Our First Encounter

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I arrive at our prescribed meeting place a little early—pacing back and forth like a caged tiger. I have already smoked three cigarettes in ten minutes, and there is still 12 minutes until you are supposed to arrive. I continue to pace—puffing—checking my watch—pacing—looking back and forth—pacing!

My heart flutters as I spy you about 100 feet away. Your pictures have done you complete justice…you are a perfect image. Then you notice me…and we walk slowly toward each other—eyeing one another like combatants ready to rumble. As we near, our pace slows—we hesitate…and evaluate one another—slowly coming together.

At arms length I gently grasp your face and gaze deeply into your eyes…trying to peer into your soul. As my arms are longer than yours, you drape your arms over mine and smile. I look long and hard at you, then slowly pull you closer to me. Our eyes close and we near. Our lips touch as if guided by radar…square upon each other’s. The kiss is slow and deliberate…tenderly at first…then increasing in intensity as out long awaited passion begins to surface.

Lips part and tongues begin the “love tango.” Wandering, probing, searching each other’s mouth. Our breath quicken to almost a pant…sensations rise rapidly. After moments, which seem like eternity, we realize we are still in public and pull away…each licking our lips, savoring the flavor of our new partner!

We arrive at the motel that you have arranged for our meeting. You hand the key to me and I gingerly unlock the door, letting it slowly swing open. The fragrance from the scented candles emanates out and taunts our senses. The candlelight slowly yields view of a chiller on a stand next to the bed…cooling a bottle of Moet Chandon; the bed turned down at the corners, beckoning to us.

You nudge me into the room and close and lock the door behind us. The clicking of the lock creates an ominous sound of finality…yet it affords us security.

I turn to face you and you immediately begin to unbutton my shirt. You slide your hands inside and let them wander across the silky expanse of my hairy chest. As my shirt slides from my shoulders and falls off, you begin to kiss my chest…pausing to suck and pull on my nipples with your lips.

I reach down and lift your face up to mine, allowing our lips to again meet. This time, our kiss is not tender, but hot and passion-laden…hungry…desirous…wanting!

Without parting our lips, I unbutton and remove your blouse. My hands slide up your back, reaching and unhooking your bra, which catches between our bodies. Now our halkalı escort lips part and I suck at your lower lip. Then softly kiss your chin…your nose…your forehead…and slide down your cheek to your ear…and down to you neck.

While we nibble and bite at each other, we fumble with each other’s belt and slacks, finally releasing them to fall at out feet.

Slowly I crouch, letting my lips lick and nibble down your torso. Over your breasts…finding your nipples. Gently I suckle first one, then the other, into my lips, pulling on them until erect. Your guttural moans state your approval.

My face slides between your breasts and continues its downward trek, in search of your navel. I kiss and nibble around it and press my tongue into it, making you tingle with tempestuous desire.

As I pass below your navel, your feminine aromas of passion waft into my nostrils. I continue to nibble down your abdomen. As I reach your pubic mound, I brush my face back and forth across its silky smoothness, and you reach down and try to press me to your womanhood.

I resist and continue to nibble and lick down your leg…traversing your thigh…nibbling and biting at the backs of you knees…continuing down your calves to your ankles. One by one, I lift each of your feet and slowly lick and suck each of your polished toes into my mouth. Your moans and groans signal your approval.

Then I move behind you and slowly—very slowly—licking, biting and sucking my way back up your legs. I nibble and bite my way along the curves of your buttocks, gently biting each of your sweet butt cheeks. Now, making sure my tongue is very wet and lubricated, I slide my way back up your spine…reaching your neck…biting and sucking on it…letting the erectness of my manhood press against you from behind.

You wiggle back against me, allowing my erect manhood to slide between the half-moons of your lower buttocks. I moan my appreciation into your ear, but turn you around to face me.

Immediately our lips mesh and grind against each other’s teeth as our tongues probe hard and deep into one another’s mouth. You part your legs slightly, allowing my erection to rise up and rub full against your womanhood—now dripping with wanton anticipation.

We inch back toward the bed until you feel it at your knees. Slowly and gently I lower you back onto the bed, clasping your ankles and placing them on the bed next to your buttocks cheeks, thus opening your full womanhood to me. The moistness of your dew has permeated taksim escort your vulva and now glistens on your lowermost hair.

My lips find the soft flesh of your inner thighs and I nibble on them—inching ever closer to your tenderness. As I approach your pubis, I can feel you wiggle and hear your moans of pleasure…your hands stroking across my bald head. My lips are now at your threshold, yet I refuse to take you. Instead, I nibble and suck around the full circumference of your labia…pausing at the top of the hood—your tender clitoris just centimeters away.

Slowly I extend my tongue and let it explore the bulb of your clitoris…first up one side…then back along the other…now turning circles around its circumference. Feeling your hips react to my motion, I create a tube with my tongue and suck your clitoris into it…then between my lips.

Slowly and gently, I suck your clitoris into and out of my lips…causing it to become more erect—and heightening your pleasure.

I slide my tongue up and down the length of your slit…savoring all of your wetness and feminine flavor. Soon, the tip of my tongue finds the opening of your Tunnel of Love, and gently begins to probe at it.

Your passion has become highly evident as your hips are rising and falling rapidly…your breath shallow and fast…your head flailing from side to side. I allow my tongue to probe you deeper and faster, while bringing one hand up to massage your burgeoned clitoris. I begin to massage it between my thumb and forefinger while probing my tongue deep within you!

You hands press hard against the back of my head, mashing my face deep into your pubis. Your hips rise hard to my face…your voice shudders. Your body begins to undulate and spasm as the throes of orgasm overwhelm you. Wave after wave of spasms overtake you…until your sensitivity can stand no more and you push me back.

Slowly I climb over you, reaching under your shoulders and lifting you higher onto the bed. Our lips meet again and we savor the remainder of your wetness and passion remaining on my mouth and moustache…and we share our tongues with each other.

As I lower my body atop yours, your bulging and erect nipples pierce into my chest. Your breasts, heaving in your labored breathing, rise to meet me and then fall back…your hips lifting slightly to meet mine.

We can almost hear the sound of liquid turning to steam as the heat from my blood-engorged, throbbing member slides against the wetness of your womanhood. The velvety feel of your slickness stimulates şişli escort me to the point of pain as I rub my penis along the entire length of your slit.

As I begin on a down stroke, you raise you legs up and lock your heels behind my waist, laying open your complete womanhood to me. My penis easily glides into the entrance of your love canal, and although I am resisting complete penetration, you pull me deep into you.

I pause half way into penetration of you and look deeply into your eyes…to see the passion of your desire, the wantonness of you lust, and the begging for fulfillment…all plainly visible in your glazed orbs.

That look in your eyes envelops me. I close my eyes…lost in your passion and let myself succumb to your desire…penetrating you to your deepest depth with my full length within you. You wince with the pain of passion as my penis slams against your cervix. Slow and in unison, we begin a rhythmic pattern of thrusting toward each other, allowing you to completely envelop me with each subsequent thrust.

Our pace begins to quicken as I sense your climax rising. Your head is again flailing savagely from side to side…your nails clawing at my shoulders…your breathing so fast and shallow it is almost non-existent. Your heels release their clasp and you pull your knees up as far as they will bend…providing no resistance at all. I am now thrusting into you from pure lust…harder and harder…my balls slapping hard against your ass on each down stroke…rapidly approaching my own point of satisfaction.

You grasp me hard and breathlessly scream my name as the waves of your orgasm begin to crest. Your body shudders convulsively, as your orgasmic waves break upon me. I feel the warmth of your fluids bathe the hardness of my penis pressed deep within you. The sensation takes me beyond my limits. I feel my balls tense…as does every muscle in my body.

In my closed eyes, I envision a major league baseball pitcher going through his pitching maneuver. His body tenses…the decision…a deep breath…the wind-up…and finally the release of his best fastball.

All the world stops, and my own pitcher within begins to throw his own fastball…deep into you. The spasm of my own orgasm blinds me as I spurt the entire contents of my testicles deep into you…flooding your every crevice with my man seed.

I sense your pleasure as you feel my hot fluids seep into your depths…giving you complete fullness. We lay still for a moment, holding each other very tightly. The droplets of our perspiration mingling…your wet hair clinging against your face. The look of contentment upon your countenance. The pleasure of lust’s fulfillment on mine.

I roll off to the side and you snuggle up close to me, sliding one knee over my hip…allowing our combined juices to ooze out onto our legs. We smile…we kiss…we rest—spent, sated and exhausted!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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