On the Road Again

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I know my traveling is hard on you and on our relationship — I know that. We both agreed that this was the right job for me to take. Somehow that just doesn’t warm the lonely nights in our bed while I’m away and you’re stuck home attempting to carry on with our life.

I call you one evening, after the kids have gone to bed and can tell by the husky tone in your voice that you’ve been thinking of me and what you want to do to me when I return. There is a lustful, wanting tone in your voice from the minute you answer and I do my best to be cordial, asking about your day and the goings on at home. Sensing that an interesting opportunity is afoot, I suggest you light some candles, take a hot bath, rub some scented oil into your skin and then dress in a red silk robe and matching panties that I bought you.

You attempt to make excuses and I finally order you to do what I’ve just told you, and to call me back once you have done as I asked.

Nearly an hour passes and finally my phone rings again. I tell you to lock the bedroom door and lay back on our bed in a comfortable position. Again, you do as I order and put the phone on speaker, allowing you to lay it on my pillow next to your head.

I want you to relax, darling. Listen to the sound of my voice; let it flow over your body like the silk robe covering your breast. Don’t worry about speaking; enjoy the feeling of my voice, as I verbally caress your body. Moreover, I want your hands to be my hands. Let me use your hands to roam your body in concert with my voice. No, don’t protest, I want you to relax and enjoy this experience.

Slide both of your hands up to your neck and massage it, let them rub the tensions of another day along away. Run one hand behind your head and into your hair while the other brushes around the line of your jaw and across your hot lips. You moan aloud and I know that you are following my directions. Slide your hands behind your ears and bring both down along your jaw meeting in the middle and tracing down your neck. As they approach your collar bone, your hands part and trace around the soft indentations there and up to your shoulders.

Did you tie the belt of the robe? “Mmm, hmm” is the only reply I hear. I think a moment and work that into my plans for you.

As one hand continues to gently slide across your neck, shoulders and lips, the istanbul escort other slowly slides down the V of your robe to the belt. As it reaches the knot in the belt, you suck the fingers of your other hand into your mouth, pretending that you’re sucking my tongue in a passionate kiss. While your fingers glide slowly in and out of your mouth, the other hand unfastens the knot in your robe, allowing it to part a small measure.

I can hear the gentle slurping as you suck your fingers in and out of your mouth. Your free hand slides up the edge of your robe, forcing it open a little further and revealing one of your ample breasts. As your hand reaches the middle of your breasts, I hear your breath catch in your throat and the slurping stops.

I allow you to calm down a moment and then resume coaching your actions. Pushing your robe apart your free hand slides around the bottom of your ribs, just under your left breast, tickling and teasing you all at once. Your finger tips continue to slide around the edge of your breast, teasing their way in progressively smaller circles, until they are nearing your rock hard nipples.

You stop sucking your fingers and allow your other hand to slide down your neckline, into the valley between your cleavage and push your robe apart, exposing your other breast. Your excitement is too much and you skip the build up on your right breast, moving instead to almost direct nipple stimulation.

You moan and arch your back as both hands find your nipples at the same time, the robe falling completely off your flat stomach and pelvis. After several minutes of massaging your nipples and dancing your fingers around them, you lift one breast and suck the nipple into your mouth, your tongue doing what mine would do for you. Gently and excitedly, you suck the nipple in and out, teasing yourself higher and higher. After several moments you trade one nipple for the other, sucking the second one into your mouth.

As you begin sucking that second nipple, you let go with one hand that returns to massaging its’ partner. Letting go with your other hand, the free digits begin to slowly slide down the length of your midriff. As your fingers pass your waistline and touch the lacy top of your red panties, you moan aloud and the nipple pops out from avcılar escort between your lips.

As one hand massages your left breast, the other fingertips begin to softly dance upon your mound. Their massage cannot go unanswered and you are forced to slide your fingers down, urgency taking over for planning. Your desires are so powerful that you are simply unable to do anything but slide them up and down your slit; the lace of your panties both stimulating and postponing the release that you know is nearby.

The growing need between your thighs has taken over your very being, your other hand joining the first. Together your hands slide up and down the insides of your thighs, drawing a gentle, curving V along the lacy edges of your panties. Your breathing grows quicker and shallower as your two hands converge on the moistening slit pressed between them.

You can wait no longer and hook a thumb under the edges of the silk waistband of the panties keeping your digits from the prize they so desire. Pressing up with your feet, you slide the silk lace panties off your hips, down your thighs and let them rest at your drawn up knees.

Your hips drop back to the sheets, your fingers sliding along your thighs and back to the now-closed Y where your legs come together. Your fingers slide across the recently shaved edges of the patch above your lips and you moan again. Moving your knees side to side, the panties slide the last bit down and your left foot kicks them across the bed, where they land on the footboard.

Finally freed up, your legs splay out in a natural position and allow your hands the free access you’ve desired. Once your legs find a comfortable position, your hands resume their exploration of the soft folds of your labia. The fingers of your left hand slide down and open up your labia, parting the way for your other hand. As your right fingers slide along your thigh, they find their way into the new opening of your labia.

You slide two fingers into your now dripping vagina, wetting the tips for the task ahead. Now properly lubricated, your fingers slide up the opening and massage the labia along the way. Their path prepared, the fingers find your clitoris needy and waiting. The little rosebud has perked up and is rapidly expanding under your own touch.

Sliding those two şirinevler escort fingers in soft, gentle circles around it, you moan as your clit begins to hum. Every nerve in your pelvis is awake and firing. You can feel my tongue licking you as you hold your lips open for me. Even though I’m not there, your fingers circle the fleshy nub and slide the hood back. You moan again, thinking of my hands on your body and the amazing stimulation you’re receiving.

Sliding one knee up, your hand which had been holding your labia open slips down and two fingers go into your dripping hot hole. As they penetrate the opening, your juices seeps out, a rivulet of your own vaginal lubricant rolling down the crack of your ass and onto the sheets.

Your imagination takes you away, your fingers becoming the head of my cock. As you continue to work in slow, gentle circles around your clit, the other fingers tease at the edges of your vagina. Slowly, pushing deeper into your depths, the fingers tease your opening.

As your pelvis contracts upward, your fingers slide in deeper; sliding up to find the magic spot just inches away. Both your hands begin working in concert, one still teasing your clit and the other rubbing the g-spot that it found. In a few moments, the built up tension has taken over and your body tenses, all muscles tightening and drawing up.

The speed of both sets of fingers increases, your excitement taking control of everything and your breath catches in your throat. Your thoughts all focus on the range of sensations originating between your lower abdominals and upper thighs. Time seems to stand still, as does your breathing as your orgasm finally strikes. Your groan aloud, a long and profound sound, animalistic in nature, which emits from deep in your chest.

All time ceases and wave after wave of pleasure rolls through your body, all of which begins and ends in your pelvis. Minutes or hours later, you become dimly aware of my still talking to you. As your orgasmic euphoria begins to subside, you unclench your thighs from around your hands, not even remembering that you had drawn them up so tight that your knees were almost to your chest.

Your hands begin to slowly slide out of your secret places, dropping to lay utterly spent by your sides as your breathing slows and your glistening chest calms. Your legs slide back out, almost straight, with one knee lifted slightly to push your labia closed and keep that amazing warmth there just a moment longer.

With your eyes still closed, you begin to slowly return to your senses, our conversation done. You drift off to sleep, the silk robe still about your shoulders, your need satisfied, for now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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