On A Mission To Get Myself Off

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My god, I have been on one for 2 days straight. In fact I’m usually always on one when it comes to sex. I love the feeling of being turned on all the time, most of the time I can tease myself for hours on end. I don’t like to just get off, I like to work my self up so when I finally go over the edge and cum, it knocks my socks off, sometimes over and over, hell I have had myself so worked up that when I did cum I couldn’t stop. Seriously, every movement I made sent another spasm shooting thru me.

Now that was a trip. It takes a lot for me to get way because I have very specific turn on’s. The number one turn on for me is watching a guy jack off but I like it when it’s hot and frantic. When you can see in the guys face that the only thing that matters to him is his swollen cock that’s in his hands. The way he jacks it sometimes using 2 hands, pulling it, twisting it, almost trying to yank it off. He is so in to it you can see involuntary jerks in his body when he’s stroking, his eyes are glued to his cock. This is not just a quick tug, tug, and squirt. He loves making his cock that hard and swollen, the reason he’s beating off is not getting off, and it’s to be able to have that hot dick in his hands. I like to watch some guys suck their own cocks, but again it has to be done with emotion and desire.

I guess that’s because that’s how I feel. Every movement I make, the items I use, to the clothes I wear add to the sensation that comes over me. I like to wear a nipple-less bra that is just a hair to small. I’ve got big titts, 36EE, when I squeeze them into that bra my nipples get squished through the holes. I love to play with my nipples, pinch them between my fingertips and give them a tug, then I grab one tit in each hand and point my hard nipples upward to my mouth. I take turns running the tip of my tongue over the swollen tips, sucking them into my mouth one at a time, my nipples are so sensitive and respond so fast and between the incredible feelings I get between my legs and add the nipple play. I can’t describe it, I’m HOT! Getting güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri hornier by the second!

I have one of egg sized vibrators that I put between my smooth shaved pussy lips, thank god I’ve been blessed with a plump pussy because I have a big clit (when I’m not going it alone, it’s usually sucked inside someone’s lips). My clit actually gets hard and swollen like a little cock (I feel sorry for most women they just have these little button clits, some you can’t even see). With the vibrator going full blast, my silky smooth lips wrapped completely around it holding right at my clit. As I lick at one nipple and tug on the other my hips and thighs are grinding my swollen clit all around the vibrator. I don’t understand how some women just lay there not moving their hips, I cant help it when my clit makes contact with a vibrator, a suction pump or a hot pair of lips, they move, they grind around rubbing my clit all over, I even start to get these jerky little spasms when it starts to feel to good. I just back off a bit so the pressure isn’t quite so intense, it just teases me even more. I can go for hours on end, thru several sets of batteries, sometimes my vibrators even go out. I must admit I’m pretty hard on them.

Right now as I’m typing this I’m sitting in the chair with the egg size vibrator between my thighs, it has a sleeve over it, the thick gel kind that is so life like, at the end of the sleeve it has this cup that I slid between my lubed lips. It fits right over my clit, oh you should feel this, shit, my hips are grinding away so hard that my nipples keep getting knocked into things. Sure I could get off right now but what’s the fun in that, I would rather tease, hump and grind being on the verge all the time. I originally started writing about 2 days ago (shit hold on the batteries are dieing… Oh Fuck!… Ahh, new batteries. It’s doing a number on my clit. It’s getting hard to type because I’m jerking all over. God I love feeling like this.

Anyway, like I said I do this all güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the time but for the last 2 days we’ve had a friend of the family here at the house putting in a new bridge so my father can get his medical scooter to the front door. That’s the reason that I have all this time to play with myself. My father is unable to care for himself so I take breaks from humping and grinding to do the few things he needs done. Then I can go back and shove the vibrator between pussy lips or turn on the suction pump and attach the cup over my clit, (let me tell you that is hard not to cum right when I use the pump cause it sucks my clit right in) it feels just like when someone is sucking my clit. You can actually see my clit being sucked in and out, I get so turned on watching it and it feels so damn good. With my body responding the way it does, I end up humping and grinding against the suction from the pump, my clit just gets more and more swollen. I get so turned on that I start to get nasty, I want to watch some guy jacking himself off or some guy with big hard dick sucking on himself or I get into reading masturbation stories. I also get off on watching women together but, I cant get into the lick, lick shit, I need to see what I like to do when I’m with a women, burry my mouth between a smooth, plump pussy and suck on her clit like it’s a lollypop. I also love to suck on nice hard nipples, grabbing both tits with each hand and taking turns with each one.

I’ve been very discreet about my escapades, when he comes into the house I cover up my exposed nipples with a sweatshirt. I turn the vibrator off and straighten my pants. I try real hard to remember not to keep grinding my hips. I was trying to read some nasty stories online feeding my already outrageous desire, but I had to close the window to keep him from seeing that I was a pervert. If he only knew. This was driving me nuts, every time I would get close to how I like to feel, he had to come in for something.

I like feeling hot and nasty for güvenilir bahis şirketleri hours, not just brief moments. So I made an excuse to have to go into town. Still in my nipple-less bra under my sweatshirt, vibrator snuggly between my pussy lips I head off in the Bronco. Vibrator on high, I’m grinding and humping, moaning with each jerk my poor deprived clit gave out. I live in the mountains and was going to the valley, the road is like a roller coaster, and I tell you I never had a harder time keeping my self from cumming. The vibrations from the vibrator, the humping and grinding I was doing then add in the steep drops, oh my, my clit was in heaven. Not to mention that I was not the only person on the road. I’m sure a few people had an idea of what was going on.

I was away from the house for 4 hours, I brought extra batteries so I wouldn’t miss a beat, except for when I went into the stores, I had to turn it off because it was too noisy. I was having a great time taking care of my own needs. I was so turned on that I did leave it running when I stopped to get gas. The people passing by must have thought I had some kind of disability because I was jerking uncontrollably, my clit was so swollen and sensitive, it was HOT.

On my way home my friend called my cell phone to see when I was going to be home. As I was talking to him couldn’t help making noises when I would get those incredible pulses in my clit. He asked me what was going on, was I ok. I almost told him what I was doing and why. It wouldn’t bother me in fact it would have been a turn on. But I didn’t, I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable. So I told him nothing was wrong and that I would be there soon.

I was still at it when I pulled up to the house. We brought all the stuff in, I took care of my dad then off to the computer I went. I had to tone it down from what I wanted to do but I was still feeling good.

Thank god he had to go home to get some stuff. He will be back tonight or tomorrow. So here I am going full speed telling you my story. After this I’m going to see if I can find some hardcore masturbators jacking off. I think now might be a good time to knock my socks off so I can go at it again. I’m feeling pretty nasty so I should cum nice and hard and with how swollen my clit is I’m going to be cumming over and over. I can’t wait. This is how it should be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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