One Magical Night

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It’s Valentine’s Day, 2006. We leave early in the morning, just before sunrise. The camper is hitched to the back of my truck, all ready to go. We have packed enough food and supplies for at least a week of camping and exploring. Finally we are on our way for a week of adventure to the beautiful town of Washington in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. They host an array of antique shops and wineries and of course there is the breathtaking Shenandoah National Park.

I watch you stretch and snuggle in to get comfortable in the reclining passenger seat. Your small travel pillow is behind your head. I love the way your red hair lies softly against your cheek when you sleep. You look so angelic with your eyes closed and the look of contentment on your lovely face.

I pull the small blanket around you with my free hand, just before I notice your cleavage peeking out above the top of your soft pink, v-neck sweater. I smile softly to myself as I think about slipping my fingers down between the cleft in your tits and running under the left breast. I imagine cupping it and lifting it up to my lips to suckle.

Beep!! Beep!! You jump, startled at the blast from a horn.

“Oh, my God!!” I shout, as I swerve to the left lane, just missing running up the butt end of a little VW Bug.

You look over at me in shock. “What happened baby?” you gasp.

“I ummmm, well I,” I stammer as I look back down at your chest.

You giggle softly, pulling your sweater down a bit, allowing me a better view of your sweet globes. “Keep your mind on the road sweetie, or you’ll get us killed.”

“Oh, yeah, that’ll do it!” I chuckle.

You take my hand kissing the palm, after I have you all tucked in. In appreciation of my caring gesture, you take my index finger and put it in your mouth, sucking suggestively. Then you reach over and caress my crotch, before cupping my balls in your soft hand thru my pants. I moan and gently push your hand back under the blanket.

“Not yet, my love,” I whisper.

You coo contentedly and close your eyes again, drifting off to sleep with a little smile on your lips. You doze off for awhile.

After driving about an hour or so, you stir, sit upright and ask, “Sweetheart, where are we?”

“On Rte 17 North, almost to the truck stop. We need to stop there for fuel, if you need to use the bathroom,” I answer.

“I’m getting hungry! Why don’t we have lunch there?” I continue.

“That’s a great idea, honey, I’m a little hungry, too,” you reply.

In less than 10 minutes, we turn into the truck stop. I stop at the R/V pump, get out, and fill the tank with fuel. Then we drive around to the big parking lot, reserved for trucks with trailers. There are hundreds of big rigs here, most with their diesel engines running, and the noise is deafening.

You can’t wait to get into the camper, and I turn on the propane gas at the tank so you can use the stove to make our lunch. While you’re doing this, I take the dog for a walk and give her some food and water. I bring her inside the camper and shut the door. You look up from making our grilled cheese sandwiches and smile.

So glad to be alone together I smile back, as I take you into my arms for a long sweet kiss. My tongue slips between your lips and finding yours, dances a sweet tango. My hands move down between us and caress your soft breast thru the sweater.

I feel your nipple hardening under my touch and moan into your kiss, “Mmmmmm, what’s for lunch?”

You playfully slap me on the ass and reply, “Well aren’t you the romantic one. I made soup and sandwiches, is grilled ham and cheese ok?” “Absolutely, sounds good to me,” I laugh in reply.

Boots, my big Shepherd, lies down near the door of the camper, and goes to sleep. She is a good traveling companion, and she likes you very much. She loves the way you rub behind her ears. Actually I love the way you rub behind my ears too!

After lunch I help with the few dishes and we move to the big bed in the front of the camper. We are making great time traveling; so I think we have time for a little nap.

We only lay there for a few minutes when you again lift my hand to your lips. You press them around my thumb and suck it in and out of your sweet mouth, while gazing up into my eyes, with that lustful look of yours.

“Mmmmmmm, baby, you keep that up and I’m going to give you something good to suck on,” I moan.

It has started to rain and the sound of it rapping against the camper roof is so soothing. You stop sucking my fingers and begin removing our clothes. I don’t have to do anything; you doing everything, as I lay there perfectly willing to let you make love to me.

This is one of the wonderful parts of our relationship. We don’t assume that one or the other always has to make the first move. We both just absolutely love the great sex life that we share. We have never refused the lustful advances of the other.

Sensing I’m just a little tired, it’s your loving nature to want to please pendik escort me. So I just kiss you as you unbutton my shirt, letting your fingertips graze my chest as you move down my chest. I bring your top up over your lovely breasts, kissing each before I lift it off over your head. You shake your hair free and that sends shivers up my spine watching it settle back over your creamy shoulders.

I bring my lips to yours once again, kissing you passionately. Your tits swell over the top of your bra. They look so inviting. I trace my finger over the crest of each and around your side, deftly unhooking the bra with one hand as the other caresses your cheek. Your breasts fall free and I see that the nipples are mildly swollen. Leaning in I take one between my lips and stretch it gently. You moan as I begin to suckle at it, like a baby on its mommy’s tit. Running your fingers through my hair you push me gently down harder on it. I know what you want, but I keep you at bay for a bit longer.

Pulling back and looking into those lovely hazel blue eyes, I growl, “Now as to that thing that I have for you to suck on!”

You giggle and reach down to loosen my belt and unzip my fly. Your hand reaches inside my boxers, to grasp my tumescent manhood. You gently begin stroking it.

“Mmmmm, yes baby, that’s how Daddy likes it,” I moan, “See how hard you make me? I mean it, just look at my cock!”

It swells to full hardness as you rub and stroke it. Entwining my fingers in your hair I ease you down on me. One kiss, one lick, and then you wrap those sweet soft lips around me and slowly start to swallow me down into your throat.

“Ohhhhhh…God, angel! Yessssss. That’s it baby. Suck that cock!!”

You moan around my cock now, sending vibrations thru it and straight to my balls. Your fingers knead my balls feeling them swell and fill with a load you can’t wait to take into your mouth and throat. Looking up at me you smile around my cock and suck harder. Up and down, in and out, sucking faster, harder, and deeper you bob, with each thrust of my hips.

“Ohhhhhh baby I’m gonna cummmmmmmm,” I shout.

You suck harder now, knowing that’s what I like and as I tighten my grip on your hair, I shoot my load deep into your throat. You suck and swallow, suck and swallow, taking it all without missing a beat. I lay there completely spent for a couple of minutes, holding you in my arms as my excitement subsides.

Then I rise up on one elbow looking down on you and smile evilly. I reach into a drawer taking something out of it.

“What do you have there?” you ask me.

“It’s a surprise I got for us,” I answer.

“Well, let me see it!” you squeal happily.

“Close your eyes my sweet,” I command.

I watch as you obediently close those sweet orbs, excited as a little girl on Christmas morning. Asking you to raise your hips, I unbutton your slacks and ease them over your rounded ass and down your long, sexy legs. Taking my hand I gently ease your thighs open. You comply and your knees drop to the sides against the mattress. Pressing my finger against your pussy lips I can feel how wet you already are thru the softness of your red silk thong.

I lean down and lick you thru the fabric and you shudder. Then pulling it to one side I slip my tongue into your succulent pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” you moan loudly, as I continue stroking your clit with the tip of my tongue.

Then I rip the thong from your body in one movement. You jump, a bit startled, but then relax as I press a finger into your love canal.

“Angel, I want this Valentine’s Day to be one you will always remember.”

You start humping my finger as if it was a cock in your cunt, moaning, “More, baby, I need more!”

I let a second finger join the first and piston them in and out of you. “No, baby, moreeeeeeeee!” you almost shout, so I add a third finger to your sopping cunt.

“Ohhhhhhh yesssss, that’s it lover, fuck my cunt!!” you now shout.

Then you hear IT, the low humming, the familiar sound. I slide my fingers from your hungry pussy and replace them with IT. You start to thrust your hips up frantically now, meeting my every move with one of your own. I thrust IT in and out, in and out, as your breathing becomes more labored.

“Wow, wow, wowwwwww!!” you exclaim, as you gush for the first time ever.

I’m shocked, but elated to see that you have finally reached that point in orgasm which you have always wanted. You gush all over my hand and the sheets beneath you. It puddles before sinking into the fabric.

You wiggle and squirm against IT wanting more. I pump again and again inside of you with IT. You hump IT like IT was the biggest, fattest cock you had ever had. Then you gush all over me and IT again. I laugh with excitement, while you moan with lust and joy.

Sensing your exhaustion I stop and withdraw IT. I pull back and look into your eyes smiling, knowing that this will truly be one Valentine’s Day to kartal escort remember; for both of us.

You pull me down and wrap your arms around me, whispering into my ear, “Baby you did it, you did it. You made me gush baby. Oh thank you darling, thank you for that. I didn’t think it was possible, never possible for me. Wow that was so awesome!!”

We nestle together and fall asleep in each other’s arms. We wake two hours later adjusting our eyes to the darkness that has fallen around us. Looking at the clock we see that it is now dinner time.

“I have another surprise for you my angel,” I muse.

“What? What? What have you gone and done now?” you giggle.

“We need to get up and shower and dress my love. There is a box sitting in the shower stall for you. Please do as instructed on the note in the box. I will be back in a little bit. There is something I need to take care of.”

With that I get up and dress and leave the camper. As I close the door behind me I see you sitting up on the bed with a confused look on your face. This pleases me.

You get up now and look out the window, hoping to see where I have gone, but I turn the corner of another bigger truck and disappear from your view. You turn and look toward the bathroom, shrugging your shoulders and moving to do as I have instructed of you.

You reach into the shower and lift out the shiny red box with the big fancy red bow on it. Removing the bow and then lifting the lid off your eyes light up. A smile spreads across your face as you gently ease out the contents one at a time.

First there is a pair of sheer black, silk stockings and a black lacy garter belt with one tiny red bow on the front. Then you find a matching demi bra. Under these articles is the prettiest black, silk cocktail dress you ever laid eyes on. You pull it up out of the box and standing in front of the mirror hold it up to you. It is nothing in comparison to your beauty but you are amazed that I have such excellent taste in clothing.

The last thing in the bottom of the box is a little envelope. You bring it up and take the note out. Here is what it says:

“My dearest angel, we have been together now one year exactly. Do you remember our first Valentine’s Day my love? We were both so nervous and excited about meeting. I remember how your eyes lit up when you first saw me and I remember also how my heart missed a beat when I saw you.

You stood there so lovely in your little blue jeans and sweater. We had decided to make it informal, remember darling? Well this year is different. We are no longer strangers, we are now lovers. I want this to be the most special Valentine’s Day. One you will remember for the rest of our lives. I have one final surprise for you, but it will have to wait till later. Now get ready my sweet. Put on these things I have chosen for you and make yourself beautiful like you always do. I will be back in an hour.”

You hurriedly get yourself ready, primping and fussing over every detail, from shaving your luscious legs to putting the finishing touches to your makeup. When I return an hour later you are a site to behold. My eyes light up when I enter the camper and see you standing there.

“Oh angel my love, you are a vision of beauty,” I marvel.

“Thank you darling, but I think you are a bit biased,” you quip.

“Well be that as it may, you are the most beautiful woman I know,” I reply as I pull you into my arms and kiss you tenderly.

“Now I must shower and shave. Give me twenty minutes sweetie and then we will go out.”

I kiss you one final time and then dart for the bathroom, grabbing the garment bag from the closet. Looking back over my shoulder as I close the door I blow you a kiss and you return one to me smiling brightly.

Twenty minutes later I step out of the bathroom and your eyes light up. “Oh baby, you look so handsome,” you coo at me.

“Yeah, yeah, you say that to all the men,” I chuckle.

“Well yes I do. So what is your point?” you laughingly query.

I look out the window and tell you it’s time to leave. You slip your heels on and grab your purse on the way out the door. Then you see it. It is the biggest white limo you have ever seen!

You turn to me with tears in your eyes and whimper, “Oh sweetheart this is too much.”

“No my darling angel, nothing is too much for you.”

You hug me close and we turn and walk to the limo. The driver is waiting there with the door open and you slip inside first with me following. We settle into the luxurious seats and get comfy. I pull you into my arms and you lay your head against my shoulder, sighing softly.

“Why the sighs love?”

You look up at me smiling, “It is a sigh of joy sweetheart.”

I snuggle you a bit closer and you purr into my chest. The limo pulls away and we start our trek toward our destination. You ask me where we are going but I won’t divulge that to you yet.

Reaching over I pull the bottle maltepe escort of champagne from the ice bucket and pop the cork. You take the two crystal glasses and hold them while I pour the bubbly into them. We clink our glasses together and toast each other.

You giggle as you sip yours, the bubbles tickling your nose and I chuckle heartily, “Angel, you are so cute.”

The limo stops and the driver steps out, coming around to let us out. Your eyes light up when you see where we are. We have just pulled up to the Historic Inn at Little Washington, one of the most elegant Hotels in all of Virginia and boasting one of the top ten restaurants in the world. Reviewers have dubbed it the Promised Land and the patrons as “pilgrims”. Throwing your arms around my neck you burst with joy.

“Oh darling, I have always wanted to come here. Thank you, thank you, thank you,” you gush, as you kiss me between each thank you.

Gently easing you back I wrap my arm around your waist and guide you into the restaurant. The maitre d approaches us and requests our name.

“Peters,” I say, smiling.

“This way Mr. and Mrs. Peters,” he cordially says.

You giggle at the Mrs. Peters and I smile at you. He leads us into the grandeur dining room. The theme is most romantic. There is soft lighting from the lampshades that float above each of the 30 tables and roses everywhere. A four piece strings ensemble is playing soothing music in one corner of the room. Most of the tables are already filled with couples whose eyes reflect the magic of the night. I love the elated look on your face and in your eyes.

He leads us to our table in a little corner of the dining room. It is beautifully set with a lovely red tablecloth embossed with little red hearts and matching napkins. A crystal vase in the middle cradles one gorgeous plump red rose. On either side of the vase is a white votive candle in a crystal holder to match. Delicate crystal glassware and china plates adorn the table as well as gold plated utensils. It is a wonderful gesture of hospitality for Valentine Lovers.

I slide the high backed tapestry chair in under you as you settle down for a feast prepared for a king and queen. Sitting across the table from you I can see the sparkle in your eyes set off by the soft candle light. I smile over at you and you just beam back at me. Life couldn’t be better at this moment in time.

The waiter comes and starts us off with a light wine that I have pre-chosen. It is an aged Asti Spumante. He pours the taster into my glass and I sip it, smiling in delight. He then fills both of our glasses and bowing slightly turns and walks off. We hold up our glasses and they ring together.

I offer this toast, “To my special angel, the best Valentine present I have ever laid eyes upon.”

You blush softly, responding, “To my Love, may I bring you the joy you so rightfully deserve.”

We then sip our wine, gazing deeply into each other’s eyes and letting our imaginations run wild. The waiter returns with a wonderful shrimp cocktail appetizer. The shrimp are so white and plump, surrounding a thick sauce on a big wide-mouth glass.

You pull up your napkin and shaking it daintily out set it upon your lap. I do the same (not so daintily) smiles. We eat our appetizers and chat about many things. We talk of the past year we have spent together and things to come; of our hopes and dreams and even our fears. But nothing can dispel the magic of this evening here with my angel.

They bring our Caesar salads and we nibble at them, not wanting to get too full before the main course. Then they roll out a silver cart, covered in a lovely white cloth. Upon the cart are three covered platters. The waiter lifts off the first lid and you gasp. There in the middle of the platter is the most succulent Liberty Ranch duck with Gravenstein apple sauce. Then the next platter is uncovered and we are presented with potato pancakes with horseradish crème fraiche. Finally the last is unveiled revealing candied carrots in a most heavenly decadent sauce.

We are served new glasses and a superb decanted, 1993 Corton Les Regnets from Bernard Ambroise. You cannot believe how wonderful this is all turning out to be.

You look up at me with wonder in your eyes, “How will we possibly eat all of this my Love,” you query.

“Oh don’t you worry sweetheart, whatever is left over they will wrap for us to take home,” I respond.

We dig in and I eat to my heart’s content, but I notice that you are not eating as much as I thought you could. Reaching over and touching your hand I ask thoughtfully, “Are you ok angel? I see you are not eating much.”

“Oh no darling, I’m fine, just a bit overwhelmed is all,” you softly reply.

“Eat up sweetie, for the night is young and you will need your strength,” I counter, as I wink at you.

You smile that heart wrenching smile of yours and dig in a bit more greedily. Feeling better now I finish everything that is on my plate and pick at more from the platters. Not very gentlemanly, but hey, I’m paying for it!

The waiter comes and clears away all of the dishes and any remnants of food and says that he will package it and have it ready for us to take home when we leave. I thank him and he departs, leaving us once again alone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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