Off to a Rousing New Year

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My sexy soulmate, Catherine, and I rang in the New Year with my seven-inch cock buried in her pussy on the balcony of our second-floor hotel room. Fireworks were exploding in the sky while my cum was exploding deep into her womb. I held her tight while her own orgasm spasmed through her body. We welcomed 2019 in with a bang, the first of many climaxes we hope enjoy this year.

Catherine’s midnight summit took place while she was bent over the bannister with her Double-D tits exposed and swaying in the night air. Nipple clamps that I bought her for Christmas were securely fastened to her crimson red nipples, adding to her enjoyment. Her screams of ecstasy drew the attention of several people in the courtyard, as well as the couple occupying the room next to ours. They stood on their balcony watching the pyrotechnics staged by the Apple Farm hotel and by us. The lady looked over and gave us a thumbs up. Fortunately, the sounds of the fireworks drowned out most of the noise we were making.

The stares from the people below only fueled our passion, as Catherine is a confirmed exhibitionist. Last night marked the third time we were joined at the hips as we welcomed in a New Year. Catherine’s mature pussy is still so slick, wet and smooth that I usually shoot my load within a matter of minutes. She doesn’t complain because I always make sure she cums first; usually with my face buried between her thighs. I can never get enough of her sweet tasting cunt.

I wake at 8:00 AM on the first day of the new year in my favorite position. Catherine is snuggled up to me with her head resting on my chest. Her naked body presses against me with her hand wrapped around my morning wood. I massage her left breast as she leisurely strokes my hard shaft. Pre-cum forms at the tip.

“Good morning Rob, my love. Happy New Year. That was quite a session last night, my orgasm was the best. I was so turned on when those people looked up at us and saw my boobs hanging over the rail.”

“Happy New Year Catherine. Your hand tells me you want another go round this morning. I love the way you stroke my cock.”

“Yes, I do. Please make love to me in this comfy king size bed, I want this cock in my pussy.”

Catherine squeezes my shaft for emphasis.

I move my hand down Catherine and finger her slit. I rub the wet patch between her thighs to open her up. She takes a deep breath and our lips move together for a gentle kiss. My tongue glides between Catherine’s lips while my fingers glide along her labia. We hear a knock on the door.

“Did you order room service?”

“No, I didn’t, did you?”

We hear another knock; this time it’s a bit louder. I figure the person on the other side is not going away so I get up to investigate. Catherine releases her grip. I walk to the door with my cock sticking out ninety degrees.

“Rob, are you going to cover up? There’s a robe on the couch.”

“No, I don’t think so. Whoever is knocking needs to see what they are interrupting.”

I open the door with my thick shaft pointing straight ahead. Standing in front of me is a lady a wearing an Apple Farm robe. The robe is loosely tied allowing a nice view of cleavage. My eyes naturally focus on her tits for a moment. When we make eye contact, she is grinning from ear to ear.

“I’m sorry for interrupting. Hi, I’m Rosalie and I’m staying next door. I saw you and your lady on the balcony last night and wished you a Happy New Year. I was so turned on watching you guys fuck. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

“Oh yeah, you gave us a thumbs up. It’s nice to meet you, I’m Rob. It looked like you were enjoying yourself too. Was that your husband or boyfriend with you? You do know we shared the elevator after dinner; you were busy kissing and getting your boob squeezed, so I guess you didn’t notice.”

Rosalie looks down at my stiff cock as I flex. My shaft bobs back and forth. She seems to be in a trance for a moment.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Did you say something about an elevator?”

“I was just asking if you are with your husband.”

“Goodness no, I’m not married. He’s not even a boyfriend, just a family acquaintance. We were kind of set up at the last minute. Anyway, I wanted to make love out on the balcony too, but he wasn’t interested. We went back inside and fucked on the bed. Let me tell you, it was less than satisfying. He came too fast and then fell asleep. It’s a good thing I brought my vibrator with me. I had to masturbate just to have a decent orgasm.”

“Well, Rosalie, would you like to come in and meet my lady friend, Catherine? After all, you saw her in all her glory last night.”

“Yes, thank you. My friend is still sleeping, and I doubt we’ll fuck again anytime soon.”

I open the door wider and Rosalie walks in, brushing against my cock. I stroke my shaft just to let her know she is welcome. She reaches down and squeezes my cock.

“Rob, you have such a nice thick cock. No wonder Catherine was screaming last night.”

I lead Rosalie into the suite and bostancı escort introduce her to Catherine. I tell Catherine that Rosalie is staying in the room next door and she was the one who gave us the thumbs up last night. Catherine sits up in the bed with the sheet covering her tits. She reaches out to shake Rosalie’s hand and the sheet falls away baring her Double-D’s.

“Oh my, I didn’t intend that to happen. Anyway, it’s nice to meet you Rosalie. Did you enjoy the fireworks last night?”

“I did. And I enjoyed watching Rob bang you. It looked like you two were having fun and not caring if anyone was watching.”

“Yes, I guess we are a just couple of exhibitionists, maybe me more than Rob. He really let me have it and I had such an intense orgasm. We both came as the fireworks were exploding. I guess we put on our own show for several people in the courtyard.”

“And for me. I wish I could have talked my friend into fucking me outside, but he refused. Let me tell you, my pussy was dripping watching you two.”

Rosalie speaks as she watches us intently. Little by little her robe opens and treats us to a nice view of her tits and dark brown nipples. She is wearing a bright blue thong which does not cover her full bush. Catherine invites Rosalie to sit in the chair next to the bed.

“You look very sexy in that robe, but you might want to adjust the belt. It looks like your tits will fall out any second. We wore the hotel robes last night, but they didn’t cover much, certainly not when Rob had me bent over the railing.”

Catherine doesn’t bother to cover her boobs. I sit on the bed next to Catherine and slide up against her. She reaches over to grab my cock as she continues her conversation with Rosalie.

“Are you from out of town Rosalie?”

“Oh no, I live right here in San Luis Obispo. In fact, I work at the college in the agriculture department. One of my colleagues was going to stay here last night, but she had to go out of town at the last minute. She said it was a family emergency, so she offered me the room.”

“Really. My next-door neighbor, Samantha works in the geology department. I don’t imagine you know her.”

“No I don’t know a Samantha, it’s a big campus. Anyway, I had to rustle up a date at the last minute. He’s a family friend, but a real dud in bed. He’s got a nice cock, he just doesn’t know how to use it. Not like Rob did last night.”

Catherine is now blatantly stroking my cock and playing with her erect nipples. I know exactly what she is doing and what she is thinking.

“Well, Rob definitely knows how to use this. So, Rosalie would you like to join us? We were just about to make love when you knocked. We love threesomes and you look like you could use a good orgasm. Rob and I always enjoy having a third partner.”

“I would love to. That was kinda my intent for coming over. When I saw you two last night I just had to find out for myself what it would be like, and to feel that cock in my pussy. “

“Have you been with a couple before?”

“No, this will be the first time.”

“Your first threesome? Well, we’ll be gentle and make sure you cum first and cum often.”

“Actually, it’s not my first threesome, but my first with a couple. I’ve had a few get togethers with two men. Let me tell you, having two cocks to play with is incredible. I love sucking on a hard cock while I am pounded with another. A full pussy and a full mouth together makes me very happy.”

My cock just got a lot harder listening to Rosalie. Catherine stands and I take over stroking my cock. I use long, slow strokes. She grabs Rosalie’s hand to pull her up from the chair. Rosalie’s robe falls to the floor and they press their bodies together. Their lips come together for a tentative kiss. Catherine takes it slow and allows Rosalie to control the moment. I continue to stroke my shaft while I watch the ladies press their mouths together.

Catherine and Rosalie move in unison as they kiss. They wrap their hands around each other and hug. Catherine’s big tits squish against Rosalie’s round mounds. Catherine glides one hand down Rosalie’s back and grabs her ass. She moulds her hand around one cheek and squeezes. Rosalie presses her hips flush against Catherine as their kiss becomes more passionate.

I watch as the ladies grind against each other, hands exploring new territory, tongues swirling. Pre-cum forms at the tip of my cock as I watch the show unfold before my eyes. After several minutes they break apart and Catherine descends, planting little kisses and nibbles along the way. Her lips follow the gentle curve of Rosalie’s breasts. Catherine uses her hands to massage the tan orbs. Rosalie has beautiful boobs, they look to be about a C-cup with dark brown nipples. Catherine licks around her dark areole and then sucks on the erect nub. She moves back and forth sucking and biting Rosalie’s nipples. Rosalie inhales and exhales in rapid succession.

“I love your breasts Rosalie. They are so firm. sancaktepe escort Is this the first time with another woman?”

Rosalie can barely utter the word ‘yes’. Catherine applies more force as she sucks each erect nipple. She gently scrapes her teeth along the half inch protrusion. Rosalie’s breathing intensifies. Catherine continues lower, kissing and licking the smooth skin. She stops just above the blue thong and admires the sweet spot between Rosalie’s thighs. Kneeling before her new friend, Catherine grabs the sides of the undergarment and slides it to the floor. Rosalie kicks her thong to the side and spreads her legs.

Catherine stares at the neatly trimmed, but full bush of black pubic hair covering Rosalie’s mound. She glides her fingers through the long curls as she looks up at Rosalie.

“I love your soft hair. It’s been a while since I’ve played with a hairy cunt. Most of my lady friends have gone Brazilian or have small landing strips. Your bush is so full. I like it a lot. Have you always kept the natural look?”

I can tell Rosalie is having a hard time forming words. Her body is trembling with all the attention. My cock is getting close to the bursting point, so I ease off a little bit.

“I’ve tried a couple of different looks, from shaving completely to a landing strip and then just a small square patch. But I prefer a fuller look. I love to slide my fingers through the curls. I’m always touching my pussy, making myself wet.”

“Rosalie, let’s move to the bed. You can lay on your back and spread your legs, I’m dying to taste your delicious pussy. It looks like Rob needs some attention too. I’m sure he’ll appreciate a blowjob while I take care of you.”

Rosalie spreads out on the bed next to me, her face next to my thigh. I move around and place my lips on hers. Our tongues play together as Catherine dips her tongue into Rosalie’s honeypot. She licks her outer labia with broad strokes, up and down. Rosalie spreads her legs as Catherine continues to drill her tongue deep into her pink pussy. Rosalie’s clit hardens and emerges from the dense patch of hair. Her sensitive pearl is hard and ready to be sucked.

I move up on the bed and present my seven inches for Rosalie. She grips my cock and pulls me to her mouth. She looks intently at my swollen glans and sucks on the swollen knob. Her right hand reaches over and cups my balls. Rosalie releases me for a moment.

“I love your hard cock. When you opened the door this morning and your cock was pointing at me, I knew I needed to have it.”

Rosalie jacks me off while she sucks on the tip. Catherine grinds her face into Rosalie’s cunt and slurps on her throbbing clit. Her pussy is wet and tasty. Catherine uses two fingers to invade the inner flesh.

“Oh, my gawd Rosalie, you are so tight. So slippery and tight.”

Rosalie continues to suck my cock deep into her mouth. I know my cock will feel good clenched inside her pussy. CatherineI stimulates her G-Spot and pushes her digits deep within her folds. I watch her thighs quiver and realize she is on the verge of her first climax with us. Catherine sucks her clit between her lips and jams her fingers against the hard ridge of her magic spot.

Rosalie moans as she cums hard. She holds onto my shaft as she loses control and her body convulses for several moments. Her firm tits shake and her nipples stand erect. Rosalie takes several deep breathes before speaking.

“I never knew a woman’s touch could feel so good. Catherine, your lips and tongue are so soft.”

Catherine wraps her hands around Rosalie’s tight ass and licks the pussy juice from her vagina and inner thighs. She sucks on the pink rose petals of her labia licks up all the remaining cum.

“You taste so sweet Rosalie. I’m happy you came over to see us. Please stay and we’ll make sure you have plenty of orgasms. I know Rob is dying to stick his cock into your hot pussy. Will you return the favor and eat me? I love a woman’s touch as well. I’ll guide you since this is your first time.”

Rosalie and I get up from the bed. It’s my time to hug and kiss our new friend. We face each other and our lips touch. The longer we kiss, the more passionate we become. I flail my tongue into her mouth, and she reciprocates in-kind. Our tongues intertwine as I reach up and place my hand around Rosalie’s right breast. She is so firm, and her nipple remains erect. I feel the hard nub against my palm as I massage the pliant flesh.

Rosalie reaches down and grabs my shaft. Her grasp is firm as she strokes my cock. We break our kiss and I immediately latch onto her chocolate brown nipple. I suck her on left tit while I squeeze her right. I love her C-cups, so firm and bouncy.

I drop to my knees forcing Rosalie to release my shaft. I need to taste her sweet pussy before she goes down on Catherine. Rosalie spreads her legs as I bury my face between her thighs. Her full bush tickles my cheeks while I force my tongue deep into her gash. zeytinburnu escort I taste remnants of her orgasm and her juices are sweet. I lick all around her inner flesh and suck on her rose petals just as Catherine did. I could stay her forever, but I know Catherine is waiting on the bed for some attention.

I look up into Rosalie’s eyes, “You taste so good Rosalie. I just want to take you home and eat you up. The three of us can make love all day long. First, I think Catherine needs you to pleasure her and I need to have my thick cock buried in this sweet pussy.”

Rosalie turns her attention to Catherine as I move behind her. My cock throbs in anticipation. Catherine lays on the bed with her legs spread wide. She rubs and massages her huge tits as she beckons Rosalie to bend over and lick her cunt. Catherine’s inner labia open like a lotus blossom, wet and inviting. Rosalie kneels beside the bed and pulls Catherine to the edge. She dips her head and takes a tentative lick along the pink slit.

“Don’t be shy, lick all around my outer lips and mound. Feel my smooth pussy with your tongue. Taste my juices.”

“I’ve never gone down on a woman before. Your skin is so soft and smooth. I think I like this. I love your fragrance.”

Rosalie follows direction and laps up Catherine’s puffy lips and licks the smooth surface of her mound. She darts her tongue between the pink folds and tastes the nectar. Rosalie is a quick learner. She runs her hands along the soft inner thighs as she kisses and sucks her first cunt.

“That’s it Rosalie. Suck my inner lips, you are doing it just right. I can feel my clit getting hard.”

I watch Rosalie move her head side to side and up and down as she focuses on Catherine’s pleasure. I look down and see pre-cum oozing from my tip. I am so intent on watching Rosalie, I almost forget my own need. I grab my seven-inch shaft and line it up with her wet gash. I press forward and ease into Rosalie’s pussy. She is so wet and tight. I press a little further which causes Rosalie to grunt. She goes back to eating Catherine as I bottom out, pressing my hips against her tight bum. Hot flesh surrounds my cock and I savor the feeling. The year is not yet twelve hours old and here I am enjoying my second pussy already. I can tell it’s going to be a great year.

Rosalie presses her lips against the juicy cunt and drills her tongue deep into the cavern. She opens her mouth and sucks Catherine’s labial flaps. Rosalie’s tongue licks all around the pink flesh as she gets her first taste of pussy. She snakes her tongue along the pink skin and flicks Catherine’s clitoris with every up stroke. Rosalie licks around her thighs and along the crease that separates thigh from the puffy hairless lips. She laps at her mons moving her head all around the smooth skin.

“I love your cunt; I could go on eating you all night long. I never knew a pussy could taste so good.”

Catherine pleads “Don’t stop Rosalie. Make me cum; your tongue is driving me crazy. I am so wet for you. Eat my pussy, eat me.”

Catherine’s plea spurs me along and I pick up the pace of fucking Rosalie from behind. I draw a finger between her ass cheeks and poke her little rosebud. It’s probably too soon to fuck her ass, but I make a mental note that I need to pop that cherry in the future.

Rosalie takes a sharp breath and pushes her face hard against Catherine’s womanhood. I pump my cock in and out of her wet gash. Both ladies are climbing to another wonderful orgasm and so am I. Rosalie is now aggressively licking and sucking Catherine and doing all she can to satisfy her. I am doing all I can to satisfy Rosalie. My fingers continue to glide along her sphincter, adding more pleasure for her.

Several minutes pass as I glide in and out of Rosalie’s hot pussy. She slides her ass back to meet my thrusts. I pull back until just the tip of my cock is captured between her folds and then push back hard. Rosalie’s buns cushion my stroke as I make another thrust. I hold onto her hips and my orgasm builds. It’s going to be extreme.

“Rosalie, your pussy feels so good, so tight and wet. I won’t last much longer.”

Rosalie lifts her head up and looks back at me, “I feel it your hard cock throb. Keep fucking me, I’m going to cum again. You can come on my ass.”

Catherine shouts, “Gawd yes, Rob. Cum on her ass. Shoot your load all over that tight ass. I’ll lick it up. I love your sweet cum.”

Rosalie demands that Catherine share my jizz with her too, just before she clamps down on Catherine’s sensitive clit. Catherine is right there with us and orgasms too. Her juices flow and Rosalie does her best to slurp up the cum. I watch her body tense and quiver as Rosalie attacks her pussy. Rosalie is caught in the middle with her face smashed against Catherine’s cunt and my cock buried in her pussy. She is at the edge and responds to our orgasms.

“Yes, yes Catherine. You guys are so good. I knew you would take care of me. I’m there, I’m there. I’m cummmminnng!”

All of this is too much for me. My senses are in overload as I pull out and pump my seven inches several times. I erupt in mid-stroke and send several ropes of sticky cum onto Rosalie’s bum. One, two, three thick jets of semen cover her ass cheeks. A fourth spurt launches onto her lower back. I can’t contain myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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