On the Mat

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Nadia’s sparring gloves slammed into my padded hands in the steady pattern of a one-two-three punch combination followed by a low kick and a high kick, over and over; her bare feet danced over the ring’s mat, keeping her footwork light and elusive as she circled me and struck. All around us, people wrestled, practiced submission holds, sparred and lifted weights; posters of Georges St. Pierre, Megumi Fujii, Gina Carano and others hung from every wall.

“All right, closing time!” It was Mike, the gym owner and main jiu-jitsu trainer. “Everybody, you’ve got five minutes to shower and grab your stuff, then I’m locking up. I’m in a hurry tonight.”

Nadia stopped pounding the mitts into my bare chest and looked over at him, panting a little. “Hey, uh, Mike? Is it cool if Reid and I stay late? I’m feeling good about my ground game, but my striking needs more work.”

I was kind of surprised that she’d volunteered me to stay with her, since she hadn’t asked—and pretty pleased, because I was more than happy to. She made training interactive instead of treating her partners like workout equipment, and she managed to keep good conversation going without slacking off in her drills and exercises. That, and watching her move was a pleasure in itself. It was a good thing Mike didn’t let different-sex pairs practice grappling together, or I would have had more than a few erections to explain. As it was, I’d been wondering for a while if we might —

Mike rolled his eyes and sighed. “No, it’s not cool. I have to clean this place up and get home. There’s a regional fight card coming up, and I’m trying to get a couple of my guys on it.”

“We’ll do the cleanup,” I offered. Nadia had handed me the perfect opportunity to ask her to dinner that night, and damn if I was going to let it get away.

Nadia looked back to me and smiled, the gentle angles of her mouth and cheekbones lighting up, then looked at Mike again. “Yeah. We’ll spray down the mats, put the gloves away, everything.”

Mike didn’t say anything, but I knew that the idea of getting on the phone with the booking agent forty-five minutes early would be more than he could pass up. It was still another thirty seconds before he finally walked over to the side of the ring and motioned for us to come close. “All right, all right,” he said, keeping his voice low. “You two have been coming here long enough that I trust you. Just don’t go to the front desk, where people outside could see you; take the back door from my office and be sure you lock up when you’re done. I’ll put the spare key in the top drawer of my desk. Just drop it through the mail slot when you go. “

“Thanks, Mike. Have a good night.” We waited until Mike turned away to tell the other trainers before we went back to working Nadia’s strikes.

Ten minutes later, we were the only ones left in the gym. Our striking practice gradually slowed down, giving me a little extra time to admire her graceful movements and perfectly sculpted shoulders and legs. She smiled, then gave one last combo so fast and hard that it stung my hands through the pads. I couldn’t help but be impressed.

“Nice finish,” I told her. Her black sports bra and shorts were clinging to her body as she panted from her final burst of energy, and it took everything I had not to openly stare at her. “I don’t know why you think you need extra work on this. You look great, as usual.”

“Thanks. I hope I impressed you.” Nadia took a deep breath as her lungs calmed, then quirked an eyebrow at me. “Wait. You mean ‘looked,’ right?”

I smiled and shrugged, slipping the mitts off. “Both. Even if you didn’t fight, they’d beg you to be a ring girl.”

She might have blushed a little through her normal workout flush, but she smiled, too. “Thanks, but I’d rather be fighting. Besides, these aren’t big enough,” she chuckled, grabbing her chest.

“I wouldn’t know,” I said half-truthfully, maybe reddening a little, myself. “I try not to ogle.”

She laughed out loud. “I appreciate that you’re such a gentleman. And thanks for staying after with me.”

“It’s a pleasure. Not that you asked.” I smiled at her, so she’d know I really didn’t have a problem with it it.

She chuckled and rolled her shoulders apologetically. “Yeah, well. Sorry. You’re my favorite training partner and I know I’m safe with you, and it doesn’t hurt that you’re the best striker here. And I … wanted to show you something, too.”

“Oh, thanks, same to you; I wish my jiu-jitsu were as good as yours.” I realized I was probably blushing again, and hurriedly asked, “What did you want to show me?”

Her breathing was returning to normal, although the color wasn’t leaving her face. “I’ve been thinking about trying a new technique with you for a while now. You looked really good during your sparring today –” She grinned. “– and I finally decided I should get your opinion on it tonight.”

“Yeah, sure. Should I put the mitts back on?”

“No, keep ’em off,” she said, stripping her gloves off. “This is more like clinch work.”

I dropped the pads and kicked them aside. “I’m listening.”

She halkalı escort stepped up to me, close enough that I could smell her skin and the keen, but not offensive, scent of her perspiration. “All right, I was thinking that if I got one underhook, like this –” She put her right arm around my side, a little lower than underhooks usually go.

“– and the other hand behind your neck, like in the Thai clinch –” She very gently put her left hand over the rising hairs on the back of my neck, and my heartbeat quickened abruptly.

“– then I should be able to do … this.” Her body was suddenly up against mine as she pulled my head down and kissed me.

Every nerve in my body went crazy. Her soft lips pressing firmly against mine, shifting and deepening, sent tingles down my spine and through my fingertips like no one ever had before. I felt the hard muscles in her back shifting under my hand, felt her nipples pressing into my bare chest, and—undeniably—felt myself getting hard. I also realized, to my profound relief, that I was kissing her back. And I didn’t stop.

She finally stepped back, sucking my lower lip for an extra second and trailing her left hand down my chest. “Like I said,” she smiled, “I’ve wanted to try that for a while. So what do you think?”

I took a deep breath of my own, trying to clear my head; seeing her nipples through her damp top didn’t help. “Very impressive,” I managed, letting a smile cover my face; I’ve always loved assertive women.

“Good.” She said it as two syllables. “Because I liked it myself. A lot.”

“You mind if I try it?” I asked, still smiling. “You know, just to make sure I understand what it is you were doing.”

She grinned at me as I took her in my arms and kissed the side of her neck, the salty-sweet taste of her sweat on my lips. I softly teased upward, just brushing my tongue against her ear lobe, drawing a little gasp and moan from her before I kissed her mouth. She moaned again as she leaned into me, her lips as strong and sure as the rest of her body. With her right hand wrapping itself in my hair, she slid her left down my back and suddenly squeezed my ass. We both laughed a little through the kiss, and I returned the favor, her firm, hard ass barely yielding under my grip. I made a playful noise of surprised approval, and she laughed hard enough to break the kiss for just a second before she kissed me again and slipped her tongue into my mouth. I raised a hand and gently stroked her cheek, and she unexpectedly shivered and pulled back again.

She grinned and exhaled, fingering the top of my shorts. “You’d better watch yourself, pal. You might get taken down.”

“Is that a promise?” I asked, tracing the back hem of her B-cup sports bra with one finger.

Nadia raised her eyebrows suggestively. “Just you wait and see,” she said silkily, and raised her arms. I slipped my fingers under the sides of her top and lifted it up over her head, freeing her firm, perfectly-shaped breasts. Her hard, brown nipples dug into my chest as she pulled me close once more.

I kissed down the opposite side of her neck from before, drawing another gasp and sigh from her. My mouth trailed down her shoulder, just brushing her skin with the tip of my tongue as I kissed her skin. She moaned and leaned back against the ropes of the ring, looking me in the eye and putting her hands behind her head to give me a full view of her perfect body. “Ogle all you want, handsome,” she smiled. “It feels good to be appreciated.”

I felt my eyes widen, and my cock harden. “God, you’re beautiful,” I breathed, drinking in the sight of her full, perky breasts and the strong, feminine muscle definition in her arms and torso. My eyes met hers again, and she gave me a smile that somehow made me even harder. Then I smiled back and took her in my arms again, kissing her mouth for a full minute before moving on to her collarbone, and continuing downward.

Nadia put a finger to my lips just before I got to her chest, then took a few steps and smoothly lay back on the mat; she slid one of the workout mitts under her head and the other beneath her lower back, then grinned directly at me. I quickly went to my knees in front of her and posted my arms to the sides of her head, kissing her mouth and neck, then eased back and slid my hands to her breasts.

Nadia wrapped her legs around my waist as I slowly started massaging her chest, squeezing gently and kneading her soft, firm flesh. She shivered a little and let out another sigh, then suddenly gasped when I pinched both her nipples at the same time; running her hands down my amrs, she opened her eyes and smiled. “Damn, you’re good at this,” she murmured.

“About to get better,” I answered, and started kissing her neck, then downward again. She moaned and held the back of my head as I tasted her salty skin, turning my mouth to her breasts, kissing slow circles around her areolas, and then finally licking her hardened nipples. Her breathing quickened as I put my mouth taksim escort over her right nipple and sucked on it, gently at first, and then harder, and she let out a little cry as I gently bit into it.

“Oh God, don’t stop,” she whispered, “please, please don’t stop.” I turned my mouth to her other breast, massaging the right while I sucked on her left, until she was writhing beneath me. Then I smiled against her skin and kissed downward, past her ribs, over her navel, and looked up to her eyes for permission. She opened her eyes, saw me looking, and slowed her breathing enough to smile again.

She slowly ran her hands over her hips and stroked crotch through the fabric. “Mmmm, is this what you want?” she teased, grinning like a cat. “You know, I think I want that, too.” Then she hooked her thumbs under her shorts and panties, lifted her legs from my sides and peeled her last clothing off. I stared down in awe at her perfect ass—until she put her legs back down and spread them. And then I kept staring.

She grinned at me. “You like what you see?”

Her swollen labia parted beautifully beneath her glistening brown pubic hair, showing off the luscious pink skin inside. Her hood was already pulling itself back, begging me for attention that I couldn’t have been more willing to give. “My God,” I breathed. “You’re beautiful. Every inch of you is perfect.”

“Mmm, you say such pretty things,” she purred, stroking her lips and combing her fingers through her hair. “Does that pretty mouth of yours … ooh. Oh, yes, it does. Oh dear God, yes …”

I glanced up from her pussy, looked past her gorgeous breasts and into her eyes, and smiled. She smiled back, slowly and seductively, and I put my mouth back where it belonged.

I slipped just the tip of my tongue between her outer labia, running it upward from the bottom of her cunt to her clit, over and over, her lips getting even wetter every time; she gave a halting moan and put her hands on my head, gently holding me down against her and curling her fingers into my hair. Moaning with pride and pleasure, I kissed her spreading lips, inhaling her luscious scent, and traced every fold of her inner and outer labia with my lips and tongue.

Panting softly, she moved one hand to her breasts, fondling herself—and then I slowly eased my tongue inside her. She gasped and shuddered, and steadied her bare feet against my sides, opening her vulva to me even more. I slowly twisted my tongue inside her, then pulled almost completely out of her and slid back in, a little faster this time. Nadia caught her breath again, lifting her hips into my face. I slipped my hands under her firm ass and tongue-fucked her harder, faster.

I kept kissing her spread-open labia as best I could while my tongue thrust in and out of her; she gasped and writhed under my mouth, her breath coming quicker and harder with my tongue. Glancing up without taking my mouth from her, I could see her perfect breasts moving up and down, nipples standing straight out from her body. I smiled to myself through her intoxicating taste and smell, and looked into her eyes as I pleasured her. I licked my lips, and hers, and finally slid my tongue upward to her long-neglected clitoris.

“Oh, my God,” Nadia gasped as my tongue first traced around her swollen clit. “Oh, God, Reid, please keep doing th- Ah!”

As I squeezed her toned ass and teased around her swollen clit, she started shaking through her labored breath—and when I finally curled my tongue up against her bud, she suddenly clamped her legs around my body and let out a short cry, then a long one, trembling uncontrollably as I licked her over and over.

I started to ease up on her pussy, but her hands wrapped around my head and pushed me back into her. “Keep goi- Ah! Oh, God, kee- Aaaaah! Oh God, please!”

I smiled into her again, and hummed against her sweet flesh, sliding one hand from her ass to her stomach; her iron-hard abdomen started tightening under my hand over and over as her second climax immediately approached. Nadia thrashed, shaking to match the vibration in my lips and tongue. “Augh! Oh fuck,” she grunted through her body-shaking spasms, “God, you’re — Ah! Oh fuck, oh f –” She broke off into a full-throated cry of orgasm as her entire body convulsed, crushing my body between her legs and my face against her goddess’ cunt.

I never stopped licking her seizing pussy, trying to breathe when I remembered to, loving every instant of it, until I felt her tugging my hair instead of pressing me into her. I slowly raised my head a little, licking my lips and listening to her frenzied breathing gradually calming down again. Nadia slowly cracked her eyes open, her glistening chest still heaving, and gave one more little tremble.

“Oh my God,” she groaned, managing a weak smile. “If I’d known you were that good, I wouldn’t have hesitated so long to ask you.”

I laughed. “If I’d known you thinking about it, too, I would have asked first.”

Nadia stroked my face with one hand, her smile deepening. “But you’re here now. That’s şişli escort the important thing.”

“Yep. Right here.” And I kissed her pouting cunt again.

She spasmed into a half-sit-up with a surprised yelp. “Jesus!” she gasped, shaking a little. “Are you trying to kill me?”

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” I grinned, and licked her.

“Gah! Enough! Enough!” she laughed, tapping my shoulder emphatically. “You’re amazing, but a girl can only take so much!”

“Mmm, my loss. Is this okay?” I gently kissed her navel, then her still-trembling abs, to her breasts, her nipples, her neck, and finally her mouth. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and slipped her mouth into mine, trailing her fingernails down my back until she caught the top of my shorts.

She raised an eyebrow, then licked her lips and smiled. “You want to go another round?”

I considered for about half a second. “I think I need a shower. Care to join me?”

She bit her lip, then slid one firm, strong hand to my crotch and started stroking.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes,'” I managed as she rubbed my aching erection through my shorts.

“Yes,please,” she purred.

I reluctantly disentangled myself from her legs and helped her to her feet, then climbed out of the ring toward the men’s locker room; when Nadia followed me, I deliberately lagged a few feet behind so I could watch the curves of her ass as she walked. She looked over her shoulder at me, saw me checking her out, and laughed.

When we got to the locker room, Nadia smiled over her shoulder again and turned on the nearest showerhead, then turned around in her full glory as the water began to steam. “What are you waiting for?” she asked, water cascading over her shoulders and streaming down her perfect breasts. She pushed her breasts out and half-turned her ass toward me. “Or are you just going to watch?”

As tempting as that was, my erection was about to rip the front out of my jock strap; I quickly stripped and joined her under the shower, kissing her delicious mouth again. She kissed back, putting her beautifully strong arms around my body and grinding her pussy against my almost painfully erect penis. I groaned softly, and she shuddered and caught her breath again, then broke the kiss. I felt disappointed, until I realized that—”Oh my God …”—she was going to her knees.

She turned so my back was to the showerhead, and glanced up, running her fingertips up and down the length of my shaft. “Only if this is all right with you,” she grinned, sliding one hand down to massage my balls.

“God, please do,” I almost begged.

“Glad to hear it.” She smiled again, then looked back at my cock. “Wow. We’re going to have to take it slow tomorrow.”

I opened my eyes. “Wait, what?”

“Oh, nothing.” She opened her mouth and eased the head of my penis into it, then slid it out again, stroking it. “Just let me know when you’re just about to come, all right?” Then she slowly licked my tightening balls, then ran her warm, wet tongue up my entire length and took it into her mouth again.

It was all I could do to keep my balance as I stood under the shower with Nadia gently sliding her soft, firm lips up and down over my dick, her tongue massaging me inside her mouth. Her right hand held the base of my shaft, running her thumb along the bottom, and her left switched off between steadying herself on my hip and stroking my testicles; she was every bit as good with her mouth and her hands as she was with her fists, and I could already feel myself being drawn toward orgasm. I held her hair out of the way and tried to relax—but she didn’t exactly make it easy.

She gradually increased her pace, taking her hand off my cock so she could take more of it into her hot, wet mouth with each thrust of her head. Putting both hands on my hips, she sucked in time with my pulse, and my breathing grew harder and faster by the second. With the steaming water pouring down my back, I felt every muscle in my body tightening—and Nadia slowed down, easing up on the sucking. My orgasm receded as she softened her attentions, and she slipped my dick out of her mouth, smiling up at me. “Don’t worry,” she grinned, “I’m not done.”

Stroking my balls again, she licked my penis and slid it back into her mouth, and slowly started sucking again. This time, I could feel my orgasm coming on faster than before as she massaged my dick with her mouth. As her mouth worked up and down my shaft, occasionally leaving just long enough to lick my balls again, my cock started twitching and my balls started tingling as my orgasm built closer and closer. She apparently felt it, because she smiled up at me without taking her lips off me, and even sucked faster until my hands were tightening on her shoulders and my dick tensed in its last warning. “Oh God, oh God, oh God …” I groaned, and remembered just in time to tap her shoulder before I exploded harder than I ever had before.

Nadia fluidly slipped my cock out of her mouth and gently tugged on my balls right as I came, blasting my cum onto her breasts and shoulder. She grinned and massaged her hand up and down my shaft as I released another spurt, and another, and another, and another, until I was left gasping for air with my knees threatening to buckle and my still-hard dick in her hand. I managed not to lean on her too hard, but it was still a while before I could stand up straight without falling over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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