No Strings Attached

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I don’t know why, but whether I’m horny, satisfied, single, or seeing somebody, I’ve always found those short little ads in the “Casual Encounters” section on my local classified site fascinating. It seems like you can find anything there, people from all walks of life, with all sorts of different attitudes, and no end of different requests, needs, wants and desires. I’d never gone any further than just clicking idly through, and really, I never intended to go any further. Sometimes, though, the abyss looks deeper into you than you expect.

I sat in bed, laptop in my lap, surfing quietly through the internet. The semester had just ended, but the responsibilities of summer hadn’t quite set in, so I was left with more time than obligation, and little on my plate for the day. Having already surfed my normal inventory of pages to check several times, I navigated over to the local classifieds, right into “Casual Encounters”. I was single and I’d been in a dry spell for the better part of three months, but I’d never considered looking online, except for amusement and a good sociological case study. I guess I’ve just always been too much of a romantic, and perhaps a bit too cautious, having heard horror stories enough. But, there’s never harm in window shopping.

With a wry grin, I clicked into “Women for Men” and started to skim. The usual archetypes jumped out at me almost immediately. ataşehir escort As always, right towards the top, a commitment-phobe, probably using a fake name, wanting to meet at an airport bar for some fun (“NO strings!!”). Below that, a call-girl trying to blend in (“I’m only in town for a couple of days, and I’d love to spend some time with YOU.”) Further down the page, a few damaged goods ads (“single mom tired of dating”), a few cheaters (“discretion a MUST”) and a no shortage of women who don’t seem to understand that even if Mr. Right exists and is desperately searching for a 36 year old divorcee, he won’t be reading this board. Then, you get the girls whose ads read like Penthouse forum letters, the self-described “nymphos”, ready to meet anybody, anywhere, just because they “need cock”. Oddly enough, they seldom say anything about “clean” or “condoms”, which makes it easy enough for my brain to convince my cock of how bad an idea that would be.

Occasionally, you’ll stumble upon something different mixed in with the vast sea of ads posted by nameless and faceless stereotypes and disorders. These are the ads that don’t look like they’ve been posted five times this week, where just enough personality, maybe even thought, shows through to intrigue you. These are the posts where a single read tells you everything you need to ümraniye escort know about the poster. Sometimes, it tells you that you’re only an email away from a lifetime supply of crazy. Sometimes, it paints a sad picture, a girl who thinks nobody could want her in a relationship, and has turned to a classified site to fulfill her need for relationships three hours at a time. Sometimes, though, you simply don’t understand why such an ad would ever be written, what could make a person want what they’re asking for. The ad is a mystery, the tip of an iceberg of personality peering out of the water, challenging you to guess what’s floating under the surface. That’s what got me to click the link, to write the email, and to arrange the meeting that I never thought I’d make.

The headline itself was unremarkable. “cute college girl for NSA oral or facial (near campus)”. I glanced over it at first, but then scrolled back up. I was near campus, and well, most girls don’t come out and ask for a facial or oral. Usually, they’re doing their best to avoid either. So, I clicked.

“hi. i’ve never posted on here before, but i’m really horny and i want to suck a guy off, maybe make him cum on my face. no strings, you can watch porn while i do, lights off if you want, i just want 2 taste you cum, then you can leave. i’m 19, no old kadıköy escort guys. come to my place right close 2 campus, or i can walk if youre close”

I sat back and thought about it. She doesn’t want sex, doesn’t want a relationship, and wasn’t asking for the guy to do anything in return. Hell, her “lights off” comment made it sound like she didn’t even want to be noticed while she did it. What was in it for her? I looked at the post time. Only 20 minutes ago. Her puzzle and her motivation, both intrigued me. Almost without thinking, I clicked the “reply” link and started composing a message.

“Hi”, I began typing, tentatively, a slight quiver of nervousness through my stomach as my rational mind thought about the risk. “I saw your ad, and am wondering if you’ve already found somebody. I’m not far from you. I’m 21.” My rational mind laughing quietly at the absurdity of the whole situation, I tipped my hat to my sense of safety. “PS:”, I appended, “Are you clean?”

I hit send, with a slight chuckle as well as a fluttering in my stomach. I figured I’d never hear back from her again, and just counted my sending a reply as an interesting experience. So, I went back to examining some of the older ads. After a few more divorcees, a few more single moms, one, very lonely sounding woman looking for a nice, gentle man with genital warts, I gave up and went to take a shower.

When I returned, I noticed a new message in my inbox.

Sender: Aries2345@freemail.web

Subject: re: classified ad


yeah, youre the first person to respond who isnt like, 50. do you want 2 come over? its early, but im already pretty horny. also, i got tested after my last bf. 1340 blake st.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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