One Night Under the Stars Together

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[This story was a collaboration between me and a female friend. She provided the basic outline and together we crafted it into this story from a woman’s perspective. We hope you enjoy this collaboration, as more will be forthcoming I am sure.]


We stood there, on the small private beach of the lake. It began as an innocent walk in the moonlight. Down the long path to the lake to possibly get a glimpse of the loons that were beckoning off in the darkness. But here we now stand, two naked lovers about to enjoy each other for the first time with nature as our witness.

A slow sensual kiss, unrushed, wishing it would last until nights end. Your hands on the back of my head and cheek, you hold me in the kiss. While in your embrace, I feel your hands free my head and pass down my shoulders, down my arms, and up to brush against my exposed nipples. They harden at your touch there in the cool night air. I feel your hot breath on my neck, longing for you to touch me even more, making me feel sexy, desired, wanted. When I close my eyes I can feel my body buzzing and vibrating in anticipation of where this is going. I am longing for your touch, your attention, as I recall our last brief interrupted encounter in the kitchen long ago.

Your touch is electric, arousing me everywhere I feel your skin; along my jawline, my neck, my chest, your light kisses teasing across my collarbone. With a lingering pause, you kiss your way down, slowly, slowly getting lower toward my heaving breasts. My heart is pumping hard, I’m sure you can hear it too. I feel your hands gently caressing each breast giving them their due attention. The feel of your hot and soft lips and your flicking tongue on my right breast is making my pussy wet.

You get closer to my right nipple and take it between your lips. I am engulfed in a wave of tingling, its epicenter of that nipple, radiating across my chest, and expanding its reach throughout my entire body. You flick your tongue like a butterfly on the tip, and my nipple puckers in excitement. I want to cum at my nipple’s first pucker, but you back off, prolonging the tease and sensations. My mind is begging you to continue, to take me.

You switch to the left nipple and the arousal is so quick, it’s hard and almost throbbing as my pussy gets wetter. Now engorged, I can feel my pussy’s outer labia growing and dripping in anticipation, it throbs in sync with my beating heart. I want something from you, need you in my pussy, I need you inside.

But first, I want you to feel that same sexual want, almost pained for attention. I lift your head and kiss your lips, a lingering hot, wet, full kiss, passion erupts within pendik escort me as our tongues embrace. I release your face, and kiss down your neck. I lower my head as my hair drifts across your bare chest and stomach. My hands drift around to your muscular back. I continue lowering my kisses, as I turn my attention to your big, thick, and now hard cock. I can smell the scent of your arousal sweet yet musky into my nose penetrating my whole being. It smells enticing, like an irresistible cologne.

My hands are now on your luscious ass, so warm and tender compared to the hardness in the muscles of your upper body. You too are now aching to be touched, licked, sucked. All my attention is on you as I grasp the hot shaft in my hands. I pull it toward my lips. Opening my mouth, I extend my tongue, I find that sweet spot under your cock head, as run my tongue from tip to base, kissing, sucking, licking with an almost animal desire to please you. To give and love your cock the way it wants to be, the way it deserves to be. With each lick, the motion of my body, the rocking is making me more and more wet.

I am on my knees, in front of you, looking up into your eyes for your acceptance and approval. My hands now squeezing your ass cheeks, holding on to steady me as I kneel there. You look down at me with that look of pure desire in your eyes. Your look is a command to me, I am yours now. I wrap my lips around the head of your manhood, as you place a hand on each side of my head. You do not force me onto you, no. Your hands are merely a guide, as you let me take control of the sucking.

Using my hands on your ass, I pull forward and back, as I begin to bob my head slowly upon your cock, my saliva building as it escapes my lips and lubricates your shaft in their wake. You moan softly, enjoying the sensation of my tongue and mouth engulfing you at that moment. There I am, exposed to the world, sucking you, giving you pleasure, it is so deeply arousing. I never knew this feeling of total freedom and sexuality, all under your guidance and care.

It’s too much for us both now, “suck me then fuck me” is what I want and desire. I need to feel that hard flesh of manhood entering and parting my hot wet folds. We drop to the ground and you lay there as I climb atop that big hard cock. Grabbing your shaft in my left hand. I place it against the entrance to my pussy. I rub it gently along the slit, spreading my juices and lubrication to prepare us for the final joining. Taking a moment to tickle it lightly against my sensitive clit sending fluttering tingles up my body.

I move it back between my pussy lips and I slide kartal escort myself down upon that cock. It slips in easily as I feel the hotness of its form drive deep into me from below. Your hands are now ravaging my sensitive tits. I bend over to welcome your lips on my hardened nipples. Your skilled lips are now wrapped around my right nipple, then the left, then the right. Each time you suck on my hard throbbing nipples you make my pussy quiver, wet and gripping that cock.

Holding onto it and riding you up and down. Our flesh slaps against each other, the sounds of my wetness and your drilling cock fill the air. Then, I feel your hands lower to my ass. When you grab my ass while I an astride you, I am free, sexy, wild and all yours. My head and body tilts back, and your teeth grab on my nipple as it is stretched and then freed into the night. A guttural moan escapes me as you slap my ass with both hands. The world spins, the endorphins in my body are racing through my system, I am on fire.

My breathing gets heavy, yet I am trying to stay quiet as my insides are screaming with ecstasy. My pussy is tightening, pulsating in tandem with that big thick cock. We are one, together, two animals in the moonlight, feeling the heat of our coupling in the cool outside air. The world has melted away and only you and I remain. There is only us, our heat, and the aroma of our sex. That is all I can smell, and it makes me even more horny as I uncontrollably bounce even harder on your cock. It is unleashing the animal within, and I want to let it out to play, if only for tonight.

Sensing my approaching orgasm, you lift me up by my ass, and drop me down upon your hard thick cock, over and over. My hips are now in an involuntary rhythm, rubbing my clit against your pelvis…. ooohhh, that long thick cock, stretching my pussy, filling me completely. I begin to moan as you encourage me to let loose. Free, open, and loud as I want to be, I need to be, right here, right now, only between us at this moment in time. I love riding your big hard cock, it fills me like no other, extending beyond the reaches of my fantasies. I am so hot, dripping wet, writhing in pure unadulterated pleasure. Sighing, breathing so hard, moaning, crying out your name.

I lean my head back as the first wave of pleasure sweeps over me. “I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m CUMMING!!!!” I scream out into the silence.

A raw sensual moaning sound erupts from deep within me, a primitive sound, like a wolf howling at the moon. My entire body tingles and shakes with the first orgasm of the evening. Below me, you are panting, and I hear you telling maltepe escort me to let go, cum for you, cum all over you. I feel myself letting go, as I let out a muffled scream of pleasure for the second time.

“FUCK…OH MY GOD…. FUCK ME… YES…I need your thick cock feeding my hungry pussy, filling me. God, I love your COCK. Oh FUCK, FUCK.” I again scream into the night.

You roll me over onto my back, my pussy is so wet and quivering as you slide out, wishing it would return. With my legs now parted, baring my pussy to your wanton gaze, you lift my legs up to your chest and slowly you re-enter all of your massive girth inside my awaiting pussy. You feel so fucking amazing, inch by inch you are you are hitting all the right places. I can see you love to watch as you pump your cock in and out of my pussy, tightening its grip with each pass. I cannot take much more, I want to come again, gripping you tightly, wanting to squeeze the cum right out of you.

You sense my intentions and slow down the pace, purposely teasing me. I am begging you not to stop, yet you continue your teasing with just the huge swollen head of your throbbing cock. You tease me more as you begin rubbing it around the edges of my hot juicy lips, rubbing it against my clit, my breathing becomes so heavy just wanting it completely. You love to tease me, getting me hotter, raising my sexual energy as the moments pass. You watch as I pull at my hard nipples, enjoying seeing me please myself, trying to satisfy my growing urge to cum.

You are taking me to the brink with your relentless teasing of my pussy as you get me on the edge of orgasm number three. I sense that you can’t take much more either as you give me what I desire, every sweet inch of your manhood. You slowly and methodically glide in and out as I tighten around you, our hips rising in unison. You are now balls deep and must be feeling me clench around your thick shaft, as I feel the impending eruption within you.

You raise your head and chest, pushing even deeper into me, my pussy opening and welcoming every inch of you inside. Your final massive thrust lifts my ass higher as you pound against me with all your strength and lust. Sweat drips from your forehead, landing on my belly, hot, salty drops, that tingle as they strike my sensitive skin. I love hearing the wet the sounds of our mutual wetness, as you grab my heels tightly. The pounding rhythm is just right for us, panting and moaning and cries of ecstasy.

You spread my legs and begin to spasm inside me, I can feel the hot spurt of your cum inside me, feeling so warm and intimate. I too now release into another wild orgasm. Yes, take me here, out in the open, where I can be free to let the sexual animal inside me be expressed to you. With a final few thrusts, you complete your final release. We lay there together, and I am happy finally knowing you truly are amazing, you’ve given me the trifecta of orgasms.

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