No Really, How Do You Like It?

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


So here in lies the age-old question… How do you like it?

If I had you riveted in the last installment, I figured I would try it again a second time. And for all of you that are just joining us, the Question on the table is, How do you like it?… and you are the only person that can answer that question!

What? Someone again is asking what “IT” is? It is that thing that you do in the dark with your significant other or alone by yourself. It’s what you do when others aren’t looking, and behind closed doors… (or out in the open, but I’ll get to that later.)

The last installment, I spoke about the business guy, the college professor and even the grocery store mom that got it in the best ways they knew how. I also wondered if you were like the female college student that was lusting over the hot bunny that sat across from you on the monorail car. But the reason I am back again, is because there were still a couple people who weren’t included in the last story. So, I had to ask about a couple more things, now that you know where I’m coming from.

Disclaimer: I may or may not have crossed a few boundaries in this chapter of the story… I wanted to dive deeper into all of the possibilities of how things are sometimes done in the dark of the night, and behind closed doors… Putting that out there as I don’t want any hate mail, lol but here goes nothing! – All characters and situations are portrayed with characters that are over 18 years old.

Are you indeed like the cute teen cheerleader that had self esteem problems when she was younger? She wasn’t the cute thing that she is now, in her youth. Braces lined her teeth, the ugly brown mop that was on her head was always mangled and never straight, and a little more weight than needed lined her bones, especially around her midsection. A flat chest and “coke bottle” glasses that sat at the tip of her nose, were just two other problems that plagued her.

Since then, surgery has dikmen escort fixed the small chest, box die has changed the ugly brown hair to jet black. The school girl skirt has been replaced with a leather body suit, a cat of nine tails fits firmly in her tight hand, and black stiletto heals now line her feet. The extra weight that she held on her shorter frame, that made her chunky, has melted away and although she’s still thick all over, thighs, little fat ass, and the bigger rack thanks to plastic surgery; she fits in her leather suit very well, and is referred to now as Mistress.

Are you her? Have your self-esteem problems melted away? Or do they melt away with every swing of your leather whip, as it rips across the skin of the willing victims that visit your dungeon, after you’ve donned your outfit and mask?

OR, does it turn you on to know that He’s coming by after work? No, you’re not supposed to be with Him, especially because, No One Knows that you’re with Him! No one is supposed to know you’re with Him because, you’re married. Married with a wife, and three beautiful children, the white picket fence and the dog! You’re a Fortune 500, business man, who wears a suit and a tie to work, every day. You’re the CFO of your company, and you make way too much money, and you work way too many hours! But your male secretary just… you don’t even know why he looks at you like he does, and you don’t know how the two of you started spending as much time as you do together. You’re not supposed to like how he makes you feel. You’re not even supposed to like men! But when he looks at you, everything around you melts!

The first time was too weird! Again, it wasn’t supposed to feel good, but when he slammed you into the wall, breathed hard in your ear and shoved his thickness into you! It wasn’t supposed to feel good when he bit the back of your neck, and finished inside of you as he slammed into you until you both were left in a sweaty pile of mess against the wall, panting and breathing heavily. Are you this guy?

Who emek escort else could you be? Are you that girl? That poor little girl waited for Daddy every night? When he came into your room and had his way? After mommy and your brother were sound asleep, daddy would tip toe into the room, pull your panties down and slide into you?

He would lay all of his weight on you, cover your mouth, and have his way with you? Licking and kissing your face all over, placing both of your hard nipples in his mouth, one at a time, sliding his hardness into you over and over again. Breathing hard in your ear, and the shock waves… the shock waves would course through your body from your head to your toes. The shock waves would rush over your body over and over again as the orgasm mounted, and your whole body rocked in relief! You feel every follicle on your head, arms, and anywhere else you have hair, stand on end, and now… Now a little later on in life, the only way you can get off is from someone forcing themselves on you! You LOVE the feeling, you Need the feeling, you WANT the feeling of someone forcing themselves on you! Are you That Girl?

Nah… You’re the guy who VISITS the Girl in the Leather Uniform that I mentioned earlier… You too, You too have a big boy job! You’re a Police Officer who drives the beat every day. You’re a fair officer, you don’t go out looking for trouble, but trouble always finds you! You too are married, but your marriage is falling apart due to the fact that your wife thinks that your job is dangerous, you work long hours, and she’s frankly afraid of losing you on your job, but doesn’t know how to communicate that, so instead of helping, she’s pushing you away and you two are growing apart. You fight constantly, and between your stressful job, and your stressful work life, YOU NEED RELEASE!

How do you get it? Of course, you go and see that girl in the leather uniform. You go for her for release because you need the beating she gives you. The beating she gives you reminds you of the spankings eryaman escort your mom gave you when you were younger because she couldn’t put down the bottle. The warmed whip rips at your skin and all of your trouble melts away.

The paddle that cracks down over your ass cheeks warms your skin as the blood rushes to the surface of your skin! The pain? There is no pain. It doesn’t even feel like pain anymore. It’s all relief! Relief from your wrecked relationship, your stressful job, your alcohol wrecked adolescence… relief from life! I wouldn’t be shocked if you were that guy…

Maybe, just maybe, you’re the woman who loves to empty her bladder, and by emptying her bladder, I mean into the diaper you wear under your long flowing dress and nylons. Nope, you make sure that no one can see it… you make sure anyone can tell it’s under there. You placed panties you’re wearing over the diaper, and smoothed them over and placed your tightest pair of nylons over the whole ensemble. The slip that you wear seals the deal and you continue into your night out on the town.

When you get to the dance club that you were heading too, you stand beside the hottest guy that’s standing at the bar, and take solace in the fact that he doesn’t know that you are planning on standing there all night, never going to the physical bathroom, but pissing all over yourself while you stand beside him. Letting the warm fluid squirt into the portable restroom that you are wearing on yourself, you stare deeply into his eyes because he doesn’t know your secret! Why would he? Why would he ever expect that you secretly want to fully relieve yourself into this disposable bathroom you’ve got on and have him lay you onto a bed and clean up all of your sorrows! Could you indeed be that girl?

How Do You Like it? Really, I wanna know! How do you do the dirty things you do? Where do you like to be naughty? Tell me, don’t keep it to yourself! I will never know if you don’t open up to me, and my mind reading abilities only last for so much… My imagination can only think of so many things, and I can only put you into so many thought provoking scenarios…

Now… Until the next installment… keep your brain cells bubbling, your creaminess flowing, and your swords hard! And next time you can let me know How You Like It!

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