but sliding inside her more and more with every movement of Nisha’s hips. She moved both hands back to the floor, rubbing her pussy and clit over the toy’s huge glans with each thrust. How she wished these balls were real: big, heavy balls full of potent seed that would soon be bespattering the inside of her arsehole. For hours afterwards it would leak into her panties, reminding her of her dirty encounter and what a shameless slut she could be.

Keeping the tip of the dildo inside her, Nisha moved her feet and turned so she was crouching over the cock. With her knees splayed and her hands on the bed to steady herself, she slowly eased her body up and down, taking more and more of the cock each time until she was taking its entire length with every firm downward motion. All the pain and discomfort had passed; now she could begin to really enjoy herself.

Nisha moved her hands behind her and leaned backwards. Now when she rode the dildo it rubbed aggressively against her bladder, forcing droplets of urine to escape onto the towel but Nisha didn’t care; it was all part of her ritual and nothing was going to stop her from relishing the rich variety of sensations she could only get when her bum was completely full of cock. The smell of her fresh urine made her feel even more dirty and wanton, and her thoughts turned to Chris’s fantasy that she piss on him. Maybe she should do it, and maybe she should even let him do the same to her?

Crouching upright again, Nisha moved one hand back to her pussy, roughly rubbing and fingering herself as she felt another orgasm grow. With two fingers curled inside her pussy she violently worked the spot she knew would make her squirt and, as her clear fluids began to gush, she slapped and rubbed her soaking pussy hard and gave in to her orgasm again. Jet after jet of cum soaked the towel as Nisha gripped the bedsheets with one hand, finishing herself off with the other. Her bumhole gripped the dildo tightly as her body trembled with each new ripple of gratification, and the memory of Rishi’s cock twitching as he filled her bum with his semen prolonged her orgasm further.

As Nisha dropped to her knees almost spent, the dildo filled her up again, triggering another cum-rush from her now-aching pussy. Still impaled on beIN CONNECT izle the dildo, Nisha flopped forward onto the bed exhausted.


Chris arrived home at around seven o’clock, more than adequately refreshed after several beers before, during and after the rugby match. “Is the fat nympho here yet?” he shouted as he came through the door, knowing that Poonam wasn’t due to arrive for at least another hour.

Nisha came to the door and kissed him. “Stop it! What if she had arrived early?” she laughed. “No, she’s not. How was the match?”

“Brilliant! They won. How was your day, Darling? You’ve done a good job on the house, I see.”

“Oh, you know. Quiet…” Nisha replied. “Now Mister, you go up and have a shower before Poonam comes. And clean your teeth for God’s sake – you stink of beer. I’ll have a coffee waiting for you when you come down. It might sober you up a bit.”

Chris did as he was told and quickly came downstairs after showering. They watched television as they waited for Poonam to arrive but as the evening turned to night there was still no sign of her. Nisha had sent several texts but had received no reply and by ten o’clock she was beginning to wonder if Poonam was going to come at all. Chris was dozing on the sofa beside her and they both just wanted to go to bed.

By eleven o’clock, Nisha had had enough. “Come on,” she said, nudging Chris awake. “Let’s go to bed. She’s obviously not coming. The nerve of the woman! Three hours I spent cleaning! Three fucking hours!”

They were half way up the stairs when the doorbell finally rang. Nisha led the way downstairs and opened the door.

“Helloooo!” Poonam walked over the threshold and hugged Nisha with no apology for her tardiness. Unexpectedly, she was accompanied by a handsome young man. “I hope you don’t mind, I’ve brought Fraser with me. We’ve just spent the day together and we’ve had an amazing time. Nisha – Fraser. Fraser – Nisha.” Nisha shook the stranger’s hand limply with an incredulous look on her face.

Chris still hadn’t been introduced and, as Poonam continued talking excitedly to a seething Nisha, completely oblivious to any offence she had caused, he looked at the two new arrivals. Poonam wasn’t quite as Nisha had described her. She was short and quite chubby but he wouldn’t have described her as “overweight,” as Nisha had. Her round face and extremely large breasts – which she made a point of accentuating by wearing a tight black vest-top – gave the impression of excess weight but as she turned around to usher Fraser inside, he saw she had a firm, round bottom and sexy wide hips under the loose floral sarong she wore. Poonam had a classic hourglass figure and was definitely more broad and curvy than fat. Her hair was dark brown and pinned at the side with a large flower hair-grip, and with pleasing and well-proportioned facial features, Chris could certainly see why men would find her attractive even if Nisha couldn’t.

Fraser must have been some twenty years younger than Poonam and couldn’t have been more different. He was tall, slim and obviously worked out regularly from his chiselled jaw and muscular physique. Chris would have assumed he was her son except that he showed no sign of Indian features. Surely he couldn’t be her boyfriend, could he?

“And this must be Chris,” Chris heard Poonam say, and she moved further into the hallway to give him a hug. “Oooh, Nisha! When it took you so long to get married I just assumed you were a lesbian or were just too plain to tie a man down. But you were right to wait – he’s a bit of a dish, isn’t he?”

Chris could see that Nisha was absolutely fuming! Poonam’s rudeness was quite extraordinary – Nisha had certainly been right about that – but to Chris her complete lack of decorum gave her a certain sexiness. He wondered if she was as brassy between the sheets as she was in conversation.

“And Fraser, you must be Poonam’s..?” Nisha wanted to find out exactly who this stranger was before she allowed him any further inside her house.

“Oh, he’s not my partner – at least not yet. Ha ha! But we have been chatting for a while on the internet and we decided to meet and have a couple of days in London. We were so lucky with the weather – it’s been amazing! It was lovely on the South Bank, wasn’t it Fraser? But anyway, it’s late. Let’s catch up properly tomorrow. Which is our room?” She started to climb the stairs with Fraser, who had barely said a word, following behind carrying their bags.

“Top of the stairs and on the right,” Nisha said through gritted teeth. “Goodnight!”


“I have never… NEVER… met anyone so rude in all my life!” Nisha fumed once Poonam and Fraser were out of earshot. “She waltzes in three hours late with some fucking toy boy on her arm, then flounces off to bed without so much as removing her shoes! I bet they’re fucking in our spare bed as we speak! I… I…” Nisha was lost for words.

Tired and still a bit drunk, Chris was a bit more forgiving. “Yes, three hours is late, even by Indian time. But look on the positive side, Darling. At least you were spared the evening with her. Let’s just go to bed. Hopefully they’ll be going out again tomorrow – if we’re lucky we might barely see them all the time they’re in town.”

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