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            Operation Angel Rescue

by Erastes
Copyright 2019 by Erastes
Chapter 7 – We Come Up With a Plan.

It was a couple more days before I heard back from Paul, but he finally called.  In the interim things had pretty much been going the same as before and I’d been growing closer to Dakota, although I had to keep putting him off about actually fucking him.  I’m not sure why, since I knew he’d done it before and we were already having oral sex, but I think it’s partially a mental block because of his age.  It’s similar to why I didn’t do anything with him at first, although my resistance didn’t last very long, but I’m trying to hold off on anal intercourse with him for as long as I can. 

Anyway, Paul called to give me some updates.  He had a lot to say and I was surprised that I was able to get away from Dakota long enough to do this in private.  Fortunately, he was playing games on the computer when my phone rang, so I was able to do this without him clinging to me and constantly asking questions. 

“It’s about time,” I said when I realized who was calling. 

“Hey, none of this has been easy, but I have some information for you.  I found out where Edgar and Ann Marie lived, so I contacted a guy I knew who worked in the Sheriff’s Department that covers the area where they live.  I then went to meet him on my day off and together we paid them a visit.  I read them the riot act while we were there.” 

“My God, what did you do?”

“I started out by telling them that we knew they’d been planning to send Dakota to conversion therapy camp, which is outlawed in this state.  They responded that it was why they were sending him to the camp in another state, and I explained it would still be considered child abuse since he lived in this state.  Then, I told them that Dakota had gotten into a great deal of trouble since he left and caused a lot of damage and they were responsible for paying for all of it, since they were his legal guardians.”

“Oh, I bet that scared the crap out of them.”

“At first they just claimed they couldn’t afford paying for anything, but we told them the state would garnish their paychecks and intercept their income tax refunds until it was paid off, no matter how long it took.” 

“Damn, they must have been shitting bricks by then.” 

“Yeah, but we were just softening them up for the final blow.” 

“And what was that?”

“We told them that if they wanted to avoid being locked up and having to pay for everything then they’d have to plead guilty to child neglect and be placed on probation.  This way they’d both have a record and wouldn’t be able to get back at us later, and we also told them they’d have to sign over custody of Dakota.  His mother didn’t want to do it, but eventually the stepfather talked her into it and they agreed to both stipulations.  The Sheriff’s Department is going to handle that part of the case, but I had to pay a lawyer friend of mine to draw up the legal document where they signed over custody of Dakota to you.  Now you don’t have to worry any longer, because everything is legal.” 

“I can’t believe you pulled it off, but thank you.  I’ll pay you back for whatever you paid the lawyer, but now I have something else to run by you.”

“Oh crap.  What am I getting into now?”

“Trust me, it’s not nearly as bad as the crap you’ve dragged me into, but Dakota told me about some other boys that he’d met who were living on the street as well.  He was asking if maybe I could also help them out.” 

“If you find out their names I might be able to do something similar for them, but no promises.  It would be easier if you actually ran a rehab center like we first talked about, because then we could just transfer custody of them over to you after we picked them up.” 

“And how the hell would you pull that off?”

“We could say you were treating them for sex addition and solicitation habits.” 

“But how would I be able to do it legally?”

“Let me give you the information about my lawyer friend and you can work it out with him.  You’ve got to see him anyway to pick up the document giving you custody of Dakota, so you can do this at the same time.” 

I quickly jotted down the information.  “Thank you for doing this for us, and I’m sure Dakota is going to want to thank you as well, because he’s already said he wants to do that in person.” 

“Just give me a call when you go to see the lawyer and we’ll work something out.” 

“Ok, and thanks again.  I’ll talk to you later.”

I just sat there for a few minutes after the call ended so I could absorb everything he’d just told me.  It blew my mind that he’d been able to work this all out for us, and now I wanted to tell Dakota the good news.  I raced up the stairs to his bedroom and the door was open so I walked into the room. 

“When you get a chance to stop there’s a few things I want to tell you.” 

“K, I’m just about done.” 

When the game ended, he turned around in the chair and looked at me.  “K, what’s up?”

“I just got off the phone with Paul and he gave me some good news.  He and a Sheriff’s Deputy he knew went over to your parents’ house and confronted them.  They told your mom and stepdad that they knew what they had been trying to do and it would be considered child abuse lara türbanlı escort in this state, and then they lied a bit and told them you’d caused a whole lot of damage and they would have to pay for all of it.”

“Ohhh, I bet my stepdad didn’t like hearin’ that.” 

“No, he didn’t and they tried to say they couldn’t pay.  Paul explained that they’d have to, no matter how long it took, and the only way they could get out of it was if they pleaded guilty to child neglect and were placed on probation.” 

“And they agreed?” 

“Damn straight they did, but there was also one other stipulation.” 

“What was that?”

“They were told that they’d have to sign away legal custody of you.” 

“My mother prolly didn’t want to do that, but I’ll bet my stepdad did.”

“You’re right about that and it’s what Paul told me, but they both ended up signing it anyway, so now I’m legally responsible for you.” 

“Really?  Does that mean you’re my dad now?”

“Not exactly your dad, but I’m your guardian and it’s all legal so I can sign for anything you might need, whether it’s medical treatment or for you to enter school.” 

“That’s fuckin’ awesome.  Can we do that with the other boys too?” 

“That will be more complicated.  I’ve got to go into the city to pick up the legal document from the lawyer that gives me custody of you, and I’ll talk to him about that at the same time.  We’ll also go to see Paul while we’re there so we can thank him in person for making all of this happen.” 

“Yeah, I owe him big time, almost as much as I owe you.” 

“You don’t owe me anything, except for staying out of trouble and doing your best in school.  That will be more than enough.” 

“Unt uh.  I’ll pay you back with sex too.” 

“That isn’t payment, because we’ll be doing it because we love one another.” 

“Yeah, we do, but can’t it be for both?”

“I suppose, if it will make you feel better.” 

“Yeah, it will.” 

“Then let’s plan on driving into the city tomorrow to take care of this.  Ok?” 

“Yeah, and is that when we’ll go to find the other boys?”

“No, that will have to wait a little longer because I need to work it out with the lawyer first so I can do it legally.  Now that you’re taken care of, I don’t want to do anything that will get me into trouble with the law, because then I might end up losing you as well.” 

“Yeah, I don’t want that to happen.” 

“Ok, you can go back to playing your game now, and I’ll go downstairs and figure out what else we might do tomorrow, so we don’t have to go into the city again right away.”

“K,.” he said and then he jumped up and hugged me.  

I went down to the living room and made a couple of quick calls first, before I called Paul back.  I wanted to let him know that we’d be coming to the city the following day and arranged a time when we could thank him in person.  He answered right away. 

“Is something wrong?” 

“No, I just wanted to let you know that we are coming to the city tomorrow, so I thought maybe we could get together so Dakota and I can thank you.” 

“It depends on what time you’ll be here.  Seeing I’m still on the late shift, I usually go to sleep around 2:00 in the afternoon.”

“Ok, then I’ll plan on leaving the house by 8:00 tomorrow morning so we’ll be there by 10:00.  We’ll come to see you first.” 

“Ok, you can come to the house and I’ll meet you there.” 

“Would you mind if I left Dakota with you when I go to see the lawyer?  There are some things I’d rather do in private.” 

“Sure, that will be fine.  I’d like to see how he’s doing and I hope he’s more talkative than he was the last time we were together.” 

“That’s right, he wouldn’t tell you anything then, but I’m sure he’ll be more talkative now, because he knows what you’ve done for him.” 

“It will be neat to see what he looks like now that he’s cleaned up and smiling.  He wasn’t very happy the last time we were together.” 

“No, but it worked out for the best.  We’ll see you in the morning and thanks again for everything.” 

As soon as I got off the phone, I went to fix lunch for us.  When it was ready I called Dakota to come down to eat.  It also gave us a chance to talk. 

“I want to leave the house no later than 8:00 tomorrow, because Paul goes to sleep in the afternoon since he’s working overnight.” 

“K, we’ll just go to bed early then, so we’ll have time to fool around first.” 

“Do you ever think about anything other than sex?”

“Yeah, but sex is the best part of the day.”

“Damn, you’re going to kill me just trying to keep up with you.”

“Unt uh, I just want to have fun doin’ that stuff with you.”

“But you’re younger than I am, so it’s easier for you.” 

“Maybe, but you enjoy it too.  Uhhh, can I ask you a question ‘bout somethin’ else?”

“You mean after all we’ve done already that there’s something else you want to ask me?”

“Yeah, but you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.” 

“Go ahead and ask away.” 

“K and thanks.  I know you’ve told me you don’t hafta worry about money, but where did you get it from?  I just want to know cuz I worry that you’re gonna spend it all on me and the other boys.”

“Oh, that will never happen, and to prove it I’ll answer your question.  Shortly after I received my doctorate, I discovered the Power Ball jackpot was really high, so I decided to invest $20.00 to play it.  I was hoping I’d win enough to pay off my college loans so I could start out debt free, but I ended up doing even better than that.  I was totally shocked when I saw that I lara ucuz escort had the winning ticket, and even after I paid the taxes on it, I still had more than enough to last a lifetime – more than several lifetimes in fact.  Buying this property and building this custom house hardly put a dent in my bank account, so there’s no way I’ll ever use it all up.  That’s why Paul is always telling me that I have no reason to work, but since I spent so much time getting my doctorate it seemed as if it would be a waste if I didn’t use it.” 

“Wow, I thought you was only jokin’ and tryin’ to make me feel better about all the stuff you was buyin’ me when you said you didn’t have to worry about money.” 

“No, I was telling you the truth, but please don’t share this information with anyone else.  I don’t want others trying to do something to get the money from me.” 

“What would they do?” 

“For starters, they might kidnap you and hold you for ransom.  If not, then they might try holding us at gunpoint until I gave them what they wanted.  Not everyone can be trusted, so we have to be very careful about what we say and do.  We don’t want to make it seem to others that we’re filthy rich, because someone will surely try to find a way to take it from us.” 

“K, I promise I won’t tell nobody.” 

When we finished eating I decided to take him out for another ride on the four-wheeler so I could show him the extent of my property.  It would take us about four or five hours to get around all of it, but I really wanted him to see the extent of my holdings. 

Dakota was eager to go out on the four-wheeler again, and this time I didn’t have to explain everything to him first.  He immediately put on the helmet and waited until I started it before he got on behind me, and then he wrapped his arms around my chest before we took off.  We began by following the same trail that we’d taken when we did this before, but this time when we reached the top of the hill I merely crossed the stream and kept going.  We followed the trail between the government land and my property until we reached the boundary of the land I owned, and then I turned and followed along the property line on that side. 

As we went along, I had been pointing out various features to Dakota and explaining what I found so interesting about them.  He seemed fascinated by every bit of information I shared with him, and when we reached the road that formed another property boundary line, we followed it back toward the house.  I drove past the driveway when we reached there and continued until I arrived at the lower boundary between my land and the government property.  I turned onto the trail that ran between them and followed it until we reached the trail that I’d taken from the house when we first started out.  I turned onto it and followed it back to the garage, and then I parked the ATV inside.  As soon as I turned off the engine, Dakota and I got off the four-wheeler and removed our helmets. 

“That was wicked.  I know you said you owned a lot of land, but that was way more than I thought you meant.”

“Yes, it’s a lot of land for just me living here, and it’s still a lot with you living here as well.”  

“Then we should take in those other boys.” 

“Maybe some day, but there’s a great deal I have to work out before that can happen.” 

“K, but I still think you should do it.” 

“I know you do and I’ll keep it in mind.” 

I went inside and began to fix dinner and Dakota decided to watch TV while I was doing that.  Since Dakota seemed to like spaghetti sauce and Italian food, I decided to prepare chicken parmesan, mashed potatoes, green beans, and a salad for each of us.  Seeing he liked the oil and vinegar dressing I thought I’d do that again, and then we will go to bed early.  I just hope he’ll let me get some sleep. 

It took a little longer to fix everything tonight, because I had to peel and boil the potatoes first, before I mashed them, but it was worth it.  Dakota said the mashed potatoes were better than the ones his mom used to make, so she probably served instant potatoes.  He also told me he’d never had chicken parmesan before and really liked it, so now I knew something else I could prepare in the future.  After we enjoyed a nice leisurely meal together, he helped me clean up the mess afterward, and then we relaxed for about an hour before we went upstairs to get ready for bed. 

Dakota wanted us to shower together again, and I felt he was turning this into a nighttime ritual now.   I’d probably made a mistake by allowing him to do it with me, and now I’d have to live with it.  It’s wasn’t that it was a painful or disastrous mistake, because I quite enjoyed doing these things with him, but it was something I now had very little control over. 

We washed each other the same way we’d done the other nights, and then we headed back to the bedroom for a little fun.  Dakota wanted to suck me off first, so I agreed and laid back on the bed before closing my eyes.  He had me hard in a matter of seconds and I was really enjoying it when he suddenly stopped.  I thought he was just taking a breather, and by the time I’d opened my eyes he was straddling my waist and preparing to lower himself onto my erection. 

“I don’t want to do it this way,” I got out just as he sat down on my firm member. 

He appeared to be a kid on a mission and wasn’t about to stop.  Now that I was already inside him I didn’t see a reason to force him to stop, and besides he was already bouncing up and down on it and relishing in the fact that he’d finally got his way.  Maybe it wasn’t exactly like he wanted it to happen, and it wasn’t the way I wanted to do it either, but it was too late to üniversiteli escort worry about that now. 

I decided I might as well enjoy what he was doing, so I started thrusting my hips up to meet his downward movements.  Dakota’s mouth was hanging slightly open, his head was thrown back, his eyes were closed, and he seemed to be lost in the movement.  Other than our obvious connection, Dakota appeared somewhat detached and appeared to be concentrating on his own pleasure, as well as mine. 

I was shocked that a boy this young knew how to flex his anal muscles to bring me the maximum amount of enjoyment.  He was already a better lover than any of the other partners I’d had, and I was totally lost in the wonderful sensations radiating throughout my body.  Even though I had tried to stop him at first, I now wanted it to last for as long as possible.  I believe he did as well and I wondered how long he would be able to do this in that position. 

I finally decided to take matters into my own hands, so I pulled him toward me to kiss him, and then I rolled him over onto his back.  As soon as he was in that position, I straightened up on my knees, placed his legs on my shoulders, and started pistoning into him.  Now, I was doing all of the work and he was merely mirroring my actions.  It was the typical missionary position for a gay couple, not withstanding the pun. 

I was lost in my own pleasure and momentarily forgot who was beneath me.  When I opened my eyes a few seconds later I was reminded that it was Dakota and decided to be gentler so he would enjoy it more.  Up to that moment I was only thinking about my own pleasure, but now I was focusing on making it more enjoyable for him too.  Dakota was the one who’d initially wanted this, so I was doing everything I could to ensure that he’d be satisfied with the results.  I used slow, deep strokes and attempted to angle my penis so it would brush against his prostate, because he’d previously told me that he enjoyed it when that happened with one of the other men that had fucked him. 

Dakota was moaning below me and little squeals began to rise from his throat every now and then, which led me to believe that I was occasionally hitting his prostate.  I was really getting into it when I suddenly heard Dakota squeal more loudly than before, and then he grunted as his anal muscles clamped around my penis.  At the same moment, his penis erupted and his semen flew from the tip in several powerful spurts that were soon covering his chest and abdomen.  His anal contractions also sent me over the edge and caused my penis to unload into his bowels. 

As soon as I was completely drained, I leaned forward and began to kiss him.  He didn’t respond at first, probably because he was still lost in the afterglow of his own powerful release, but then he started to attack my mouth with all the passion he could muster.  Our mouths locked, our lips parted, and our tongues began an erotic dance as they stimulated each other and prolonged our enjoyment.  It was totally overwhelming and more satisfying than any other time I’d ever done this before. 

We made out for quite a few more minutes before we separated, and since I had lowered myself to kiss him, our chests had been touching and his semen had formed a seal between our bodies.  Since we were both a mess, I suggested that we needed to take another shower, so I pulled out of him and got off the bed. 

“That was fuckin’ awesome and you made me cum without touchin’ my dick.” 

“Yes, that’s true, but I told you earlier that I wasn’t ready to do this with you yet.”

“I’m sorry I did that without asking you first, but I knew you’d say no,” he began as I waited for him to get out of bed.  “But I’m not sorry that we did it, cuz that was the best fuck I’ve ever had.” 

“That’s because I wasn’t fucking you, I was making love.  I was trying to make it as good for you as possible, not just for me.” 

“It worked cuz that was the best ever.” 

“And even though I enjoyed it, I had some specific reasons for why I wanted to wait, such as having you checked out by a doctor first.  I hope it doesn’t mean we’ll eventually come to regret your being so impulsive, but I’ll admit that I enjoyed doing this more tonight than ever before.” 

“Me too.”

I then headed into the bathroom with Dakota following close behind, because we needed to clean up so we could get some sleep.  We had a long day ahead of us tomorrow and we both needed to be well rested for it.  I allowed Dakota to wash me again, but only after he’d promised that was all he would do, and then I washed him. 

After we dried off, we headed back to the bedroom and got into bed, and as soon as I was lying on my back Dakota laid his head on my shoulder and I wrapped my arms around him.  We eventually drifted off to sleep and I made it through the entire night sleeping on my back again.  In the morning, I came to the conclusion that I’d been able to do this because I had my human teddy bear wrapped up in my arms and it was a great feeling, one that I hoped wouldn’t end any time soon. 



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I wish to extend my thanks to Emoe and Donny for editing these chapters for me and offering their suggestions. 


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Although the boys in these stories sometimes have unprotected sex, I strongly urge all of you out there to be smart and protect yourselves from various sexually transmitted diseases by using taking appropriate precautions before engaging in sex.

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